Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (148)

2017-07-07 19:30:20 | 日記
07/07/2017 (Friday, evening) Miyuki got up at 8:10, and got out of the house at 9:00, after her herb garden and orchard. Lemmon trees are gaining big success. Miyuki is dreaming lemmon trees orchard, filled with beautiful butterflies. Not yet, the leaves are so few, however, protected by weeds, lemmon trees are growing up everyday.

Lemmon Baum is not good yet. And oregano is taken dried up part. For out team mates use, Miyuki will welcome this picking, under the agreement of OREGANO. Miyuki has no kitchen now, thus, some guy who can use it would appreciate the flavour of OREGANO, Miyuki thought. Or, it would be chilled in vain. Good for Italian pasta and salada and so on.

And in case of being taken by DDMs, namely, satans, Gods, the real ones, would punish them all harshly. Thus, Miyuki is free from anxiety. Any rightous brothers can use it, under the agreement of the oregano.

And Miyuki now is doing her regeneration job. Cherry, bought at US$1.5 or so, are eaten by her, and her team mates, and thrown soon after eating. In Mega-Stage shopping mall, Beisia, the park near ABUKUMA-river, and so on, Miyuki did this job. Easy, and enjoyable. A training to win the competion of Cherry Seeds browing. It was described by Lindgrane, in her series of Farm Boy Karre. A promissive naughty boy number no.1, whose father was so dumb. Only positive side of Lindgrane, Miyuki wanted to read, because her series of Nilus was so sad and spooky. Like a ghost of Northern Europe was wondering, was Miyuki's impression. Muming, in Finnland. Dark, long winter world.

Miyuki applied to Helsinki University, however, any reply she could receive from it. Refusal or approval, she doesn't know.

At the same time, Miyuki remembered the photos of the world, exhibited in the gallarie under the MIYUKI street in the center of Tokyo. Almost all famous big cities were the objects of the photos, provided by AFLO group. And in East Asia, especially Japan, Middle East, Singapore, and Northern Europe, No Man'd Land. All No Man. Paul Newman.

Thus, probably, there, Gods wind blew already. Pederasty's paradise, like Japan.

Shirakawa is the typical example. Thus, satans pop out to this rural village, mistaking with INFERNO. Under IDIOCRAY, they did almost all of immorality, especially pederasity, and sadistic performance, including collective homicides. Thus, they persistently appear in Shirakawa. Shirakawa is INFERNO, the only place satans belong to. They really think and come abruptly, popping out in front of Miyuki, disturving our sacred job.

Today, Miyuki appreciated a different type of sensation, sexual one included, along the river. Carps!!! At first, she tried to learn their approaching way. Thus, observed their behaviour. A pair of carps, did a role of male and female, after getting along with eath other. Some kind of "We both can do each, thus, I changed to be male, and my mate female. After, we can exchange, or return to be before."

Oh, that it! Miyuki nodded, and imagined, a laughing story in this line. A pair, decided to do it, and started to change. However, both, thought the same thing, thus, as a result, for example, this turned to be male, and that also. And they found the fact. Oh, U2???!!! Then, they changed again. This time, This, female, and that, also. And Oh, U2???!!! Miyuki and Roberta, these players. Changeable, however, always in the same line, thus, don't cross forever type. Laughing story. Carps liked Miyuki's stupid story. This guy!!! They yelled.

And two big type, the other guys, started the same type job. Miyuki, with her whole curiosity mode, watched them. One, bigger guy, changed the colour, from grey black to crocodile gold!!!! Oh, Miyuki was exactly talking on Mick Jagar's new son's story. For her, gaining baby, younger then his grand son, is a kind of index of challenge. I will go over him, Miyuki thought. And if Mick were carp, Miyuki started to think.

Exactly this moment he changed. Oh, Rolling Stone lover, he is! And strange to say, another ran away. Only he? For what, he changed the colour? And she searched near him...And found Oh, probably I,Miyuki Satow! I feel it! Oh, I try, anyway. Hummmm...mode. At the same time, amusing pleasure under the bottom part of the belly. Oh, probably, I, in this case, more male. As a male, I am doing this job. Oh, carps have no big bust, and no smell over the water. I could do it! I could do it!!! Male Miyuki yelled. Eureika!!!! I worked anyway!!!

