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16/08/2017 (Wednesday, morning) Miyuki was so shocked at Alzheimer HARUMI & YUKARI's lowest level of recognition ability this morning. Miyuki's spilt seeds, of red raddish tiny type, were picked up, as soon as they were shooting!!! 芽むしり仔撃ち or MEMUSHIRI-KOUCHI by Kenzaburou OOE...Miyuki's story...

Miyuki was targetted to be killed when she was in junior high, because of her so honest attitude against all of teachers. "Adults are stupid, generally speaking. Thus, I learn as I like. Idiots, they are. We don't need to follow their stupid instructions." Thus, she was a good point getter, and the most notorious kid in the junior high.

Fumiko INOUE wanted to kill her, and she tried, however, failed, and Miyuki survived, without knowing the danger at all!!! For her glorious days as a lonely wolf, however, she was rabled as "Dangerous kid" from the begining, according to the discription written of Kouichi YOSHIDA, her evil Teacher Responsible in the last year of SHIRAKAWA III primary school.

札付き or FUDATSUKI, or "Already put the rable" type. Exists? Exists...Just she didn't know the system. 鑑札 or KANSATSU, in case of wild dog...She was obliged to put in the order of mortal execution, and waiting for the execution. She was not killed in Primary School like GUTS and KATSUMI, however, she should have been killed in her junior high school days...Just she didn't know.

長嶺節 or Takashi NAGAMINE, her teacher responsible at the first year of junior high, confessed her, "You are categorized "Problematic kid" by your ex-teacher responsible", in some confusional mode. For Miyuki, "why the enemy confessed the fact so easily to me???" type, illogical situation.

For others, "Already done" type. NAGAMINE???

For Miyuki, being killed as "Problematic kid" was out of mind! Liberal Democratic country, Japan is! If They want, they can't! Miyuki believed, and behaved as she thought. The result...survived, anyway.

Miyuki survived from the most dangerous period, without knowing! A star of the future for us!!! They yelled. Earlier than 麹町中学事件 or Case of KOUJIMACHI junior high. Even before entering junior high? By way of 内申書 or NAISHINSHO, or official secret imformation among teachers.

Why me? This, just point getting only type? However, I need to show me...Just ignore their lectures...

So negative mainly. And took ZERO intentionally to hand non writing paper to INOUE. Audacious. However, for her, "My right to take a ZERO result on this illegal subject!"

She didn't know the sunction at all. Why just a non writing test paper weighs as just jinior high degree holding in whole her life? Out of mind, for her. However, not a threatening, but a fact in Shirakawa...Oh!

However, the result is not so different. Junior high degree holder Miyuki had not had so many choices. Probably, construction worker, or farmer.

The real Miyuki, went to Tokyo Versity, the best versity in Japan, and studied in its graduate course, and gained Doctoral Degree, however, turned to be jobless, and now, she is thinking of being famer...The same...

And her desire to be farmer was also destroyed by Alzheimer satans. HARUMI did her so clear Alzheimer wrongdoing. She picked put almost all of the shoots above!!! Miyuki was so shocked, and almost fainted at the shock. And she, after she recovered from the soul losing type dynamite shock, started to yell, "Alzheimers, they are! They picked up my precious shoots! They started to shoots in the patch! I put it one seed by one hole, not necessary to be taken. 85% of shooting, the producting company affirmed! Thus, Miyuki believed it, and did her "Most effective agricultural way of planting seeds", and the result!

Alzheimer preferance is "keeping vacancy in the space" thus, just the earth, without any plants are ideal for them. Devastation of Forests is because of it. And Miyuki watched the degradation, in the concrete scene...So shocked. Planting is wrongdoing for them, HARUMI and YUKARI, and they attacked plants, even eatable vegitables, in this way. Only pot type would be fine actually. However, soon, they start to attack even on her precious lemmon trees...

How should I do? Concealing is difficult. Miyuki would make a transparent vinil sheat quick sun room for them, probably. And for them, nasty craftwork, to be broken, probably.

They think, thus they do, is their instruction in this stage. VANISH! SATANS! You have no minimum recognition ability to be needed to coexist with us!!! Desqualified as creatures!!!

