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Thus, they trapped to use them to start to use the drug. And the three refused to take it intentionally. In the end, they used to produce the same type of hormone, to prove that they used the drug, and put the name of Drug Queen, already before they were trapped. And Miyuki's campy clothings were targetted by the pupils. Anyway, they wanted to be provided it. Mummal milk, included. Some kind of medicine, they started to provide to the figures on the planet. And Miyuki was provided by Kyorin Versity Hospital and HASEGAWA Hospital. And they both forced Miyuki to use it. And all three refused to use it. My precious mind would be controled only by myself. Not by others. And all three accepted to be assisted by some rightous existance. Miyuki's case, the most vast categorized tortures were putted because of her imagination. She could imagine as she liked, and they took advantage of it. And she only could survive in the harshest situation, they yelled. They trapped again and again, to make her believe that this is just an bad taste spooky blainless joke. Miyuki's understanding is, just a joke, however, the truth. Serious horror gags, with illogical big errors, successively appeared type. Laughing, at the same time, too too nasty tragedies were burried here and there even in this limited area in this the rural vestion of Japan. From the begining, this part is already rotten, was the three's common opinion.

Shirakawa? Non-promissive only town. Rural yes, however, LESS THAN ZERO world here is. Pederasties' paradise, in short. And this is the fact of Japan and the world. Not only skewed celebrity"s secret club. Ryoichi IKEGAMI's comic with Ikki KAJIWARA's idea like world, this theme was.

Exists? Exists. Miyuki felt so nasty, when she fould a sad tragedy. And in the worst case, she can't stop crying, tremendous tears was burst form her eyes. She wanted to eat with Promissive Kids' tunnel no.1, however, yesterday, it was already prepared for her trapping. And Miyuki predicted that they were taken from the wall. And prayed that DDMs should vanish immediately, because of their blasfamia combined with disturbing of proof finding. yes, she took some pictures of them, however, the reality is there, and she prefered to feel with them, Promissive Kids, in the place of the site, near ODAKURA primary school.

Miyuki wanted to feel the same sansation when they passed in Shirakawa. Seasonal change, and how they felt on this place. Only positive side, they expressed. Not spooky at all. Some important facts included. She felt so sorry when she came, and burst into tears. Memorial hall for them, and they yelled by way of the painting. Good 3D sense holders they are. Imagination type boy was Miyuki herself, and her junior high school's resemblance. And this is the fact of Shirakawa. Any school was lit sometimes to gain some substance from the governments, central and local. And this is a kind of ritual to errase the worst memories of the wrongdoers. They killed the kids, most promissive type, as usual, under the name of school accidents, and Miyuki did a target of ther killing. Only she didn't know the fact at all.

They trapped so many times, in various ways. However, she didn't recognize them. Thus, they were so lucky, in the end. Lack of recognition problem, they were called. And they were caught because of it. And Miyuki's case, melancoly...And they denied it soon after the versity accident in 2015. And then, they tried to put another name, "Disturbance of Development" or 発達障害 or HATTATSU-SHOUGAI. In YOKOHAMA, they put the name as a possibility of her mental situation, after denying all of the mental related disease. Miyuki felt, oh, my mind is so young! Latin type would envy the name holder, probaby. And they agreed at once. How lucky she is! They thought.

And then, in 2016, HASEGAWA Hopital put melancoly again to her, saying, "Kyorin hospital said so, thus, we believe it". ???, was Miyuki's impression. Crazy. Dr.Dull himself!!! Juncky, already. Thus, BLA-BLA-BLA without any logical explanation. And all of her family agreed that she was mentally ill.

Miyuki was not cruel. This was Clare's last remark. And Alex, all junky family, and she was not at all, was his last remark. And Miyuki means a kind of semi-god, not faked one. Honesty, herself.

And Miyuki should prepare for the future. yes. They chose the past, and it caused some sobstories. Thus, they shall die. They agreed that Miyuki would be hospitalized without any reason, because of her kinkiest fashion, even it concluded her death. Oh, they agreed, with intention?

They thought that it was a nightmare. However, it was revealed the fact. And already done type trap, they thought. And they couldn't inform the fact at all. And because of it, they were trapped again and again.

