YUKARI's End (47)

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 Miyuki didn't recognize the dried up lake and noticed the males from other prefectures suddenly followed them and got out from the vehicle. A bit resembled the man, who burst into spetting to hear my daughter's foot size.

 Oh, you know, informant here and there, unnecessary job, they did. The kinkiest type, they say. A good for nothing job, with their cost???

 They just want to listen to the convesation of others. Just for it. Hearing leasure type!!! Voice stealing!!! Tap work, they say! Water Gate, thus, Lake??? And it dried up by the getting of process of the tap.

 Getting out plug off by Iriich. KUWAHARA mentioned several times on his works. Ivan Iriichi he said. However, not read by Miyuki. You are honest. At that time, some professor pretened to read it. Oh, KYON2! the catcher in the rye by Salinger. A good to know, OOTAKE really liked your Ad-Rib by comical scene, however, DDMis scene, why you laugh? Because, their iglistance is illogical and gag. Totally gag, however, horrible, at the same time. Spooky horror gag. In the bottom, they are too too cold and they want to pretend to be a good girl.

 Only one pocketful of lies, type. Lies were happiness for them. I am the professor of law of the universe.And you did it! you should put -like always. Becaues, we need comedian, not professor. OKOK, included. Addictional value. Better than nothing.

 Miyuki liked HARUSAN's ridiculous interventional attack on Miyuki, repeatedly. Because the reply is alwasy the same. OK, your oponion. I appreciate your participation on the mather. Just it. However, she is insistent to force me to adopt her opinion, so I need to put the last words. "Who decides is I, not you. Thanks, anyway."

  You are too too cold to do so to your own mother. IZUMI-san, laughed at your performance.

  Why they were leaving? Miyuki didn't know the strange fenomenum of the mass leaving from HACHIOJI.To the cemetery. On the side of the mountains. They constructed Alzheimer's proofs on the mountain of TAKAO. Miyuki was astonished with their ugly works. They have no sense of death at all. Thus, they kill us, as if a laughing reason.

 Disturbance, they said. They were so so kinky to know. KAOS is their place. They shouldn't know any rule of coexistance and we won the hard race to survival.

 Miyuki would like to say, how to communicate each other. I want to go visiting directly people in the universe. Meeting individually is good.

  GOBIYAMA said the same thing. Person to person communication is now important for me. Collective communication is avoidable. Miyuki asked how to brush up English and he said, "Discribe what you think in mind in English." Oh, I tried, however, my vocabulary is so small and just like "I saw the scene...." like expression only. He said that's your level. OK, for now. Then a wall appeared. I can't progress at all!!!! How should I do!!!

  Miyuki tried and did only for few days. And believed it works. She is not so endurable, he said. OK, Miyuki, you are endurable in some meaning. A bit a bit training. Not so magaromaniac one. OK, You know how to manage the problems. Improvisional way. OK, no way. No alternative situation. Thus, do.

 Miyuki did one by one to count the possibility and was said, your way is pragmatic, but senseless. More poetic way, I prefer. OK, NOZAKI, my objective is just getting point to enver the versity. Miyuki was too too right to take advantage of the existance in front of her. Miyuki is right to know the provisiona invention for a certain perfection. HARUSAN liked his own way. Too short. The most effective. Late riser and I would be a good for my type. Pratical and effect. Good for you. Too much. Miyuki should know the technic. She is too too macho. Double laughing game. The worst part of the dating. Good for Miyuki and not for counterpart. Miyuki liked the laughing from the bottom of my belly. Some itchy feeling.

  OCHAJO is the last place for her. They decided to go to the versity???? Miyuki was envying MARCELO to get the good job, near Tokyo Versity, because the schools were good for my kids and I would leave them in the hands of the good instructors. At least, they wouldn't damage my beautiful Kids' promissive futures. But, I started to imagine the situation. Sexsists' disliking MIYUKI could put up with the women only versity? Probavely, previliged women ideology should be prevalent there. And I hate feminism. Thus, not good choice for me. Marcelo is better for the job. And especially, the lavel as the feminists' inclination would hurt me a lot. It should be avoidable for me. Please, please Marcelo!!! Oh, Marcelo!!! You are lucky, not me, Please, you, Marcelo!!!

