YUKARI's End (68)

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15/03/2017 (Wednesday, Morning) It's snowy cloudy. A bit cold. I should keep my office in order today. Just lock the doors, or, DDMs would enter!!! Watch out! YUKARI has lost her key again. Last night, she found. And this morning, again. Everyday, she lost and forgot, recently. And we should attend our basic necessity. Thus, I have to stay here to attend the both needs.

   Only one knocking system. To inform some omneous moment. Oh, they wanted to hold a party, in any way. And they couldn't recognize the difference between "Congratulations" and "Sorry to hear that". Thus, they established a lot of cemeteries. Spooky new erroneous monuments here and there. A big tumb, instead of the name of the entrance. And in the gate, big stones for the entrance of the buddist temples. They sold them as special stones.

  Oh, in my house, lots of old stones for steps were stolen. Why? I thought that my father took them for the sake of safety. However, it was a big mistake. YUKARI did it. She could sell them as much as possible, without limit. Incapable, they said, and she should prove her mental sanity. Thus, she agreed to show up in the court, in her court of the religious one. And they said OK for her, if she did more and more for them. She sold in case of necessity, whenever she liked, because she was imcapable, out of responsibility. Incapable like a female under the feudal tradition, and under the civil law system of Meiji.

  HARUSAN was born under that rule, and claimed that she wanted to go to high school. However, her family was not rich, so her father decided that the only son, my uncle should go to there, instead of the two sisters, older than him.

  A kind of protection. And it worked in a certain point. And he failed again. HARUSAN wanted to go to the hospital to consult the problem of her only sister YUKARI??? Sister like existance. Miyuki chose HAYASHI family, and she understood that YUKARI was not good for her, either. Time consuming long conversation like never ending uninteresting lies, accumulated in her chamber. YUKARI was trapped on her own spell, She wrote, "I have never lied again, as soon as possible."????

  She wrote it and was understood that "She would not never like any more by HARUSAN", and YUKARI thought that "I had lied a lot and would make effort not to lie". And YUKARI are prohibitted to write a letter, and to pledge to others.

  And she said, "As you like, my boss. You are so kind to believe me. However, you had choice of believing and not believing. I probaply said the lie. However, you should recogonze that it was the lie. You confirmed it. It's OK. No excuse for you. I lied and I was in custody under your kind offer. I proposed my precious things to you. My petit jewries for you, and you thanked me for them. Thus, we are even now. Thus, we could be the boss, one day, and the inferior, the other day. Alternative system, we said. Miyuki did it sometimes, thus, we did also. Small trip. We could do it, as you like, at your expense.Now, SPA is cheaper rather than before. For free."

  Thus, she went to enjoy her right. And she was safe with her younger sister, the real one. She is thinking that YUKARI is too too older than us, two. Miyuki was YUKARI, she thought. And said, blaming, "You are YASUE's side, not mine." And Miyuki replied, "Yes, you should know it." easily.

  HARUSAN was too too polite to say so. She was in rage to call her younger sister. And she changed her mind. She thought that presence of graduation was necessary for at least only one member of the family. The last one should be chosen to the object. And now, the faked version. One family, one sacrifice. HECATOMBE like big sacrifice. Miyuki was thinking smoking was enough for GODS in Greek. They ate the most delicious part, and said, "Oh, Gods prefer internal organs rather than meat." And they smoked them and ate them, only smoke was smelled by Gods. Ambrocius and Nector are enough, thus, just a gesture and a smell of the pinchos. Not so bad ones. Fresh and purified. Thus, kids' meat. Gods were in rage. Regious conception in Japan was too too different from other coutries and in some Japan like regions. Anything can do type conception. "Positive, in a certain sense, however, sinnistrous, in a certain sense."

  Miyuki got to recognize the intrusion of "Evangelists" in Brazil. Too rapid. 90% of Catholic coutry turned to 75% of it. Why?

  Abrupt change is the key. However, 75%. Not so bad. In Japan, after the lots of attempt, only under 1% according to Public datum. According to it, Shinto was the top 44% or so. However, the couting system was different, they explained. "Constitutional Law in appearance" Miyuki bought double, because she should use in Hachioji and in Shirakawa. Her class was always on Monday. Miyuki should return to Hachioji on Monday. Thus, at least, please put the subject on the 5th time unit. And she returned until 15:00 on Monday. Weekly system, she said. However, a kind of boresome riding in the train. Thus, she read some articles, wrote some articles, thought of the study plan, slept if she needed, listened to the conversations arroud her, and ovserved how the others bahaved.

  YUUKO resembling piano instructor was not real YUUKO. Too nasty, cruel slender middle aged pretty lady. She expressed the total disliking expression on Miyuki's Chinese meat pies eating. And Miyuki thought a bit sorry, however, I had to eat, because I was hungry. And ate all. Then she said, "Your dish was so smelly for me. You didn't care my nose. Impolite." And Miyuki said, "Your choice. You should say before, while I was eating. Now, already done. Useless. You yourself showed that you are the really nasty arrogant rich bitch. You could play the piano and you could instruct in Tokyo OK. However, this is public place. You are not a ruler here. If you wanted to claim me, you should point it at the rightous moment. Delayed information was too too late and just a laughing joke for others."

