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28/06/2017 (Wednesday, evening) Miyuki got up at 7:00 in the morning. She woke up at 6:45, and heard the conversation of YUKARI and her mother HARUMI. YUKARI said something on Miyuki, like, "She was in the office up to 2:00 in the morning", and they were in the good mood. Miyuki got chilled. They were monitoring us all, even now, after death like situation. And Miyuki ate her light meal, and accelatated her going out process. They also today would propose their Miyuki catch game, moving so many figures. The lowest ranking Satans, the both are, Miyuki really sighes.

From the begining, Miyuki's mother HARUMI was not interested in Baby Miyuki. Probably, for her, Miyuki is an ugly existance, against her expectation.

She didn't want to have a baby at that moment of Miyuki's pregnancy. Thus, she tried to kill her, using KINOHOLM, which caused some skewed body on Miyuki, and she pretended to erase the fact. Probably, Miyuki, EBITSU, and SASAKI were the victim of this matter. The mothers of them are all users of KINOHOLM, and for them, babies were not welcomed. "not yet!", they thought, and tried to kill the fatus, after the recognition of their conception. Thus, their head is skewed.

EBITSU has a transparent white skin, and rather bright brown hair. A bit quater like westernized face holder, she was. However, unfortunately, because of her skewed head, she was nicknamed EBITSU, or "Skewed", with Shirakawa dialect.

Probably, Miyuki was not welcomed after her born. Thus, 14 days delay was another kind of abandonment of her. Miyuki was a quiet baby, thus, they abandoned, and the skewed head was not perceived by them, both. Was their understanding. Quiet means that she was satisfied with her condition, and she was not so gymnastic type, thus, she was just smiling to others, and slept well, everyday.

After her mother HARUMI got to know her skewed head, it happened the confusion. "Why this grotesque monster came to my house? I want to abandon it. Is it a clinic to dispose it? I don't want to take care of her, anymore. Nasty. Not beautiful baby, like other girls' ones. Only when she smiles, I feel that she looks baby. Except, a monster."

HARUMI confessed considering the situation. Her dared confession got satans amused. Like YUKARI, HARUMI hated Miyuki, from the begining. Only Miyuki did not know it, and thought that HARUMI were kind.

Now, strange thing happened. There were a pair of pink sandals left on the entrance of the back door of the office. YUKARI or Clare, Miyuki presumed. When Miyuki tried to open the door of the clothing room, because in it, a fredge is located, someone shut the door, with the swift and dangerous mode.

Miyuki remembered that she was cut her smallest finger, by this shutting door, in the junior high. The guy, who was Kimiyuki ZENKI, probably, laught at Miyuki, when she cried of the pain. Bleeding. She thought as if its bone were broken. Why he, the wrongdoer laught at me?

It took one month to be cured. Too serious, and bleed for several days. Miyuki's mother was indifferent from her injury at all, and Miyuki really thought that it was better for me, and for us all. Harumi, the mother, would kill Miyuki, taking advantage of the injury in the hospital. They had a system to kill the kids easily.

Returning to the door shutting of Today, someone, didn't make any noise, after the shutting. And then, it left the office. Who? YUKARI or Clare, yes. However, which?, Unknown.

Then, Alex came, and went to toilet. Then, too too strange thing happened. HARUMI started to yell to Alex from the bath room, "Do you want to go to take a bath?" Oh, when she came to the office, and took a bath? No her sandals, with transparent blue ones called WARAJI, in the entrance.

Alzheimer satans forgot their identity. Who am I now fenomenum. Oh, "Who am I? Where is here?" with so girlish way of saying, was popular in 1980s among pupils, to pretend to be "cute" and "idiot", a dumb beauty, an ideal type for Japanese male.

She wanted to disturb Alex's basic necessity satisfaction behaviour. And failed, and then, soon she started to attack Miyuki, and yelled to Miyuki, who were writing on the office, "Are you here, Miyuki? Are you going to take a bath today? Your father would come back late today, thus, I need to ask you, if we keep the switch on until his coming up, or off now. Respond, as soon as possible!!!", in the total accusasion mode. Miyuki kept quiet, and HARUMI got upset, in fury. She said, "You should respond soon, are you here or not. You don't, stupid! How impolite you are!!! You should respond at least, on if you are here or not. We should be thrifty of bath using. I can't put up with energy loss. You, bitch, I will switch off. Impolite, stupid!"

