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15/07/2017 (Saturday, evening) Alex is now watching TV program called future plan, performed by ANIME voice actresses, whose impressive age is over 60 for Miyuki type.

She explained an ANIME festival's event called KABE-DON, or Wall used Raping situation. They are admirors of this rapist attaking, like other common DDMs in Japan. In this booth, variety of P holding DDMs were hired for the event, and the participants would enjoy the situation of being raped. Prostitution in soft type. Japanese DDMs like to buy them, in short, and want to enjoy to be raped.

Miyuki came back from her everyday evacuation runaway arround the rural isolated iddyllic village called SHIRAKAWA, at 19:30.

Walking arround the area, Miyuki could deepen her cinsideration on the origin of idiocracy. Punished wrongdoers came from MONOLIS, the prison of this kind, and each one got concealed by Plants, under thier kindness.

Lilis was slender and liked by oaks, Miyuki presumed. Body shape was so similar to Miyuki's. And Miyuki pledged for justice, thus, Miyuki is protected by them all.

Miyuki confessed daredly that her dream to do it in three ways was totally broken, pragmatically. Miyuki turned from a-sexual almost 5 years ago, and thought of the concrete situation so much, and in the end, found that no chance at all, even only one of them...TOHOHO, beyond the TOHOHO, extreme TOHOHO, and ADACHI regretted to yell her to be so...He would never think of this messiest ending...Only one chance didn't exist for her...

What is three? 1.P & H, 2.P and throat, 3. Toungue to tongue. Miyuki thought that according to this order, she would enjoy her lost virgin experiences...However, none of them has been accomplished.

ADAHI would not believe that after more that half century, she is kiss virgin. Exists? Exists...He tried to understand this rare fenomenum, and found the fact...IDIOCRACY.

Exists, even kiss would not been experienced? All of rightous guys yelled all in a body!!! Despite of it, she was accused as if she were an experienced bitch???? Too too nasty to be attacked like this way.

It happened in March, 2013, in the restaurant of Narita Airport, when Miyuki was leaving for Portugal, for the sake of her business trip.

Miyuki wanted to show her "back of diligent worker" to her two kids, thus, she brought the two kids to the airport, and to take them back, also YUKARI.

It happened when they were eating lunch in a restaurant. Miyuki ate curry with pork milanesa, to conquer against slight headache, and to nutrish well for her investigation in Portugal.

This was the first outside of Japan trip after 7 years of stay in NZ, to give a birth to Clare.

Thus, Miyuki wanted to start it in a good mood. However, from her ears, a family beside their table started to criticise her in Portugues.

for her, dark skined Indian family, they looked. However, they began to criticise like that:

She is a scholar of a Japanese versity, however, because of lack of prevention, she got concepted twice, like a bitch.

Too too nasty, however, Miyuki could not confirm if they were talking in fact like that, or just a sound illusion. Thus, she decided to ignore all.

Miyuki didn't know the system. They can produce sound effect. Miyuki's case, this rumour. Totally groundless, however, it effects so much. All of Platinum Tribe was forced to be killed like that. You are so shameful, they all were yelled like that. How cruel! Miyuki was so so right to take medicine to erase the sound effect.

However, after taking the medicine, "Go to inferno!" yelling started instead. Worse than the first. Thus, Miyuki stopped to take medicine, and decided to live, ignoring this groudless rumour.

Miyuki did, so many times, and even now, they, DDMs, yell, thus can percieve the existance of DDMs.

Loop mode, Miyuki analyzed. However, they should take it, with their own effort. Or they should accumulate more and more wrongdoings. Yes, shrank, however, exists, even now, thus, actual damage continues.

Miyuki likes to imagine her ideal H & P sex, and after so many consideration, all turned to be in vain. Yes, in the future, would have possibility to do it, however, provably, the weight is 1 to 100 kinds of various types of making love. Thus, not in vain, theoretically, however, so many expectation, Miyuki held sincerely, and so few parcentage of possibility to realize it. Stupid. Too too TOHOHO...