Easy job, anyway. And amusing. Oh, YONOSUKE, rather free from any parental obligation. Just feeling sympathy is enough. What an easy world, we are in!!!!

And soon appeared a big black guy. Oh, to produce concepted eggs, needs his assistance? And appeared another a bit slender one, and it soon turned to be a more silver crocodile type. Ummm...they needed the assistance of this black guy? And finally, appeared one more. In total, 4 carps. Miyuki took the pictures.

And then, Miyuki recognized. Oh, probably, already we did regeneration job, and they, probably my legitimate kids, and maybe, grand kids, already. Swift. Johnathan.

At least, did work. two generations or more. Already, the problem of insest, in case of different species, was resolved, thus, no problem. Legitimate grand kids. And grand grand kid????

They popped out. Probably, satans used the technic, thus, we could use the same, type, eveness works now. Thus, Miyuki is walking here and there.

As a matter of fact, Miyuki is pushed away from her house. Orphan Miyuki, homeless & jobless. Thus, no guy wants to hire her, in the universe. Miss Universal Jobless...

Again and again, Miyuki thought of the night of 3rd of May, 2015. BAKAYAROU night. Satanic world is like that. How about you, Miyuki?, was Shozo OHTA's dying message.

Miyuki didn't know that Sayumi HIGASHI was dating with OHTA. Did, in case of Miyuki's participation as back stage dancer, namely, when she was invited to eat meals.

Sayumi said that she had watched "Golden Pond" by Henry Fonda and Catharine Heppbern. For Miyuki, "Alzheimer film", and nasty. Miyuki didn't want to see it at all type.

Mariko TOMOSUE sold her, Miyuki now thought really in depth. When Miyuki and her Platinum tribe met OHTA at first in GUINZA, to watch Paul Newman's VERDICT, and ate ommlet, in the restaurant run by Yoshiko ISHII, a famous chantson singer, OHTA already showed interess on Sayumi.

Yes, Sayumi is good in fisiolonomy, body shape, kindness, reliability among us. Thus, reasonable, Miyuki really thought. At the same time, OHTA is just an associate professor of Tokyo Versity, with messy short plump appearance, Miyuki thought. Sayumi gets to like him????

Ummmm...Sayumi herself didn't think that he was attractive. However, anyway, her predissesor TOMOSUE produced the setting of meeting, thus, it was difficult to refuse. thus, "Anyway, a kind of dating with film watching and meal!" she thought just like Miyuki.

And the result. Disastrous. He started to attack her. "I paid for it, just do it, you should!" Oh, rapist!!!

He turned to be. And Sayumi got upset. And then, he stopped attacking. Anyway, better, she really got relieved.

Then, as Miyuki got to know later, he started to attack her again.

Miyuki remembered the conversation done with ex-Platinum Tribe, after several years of working in Kyorin. "Sayumi wrote to me that she predicted something to happen in her new years' greeting card. I think that she is getting married." Probably, Fusan said so to others, during eating.

Miyuki was discommunicated with Sayumi. She didn't know where she was, for what Institute she was working at all. And found that she was killed already...

New year card only system. Only some few guy should know the fact type. Miyuki received Moriko's new years card, with her and her families's names. Alex red it and sait to Clare. Miyuki is trapped now already. No future for us all. Moriko already went abroad, and Miyuki believed that she were alive.

For Miyuki, everyone is OK, and in case, they would return from their evacuation places. Miyuki is so positive, because satans should pay all, until the last bit. Anyway, they are totally obliged to do it, after their total vanishing.

Thus, Miyuki is doing her regeneration jobs. With her so slow way. However, she is not russeling engine of Alfred Jali.

All was aliviated her way of thinking. Only stupid thinks so type laughing stories only world. Exists? Exist!