Miyuki smiled and said, in a belly, "Go to Inferno! You are satans, we all know the fact, old bitches!!!", and continued to keep silent.

She wanted to show up at least she had power to oblige Miyuki to do something that HARUMI wanted.

And she failed. Miyuki heard that she said, "No way except giving up! She is totally stupid! We will lose so much money because of her arrogant arritude of non responding for us two! "

Miyuki did feel that "Oh, she recognized that she and her mad dog, and their team mates are the losers. And declared the loss, in public. Their way of saying is, without context, saying is the reality."

Thus, "I gave up on the war against you, betches! You are the winners, in the final end. We have lost. Your victory!", she meant.

Suddenly she appeared, and tried her final attacking. Alex tried to stop her audacious suicide bomb explosion, however, changed his mind. Anyway, Miyuki is persistent. She would put up with the old monstrous feeble-minded satans attacking. Thus, Miyuki, prepare! Your turn!, Alex thought.

Miyuki caught his message, and did as she were expected. Oh, she is the real guy. She didn't feel being thretening this time. And spent the time, listening to HARUMI's remarks.

You are the perfect player of the game. Too too cool, you are!!!! Despite of her flat face, she is a cool guy among them!!! Too too nasty, however, you are the superb!!!! Anyone applause her audacious silent play. She got to know their way of saying. Taking advantage of any remark of others, and abusing it, indifferent from the situation. Non-context approach was used for satans, thus, the both two were so valuable among the low ranking satans.

Anyway, jamheads, however, useful, because they were family members of Miyuki. Thus, they quitted them from the role. Useless, and their orders were absurd, and costive. Even satans thought that these jamheads were the reall mess. Muck, genuine Muck!!!

Miyuki would be fine among the DDMs, was their first impression on their meeting. And they wanted to introduce Miyuki to their boss, deciesed guy, because they knew that Miyuki could do it with diciesed guy, either. Oh, forgetful! Miyuki said, only with rightous ones, and they didn't remember the most important condition at all.

Today, HARUMI called Alex, without any respectful title. Only his name. Strange. They both were accostomed to use the name with some title, as usual. Abruptly, they becaume so arrogant against Alex. Why? Anyway, I need to take care of them, Miyuki warned to herself. Watch out, Miyuki! They would target you, next!!!

And they did. Why, without any sound, they could shift from the bathroom to the clothing room? And so short to out on the clothings. And when the mother entered into the bath room? YUKARI or Clare was in the bathroom, and they tried to bang Miyuki's finger, and this one already got out from the office.

They came to the door, as their liked, and, without any notice done by Miyuki, HARUMI was in the bathroom. They played the role of just abusers. At first, HARUMI attacked Alex, then, she shifted to Miyuki.

They couldn't calculate the time to be necessary to change their roles. And they forgot who they were playing. So called YUKAI, and so called HARUMI, the both are.

Miyuki was clever, and smiled charmingly, they explained to HARUMI, however, she disliked Miyuki. Ugly, anyway. Attractive, others said. Babies should be cute and pretty. However, HARUMI refused Miyuki's existance. Thus, she started to learn knitting, in the distance of 2 km from the house. Anyway, too too nasty to hear Miyuki's voice, she said.

Thus, quiet Miyuki was their choice. And Miyuki played the good role of quiet Miyuki, today all!!!

Everyguy appreciated her special thanks to the univers, especiall, gods of beuty, through plants all!!! They are my legitimate kids!!! She yelled. Thus, so so beautiful, changeable, flexible, and variety of flowers every day!!!

Today, recognized that the theme of today is "Blue and Red", in front of Shirakawa munincipality's hall, near the riverside. So long range of "Blue, next Red, next Blue, next Red!∞" of Rainy Season Flowers called AJISAI.

Miyuki accepted the fact of her mother's confession. Oh, I should have known it! like so so cool acceptance in her mind. Thus, I couldn't get along with her, despite of my several times of different types of attempts. I was slow to know it. Just it.

