Kinky affection of male Japanese to female busts

2016-12-28 19:08:02 | 日記
28/12/2016 (evening) When I've heard of "Oppabu" from my students, I was astonished.
According to them, it's a kind of "KYABAKURA", that I refered to before. However, in "Oppabu", female partenders allow to be touched their bust. The word "Oppabu" came from "Oppai", which signifies female bust in slang, combined with "Pub", or a bar. I've heard it in 2014.
Later, in June, 2015, I met a group of my ex-pupils in Shinjuku. One of them explained me that in "Oppabu", cliants can chew or lick the bust of bartenders. I was surprised much more! Incredible! But, at these types of topics, our students, including ex, are considerably reliable infotmants.
Thus, I concluded that in Japan in fact, this kinky behaviour, that is, male adults touch and chew the busts of female bartenders, is allowed under the law.
Japan is a strange country. Male adults have sexual dreams to be hugged in a big bust. In the train, we can see the proof of it. A girls in Bikini with a "H" cup brassiere are highly popular and their photos on the magazines are advertised in the train. "A" cup is the smallest and "D" cup is big. "H" cup means MEGA or GIGA size. The girls with "H" cup seem just milk cows for me.
Japanese males are, mainly, immature. Even over 50, they want to be treated like babies. Their preference is mother-like body, represented by a bust. So their sexual interest concentrates on bust and nipples. They prefer chewing bust rather than making love. Always something there to remind me♬...Oh, it's mom's bust!!!, they would say.
They want to feel relieved under the skirt of their mother. They want to continue to be irresponsible as kids, protected by their mothers. Mother, help me! Mother, what is the next frase? Mother, don't scold me because of my error. Mother, Mother... They always follow the shadow of their mother, seeking substitute of mothers' busts. And, they encounter the idial solution in "Oppubu". The female bartenders never refuse their requests, because the cliants pay money. The male cliants feel efemeral safety in the bust of the bartenders, instead of their dearing mothers.
However, strangely to say, these mother-complexed males easity sell their mother. In other words, when their mothers need special health care, they prefer getting rid of their mothers. They put their mothers to cheap eldery's house with bad treatment or desqualified hospital easily. Sometimes they do it for the sake of financial interest or insurance money, sometimes of attending their idol wifes' request. Mother, Mother, you need a rest, a eternal rest for you!, they think.

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