  She was too too sly to escape from the special duty for the materials related to the women only conception. Terrible. Like PTA's monster. I have not met so evil ones at least. Just a suggestion. However, Chris of Bolivia was the victim of the situation. She was caught in custoday also because of her nationality. She is a wife of Japanese and they have a boy. Only being a foreigner was enough to catch. And the remarks, Japan is visited by foreign toursts. More than 24 million foreigners per year visit this country.

  They said no one. And the government said 24 million. 24 million is equal to ZERO. They have no conception of figures or math. Kaos doen't need any ability. thus, they deteriorate. KAOS doesn't need even DADA not BELL.

  Miyuki prefer the bed, smelly one however rather than coffine. A big coffin is called "AOYAMA" or blue moutain. An old type of Japanese Pyramid. I didn't like the treat in the Versity. They shoud be punished by the degradated morality. Abrupt appearance of Kiraria or cheapy artificial shopping mall unnecessarily.

  Only chaepy not interesting shops all. Over 11 flores, just some empty places. Air castle, may be.

 AOYAMA means cenetery, named fter the Chinse old poem.

  And collective type is INOGASHIRA Campus of Kyori University in MITAKA. Dean OOKAWA was too much exited to drow a lottery which decided who was his neighbours.

  Going abroad means leaving from the earth for DDMs. A lot of movings of the pupils in Hachioji and in Shirakawa. They says, "I want to go to Korea." "After graduation, I will study in America." Probably, Alex has a lot of ghost friends. Don't worry. They are going to other high Schools. Only he is going to Business School, among his friends.

  KOUNAN would be a proof of existance of the non pupil virtual schools in Japan. They gradually reduce the number.

  Maybe, there is a rule on foods and writing. They should not write letters nor eating foods in front of common people. Chocolate eating is avoidable in the exact day. Only some fake foods like suppliments or so are allowed to be eaten by them. WATANABE disliked to eat meals and ate only suppliments, and turned to be a Mr.Forgetful.

  WATANABE got married 5 years ago. He was the only one colleage who didn't invite the president of the versity to his wedding, according to foie Gras NAITO  He described the lack of the president and didn't on his wife at all. Strange.

  At the same time, Watanabe and IWAKUMA splitted their friendship.

  WATABE said to me, "Having children is desqualified as a professinal worker. Thus, I don't want to have any kid at all, in the future." before he got married.

  And 10 years ago, he said to me, "I made a dating with a girl and her father liked me so much. He wants me to get married with her. However, tthe family wants me to be the successor of the father, in his field, thus, I think to get rid of her. I just want a contributer for my study. Thus, rich family with no intention to make me be a successor of the business or the family."

  At the same time, "If I were rich, I want to be concealed from Sciety and be a hermit. Study only hermit. Actually, we can manage this life style. The Internet shopping is in common in Japan. If I had US$5 million, I prefere to be the hermit."

  Too too ego-centric remarks on parade. However, he was honest to say so.

  US$5 million was thought as the sum of the earned money during a life as a versity professor. Thus, in YUKARI's case, just forced me to work and bought as she liked was the ideal for her. The very near dream for her. Only one earner in the versity is sufficient for DDMs, because they were totalitarians and could be shrunk until the last one. The minimum value of ther ideal rich life was US$5 million, we could say.

  Kyorin versity has the capital which deserves US$ 724 million according to the public registered document in Ministry of Justice. For 141 figure's life time earned money. Probably they could pay by their insurance after their suicide. Only one left is supposed to be I, Miyuki SATO. I had no insurance at all. I dislike the system. Even fire insurance or travel one, I didn't participate in. This is my political beleif like resistance against succecion system.

  Thus, I have no merit to kill others or to be killed. Not interesting and not attractive, means, TOHOHO tribe or a-sexual.