Anyway, Miyuki is free from any accusation. Thus, we should punish them all. Including ouselves. Miyuki chose Clare's idea of eveness. Objectively, of course, or, just IDIOCRACY, with sadistic flavour.

And the both chose this way, because it was fun for them both. Including death would be more fun, they decided. And more tortures. Thus, they called each time, and Miyuki escaped the death each time. And they were trapped again and again by the suspect of the nightmare. Who would be rightous in the situation, they passed. and only Miyuki would be saved, they categorized. OK, if rightous ones, they are, survive, despite of my falure. Now in the time of divine ordial. We should be winner, or the universe doesn't exist.

Thus, the three escaped from the death. Some kind of lucks' exam, probably. Miyuki's lucky character transmits who are rightous. A kind of Lucky Guy, she is. For someone, yes. Because she is troublesome, at the same time. Miyuki does know well. And many of them lost their spirits because of the kinship or friendship with Miyuki and her family. Relatives, also. A kind of choice needed. Who would be the last game. Miyuki laught at the game. Anti-constitutional, inhuman. Illegal, of course. Sohies choice, it means, "The game itself ineffective because of its inhumanity." And rightous answer was, "They believed it. And participated into it. And believed that Miyuki is the last one. And they wanted to die for Miyuki"??? Anyway, you are chosen to be the last, and the order is, only, repetition. "Vanich! DDMs! You are so ugly!!!" Happiness for us all, while unhappiness for them all!!!!

As always. In public, they chose. And wrote with some spelling mistakes. And they laught at her childish letters. They did believe that Miyuki should be the last. Better than other members, at least.

Miyuki didn't believe the evil existance? Yes, believed. Thus, we bit for Justice. For our perfect game, Justice is requisit. And without Justice, cosmos doesn't exit. KAOS, it would be called. Thus, they came. KAOS already. And Miyuki and her team mates bit that Justice save us all, rightous ones, or the existance of only KAOS world, it means, the denial of Justice, and MUCK would be winner and Justice loser. It means, all muck world, we are.

Gods of Justice and the universe should save us, as obligation. We exist as celebrated existance to live under the pledge of Justice. KOSMOS. Thus, KOSMOS should survive, even in case of the worst situation. Yes, even now, KAOS world, Shirakawa is. And this is the reality yes. However, this is a part of the facts. Almost all of the other parts are rightous ones. We pledged already that we should fight against the last DDM. And they wanted to change the game rule. Only one DDM exist, their victory type illusion they have now. Thus, for us, good chance. Only one system among DDMs exclusevely. Thus, staying away from this kinkiest cruel illusion would be the rightous answer. And the idealism should win. Why persons should be accused by thier plan to be better??? Too too strange.

Just they are jealousy was the rightous answer. Just it? You all think probably, however, yes, they are, and they do just because of it.

Why some of them betrayed, was their question. Gods of the universe. Oh, Center Fold in devine version. Fallen Gods, they would be, instead of Angeles...

It means no more qualified as Gods. Thus, already rotten factors included type faked gods, they are. Thus, Gods of the Universe, should be screened up, already. Purification done. DDMic faked Gods should be vanishing.

Semi-God is quick in mind. And she likes to smile to find the best answer. Like "Oh, good boy, you are!" type OKINO mode. Chinkoro like her way. So so stupid to answer it, was his more quickest answer. Yes, it is right. However, for explanation, Miyuki's one is more efficient. The same thing. Miyuki adores CHINKORO's quickness, and respects him as a team member. And sometimes...Oh, I pledged to stop drinking beer for a while...Oh, I almost buy the beer. Already started her, which beer would be fine Today....And Oh, sorry, unintentionally. Not intentionally. Forgotten pledge, exists. Almost. And then, OK, good to drink other more cafein included one.

Now they all are faked Gods situation. Thus, we should wait for their vanishing a bit more. And they do wrong even in this case. however, by their feeble mind, they can't accomplish their evil plan. Good grief.

Always strange calling from somewhere. Kyorin related only type. And Miyuki didn't know how evil they were. They were planning Miyuki's Funerals already. Thus, the squad came to Miyuki on 6 of June, 2015.