Rainy days, Miyuki rememered. 雨雨フレフレ母さんと、蛇の目でお使い嬉しいな。ピチピチ、じゃぶじゃぶ、ランランラン♫♬

 Rain, Rain, come on to us all, I am happy to make an errand with my mom. Pat-pat, jub-jub, Ran-ran-ran♫♬

 Guts cried at her story with her strange mother. For HARUMI, Miyuki is always a kind of lizzard. And for Miyuki, "feeble-minded, forgetful, flanboyant, however kind old lady", she was. A big gap, in the emotional phase. And for Miyuki, just I made a mistakenly dealing with her as human being. Just a bitch Alzheimer satan, she was.

For others astonishing, evey guy was killed because of the mother's betrayal. Always, they were satans. They were not kind, indeed. finally, they betrayed.

Always, probably. And Miyuki thought that her mother just wanted Miyuki to punish for her life, as much as possible. Over 50 years old, Miyuki would be killed, they both thought, HARUMI and YUKARI. They calculated Miyuki as 49, one year older than YUKARI. YUKARI thought that she was 49, and now, Miyuki is 49 for them both.

Always same type of confusion they made. Miyuki is different from Clare, and Miyuki is eaning monery. Anyway, she is working in her own judicial field. They started to advocate Miyuki, to avoid the nasty result. However, they triggered their measure usulessly again.

Today, when she was in the riverside, their attacking started. A lot of cars came to chase her. Until the moment, no man's land, in Shirakawa. suddenly, the game started. Machinery's killing game, it was called. They had no choice to resist them both. For them, any satan would be killed immediately. Miyuki is a betrayer, and she should be killed, they declared today to their team mates. And the latter understood the situation. We should not have participated into the lost game. Already lost, however, the two insisted not. Their choice.

And they should vanish immediately!!! Bombs, input inside them both. Betrayal's suicide bombs. Pooh like smell. Oh, I need to sleep in HARUMI's chamber, with the smell???? Just open air would be fine. Window open mode, Miyuki. They both smells shit. And evacuation...Oh, I smell it in the supermarket, especially, Benimaru-Showamachi, in each lane of the inside of the building. Foods with shit and fass. And also in WAHIO, in YUKI.

terrible, however, it is the fact of Shirakawa. For the faked clerks, water place is toilet, and they did it as they thought. "I think here is toilet" YUKARI declared, and HARUMI did it in the market, in public.

"Anyway, we should show up our appearance as power holders. We are the high ranking existance of this town SHIRAKAWA" they both thought.

The messy old smelly bithes are our bosses? They got upset, and hated it. However, they insisted. Thus, they yelled, "Show your audacious play!" And they started to shit in the super markets. Anyway, dogs do like that, YUKARI taught her mother.

YUKARI is so reliable to the mother. And they bought the supermarkets in Shirakawa, all, in a body. And they failed. They got caught, and scolded by their police and religious leader. And because of impoliteness, they were told to be killed. And they were obliged to sell Miyuki's body and soul, without noticing Miyuki.

For them, nothing at all, while for Miyuki, it matters. Thus, they caught Miyuki, and put her in jail called Kyorin Hospital, and allowed their leader to kill Miyuki.

"You should take a rest anyway." was HARUMI's mother's saying, when Miyuki called to her house from Kyorin Versity hospital. "Take a rest? Are you kidding? I was forced to put in a jail, mother!", Miyuki yelled, however, HARUMI repeated her remark as usual. "You should take a rest enough in the hospital. Nutrish well. You are lean. You should eat well."?????

Miyuki was so so nasty to hear her saying, because she responded in Kyorin's line.

Satanic line, exactly. All family should obey to the worker's boss. In case of Miyuki, all family should be killed by the boss, included. Satans' choice, Miyuki did????

Miyuki refused Satans' choice???

For her, no information at all, at this point. No man's land means no male exists. I know well. Thus, Alex is now in danger. Alex should wear skirt. Fake like a female. Better than MATSUKO.

Miyuki's pragmatic line is wonderful. Thus, some TONGA wear would be fine. Clothings were chosen. And towelket would be fine to fake so. Cheapish, however, better than nakid.

They should evacuate soon, they yelled. Oh, make a fass, immediately, they both, outside, or on the road!!!

Miyuki, you are so so clever to say so. However, for others, a kind of woe on the eye. They are smelly. Thus, they should go outside. Good. And they would lose the way. Much better. And they are going to Tokyo. Walk!!!

Miyuki said only 200 km. Thus, they took a pair of shoes. Oh, ghosts had feet. And they wore them. As they liked. And they forgot to do evacuate. And did it now. Smelly, and dirty. In this case, post death punishment is ? Money. They gave a damage for us all. We are obliged to clean up. Thus, they should pay.