  For DDMs, sex is always related with money. Paid sex is usual. Mutual prostitution is OK. However, sex without any financial interest is prohibitted.

  Then, on the other hand, if one pays, the paid one should be obedient to any type of sexual relationship.

  Thus, OOYAMA paid to TAKAHARA for his mont blanc cake and tea in a cafe. And thus, he should be accepted his kind offer.

  Paid is the key frase. I didn't know the system, thus I paid his lunch and he accepted to listen to my accusation to Kyorin Versity. Then we changed the place and he paid my tea, thus, he had a chance to force me to do his desire. Paid one should follow his intention, including insinuation.

  And he proposed a kind of paid relationship to me, and I refused his insinuated offer. He really wanted to contribute me financially, probably, at least, at that moment, because he was obedient to his superiors.

  His direct superior was my colleagues of Kyorin University. They wanted to pay for the relationship with me. Sexual intercourse included, becaues they thought that I were their friend, not enemy.

  They made a mistake until to think their enemy no.1 as their friend. I should be their last one, because of lack of insurance.

  They were totalitarians, thus, they integrated easily. And only the skin bag called body was be able to be sold at high cost of US$ 5 million, each. Thus, they killed the colleagues after the integration process.

  They tried to integrade me to their organ, especially on one night before the day of the last forced consultation with Dirty Penis Worm called Yoshihiko KOGA, in December, 2015. Thus, at the night, they strenfhtened the volume of neuro inducing system, equipped in the same building of my residence.

  However, the equipment was old and out of fashion type, because Kyorin versity was too too thrifty. Thus, out-of-tune condition it turned to be. The melody like broken UKLELE, like the messy theme of "Guaia Symphony". Oh, Shinji MAKI or Boo TAKAGUI was playing the UKLELE in their worst way, I thought.

  Nevertheless, they strengtherned the volume and got broken. They tried to manupulate me, however, I resisted their desire to force me to be an obedient DDM. They threatened me, "Do you continue to work for Kyorin or want to be a worker in Kabuki-cho in Shinjuku?" And I replied, "Of course, I prefer KABUKI-cho worker! There are various jobs which are not related with the sexual service. There are chance to work without wrongdoing. At kyorin, all job are dark and inhuman. I prefer KABUKI-sho life!" And they failed.

  "The last one betrayed us!!! Why we chose her as our successor! Betrayer!!! From the beginning! The worst! The last one was revealed that she is the enemy no.1! Help! Help!!!" they asked the help to other organizations and they helped.

  They repeated the intergretation and finaly one left. Each team, one by one. Thus, Miyuki in Animal Army, and YUKARI in DDMic one. In the same family. And Miyuki did know how to manage family problem. Just be honest. Especially basic minimum society, the reliance is the most important. Miyuki is thrifty, so she dislikes to pay money. However, for necessity, she pays.

  YUKARI's behaviour was the opposite. Buying cheapish unnecessary materials repeatedly and a lot of excuses. The waste of time for both. Miyuki did recognize that the elder is much more agil than younger, because of their skills and powers.

  Miyuki understood the preciousness of time for elders, while YUKARI didn't. Because for her, time was just pastime object. Not productive one. Miyuki is pratically jobless, however, tries to communicate with others by her own way. And got a certain success. And the word, I failed to be adopted by the versities in the world were the remark that everyone wanted to hear. Miyuki didn't know the system. Really ignorant to the system. Long long time ago, there was a system called versity graduates. And now, they were only Alzheimer patient making process.

  Oh, that's it? I guessed the right answer!!!! The same as the other common people.

  Miyuki would say, "No, I am the proof of the counter theory." The DDMs bet the remark. And Miyuki said, "I am not excluded from the possibility. Thus, I should watch out my intelligence! Each one should take care of one's mind, of course!!!"

  Thus, DDMs failed. A degree holder agreed the symptom! Oh, oh, she should refuse the answer! She did it, she did it...vanishing.