And for them, just cleaning up in the mosr harmful way is the best policy. They love to easy cleaning up, to make a vacant place. Thus, Miyuki counterattacked. I can clean up better than you two both, HARUMI and YUKARI! You are useless DDMs, in short. I can clean up, yes. Just I was so busy to do it! Your cleanup is just "Total abandonment", without knowing the value at all. Mine is different. Classification is needed to clean up, however, they can't, and do abandon, just it!!! Thus, they should be killed as muck or trash. No classification world, they live in now. All welcome to INFERNO, if they were satans!!! Thus, they should go directly to INFERNO! Commit collective suicide, immediately! You are harmful Alzheimer disease holders!!!

They can't recognize the diffrence between importance and trifle. Thus, for them, just abandonment is cleaning up. They steal, abandon, as their own category. Total abandonment or 断捨離, only, for them!!!

Miyuki did know well, how they were evil. Miyuki escaped from the disasters, consecutively. However, she didn't know the fact at all. As always, she believed that they were kind guys, just idiots, in resume. However, after having been revealed as satans, just ignorance only. It effects. Indifferent from their wrongdoings, we should survive! We, human shape holders, are mainly satans, yes. However, few, like us, are human creatures, not satans. At least, Miyuki needs to proove it. And she did it. And she did excessively. Thus, now, even animals are suspects of satanic change.

Exist some animals who turned to be satans. Animals did know the fact, and got thrilled. Not so many, however, exist, yes. We need to kill them all!!!

Snake, is not the real snake. Uromoros. Head is changeble as tail! Miyuki watched it at the river side of YANTA river, so near 8 dragons bridge. GUTS knows it. So shocked, at seeing it. It would be killed, immediately!

And Alzheimer ants! Exists! They can't recognize the diffrence between dead or alive. You spin me arround!!!
Franky goes to Hollywood.

The reality. Animals have some paracite type. However, in case of ヤドリギ or YADORIGUI, they contribute to the main tree's survival. Not paracite. In case of 150 years old Cherry Trees, now Miyuki's legitimate kids, are a kind of Synthesis of various plants. Big Fat Main Trees live, yes. However, on the twigs and trank, there are variety of plants, with some diffrent especies, coexiste, and live in a harmony. Ebony and Ivory. Steevie and MJ.

The result is a kind of "small universe" each tree. Yes, especially beautiful in a week of cherry blossam, however, even after the season, also, with diffrent types of green tones, they looked like a courtyard, per each.

And sometimes, human creatures help them. Some trees are so heavy, thus, needed to be assisted by bars. Old guys did well. They didn't give a damage to their appearance, and put two poles, wooden type, to sustain the heavy weight. The 菰 or dired rice stork after the harvest, knitted as texture, was used for cushion, and a cotton or linnen made rope was used to tight up the poles. Craftwarkmanship existed at that era. Gardeners were professionals, at that age. And now, no man's land. Thus, in case of necessity, only Miyuki should sustain them. Yes, Miyuki should make her effort, as much as possible.

At least, she knows how to knit, at minimum. YOSAKU. Masao SEN.

Woods are found here and there. Thus, in this case, first, sustainability, then, beauty. It all depends on Miyuki's situation.

She is good at art, however, not so good at craft, and at this point, IZUMI-san is superior. Thus, ask her, in case of difficulty.

NANKO HASHI or 南湖橋 is far from NANKO Silver Lake. Probably, they just made a mistake. And they didn't know the pronunciation regularation in Japanese. NANKO-BASHI. Not hashi. H turns to be B, in case of connection, usually.

So many "HASHI"s writings, in new bridges in Shirakawa. Probably, satanic work. Almost 10 years ago, the inclination started to be prevelent. When Alex and Clare were in kinder garden.

Ms.YABUKI was killed, and another was expulsed. They said, "Because of cancer" "I retired", yes. However, they looked more workable. Why?

Strange fenomena happened consecutively, in the most evident way, at that moment. Insurance oriented society's starting point. Thus, Miyuki deligated the two kids, in the hands of residents in Shirakawa. And now? Live by yourself, if you want to live.