Satans wore so so nasty spooky wears, and even under the red hot sunshine, some of them were using Rain only Umbrella. Alzheimer, in short.

So few guys were walking arround in the village. Along the river, near MEGA-STAGE shopping mall, an old lady, with brilliant red and designs umprella, while, an old male, with brilliant brown one. Just kinky satans. Why they prefer to be Sonoko SUZUKI????

For her, astonishing fact. They are pretending to be Miyuki SATOW????

Anyway, resembrance saves them...according to their kinkiest religion. Satans' dictionary. Ambrose Bias.

Satans have no brain, thus, we can controle, the electric ants declared, and failed. No control situation, now. They, suddenly, turned to be assasigns. They just chased by cars, even in the rural narrow road.

Evident proofs of air raid, also. These days, always air planes or helicopters passed over the head of Miyuki. Something was put by them, however, it was so few, and affected weeds, rather Miyuki. Damage and Revenge. DAME-OYAJI.

Miyuki showed her upper arms, unfortunately, already with the mark of T shirt part...Too too OYAJI like design. I knew well, already, however, now in July, thus, I can regain to repair the situation. Thus, arm pit grooming is necessity, and put tank top on, yes. Brilliant muscle lady Miyuki, accomplished!!!

Miyuki found red hot matured Tomatos, round type, and remebered Carli, of YAMATSURI. Oh, she looked like that. The skin was sausage, and the total impression was always red matured delisious sweet tomatoes.

And Miyuki imaged at first, that she would have been promoted to be some responsible, like Dean or School Master, in Educational area. However, thinking of situation, she would not be so promoted in a high ranking posisition, and doing some material working, along her agricultural or biological jobs.

YAMATSURI is a bit better than Shirakawa, Miyuki presumed. And she was a local type, has many friends there. Thus, some cooperative working, she is doing, probably, presumed.

YAMATSURI is, probably, near NASU, Miyuki thinks. And for Miyuki, NASU is better to call this reagion. Big mountain range of green trees with a bit bold parts included. And for some index, Shirakawa area, Yamatsuri area, Nishigou area or so. No prefecture, no municipality, no country. It doesn't work now. Plants age, why we need to think of sex and age? Miyuki is totally cool to her sexual inclination. However, not understandable. Why you are so insistent to be flexible?

1. Be beautiful!! More and more. Bailalina is the dancing standard, Miyuki thought.
2. Be sexy! For some future virgin losing day.
3. Be strong! Good to help others.
4. Be amusing. Sigh with deep "Ann..." is so good...Confort, yes.

Massage like exercise. TOHOHO's replacement of it. Yes. I don't deny. However, various parts effect for feeling good or sexy. And now, Miyuki recognized the usage of womb, probably. Which is which? Inner organ is difficult to presume. Intestines or womb, probably. Anyway, incuvator of new sense of feeling. Raimbow absorbing is a good sign of feeling good. Various substitute exists. Some of them were already knows to Miyuki, the virgin.

And Miyuki is so eager to do it. As a matter of fact, yes. At the same time, P type it would be considerably difficult, and not so persistent to do only P type. Substitute is a kind of, "P is the best, however, no way except this, thus, I need to use that instead of P" like nuance.

However, after experience Carp type, oh, easy and different, and pleasure, anyway. Just different. Not really substitute. P type is one, and Carp is another, and the others exist, yes. Thus, a kind of developpment of culinary like recognition now. French is good, Japanese also. Chinese, yes. Turkish, yes, Italian, of course, Mongolian, yes, yes, Russian,xarasho! And so on.

foods. And today, Miyuki found the same sansation when she encountered of deceiced baby in the belly of DDMs. SAZAE, popped out from the shell, and Miyuki got shocked so much, and yelled in a loud voice, "HYAAAAAAAA!!!!!"

The arms and legs, totally downward, just like swinging in vain, with the mother's walking mode. In a belly, "HYAAAAA!!!!", and Miyuki remembered the sensation.