POST Death syndrome is called, "No man's land". Scientific. The same.

Miyuki, you are brave to ignore them both. They should be wind of us all. Terrible. Storm. Nasty. Monolis cloud's team mate. Rapists, west wind. Maryline Monroe's way to put her mands on the skirt, when they came.

Oh, "Oh, MORETSU!" of the commercial girl of IDEMITSU petroleum company. How nasty! they said. HENTAI or H, 変態 was used to appoint them both.

Eveyday, old kinky guy appeared and they were instructed by the guy. And they got arrogant. And finally combined into one, and made a big mistake. Don't appear in the two place at the same time.

Satanic magic world, they turned Shirakawa to. They started to use the power recently, when YUKARI started to each muck in realy. I could fly, I flied. I can order anything like a god.

Oh, Lucy in the sky with the diamond fanomenum. LSD, she used.

Muck, Miyuki thought. However, not at all. Muck shape LSD. No. It smelled like MUCK. Muck itself.

Miyuki smelled it near the nose, and confirmed. MUCK itself. The reality.

Who could dare to smell it? Miyuki only. At a glance, yes. However, for confirmation, Miyuki smelled, and felt the nasty one, and traw it into the ditch.

Too too dangerous, and who is the muck drinker, Miyuki thought. In a plastic mug. In November, 2016. Alzheimer, Miyuki thought in depth.

Alzheimer satans, they were already. And YUKARI did wrong again. She appeared today also. In the kitchen, she appeared, as Miyuki wrote before.

She was taken by another guy's role. Thus, they are three. Her father particiated in Miyuki's catch. Family shames collector she is, they yelled, and he wanted to know how she behaved. And he noticed that she was so cool to others. No one should touch her. For her, only Fauna & Flora are friends. No man's land. She never wants to talk for ugly bithes. Only rightous guys. Fauna and Flora, only rightous ones.

Miyuki's choice is not understandable for most of them, especially old guys in the village. Of course, they are satans. Without saying.

Miyuki is talkative, and training English, they thought, and yes. She talked to her friends. For her, no man's land signifies no satans' land. Quick! More! Accelate the process!!!! We are already in the new age!!!! We should be obliged to change the system, and clean up as soon as possible.

Miyuki's mates were considered to be killed, they both said. Because of shames, she wrote, they said. Thus, they? No response. No being seen. Vanished!!!!

Miyuki is enough to clean up a bit. They would manage the situation. Miyuki needs to train more languages, in the world of plants. Need to speak more quieter???? I made a mistake to speak so quiet...

And they liked her way of speaking. Talkative plants age is comming. They told already, in a part, Miyuki could hear. Now, more talkative. Oh, taiphoon???

Miyuki should prepare for their departure. They want to be victims of Taiphoon. No. Right now!!!! Don't wait for Taiphoon. Immediately, at once. OK? No time for the losers, 'cos we are the champions, of the world!!!!!Queen.

子連れ狼 or Wolf with a baby in a stroller, Miyuki imaged, when she was pushing the stroller of Alex and Clare. She wanted to be Red Butler, in "Gone with wind", however, jobless, messy, and the result, Wolf with a baby in a stroller, played by Kinnosuke YOROZUYA.

For others, probably, just a mother. However, to console me myself, I should image me like that.

And she felt so nasty that someone called Miyuki, "Mother of Alex or Clare". I am not mother, parent. However, always, they yelled Miyuki like that. Terrible. Contemptious. However, probably, they don't understand how I felt. Just contemptious. Yes, I am responsible of my kids. However, why they oblige me to play the rule of kinky bitch called mother. Parent, or Miyuki SATOW herself, is suitable words. However, for their feeble-minded, they couldn't understand it at all.

Miyuki imagined that Carousell was obliged to grow up a kid as her adopted guy. She appeared in the class, because she wanted to watch his class performance. Then, Mr.Responsible Teacher version yelled her, "Oh, mother of the boy Alex!". How do you fell Carousel???

Calousel doesn't feel any contemptous at all. Just feel, Oh, guy, you took me as Miyuki???? Miyuki dislikes to be called like that. For me, trifle. Anyway, kid's family. Enough. Mother is not contemptious word for me at all. For Miyuki's case, understandable. We are similar, however, not the same. Oh, you are such a type?!!!

