Potzdam Declaration

2016-12-31 16:53:53 | 日記
31/12/2016 (evening) Japan pledged making democratic liberal country, accepting Potzdam Declaration on August 14, 1945. However, maybe, Japanese power holders didn't take it seriously. Soon after the surrender, they started to maintain their old system of disguise called "Schein Konstitution" in German.
This technical term is used for expressing the character of Meiji Constitution. All anthors of testbooks of Constitutional Law comparing Meiji Constitution with Actual one, saying, "Meiji one was under "Schein Konstitutionalism", while actual one is under constitutionalism in essential meaning.

They are all liars. Even now, Japanese constitutionalim is charactarized its pseudo masquarading character. It belongs to "Schein Konstitutionalism", without doubt.

Japanese power holders like to show up them. They love to be seen as Big, while, they are short, in fact. They decorate themselves as much as possible. They are coward totalitarians. They can't say anything by their political creed. Always their moms are beside them and wisper the magic words: "You are great, good boy. I love you. You are the most popular in Japan. Everyone like you. You are a politial idol. You can do everything as you want. Do as you like! Speak as your mom taught. Follow me. I lead you, my baby. Just say, as I taught. Good boy. You are always my favorite." Thus, the old power holders, in relief, do everything as they feel at that time, without any reason. Their feeling is changeable as wind. "Gone with Wind, my responsibility!", "Good bye, my duty!". They don't care contradiction and lack of continuity. They can act as they like. After their flamboyant choice, versity professors of law make their jobs, legitimitizing all of their contradictional speechs, taking advantage of their arts of sofistory.

We people have believed Japanese Constitution, literally. However, these hypocratical sophists have made every effort to distore each significance of the constitution.
In academic society of publicists in Japan, it is said that Japanese Constitutional Law has two different doctrines; one is for common people, with ideaism of liberalism based on individualism and democracy, and another is for experts of public law, with political realism and social toralitarian tendency. The former is called "Public Doctrine" (顕教)and the latter is "Secret Doctrine" (密教).
I had been a researcher of Latin American Constitutional Law, so, I had only known the ideal public doctrine, the former. However, I got to know the existance of the latter, through my experience as a lecturer of public administrative law. In the field of Administrative Public Law, it's common that professors ignore Constitutional Law or, sometimes, they don't know how the constitution says on the matter that they treat. It means that they think that Constitutional Law has any significance in their field.

Secret Doctrine is totally side-virsion of Public one. That is, if the Public Doctrine says the law "unconstitutional", the Secret one says it "constitutional". Easy to understand. Justice in the public doctorine is injustice in the secret one. Not necessary to learn at all. I instantly understand without learning. My speed leaning on the secret doctrine.

We people live in the totalitarian society againt the literal meaning of Japanese Constitution, ruled by all idiots under their IDIOCRACY, which is entire against Potzdam Declaration.
We need help. We can't ask help to public organs. They themselves commit anti-constitutional acts, in the form of consealing some power holders' mistakes.
They should be disdained from the people in the world. They should be counted by their real value, not by the words that they declare. They are arrogant liars. They should be punished by Gods of Justice in the most severe way.
Peace doesn't signify concession. Concerning constitutional injustice, people should not concede at all. Totalitarians are common enemy against humanity. Even socialist contries know it. We should not concede anything to them. If they ask for something as a concession, just refuse. They should vanish, immediately.

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