Oh, thus, Miyuki disliked the TSUBO-YAKI, a roasted SAZAE in a shell. BURAN-BURAN in Japanese. Downward x Downward. P cries. So sad existance for her. Thus, Virgin.

Dead body, P's image was...Almost all laught at her expression. Miyuki is too too right, OKINO yelled. I felt the same. When it is cold, it felt like that??? Oh, cold, exists?????

British in a castle, Mandialg. Miyuki bought it, because of the decadant image and good craft design of the book box. Blue and white check, and gothic character caligraphy was used. And in the final of the story, a maid was killed by iced P, in the middle of the table.

It was a show now!!! They want to attack every human beings for their dinner party. Thus they are wearing black clothings.

Everywhere, they were talking BLA-BLA-BLA, in squad. Uniform groups and non users also. So easily they combined, and nothing happened. They have no brain now. And attackable like a wolf. Mad wolf is...Mad Dog's ancestor. Thus, gystemper. Shut.

Mad Dog disease, Miyuki thought. They can't put up with non doing it situation. After 15 minutes of non doing, already starts dancing feet. Miyuki watched it in YAMAYA. Up to 15 minutes for it, Presumed Miyuki.

Thus, easily combined. When Miyuki indicates, "Go to him. A couple, combined. " Piko Tarou. Ultra-man family's fatus...

Miyuki laught at their incapability, at the same time, sometimes got thrilled by their abrupt attacking. Cars chased even Miyuki was in the so narrow road, agricultural only type, incessantly. No mistake at all, everyone confirmed.

Why chasing? They don't know. Someone set like that is the replay. Probably, Todai related, in broad meaning. Thus, the universe should be attacked by them???? Thus universe counterattacked against satans.

Miyuki does her job, as always. And found the fact, as always. And better society, in depth, really thought. Without satans, the real paradise in the earth.

Miyuki likes plants art, of course. theme. Blue fatus. And Miyuki remembered the story of YABUKI junior high. A girl pupil did it by self in the toilet with a electric bulb, and in the middle, the bulb exploded, and she died.

Probably, it was told Hisami, a gymnastic type, with so old name, according to her grand father and mother. She herself was a cute type. However, her name was...Oh, no! So Auntie like! type.

Miyuki understood as she said directly. Thus, she did during doing it.

however, now, considering the situation, the fact is probably like that. A girl got pregnant, and she was obliged to do abortion and black medical staff did rough work, using glass absorbing set, and in the middle, it broke by the staff's disaster, and she was left as she was dying, because the staff wanted to conceal the fact of the error. Fatal error for the village, because she was only one existance who wanted to be a promissive guide of the rural town. Miyuki's resembling guy??? Shizuko KOBAYASHI????

She was a good composition writer. Always she was praised in WAKATAKE or 若竹 or New Bamboo, a magazine composed of selected somposition of the pupils on the region. She was Shirakawa IV pupil, probably.

Makiko and IZUMI-san, beside Miyuki, said, "shizuko meand quiet girl in Japanese. Who had this name is, necessarily, some laud voice type. Namely, noisy", as a kind of joke.

Where is she? Was all the mates, including Miyuki, question. Good writer, more stable. IZUMI-san's line. Miyuki is good at logics, however, her way is more literature like taste. Adults like it, like impression they all had.

for others, non valuable magazine. however, for the three, it was a praise to be picked up there. And Miyuki's way is too too prosaic. Just write, when she wants. Training? Improviso mode.

I like to write, thus I write. Like now. Developping? Return to a lonly wolf...Bow Wow!!!

The sunset, sunshine, sunset, sunshine....Violinist on the roof. Hisaya MIRISHIGE.

And Miyuki did know Tokiko KATO's 1 millions of roses. In the newspaper yes. And in Russian Georgean Restaurant, his guiter was there. He came and played the song there, pamphlet said, according to her memory in 2016.