  Miyuki was sincerely saying the remark. She was too too serious of the problem. Others didn't care of the possibility. High school graduates holders were thinking that Versity Graduates are too much ignorant and Miyuki agreed it totally. And warned to watch out each other.

  Alzheimer disease is caused by the idolness, she said. In short, however, a powerful word. Any one expected the denial. However, Miyuki was indifferent from the benefit.

  The last chance to DDMs and they failed. Thus, HARUSAN began to scold YUKARI. You the last one in our family, pratically less than zero existance. Miyuki's cooking is not so good, however, she makes effort on her own way. Different from us, however, not so nasty. Putting other ingredient is the more developped person. Thus, I prefer Miyuki's taste.

  Cooking competion was projected among the family. DAME-OYAJI vs Broken Robot. Miyuki used pressuring pan and YUKARI used peeler. Each one could use its tool. Miyuki's way is too too rough and Clare liked it. She ate and deluted the water. She ate two bowls and said, "Only one difference. A bit bitter. Maybe, some different ingredient???"

 Miyuki didn't know the kindness of the grocery store. She put the beans in the cheapest price in the city. Someone recognizes it and Miyuki searched the cheapest one. Beans finding contest. And the volume! Quantities! She found the difference between the two packages. The smallest resistence to the power holders. They ordered to sell the same food as the DDMs using. Same of ???? Miyuki didn't know the system. Cheapest beans in the world??? Zero beans. Mr.Bean???

  Alex's red nitted bear, HARUSAN bought and while the strolling it vanished. Miyuki thought that Alex dropped on the road and someone took it. Soon, Miyuki walked arround to find it. However, couldn't find. She sighed and thought that some infant found it and thought pretty and so picked up. A kind of bear finding game. The most suitable bear, thus, the someone gained. Not intentionally. And Miyuki felt sorry for the bear and Harusan however, the bear found the more suitable friend. Alex's first bear with the design of Mr.Bean. Nitted read bear. At that time, it was popular among the people in Japan.

  Knitting is tiresome, however, interesting. Miyuki tried to do many times and failed sometimes. Miyuki also tried in Brazil fo make a skirf with green and golden yellow mixed with brown snake like one. Miyuki imaged and went to buy the the threads and needles with the colleagues, Deolinda, maybe. And found the exact colours and they said, "Strange! Kinky combination. good for boys, however, she wants to make it for herself. A kinky preferance!!!" And tried to do in the middle and would find in a box or in a bag, that one, probably. In the tresure hunting again!!!! OKOK, I will do it. Now, I am recognizing that there is no versity in the world, probably. Better to know. Brazil would get damage a lot. Oh! Better than Japan. However, Brazilia vanished. Oh! Miyuki chose Rio or Sao Paulo to live. Porto Alegre is good to visit to enjoy nature and activities and european autumn like atomosphare. Salvador is also good to pass and if it were a cool refreshing place , good to live. Just a problem of insects. Nasty flying ants. They looked like not nasty insects. Just oh, like natural and animal like. Amusing a bit. Even Prostitution, not so kinky. Oh, full nude girl! Too too direct!!! Oh!

  She asked to the driver to show her the real night scenec in Salvador. And he asked several times, "Do you want to one of the service?" Everytime, Miyuki said "No! Just watching! It's enough for me!" His face said, "Goddamnit stupid girl like boy like existance who doesn't want to make love and just want to watch the night driving. Too too strange. However, I am a driver, and she is a student or so. Lean and poor. We should put up with the kinkiness. Nobody is perfect. OK, anyway. She amused the night. OK. Kinkiest night for him. In his doriver's life, the perfectly strangest night also. A lot of nakid animal like people doing sex in front of her. She wanted to see and watched. With apalled eyed. Oh, Oh, they are probably making love, Oh, I see, they are males, Oh, the prostitute! Oh, I found her! Oh!!!"