And ADACHI claimed. Exists? What? Kiss nothing existance. Miyuki, exists.

Lip touching, yes. However, all were not recognized as sexually meaningful kiss. Compliment type, or, nasty unwilling running nose abosorbation, or so. No kiss experience at all. Pledged.

ACAHI confirmed, and felt so sorry, that they did it, so so groundlessly. With some clue related with some sexual activity, a bit understandable. However, Miyuki's case, "Oh, No!" type. Kyo cried in reality. Cruel? Laughing story!!! Cruel, yes. However, how she could recognize that this is real yelling done by them...???

Oh, is it real? The Indian like families were Brazilians???

And Miyuki remembered strange non sexual date with the boss of YUKARI, in 1991 or so.

YUKARI introduced her boss, who graduated from WASEDA university, and was good translator of German language, to Miyuki. And Miyuki and she were obliged to go to Disneyland.

YUKARI left after the introduction, and Miyuki, after 1 hour or so, started to suffer from headache and nasty feeling. After the visit to Disneyland, Miyuki passed almost three days in the bed.

Like what happened after DANGO eating in the winter. And Miyuki perceived that YUKARI already had told so bad on Miyuki to her colleagues in the Fundation, which she was working for.

Because, when Miyuki found elastic lizzards and big spiders called Taranturas in a gift shop, and picked them up to show them to her, saying, "I would like to buy them both as a gift!", with her cheerful mode.

Suddenly, her face got negative mode, and she said to Miyuki, "Oh, you are the just the same guy, witch YUKARI described in front of her.", with total accusing tone.

For Miyuki, lizzards and spiders were good amusing guys. Miyuki remembered the real experience of encountering with TARANTURA, in the departmentstore, when she was a kid of ptimary school, on the way to FUNABASHI, in summer holiday.

At that time, there were many exhibitions related on Dinothours, Spiders, Lizzards and so on. Plants' ages Big Guys and resembling actual kins, in short. Thus, not nasty sense at all, however, for her, so so negative, and for Miyuki's understanding, "How unkind to your sister Miyuki is, to threatening with such a nasty creature's toy!"

For Miyuki, plain naughty boy should do it type joke. However, for her, serious hatred causing matter, Miyuki's attitude was. And Miyuki got dissapointed. Oh, such kind of narrow-hearted, uninteresting, non intellectual "female only world" existance, she is, Miyuki thought. Thus, I will not get along with her. Bye for now!, Miyuki decided, and did like that.

Robust, broad upper body shape holder, she was. Fat, in short. Short, yes. However, anyway, German language translator, she is, anyway. Thus, she would be intelligent, and interesting guy, Miyuki presumed.

She was introduced Miyuki to be monitor of Miyuki's wrong character against YUKARI's world, probably. For Miyuki, naughty boy's way should be recommended to almost all of kids. Be MIYUKI! She really thinks so.

Yaculte, a baby swallow thinks so, despite of his superior quickest intelligence. MIYUKI would be replaced by YUKARI, he really thinks so. They both are so kins, however, MIYUKI is different from YUKARI, only one point. Miyuki knows to respect others. Not sufficient, however, she tries to make an effort, yes.

Managing inner world is so difficult. And even now, interference done by DDMs, satans, exists. Terrible, in her case. Satans insisted that she invited to her inner world, and their opinion was totally denied by us all.

Satanic smile is dirty, Miyuki recognized, and it was done, in case of their emergency, which is, when they were revealed as satans.

Laughing is also substitute with the sly smile. NINOMIYA, YUKARI, and HARUMI. The same satanic smile holders, like Kouichi YOSHIDA and Youichi HIGUCHI. Dirty and nasty, and vague. HASEBE's is also the same type.

NAKAJO did it, and Miyuki categorized him as DDM. TAKAHARA, didn't. In his case, spooky and negative, and didn't laugh at all.

Refusing the fact, they smiled, Miyuki really remembered the fact. Laughing is now in common among satanic legitimate North Korean killers.