Appears, sometimes, vanishs, sometimes, reapear, in a bit different type Russian restaurant. And Miyuki's reccomendation is Cheese Pie. US$10, and they can be brought back. Twice Miyuki ate, and almost all were Russian or Georgian related. In KICHIJOJI, near the station, it is located.

first, it appeared as Russian Georgian Restaurant. A cute plumpy type female waitress attended Miyuki kindly. Miyuki ate almost all of the set, and added some more. Cheese pie was so big rather than she thought, and full of cheese. White type. Miyuki liked so much, however, she couldn't eat all. Thus, she asked her, to allow her to bring back home, and she made a small package for her.

Then, she tried to bring the kids to the restaurant, because they had Russian blood. However, after her searching, she found that it didn't exist any more, according to advertisement.

Then, as Russian Caucasian restaurant, it appeared. Strange combination, Miyuki thought. Caucasian means Caucasian Mountain side residents, and westerners in generally speaking. Anyway, some Cosac type, with that Squat like so heavy and tiring dance. Clare likes it, Miyuki thought.

She always thought that Russians have beautiful white skin with bright hair colour, before she had know her origine. Miyuki said the fact that Clare's 1/4 is Russian blood. Thus, more Mongolian type.

Thus, Miyuki in the second type, tried to buy a whole cheese pie as a suvenior for the kids, and bought and handed to the both in the living room in Hachioji.

They both liked it. Cheese pie was salty type, not sweet type. More Kisch type. heavy, and the same taste was remained. Miyuki got relieved.

Why, suddenly, in case of Miyuki's requirement, the restaurant, at least, in appearance, vanished? Miyuki really wanted to bring the kids to know Russian flavouor.

Miyuki could remember some Russian complements only a few. I love you. I can read a book. How is it the weather today. It's fine or bad today. So so simplest remarks only. however, anyway, Zdrastvuiche. KAKAYA Civodonha pagoda. Spakoinoi notiyu. Ya-Ryuburyu-Vas.

Broken. and no kiril letter in PC. Anyway, for swallows, Spakoinoi Notiyu...

Miyuki is a bid nasty for swallows. The nest of the shop of kids clothing, always no man's land, is a bit difficult type. Four of kids are always hungry. And Miyuki presumed that the parent would be two or tree nest holders and so busy to feed all, thus, the guy is populous, and he, unfortunately, can't ask to others to feed the kids under the shop's roof.

Thus, Miyuki, sometimes, put bacon or sesame or both, near it. Probably, some guy would provide it to the kids. or kids soon learn to fly and find the pieces and eat it, after sharing.

Meat eaters, Miyuki's friends are. Miyuki recognized it. Dyced bacon, they all liked it. SESAME was not. OK. Sesame was liked by ants. Small Guts food, they thought. And Miyuki thought of Disney's Ants' Soldiers, in Donald movie, she bought for kids.

Alex remembered the scene. A bit scary, so ZAkK-ZAK mode. We do it, in organized way like impression. And Miyuki, also. In collective, they are so therrified. However, when they are bringing sesames, each guy, each sesame. Big as the same size of them, however, they prefer to bring each per each. Not collective work.

They are strong. Almost the same size of their body. Sometimes, more than their body, they draw, yes. However, when they bring a piece of sesame, they put on the head, like an African vase of water careering job.

And for Miyuki, too too small ants like ITCHY BITCHY SPIDERS are gang. They picked Miyuki, and she turned to be a itchy situation, especially, on the bottom part. Rapist ants!!! Miyuki disliked so much, and killed them, per each. Miyuki showed her power to kill. Red type is also her aim of attacking. After the recognition, Miyuki attacked. No man's land, why they absorbed my precious blood???? Satanic worms, they are!!!! Miyuki killed so politely. One by one, until to be crashed entirely. This is the way to kill the nasty wrongdoers like expression.

Wooden decks are good. however, rotten, often. thus, lacker works. Painting was Miyuki's favorite, except smell of thinner. However, she put up with the painting job. Of course! I had a career for 40 years.

Thus hired!! Oh, Miyuki, the painter! Like Da Vinch or Michaelangelo. TOMOCHI cried. Miyuki wants to have some job, anyway. Yes, of course. At least, I want to help me and others.