The ex-pupils invited her to their party, and the starting hour was 18:00. 6-6-6 and they wanted to take the picture of Miyuki, saying, "Oh, prof, for your funeral's sake, we want to take." His name was Shota NAKAGAWA. And Miyuki's reply, "For funeral's mine, not at all. However, as an obligation of professional, I allow you to take my pictures. Within the limit, you should take it and use it. You should be rightous existance, OK, my pupils!"
And took with them. How spooky bad taste gag they said, Miyuki felt so sorry. However, as a kind of keeping festivity, she didn't mention to the matter. And for her, anyway, claiming chance. For anyone, doesn't matter. Listen, how evil Tokyo Versity and Kyorin Versity, both are!!! Listen, guys, near me, sitting, faked drunken ones!! Evilst ones they are!!!

Thus they failed. Oh, I devastated Shinjuku area...Oh, I thought because of no industry society...Oh, I confirmed the third block of Shinjuku...

Smelling change. For them,more important. Time and place, they changed, and the smell remained. Now shit. Terrible. They took advantage of the concealed situation, and killed and tortured, and left as they liked until to be rotten...Psycho killers, they are.

Miyuki's were minimum version, however, always, "You smell nasty" type version exist. YUKARI was taken for the target. Her grand mother appointed that she was smelly. Not accusation. As an explanation of her earily retirement, she presumed that her smell was principle reason of the early retirement.

For Miyuki, I didn't recognize her smell type trifle thing. And others? YUKARI is smelly fish. Oh, Miyuki didn't know her smell? Just like you! Oh, the smell of sardine???

Yes. Near nose, Miyuki had smelly fish problem. And Miyuki presumed that it came from her faked Testacles Pet's life in Kyorin Versity. And it turned to be her favorite butter mode. Not smelly. Tasty sweet like flavour. Always she was surrounded by this butter flavour, in this part.

Thus, don't be Testacles Pets of DDMs. Terrible life, we are obliged to spend for so many years.

And Alex decided to ignore any disturbence done by them. Just ignore. Miyuki doesn't care of his manner at all. As a human being, manner is omissive. Just basic requisit is enough. Manner is extra version. Be kind is enough.

Thus, Miyuki is disliked by IKKYO kids, and loved by kids. We should be like that type. Naughty boy, she is.

And PIPPI is a kind of rightous ghosts' representatives, who were tortured and killed in their pre-adult ages. They were beautiful, yes. however, don't abuse their pretty face and body. However, Sweden was one of the site of selling orphans and kids with parents. Nordic beauty, they were.

This has tradition. Already in early 20th century, the system was established, probably. And through Lindgrane's negative stories, we could presume the facts. Not social benefit oriented society against healthy image of MILK BAR. They killed easily their own kids, like beast Viking. Brave, they praised themselves. Bikke, was some unnusual exception. Like Shorn, the sheep.

Chicken, however, quick, they were, and escaped from the disasters. Pippi's case, because of her strong power and richness, any adults can't criticise her at all. If accused, they should vanish. Oh, us all!!!

Long legs needed to have a training. Thus, she trained day by day. Without milk, with carcium? Too too dificult. However, now, Milk provider is not so reliable. Thus, Miyuki avoids to buy carton of milk.

And her favorite foods are also dangerous. Thus, we should change the way, and put up with the worst disaster...Oh, physical damage again? My prize...

Miyuki worked for it, in practice. More suitable job, gained already. This. All combined type. And SHIRAKAWA is a kind of shrunk version of the truth of the world. Minimum, and the all of them. Orphanates, kindergardens, challenged's facilities, animal farm, erotic old bug's dreaming Primary schools...

Miyuki should know her limit of time. She should have lots of kids. And she accepted to do it, under the always type 2 conditions yes. Thus, they came. ADACHI agreed already. Kinkiest, OK. Oh, with him? prof???? IWAKUMA, he remembered. Oh, the fat bear??? For me...a kind of no more choice type. And for him????

Total refusal. Miyuki got shocked at his cruelity. Beast or Alzheimer? Both, probably. Miyuki presumed that because of him, he started to walk arround some KOYASAN or 高野山, a sacred of bonz...Too too romantic story she imaged. And...she started to mention to him...and his reply was, "I don't know such a guy". He was interested in the euality related matter, and bought a book you mentioned to...Miyuki started to explain, however, without chaging facial expression, he said so. Not faking. He really didn't know him at all, she felt.