They spoke in Japanese, yes, however, they are North Koreans, and they came to Shirakawa as 香具師 or Festivity Only Workers, wandering all over Japan.

Thus, IZUMI-san expressed that recently near her house a 香具師 came to live in an apartment, in the total accusation mode.

For Childish Miyuki, probably their dull life was the hatred cast by her. However, probably, IZUMI-san did know that the guy came from Idiocratic world. Satan, he was, she wanted to say.

Probably, it was the first case, she recognized the invasion done by satans on our planet. In 1970s. Increasing number of satans appeared here, and now, the system is almost revealed.

Miyuki experienced illegitimate North Koreans' attacking in Tokyo. Now in Shirakawa, legitimate satanic North Koreans. However, in short, the same.

And more rough. Miyuki divided them in two part. Outgoing type and Inside one. The former, good looking long legs type called models, while the latter, ugly rural bitches, reside in Supermarkets, called Cockroaches.

And their sexual performance is revealed also. The standard pose of doing it is standing and just showing ass hole to male counterpart. 鶏姦 or Sodomia, in short. P to Ass Hole type, not to vagina. This is chosen to avoid conception. Lack of prevention was the reason.

Miyuki thought that from the back, doing it and massaging the bust can be done at the same time. Effective, for the male counterpart. For her, it means "I hate this BUSU's face entirely, however, to satisfy my sexual desire, it is enough." is the meaning. Ugly, I hate you, is the message.

And for Ass Hole holders, sexual desire also got satisfaction. Win-Win, thus, they tried to induce counterparts, in the nasty ass hole showing pose. For Miyuki, rural old bitch's contemptious posing, however, for them, "I am attractive to be done by you" message. Terrible, and smelly. Go to Inferno, with your sexual desire!!!

North Korean life is so misery as Shirakawa's. Miyuki really thinks so. Charity was kept by the power holders, and sold to the consumers, targetted and induced by their neuro marketing system, and the power holders gained a bit of money like that.

WASHIO lost any chance to survive. Oh, Congratulations!!

It started to induce HARUMI, using this way. And Miyuki remembered that she was almost caught by WASHIO. She was targetted to be induced to pay so many money to the supermarket, and WASHIO failed. Incapable she should be, and it was easy to do it, WASHIO calculated. Yes, incapables, HARUMI and YUKARI are. However, who intentionally trapped them is wrongdoer, thus it should be punished so harshly, including total vanishing.

And unintentionally, it means that WASHIO thought HARUMI, such an evident Alzheimer incapable, as normal guy, thus WASHIO itself was revealed as Alzheimer patients. Judicial figure, and its site is located in NIIGATA. Indemnization is tremendously vast!!! Cheers!!!! Tin-Tin!!! Salut!!! Saude!!!

As you like, Yangue Tribe!!! Eat all of the foods!!!! You deserve to do so!!! Of course, all of the warehouse like supermarkets, in Japan, entirely. Do it!!!!

Miyuki feels so cheerful to yell others. If I were it, I would do it! like accordance, as usual. Thus, drinking wine should judge. In Miyuki's case, another pledge with Yaculte. Until he allows Miyuki to drink alchoolic drink, Miyuki would not do it. Sweets commonly use type is OK. Good grief. Miyuki was accused it by YUKARI. "Don't provide sweets with lichour. You, Stupid! It is fatal for your kids, thinking of the possibility to suffer alchoolism. Japanese are so senseless to Alchoolic drinking. Only a drop of Alchool would cause brain damage, you stupid! American is all in this standard. You stupid! Think twice when you buy some sweets for them! You stupid!!!"

They always have accused Miyuki. Miyuki remembered that when she worked in Hachioji during weekdays, and passed weekends with kids in Shirakawa, how HARUMI criticised Miyuki as slow rizer.

Miyuki arrived almost at 23:00 on Saturday, and she wanted to sleep well on Sunday Morning, and sometimes, she got up after 9:00 in the morning. And HARUMI said, "You should be ashamed, you stupid! YUKARI is always accustomed to get up earlier than you, even when you are absent. Yukari is so diligent to treat your kids rightously. And you, Miyuki? You are always irresiponsible and flamboyant. Shame to have you in our family."