HELP ME! is the yell of Beetles, when they were chased by fanatic girls. Orpheus, in the modern style. And Miyuki disliked Jannies, of course!!! Old. Conventional. BUSUs, they are!!!

Miyuki, we are the same. Old, conventional, and BUSUs. Oh, satans, you are? ARASHI.

Miyuki hated Jannies. And Jannies? Probably, they don't know Miyuki. And who are Jannies? SMAP, resolved, TOKIO, KINKI-KIDS, ARASHI, SEKI-JANI ∞, OTOKO-GUMI, SHOUNEN-TAI, and so on. Male Squad type dancers combined singers.

Miyuki, why you are too too cool to be killed by them??? I don't want to be killed of course. Satans should be killed. You, the mass type idols and its producers, should be killed all in a body!!!!

Girls type are more massive type, like YOROKOBI-GUMI or pleasure Group like in North Korea. Mass Game type, and replace the members so easily.

Girls should be raped and killed easily, while male type should prolong more, and do their monopolization. Jannies' instruction.

However, flat, and all the same plastic surgery type. Cosmetic use type. No interesting. Why girls get to like such type of uninteresting old over 30 type non promissive type at glance???

Miyuki's understanding is so so narrow. Exist some who like them. 蓼食う虫も好き好き or Someone eats so unusual foods. Miyuki, you really dream to meet to some guy? Ummm...everyday, I met, in realy. And I want to meet more, yes. And dream? Ummm...yes, I like to meet more and more attractive guys yes. Dream, a kind of. Really want, in exact expression.

Miyuki, you can paint well? Masking tape use would be a professional work. And your way? It all depends. TPO, financial limit, and so on. Artisan type or Art type, more commercial type, it all varies.

Thus fired. ??? You should say yes, anyway????

Painter should be painter? What is painter??? Any? Da Vinch should turn to be TAKAHASHI???

Miyuki is so so right to claim it. Painter, which? Everyone asks. And in case of advertisement, disastrous. Miyuki watched Alzheimer advertisements in Tokyo, and got nasty. Which direction? What is this? The relevant infomations were so erroneous, and all confusional situation was not be able to be criticised.

And the same thing happened in Shirakawa. Alzheimer, in short. The advertisement that "We are all Alzheimer patients, in Shirakawa in total". Why they want to advertise their morally intellectually degraded ugly appearance so audaciouslly by their own will? Strange way of mercy begging process?

For them, no rerognition at all. Impulse only world. Thus, they are all dangerous. No man's land, we all said, indirectly. And Miyuki said directly. However, no one believes. Satans, in short. They thought that Shirakawa is their homeland, namely, INFERNO. Direction error, probably. Which is which, they can't think. Just induce to their "paradise" or inferno. Nihilism, they want. Thus, Sadistic Miyuki band fights every day.

Only ignorance is enough, thus, Miyuki ignores all. and they spet like Miyuki.

Miyuki did spet. This caused trouble????

Miyuki's nose is always with muck fenomenum. Before coming to Shirakawa, it didn't. Only after coming here. Looks so stupid, however, after satans' vanishing, it would dissaper, probably.

and sands entered into the shose fenomenum, also. Before, not at all. Recently, every hour, it happened.

Always. Just as "We want to disturb you a bit, anyway" like fenomenum.

NASU is moving, Miyuki wrote, and it moved. Nearer and Nearer to Carli's house. Oh, your courtyard is already NASU? Egg plants???

Almost so. Oh, Congratulations!!! We can do "Heidi & Clara game". with singing. And red bulls or cows would be fine there. Miyuki indicates the way of "As you like" animal farm. For example, they have sufficient roof house, to avoid nasty rain and wind, and snow. However, they can use it as they like. During day, they can go out as they like. And sometimes, encounter with us. Compliment. And they ask us to take their milk. Thus, we, picked a milking equipment, bucket and so one, and do the job, and after, Miyuki, in the box of butter making, do her persistent of job to make butter and butter milk.