Worse than mine, is their two's key frase. Thus, so so bad. Kyorin staff were this type. Jealous, we call it. Just Muck, they are. Thus, less than muck, they want. It's difficult. Thus, for them. "Oh, Muck, you should be promoted! You should turn to be ZERO or Total Abandoned space, or Vacancy. Ideal for you! " Thus, win-win. For them, their ideal would be realized. And for us, also. Total Formula for them. DANSHARI or 断捨離 works in the broadest meaning. Budda would like to be praised. My bones were abandones, yes. However, some guy picked them, and ate them, and took advantage of them...up to the marrow bone...Thrifty guys, they would be...and skillful, in every meaning. Team Work, yes. Only Miyuki...ZERO a bit more type...Better than Less Than Zero...

Σ in short. Spander Ballet. Thus, flexibility training, even in the canopy of the JEEP. Thus, she is long, not robust. Or, the JEEP would be broken...

Diametrical way of sleeping, she would be obliged to do. However, up to 185cm, it works...And sometimes, Miyuki can bent her back... Abundant blakets put, please! For winter use! Lice? We would manage the problem. Bath taking? In case of necessity. In early summer, junior high Miyuki, 13 years old or so, put up with 2 weeks of non bathing record. Thus, not so much. Water would be found soon. Drinkable. Sometimes, can swim in the river. Canoes would be survived. First, try to swim, then canue. I can swim, up to 25 meters. Thus, OK. Just floating? OK. Tried last year. However, armed force's floating good, I am interested in. Hard type. Blue and white. If you can.

Full equipments, if you can. Because I need to live there, probably, for so many years. Trailer house, Miyuki got interested in. Miyuki watched American type. For Miyuki, "Oh, more cozy than our house!" and biggger than she thought. However, at the same time, toilet should be disposed and washed. This is a big problem. And then, parking fee.

Greedy ENDOU family required US$100 per hour!!! Terrible family, they were! Satans, in short. Alex did know well their technic. Alex was targetted to be killed???

Or being a friend of him...Clare also. wih AKARI???

Why no man's land could ran a rice providing shop, as a richest in the area??? For Miyuki's understanding, the counterpart of her period was Motoko KATOU's father's shop. Not so promissive. In the middle class.

And the father of AKARI was the president of PTA. Miyuki made a mistake of her wife with another similar plump short type, and criticised as if Alzheimer patient...For Miyuki, only twice or so, Miyuki met her, in the most short seconds. Why Miyuki should remember her face correctly? Unattractive face holders, they were. For Miyuki, short, plump middle aged domestic wives, in short. It's difficult not to get confused...

Miyuki was criticised, each time, she made a trifle error. And for them, their big errors should be laught and forgotten. Strange habit, Miyuki presumed. Always denial, when Miyuki asked something. Sobstory producing company, Shirakawa was. Should have been ended up!!!

Thus, Miyuki is free from anxiety of being killed by them. Dog feeding satans abruptly increased since June. Why? Short Mad Dog type, mainly, they brought with. Stupid, as the owners. Satanic Domestic Animals, they are. Satanic pets, they turned to be, Satanic pets! Doris Day.

Miyuki is a singer, now. KARAOKE? KANOKE? Funeral Party Concert Master??? Doctor. Not Master!!!
Master, Miyuki has yes. However, not Cafe Master...Yes, I run, if I have a spare time. Real Master, in this region. Sometimes, Bartender...

Cofee Mills, they says. Near Shirakawa Driving Shool, between Shirakawa Station and Shin-Shirakawa Station. However, no smell at all. Why in Shirakawa? Isolated village, Shirakawa is. Why logistic site they put? No merit at all!!!

Miyuki made her job in lammon orchard business, and an errand to WASHIO, and found cut fruits ob Dragon Fruits, Kiwi and two grapes. Dragon Fruits would be her tropical type fruit challenge. Forever Spring for Tropical and semi-tropical type of fruits. Thus, Tropical Line, Miyuki also started. Dragon Fruit is tree or plant? A big question. However, she believes that it turns to be a tree, because this is warm zone, and they should adopt in this climate. Yes, Miyuki would make a best, to protest them from nasty frost. Chillblain inclination, they would have, yes. Thus, she deeply understands their situation. Thus, recommendation. Please be trees, Dragon Fruits!!! I can move you in the pots, during your infancy. As vegitables, it would be a bit difficult for her. Thus, trees, please!!!