  And she failed. You should know that HARUMI san was a kind of DDMs, in a part. Her heart was shaking even now. Why she was so evil to Miyuki? She was so logical and rational, as always. She knows how to speak to others. Why I was so so cruel to her? She should say, "Hi!" for us???? No. Why? Because anyone welcome her. Only YUKARI wanted to go with me. And understood. YUKARI really wanted Miyuki to be hospitalized eternally. The last resort, YUKARI said. Anyway, we should survive from Miyuki's harsh reigh. Miyuki would be the 9th ruler of the old family. YUKARI's illusion. And she should be laughed at Miyuki's mental health story.

  Only one game, we said. And not so amusing. However, we should manage, by her own way. HARUSAN wanted Miyuki to accompany with her, as the role of scolded bad boys. Bad, she was not her type. She wanted to scold YUKARI, however, YUKARI escaped from the situation. I was incapable, already. I am an Alzheimer now. Thus, you should scold Miyuki, instead of me. Thus, HARUsan scolded Miyuki, and triggered the fire on her scolding. Parental right. Why YUKARI has??? She has no. And why YUKARI should be blamed? Nothing. I am not your family member. I came here to kill MIYUKI. And MIYUKI should know that her era is floureshing!!!! Near and near, a bit by a bit. Confusing a bit. And YUKARI did it. Replacing the situation. A bit out of tune. And Miyuki thought that it was KAKISHIMA's. And felt, she really wanted Miyuki to be DDM. And Miyuki refused and said, "I will live anyway. I can manage the situation. Kyorin, trifle thing! Oh, KABUKU-cho, better place to work! Not so evil as Kyorin, at least." Thus, Miyuki decided to fight agaist the kinky old bug. Changing even the history. All confusional descriptions here and there, in  brilliant cheapy appearance. Miyuki was really escaping from the danger. From Behind by knife legend on NAZIS. Oh, that?!!! Too too dirty. And they liked it, in different meaning. Always they took advantage of the literal plain flat meaneng. Irony, not at all!!!

  And we did the same. Strange too much. Spooky too much. Why so much vehicles after us??? ADACHI was thought that the parking lots were for that? Cheerful was prohibitted in a ceremonial moment. Thus, they were too too strange. No words. Silence only. Alex took advantage of it.

  He said, "Miyuki shold be the only representative of our family. I am her son, anyway. YUKARI wanted to play the role of KAKISHIMA and wanted to buy him, at the cost of US$50, and consulted her God of Injustice. May I buy my nephew? And he said, "OK, as you like, pretty baby!" And she did. A long long way to inform it to MIYUKI. You should face the problem, by your best sincerity. And Adachi helped sometimes. A good advisor for him. Alex didn't like a spooky story and he just pretended to yawn. And Miyuki stopped, understanding that it would be enough for him. And he played the double jobs. A casting vote, we call it. Miyuki got to know it when she was in high school, from the teacher of social science. And in university, many times, and in ordinary situation, it weighes. Even situation. Thus, 6 squad. One decides, other 5 followed was different type. And Miyuki said, I am an informant of Gods of Justice. And pledged to them. As much as possible. And she was proved to be a member of our army. And now, your parents. They should do their job. However, Miyuki should know, only Miyuki was safe, not at all. All of her family were safe. Thus, they are also time bombers. Or, transimission!

  YUKARI is so easy to transmit her disease and HARUsan was fragile sometimes. She is kind conventional protectionist, Miyuki knows well. At a certain point, she protected me a lot from evil existance. However, my irresponsble MIYUKI days was past now. I am responsible OYAJI now. And she likes to scold DAME-OYAJI with all her kindness. I should apologyse her in sencerity to her irrational abrupt system change. 

  In this case, exact appointment of the fact is not a good technic. Irrational, she is. Ilogical, she is, sometimes. However, whe should coexist with her. Thus, logical rational Miyuki should be pragmatic. Just apology, and Miyuki should behave as you like, by her own belief. It means, surperficial aplogy. Miyuki did it because of avoiding waste of time. OK, I know I am right. I am a theory provider to our liberal army. Alex also. And know, our theory is much more logical and rational than protectionalist's version. however, they were kind enough. HARUSAN thaught that Miyuki is leaning how to apology to others now. She is too too proud of her ability to talk. BLA-BLA-BLA combined with rationality. Thus, she knows that she is wrong theorically. However, stresful, to attend her. She is right, thus more stresful.

  Kindness works sometimes. And YUKARI is in the final care. She damaged the family life. And she should know that she would be a member of her dearest family, Oh, Rie and Mayumi, the cousins. Old ladies club, they say. They were harmits. And they didn't want to do that, however, they were shame of the family. And they did it. Miyuki was neutral in the funeral. Ordinary ceremony. Like a kitchen talk. Not spooky however, too too strange.