In the evening, Miyuki provided butter milk and butter to others, who want to have, and for Miyuki, of course. And drink a butter milk, with a mug, with total satisfaticinal facial expression.

Butter and milk butter? Butter milk? Miyuki images it a kind of cocoa butter, to be able to drink, like a mug cup of cocoa with butter minus cocoa powder.

In short, milk with butter. The leftover of butter extracting job. Yes.
Thus, hired. No one wanted to do the job. Oh, I had an admiration of it. And the result? Not yet. Just watched the book on the tools, more DIY type, and the illustration Miyuki remembers. And wants to paddle the mild until to separate liquid and solid, namely, butter milk and butter.

And Milk? Drink. And the rest? Butter ball? Sweets, probably. and the rest? As much as possible, I or others eat or drink. And the rest? Preserving. as much as possible. And the rest. Wash the tool, and look at the mirror, with Miyuki's beautiful arm muscles, with total satisfaction.

Lean and muscle sufficient type. Not skin bag only. Skin bag with bones and sufficient muscles. And Miyuki's skin bag is only for Miyuki. Not for anyone. And KABUCKY? OMNI-existance type. Thus, all KABUCKY, namely, plants, in total. Or FLORA. is different from our identification. Yes, different. However, feel, as if, oh, U2! like, here and there. Thus, KABUCKY. And trees. Here and there, Miyuki's resemblance. And icone trees and red pines are so similar to Miyuki's legs and torsos. And feels Oh, art!!!

Stupid! ???? Miyuki, you said, KABUCKY is here and there. And he is only one guy, FLORA...Thus, plants, in short.

Strange to know it. Miyuki's explanation is so vague. KABUCKY is here and there. So simple and clear cut, Miyuki really thinks...

KABUCKY is plants. OK. And moved to his land? Paradise? The eatrhy paradise, we are creating. And he? Generot combned with Gods now, at least, as a kind of president of the universe. Precarious or eternal, it all depends probably.

Rough. Too rough. And fatus, more similarly speaking. Thus flexible. Uniqueness lover, and activist. Thus, do it type. Thus, work well, yes. and feel good. Yes, of course.

If satans were not existing, paradise, perfectly. Thus, we are working. to create a new paradise. We are flexible. Probably, so easy combination. Worriers sympathy like some accident, probably. Love is love, different, however love. Physically yes, and metaphysically yes. Feeling.

And you feel good means, I want to do it. Not only P, but also various type. Anyway, positive, and productive.

Why Miyuki could feel it? Belly, outside, inside, skins, arms, each part, legs, of couse. A small shaking happens. Arrepiar, is used in Portugues. When we really emotioned, we feel, amusing, sad, fury, and so one. Strong feeling with "someone feels the same" like confirmed sensing.

So so tiny, however, with insect like bee, Miyuki felt a bit. Wings boomed and he said hi! and thanked, and "I got a bit drunken. Coffee is nice. However, I had the same problem." Chinkoro laughed at it. Chocolate, he passed it. Bee wanted to try it, thus, Miyuki induced him to the chair with spilt coffee milk. for him, probably, abundant, Miyuki presumed. Thus, probably, at first time, probably he would be the same situation, Miyuki thought.

Bee's work is more independent, rather than ants, Miyuki said. yes, sometimes, collaborative work they do, however, mainly, each one collects honey from flower. Sticky is necessary to bring. Coffee's case, needed to bring. Oh, the next time, use some absorbing one. Oh, you did indicate that Miyui had some tool to do it. Oh, Miyuki thought that he wanted to some left over, however, it was already trash, Miyuki categorized.

For him, sufficient to absorbe. Not to drink...Oh, thus, drunken...Ummm...bread piece would be fine. I will try again...Nice try. Anyway, he likes to drink coffee. Probably, he likes to talk to you. Thus, tiger, he is called.

Miyuki remembered the mates, including Miyuki, liked to 3D caligraphy with shadow, in black and yellow. Popping up effect, it caused. Carli liked it. Thus, she talked to Miyuki. Bee would be killed almost by coffee? Drunken. 大音ら
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