Dragon Trees, it would turn to be. And their shape would be "Muscle Man, showing his upper arm two head muscles in public pose"! Arm pits, they would make a fruit, each, probably. Like BUDDA's birth.

Uncle Nature, they yelled. Why nature turned to be Mother??? Probably, some gramatical replacement. La Natura, in Spanish. Already it include, "gramatically female" noun.

Thus, machinary is also female. La Machina. Thus, bitch. Vehicle, is "she".

And Internate, in Portugues, is female. Her primitive image is Domestic service girl or maid, thus, "Nete! Common, and do massage on my shoulders, then my belly, then my testacles!" like image, this word already has.

With Miguel FALABELLA's voice, as Caco! Almenian actress yelled. They are business partners. Not so good at each other, in private life. She confessed. However, FALABELLA gifted a cellar to her, and she accepted it, with welcome mode. And Miyuki presumed that he made a so big mistake in front of her, thus, "Please don't say it, my goddes!" like gift, probably.

Anyway she was categorized "Super class star idiot like actress in Brazil". Thank you!!! She is now doing her agricultural job, and her presumption is so so BINGO, when she presumed in the worst hypothesis...As a kind of joke, with her excessive mode, she talks, and then, the worst hypotese is the reality.

Why they put Miyuki into custody in the hospital? The reason is: Just Ms.Responsibles thought that she was so nasty. Collective decision, thus, Judiciary respected it, and she was put into the hospital as Melancholy patient...

Laughing story, yes. However, she yelled, in the middle of her evacuation, "Ms.Responsible! I am in danger of lacking paper! Please give me some more toilet paper!!!" This is the fact. However, the Ms.Responsible, whose nickname was KOBA-SACHI, because of her "narcistic singing voice" holding, yelled to Miyuki, "NAMERUNNJANEEYO!"

This word is used from YANKII to others to threaten them. A theatrical way of saying. However, in this case, in total seciousness, she yelled. "Oh, I don't want to lick you, Ms.Responsible!" Miyuki said in her belly mode.

NAMERU is licking. No Licking, is the exact translation. The meaning is, Fuck You! Thus, for Miyuki, "Oh, the police use these dirty word, in reality! Just like a YANKII of boys' ANIME was played by them! Oh, FEMI-LES theater!!!"

She needs to end up her evacuation process. How she can put up with the situation. Just toilet paper can save her. Thus, she yelled, and the result...she was put into the hospital under the name of Melancholy...This is IDIOCRACY.

Caco yelled. Dirty Theater. Can't put up with read it. I need to do next plastic surgery. My wrincles! My wrincles!!!

Tears and laughs...Exists? Exists. I met her in reality. Normal, however, a bit strange, because she is a Japanese. You know, they are different...Not so much, however, different, anyway.

Thus, they need to provide her imformation. Lean. Yes. Hight? Probably, a bit bigger than averege. Tall, you mean? Yes. And face? Round. And her body? Like a stick. Straight type. In short, Match Stick. Old fashioned. Before lighter period. You know well, Uncles?

Thus, Miyuki decided to live in Jeep, after she gains it. Big Jeep is enough to live. And every day's change of some part. In case of snow, chains are needed. Yes!!! I can put them. I watched the process, several times, personally. Thus, It takes time, however, I can do it, yes!!!

So many guys lost their families. They killed their kids and others. In Shirakawa, it was common, was the result. For Miyuki, so so unusual, and INSURANCE is a mistery. Just a deposit is OK for her. More strict way of accumulate her richness to gain her ideal site.