A kind of joke! Spirit selling service? They did. Thus, they wanted to gain more skin bags. Thus, devil's contract, they agreed. We offer you life long insurance, thus, give me your skin bag after your death. And they all agreed. Oh, them??? For Miyuki, astonishing. However, this is the fact. For Miyuki, a kind of joke. However, for them, better than anything. Medical service for it. The shorter, the better. And without noticing, also OK. No agreement type. Adachi escaped from such a shameless torture, at least. However, Life version TOHOHO tribe. And the last resort. And Miyuki agreed. OK, I am not so promissive, however, OK, for me.

She imaged evin in case of surrogate mother type. Anyway, not so hard for me, thus, OK. two conditions, don't forget!!!
OK, financially and phisically independent. Physically independent from Miyuki. With others, OK, you are the boss.
Too sly. They all dislike it. And Miyuki expressed it, so clarely. And honesty won. Up to some limit, because all M&A gene world would be avoidable. It all depends, however, in case of the laboratory we used, up to 20. Thus, probably, Alex and Clare would have 19 brothers and sisters, each, in the world.

With any combination, in these limits, and all rightous ones, OK, for me...any. Oh, Roberta, for me, OK! Miss Brazil combined with Mr.KIN...Commander type would be. Miss Univers Commenders!! Washinton combined with Grace Jones type. Supurb!!!

All commaners OK, however, lack of soldiers, actually. Thus, even commanders should be the lowest ranking soldiers...This is the fact of the world...

Commander for what? Probably for itself only....Emperor in IGNOLANDIA type...Boss should do all type. 百姓 or Hyakushou, in Japanese. Just farmer, in English...

Miyuki's image of the next generation is so so cute and so so positive...In a jungle of all green army, she is swinging, smiling! In her Parisienne mode. Cute, and easy job. And sometimes she stops swinging and go to visit others to play. Why not????

And the reality...Miyuki a bit got shocked at the faked clerk's remark...She yelled to her, "Oh, naughty brother!" Oh, oh...OK, I am such a type, yes, however, today, Miyuki chose Mini-skirt to play the role of Pippi the long stockings...Always, they mistook me...Always...I know that I am a male guy. However, even in my fimale clothings wearing jobs, I seem to be like that????

Animal Cattle mode, Miyuki did know well. However, Miyuki is such a kind of "Why in my house this skewed guy exists? We should push him away from here as soon as possible, radical measure included." Probably. They, by impulse took their measure, and majority starts to trigger against the target. Thus, always Miyuki is chosen in these days.

No man's land, however, he, Miyuki is a kind of target of their attacking, in these days. Anybody is informant, Miyuki recognized. And they are not so downward mode. They starts to attack directly. Thus, always, she prefers runaway. and they are too too slow, thus, she took advantage of it. Thus, she gained 19 cherries today in AEON.

They said, "For free to taste. Just you need to pick them up with a tong", thus she picked 9 cherried, at first. She wanted to picked 10, however, an old bitch said "Up to the empty, you guy!" thus, Miyuki felt nasty and stopped at 9th cherry. Thus, when she was getting out, she tried again, and gained 10 exactly.

My mother like old bitch. Nasty. Don't say so, you are faking consumer, not manager nor clerk, SP at all!!! Monitoring job, they are doing now. All monitors world, it is Shirakawa now in. And Miyuki? Rightous monitor, of course!!! We should monitor the situation. Not peeping Tom's job like you, Aunties!!!

And she found a lot of Squad combination process. Just appear, they. Popped out from the corner. They are ordered not to be shown the possing up itself. Door to everywhere they use.

Now, she is sleepy. For tomorrow's survival, she should take a rest a bit.

Thus, see you next time, on our blog!!! Image:Beautiful Lady like Roberta Close. The fact for DDMs: Just a Yankii brother. ANYA, in Shirakawa direct...

Life TOHOHO tribe...TOHOHO 3 and Quintet MARCK!!!
Big Love for us all, the existance under the total reign of Gods of Justice.

VANISH! DDMs!!! You can't recognize the difference between beauty and ugliness!!!

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