YUKARI sleeps almost all day long during her life after graduating from high school. yes, she gets up earlier than Miyuki, however, she took sufficient sleep during day. Why always HARUMI praises YUKARI as her ideal?

For Miyuki, laughing crazy old ladies, yes. However, for them both, they are precious jewels both...Subjectively, probably. Narcists, in short, despite of their valueless position.

YUKARI is always better than MIYUKI, is HARUMI's understanding, and all of them got relieved by their departure. They wanted to behave like their family, and got revealed as cockroaches. In short, satans, and their counterparts are North Koreans.

Thus, harsh, HARUMI turned. For Miyuki, why HARUMI suddenly lost her kindness faking was a big question. No spare enegy to fake like it, would be the answer, Miyuki presumed.

And also, she forgot that she is really so ugly and unattactive to others at all. Forgetful up to this point. And they started to thought that Miyuki would be inferior to them both. Easy replacement to put up with the reality. For them, cruel???

Miyuki is so nice to say so. Why so unkind to others, was Clare's question. Miyuki is substitute of YUKARI, who were leaving earlier than HARUMI. Alzheimer category 5 now. No time for the loser YUKARI. Brainless, they all thought. However, she tried to make all efforts to fake to be normal. Evidently, abnormal, and she looked abnormal, in any way.

She was strange, from the begining, and her shrincage is so so audaciously big, Miyuki really felt these days. one head of difference between Miyuki's hight and YUKARI's. She declared that she had 158cm, when she was young.

And the 鴨居 or KAMOI, where Miyuki hit her precious head by her audacious jumping and made concavo on her precious head, got low so much...Anyway, Miyuki felt so bigger recently.

And now, today, she re-debuted like Loli-Lin, this time, played by YACULTE. Chinkoro seded one of his double characters to him. Chinkoro is Mary-Lin, Monroe?

Mary-Lin, with the fur, would be good in autumn and winter. However, summer mode fur type? Mary in Fur. Shuji TERAYAMA.

Chinkoro tried to be Loli-Lin, attractive sexually audacious cute school girl type. However, Miyuki yelled so much, "Oh, Loli-Lin, you always with her armpits furnished with your fat weeds! Oh, with your underhair! And your legs! Look! Your legs are so so filled with thick hair!! Cute, however, barly, anyway. Only XX years old, you are already totally Jungle Haired mode. You should be called AMAZON!!"

Attacking only with hair related words. Chinkoro got upset, in really. And started to think to leave this land. He started to arrange his holdings in special Japanese Cloth called Furoshiki or 風呂敷, just 1m x 1m simple cloth, which turns to be bag for gift, gift wrapping, skirf, wig, towel, clothing sbstitute or so. And considering the ways to use, Miyuki remembered 東京凡太 or Bonta TOKYO, a comedian with Tochigui dialect, with FUROSHIKI with 唐草 or KARA-KUSA, or Chinese Plants design, whose origin is Greek AKANTHUS design.

Miyuki liked this motiv, and wrote so much as design. And the same line, ivies, grapes and so on. Big type looks similar to KABUCKY's. Weeds and ivy types. Plants motives are beautiful, and liked to design in this pattern.

Even during her cramschool days, she couldn't put up with illustrating sometimes. Just for taking a rest and change a mood, she wrote so many designs. Precious works, anyway. And she wants to have some wonderful gifts from Plants!!! Oh, others!!! Oh, I wants more and more!!!

She wants more kids, legitimates only. Oh rightous brothers are increasing!!! Miyuki likes to be filled with her rightous friends in this planet. Anyway, beautiful!!!

Liked new version, and she thought of the possibility, that they were prototypes of what Miyuki watched when she was kid, thus, subjectively, new, however, objectively, ancient type.

However, anyway, from her view point, newly created guys. And beautiful more than the acquaintance. Thus, if, they were ancient types, it means that what Miyuki watched earlier were degraded or emergency modes???