For Miyuki's expectation, mother would mean "Old Bitch", while, for Calousel, just a lady...Ummmm....Who is another who feels like me????

Why for her, Mother is so contemptious? Probably, non working palacite, while protected by the society, as some sacred guy. Bitch. With declaration, it is called MIKO. ニッペンの美子ちゃん. Miss MIKO, of Nippon Penmanship Association.

美子 is also pronounced like Yoshiko. And KAKISHIMA liked to pretend to be her????

One page comic advertisement of penmanship training, on the back cover of girly comic. Once per month. How this illustlator earned money with such a messy comic? How much per page? Miyuki got interested in its financiall matter. And KAKISHIMA, a kind of lover of this series????

For KAKISHIMA, a kind of symbol of her age. ???? Advertizement. No one paid attention to type. Even though, for KAKISHIMA, a kind of jewel????

She expressed her life so. Oh, once per month type. Oh, TAKAHARA, you would be a gainer of her!!! Tokyo Versity's first lady professor of Law. How about U2, after death in INFERNO???? Date in Inferno, in the tower building? Towering Inferno!!!

Sao Paulo was the name of the real site. Miyuki watched the building, which was pointed by NINOMIYA, and he said, "Now, it turned to be parking lots." Oh, in Shirakawa. Flat Towering INFERNO, without necessity. Logically saying, no man's land in a flat space. Almost all of them, the flat spaces, were called parking lots.

And Miyuki watched that Greek Arthodox provided parking lots per month. Here and there, only parking lots world. Better than Gulliver days, covered with a lot of vihicles. Gulliver is the name of the company who provided used cars for faking the sites so populous.

The most typical expample was Tokyo HANEDA airport. No man's land, and high stories of parking lots, filled with vehicles. For satans, anyway, parking lot is important, while who runs isn't. Satans are ilegible. Just slow and bad mind holders.

IT happened in Shirakawa, this messy old only erotic Alzheimer satans could appreciate it type, was a kind of inducing points. Almost all of discriptions done by these nasty wrongdoers called Alzheimer writting, or ALZ letters, in short, アルツ文字 in Japanese. The proofs of the shames. And so interesting is, the advertisements written in this Alzheimer letters were increasing. Thus, Miyuki and Adachi's Shames Collection is so fat, on behalf of it. Shirakawa residents were killed almost 3 years ago, of vanished because of the punishment done by Gods of Justice.

How the rural village called Shirakawa has 3 Benimarus, big supermarkets, arround the village? And 2 KAWACHI drugstores, Washio, Sundrug, 2 Daisos, YAMADA electric equipment center, Ke's DENKI, KOJIMA, and so on, the big box type facilities, usually only big urbanized town has type ones???

And so many funeral companies's facilities here and there, all of them are enoumous big box, like AOKI, SAGAMI, and ALFA-CLUB, more than 10. More than residents, the facilities' number is.

So many cleaning shops, here and there, especially, SUZUKI Cleaning shops, and so many empty box type public facilities, including cultural ones, like municipality hall, prefactural builiding, state agencies' building, Detention, Court, Library, KOMINEs, Local Cultural Centers, Museums, Tax office, Police offices, and so on.

And so many fire departments. Each block has one special house for the fire engine. Total, probably, more than 30 sites. Schools also no pupils' land.

This morning, Miyuki checked Shirakawa III, because at 8:00 in the morning, she heard so many different chorus songs at the same time. Result was, only two so small kids class were open, and only one class was filled with kids. One more, beside it, was almost emply. So few kids and OPPABU teacher was there. Oh, vanishing????

Miyuki watched vanishing process, in collective way!!! Just she thougt, "Oh, ugly rural mother type teacher was with less kids. So quiet after the chorus." And today, they chorus yelled, "We are KIKKO kids, we are going to the special place to our religious leader. We are happy, thank you, leader!" in a monotonous unison voice. Spooky, and they doubled the voices, to fake the real chorus.

And satans are a kind of voice trained actors. They could change the voice immediately. Thus, mature lady like voices were heard from the primary school. We call it Moony Sister's unison chorus.

Anyway spooky, and not skillful. Monotonous, and downward only. We are digging the tunnel or tumb to reach INFERNO like singing, they did.

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