Now, her choice is, reliable warehouse to keep her precious things, and a JEEP. And water system, in any meaning. Natural pure water is also OK, and heating place. Thus, OVEN or some SHICHIRIN or some suitable equipment. Rather, place to lit fire to use it, would be rightous answer. Gas is not necessity. Yes, during the holdings of tanks of gas, of course, we take advantage of them. However, oven, big type cooking is she wanted to do for long time, and mini-oven called SHICHIRIN was used by her when she was pupil of primary school. HIBACHI is also OK. However, Miyuki adores to have 5 mouths OVEN to cook and warm up the house. Stewing vegitables with meat, jellies, and so on, in some mouths, and she could broil meat in her skilet or other pans, and boil the water in the kettle or pans. Found some same Japanese old OVENs, in Shirakawa, and Miyuki wants to have it, and put it in her dinning kitchen, especially for winter use.

For bath, some big boiling dram type can would be used, yes. Or, Japanese old type bath tub heating system by woods is also useful. Not so promissive to gain a western erotic type bath tub. Just for summer. Thus, refusal.

And Franklin Stove for her winter use. To warm up the big room, to receive visitors, mainly animal clients. Yes, in winter, sleeping mode guys are so many. However, not so much, exist, also. Thus, chance to talk near the mantlepeace. Flanklin stove is used for stew or water, yes. Cook, yes. However, not so variety of dishes. Thus, OVEN and Franklin. Miyuki found many Franklin types selling shop in NISHIGOU area. And probably, some houses with cut woods, means they have this type. Thus, chance to gain some of them.

And today, even in the middle of OBON, most of all of them, Shirakawan Residents, played the role of casual wednesday. From morning, they were already played the role of faked drivers and consumers and clerks. Why today? Oh, they were put in erroneous calender! This year, they started the ritual of OBON on Day 13, one day earlier than common OBON. For Miyuki, "Oh, they changed the system again? Or they forgot when it started, probably." was understanding.

And today, on 16th, almost all of them concentrated in just MEGA-STAGE and Beisia. Benimaru-Yokomachi, Benimaru-Showamachi, WASHIO, were no man's land, practically, already. One day earlier. Strange!

And their way of celebrating rituals was replaced by some wrong instructioned unusual ones. They didn't know why they lit the fire. To lit the lanturn's candles, was the right answer. However, they just burnt the thin sticks, as if itself were the purpose.

And today, only one pair of guys did burn the woods. And the way astonished Miyuki so much. They think as if BON fire would be BBQ' fire or camp fire! They used gas tank, small type, to put the strength on the fire. Exist? Exist! Miyuki watched, and took a picture!!!

And the smell of the burning woods was so nasty, including chemical products, like plastics. They used Artificially composed woods for the ritual! They cut the big trees, devastated forests, and now, lit the fire on plastic made faked woods! Crazy!!! Only Alzheimer can do it!!!

Smell, they don't sense. Thus, they can, as they like. Smell is important sense to classify danger from safety. For them, anything is OK. However, they don't need to come, nor to pray for ancestors, or for deciest guys. In vain. Useless!!!

Even After Miyuki put the sack of seeds as sign, "I put seeds in this field. Don't take any of them at all, you, Alzheimer!", they picked them up, and Miyuki got upset. Why they do so bad? Always just devastation, they do. Harmful. They should vanish!!!

Miyuki is so afraid to be stolen or taken her precious pots shoots members. Weeds, including. They leed the shoots, and yell and protect. Thus, with them, Miyuki should keep them in a good condition. However, they attack, as they like. Thus, Miyuki is now in wonder, where she should put the pots on...

Almost more than 30 shoots of lemmon are there. Another promissive kids of plants also are there. And the wrongdoirs are go and flo without doing anything at all, except devastating others. Monstrous zombis, they are!!!

YUKARI came, when Miyuki was doing her writing job, in the office, to hear her wispering. When she had come in the washing room, Miyuki was washing her face after her first field job in the morning, YUKARI stayed there unnecessarily, and heard Miyuki wispering alone, with her harshist tone. Alzheimers, they are! They picked the shoots! They can't recognize the difference between importance and trifle! They can't understand why field exists! Stupid! Idiots!" And she vanished, after Miyuki's ending up her face washing job.

Then, after 30 minutes or so, she came again as Miyuki wrote above, and she entered into the office, having opened the glass sliding door, and stayed in the space, for 5 minutes, without doing anything, like a dumb. Just soundless, and stood. Then she left there.

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