Miyuki got to know that they should concentrate on few selective guys, or it would be difficult to protect all. Thus, most resistent should be chosen. And Miyuki is not so robust, and better than averedge, according to her modest consideration.

And they all got relieved. Better than more. Resisting anyway. Because of sticky rain, her hair got to make nasty nest of bird, Miyuki understood. And the result, more resisting body!!! Thank you!!!

And Miyuki understood that "Best recovery is almost protection. The earlier, the better!" When she felt slight headache, after she smelled amphetamine in Shiwamachi area. There she felt also eye and ear problem, so bit.
Then, she heard thunder trembiling sound from the north direction. And her headache got worse. It started to rain, also.

In this case, what Miyuki did? Pay rather than usual mode. Foods are a kind of medicine. Thus, thinking of loss of three days, after catching nasty headache, as prevention or previous counterattacking medicine, Miyuki bought considerably stronger sustainable foods, with much animal protains, despite of the high cost, and ate as much as possible, as soon as possible, and took dark caffe latte, and yelled so much on the system of UR, Urbain Residence Public Company. And they, she felt so lighter, and no headache anymore.

Thus, anyway, with nasty headache starts, eat well, away from her thriftness belief.

Miyuki also thinks of Islamic religion. She read Koran, whole, in Japanese tranlation, and started to criticise the stonehead fenomenum called Fundamentalism in Istamic world.

Islam is religion to be kind to others. Loving Peace is the meaning. Islamic common people explain like that, and Miyuki feels so. However, the religious leaders monopolize the interpretation of Koran, and they just immitate the Mohammed's remarks literally. Just Japanese pimps, Miyuki got to know it. Already soon after Mahomed's death, the sticking process started. how rotten! Intellectually degraded!!! And common people were obliged to be obedient to the religious leaders, who had super power to punish them so harshly.

Cruel IDIOCRACY, in ISLAMIC version. And Miyuki really thought that Mahomed was a logical marchant, good at math, and recognized the big errors in the society, and started to criticise it openly. Oh, Jejus, in Islamic world. And Koran is sintese of his everyday's consulting jobs. Thus, more cocrete consultings, rather than abstruct instructions. Thus, mutas mutandis type attitude is necessary. And it needs flexible thinking. However, the so called religious leaders insisted to keep the literal superficial understanding forever. Crazy. Shirakawa satans, they are!!!

Thus, Quatar residents appear soon. Oh, sometimes, Brazilian like guys appear already. Dark skin type. And they call themselves as super power holders. Money?

Quatar required money from Japan, because of its dishonoured attitude. And the minister of foreign affairs?
He made a big mistake, thus, they cut him. And they wanted to talk to Miyuki, personally. It all depends. Write to this site. Then, Dr.Miyuki Satow respondes to your problem. First, rightous or wrong, she should categorize, at first.

Thus, they try to write. OK, write!!! And their solution is cut yourself??? Whom?

They confused Miyuki with themselves. Oh, Alzheimer! Bye for now! Quatar, KATARU or 騙る. Zaratustra!!!
KATARU is lie. Liers, Quatar residents!!!
KATARU is also writen as 語る. In case, tell. Thus, Nietzhe.

Mentally illed on parade, in Japan. Alzheimer world. Oh, of course, shifilis, Nietzhe suffered from.

In 19th century, Shiphilis was so common. And 19th century was categorized a degraded century.

After industrial revolution, modernized age starts, the history of the world told. And convenience only world. And in the end, inconvenience only.

Magic world, plants warned. Why biologists made so many mistakes on plants? Miyuki, OKINO and Moriko all believed that scientists had loved their own mojor and interested in so much the aim of the study.

Not only positive meaning, but also negative system included. Interesting, and wanted to pursue the difference from Japanese and westernized system in general. As Rosen said, experimental place, Latin America was.

Akio SATO explained it in front of Miyuki, in his class of Latin American Law in Tokyo. Concentrated class. Portugues related nation, namely Brazil was NINOMIYA's task, while Spanish, his, Prof.Akio SATO's.

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