  He remembered the night and the pretty strange round face like north korean girl. She really should be north Korean. A kinky spying country. Until the private life, they would to peep! No, no, we were strolling on the road. Public should be. A good black night and they looked like turtles reunited under the new moon. Animal like, however, not grotesque one. In Salvador, even making love is warm and soft and swinging. Oh, thus turists come to the town.

  However, I found a lot of new prefablicated hotels, with renoun names were empty, pratically. I made a bus ride from the airport and many foreigners got off in the area. Like brilliant prefabricated gorgeouse decolated type. They dropped almost all of them there and Miyuki got afraid with lonliness. Where is my hotel? And got off in the more common populous place.

  The foreigners only area. Along the beach, however, isolated from the town. Why? They buy the kids and force to do the sexual service, for the reason???

  Calm, and probably, well air conditioned. Like English in a castle, by Mandiarg. Strange? are these common middle aged looking foreigners doing the dirty work? Why not??? Why they prefer to this isolated not interesting place for their residence???

  Majority got off, however, vacant looking buildings. Like Tokyo. Bay area. Oh, inhumanity accumulated type. Ocean smells for it?

  Prostitution, I am against. However, some vague line exist. Sex with benefit, a kind of gift type. However, for independent person, not should be. Thus, the prostitutes are socially pejorative. However, some usual crime type exist. Not applausable type, however, happened type. In this case, they should regret the wrongdoing, sencerely, at least. Just a cheap amusement, is the stone for failing. Miyuki thought of the legend of cheerful prostitutes. However, they were described by the male's side. They prostitutes themselves, probably have not the same idea. If they could, they should quit the job type. Forced one. In this case, if no pratical alternative, they should be forgiven, if they show their sencere regret. Maria of Magdala's case. She did't want however, forced to do so.

  And enjoyable prostitution???? The some adventurers works called "Travelors' discoveries in the world", there appeared some prostitutes, who enjoy the sex. A young lady in Philipine beach, and some ladies in boates in Brazil.

  I have no enough date on this theme. Prejudice or morality, I am in wonder. I need to look up for the proofs more. Indecisive, provisionally.

  For me, a bit of out of tune, and probably, their mind is a bit broken type. However, I don't say the rightous decision now. I reserve the point for the study in the near future.

  Prostitution is not easy job. Risky. Like "Leaving Las Vegas", however, nicessity makes sense type is a bit different. A nakid lady, who made her job, standing. Not nasty, however, nor approvable.

  They enjoy making love with anyone? Accusors should be who? Prostitution killer type is the worst. They did and killed because of degraded moralitly. Then, they should be killed. Quikest.

  Mandiarg type was kinky however, just an image training for Miyuki. However, they are boble for the devils like sexual abuser. Then Iceberg Torturing and the death penalty of it.

  In the last, a maid was killed with the iceberg in her ass on the table, and the participantes were laughing seeing her agonized face. A good amusement, they say.

  Sadestic-Mazohistic world here and there. Especially Anglo Saxon ones were kinkiest. They did it as if they were the devils. They were devils and ate the body and vanished. Miyuki passed the castles in the bus. The foreigners got off the bus. Anglo saxon types. Almost middle aged figures. Plumpy figures, alsmot. Berurusconi type, as a counterpart.

  Miyuki would believe that he was one of such kind of the evil organization. He recalls me Mr.Slump. And they did the system. Idiocracy in Italy. Oh, they passed the harsh type. And Sarcozi's France. Collor's Brazil.

  They were superficially "pretty handsome" type. Not my type. Not reliable. Just compliment and bye forever type. The grotesque faces of Mr.Slump governments. Sex and the ciry, out of date version. The kinkiest like Freak Show.  

  IDIOCRACY all over the world. The current started when? Presumably 1990s. The developped countries failed, however they just kept silent and repeated the failure. United Nations have no money? Any country wanted to contribute to it? Oh, the developped countries just pretended to be rich, groundlessly. The symbol of poverty. Idiocray in the international society.

  Idiots enhanced their arrogance like YUKARI. Totally idol dull figures ruled the international society. Youichi Higuchi was one of them. Ban KIMUN also.


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