  And avoided the mood of the trapping. And got it. Miyuki fest nasty when they treated their adorable things so rough and harsh.

  Alex got to know that irony was just for laugh, not for pragmatic way for Miyuki type. Only one Gods of Justice type. He did know that Miyuki couldn't play the game at all. Miyuki was too too kind to play the game as her serious mode. She is always serious, like HARUSAN. And they were caught by laughing time record. Alex trapped many, however, he was demitted from Junior high, because it didn't exist. After graduation, he got to know it. Oh, I predicted the case.

  And the charge was compensated all by DDMs. Alex wanted to play with the boys and lots of girls. However, too too spooky to do so.

  Oh, thus, SHIBAHARA like funeralist!!! Oh, you too?

  SHIBAHARA was a kind of brilliant student at Kyorin Univ. He dropped out 3 times. Oh, you too! type.

  And he liked cooking as he said. Thus, I said to him, "Let's have a China Meat Pies party in my house!" And he failed. He failed again. He said, "I am trying to get some qualification of Math." And Alex wanted to learn math from someone privately. Thus, Miyuki said to him, "Oh, you would be my boy's math instructor. Of course, paid one. US$10 per hour and should be 2 hours per week. If you have time and you are convenient, it would be fine."

  However, nothing at all. OK, Alex was liking to him. Miyuki thought that he wanted to play with some older brother like thing. Thus, he failed.

  And now, why again? Your shoes were fatal for your team. Why only you? Why not me? Why the shoes were off in front of the other auditorium???

  Miyuki was too too right. You would be perceived that only one family system at all. Thus, animals should be prepared for it. And she accepted it. Oh, they all!!! Oh! Just behind her. OK, type. OK.

  Good girl illusion should be kept. OK, and Miyuki wants to escape from the situation of TOHOHO.

  TOHOHO tribe problem. Only one manage the lonelyness, they said. Managed. However, radical, too much. Anyone could behave like that. And found already. Not yet. However, preparation. And some petit version. Different and felt like that. Sympathy. Spring. Anyone can do it. Thus, only feeling. thus, no difference on the exact facial ones so much. Yes, differences. I like to be nice. And they, DDMs were too too nasty. Even illusion appeared in front of the town. And Miyuki believed that we are alive. And feel, in reality, we are majorities. And have the best present for us all!!! The beautiful peaceful world and universe forever among our limit and it should be ruled by Gods of Justice.

  And DDMs were too too cold to get to realize the rule. They only faked all of the activities. Purification, they said and vanished as Miyuki's army said.

  Freightened by the trifles. IZUMI-san was also CHICKEN type. Thus, she could escape from death, caused by his funny father. He is a kind of intelligent handsome type. He borrowed Miyuki, Mardrues version of Arabian Nights. A prohibitted one for common people, only high society type could read it type. And Yukio MISHIMA liked it. Miyuki could steal it, however, Miyuki found the series at the cost of US$70 in the avenue of KANDA in Tokyo. Only one last index book was lacking. Good, thus, cheap, the manager of the shop said. Oh, I have read one, borrowed by my friend. It means that IZUMI-san had already read. And liked it. Knows it. And wanted to try it! Oh, TOHOHO graduated!!!

  Miyuki was indifferent from the situation. And now, like a cat, "I want to have boyfriends! As many as possible. I just want to play with them. Not for marrige!!!! Terrible!!!Oh, IZUMI-san, I respect your husband. However, I want to to have many boyfriends!!!"

  Too too honest. She shouted even in the faculty. And failed. No one attended my basic desired. Always deceptions. Oh, you too?! type. Always Crying Game. Double, Triple. DDMic world was too too vague and caused misunderstanding. Thus, they did it as they like. Same sex registers system, sexual change with formal public registers. Public paid sexual abuse service. They wanted and they did. Public death provided by medical service under the total allowence of the government.

  Terrible. They didn't know the Justice at all. Inmorality all. They transmitted easily. And finally, hermits were found, in the state of Alzheimer disease. Hermits were difficult to find and thought themselves as if they were ignored by society, thus, in any social change, they were safe. However, they should be punished by their participation to DDMic army. Too too burdensome for common people. They existed in the paper, however, in the reality, they didn't function at all. Any task we asked were done in the most roughest and quickest ane easiest and convenienced way only for their sake.

  HARUSAN observed a lot and thought, only one prettier is the better. however, your conception was wrong, someone wispered. She was ordered by someone to inform Miyuki's wrongdoing to others. And she did as always. Because she wanted Miyuki to change to the better side. And Miyuki was too too right. Why only one? And Miyuki was no register in public here. Thus, the driver's licence regaining was too too dificult for her. HARUSAN forgot all of them. Oh, Alzheimer, she is suffering? Like that. She said, sometimes happened. And she said, "Ooops, what am I doing here? I came here to buy the scoop, probably. "And bought a kind of cheapish sweet, a package of cookies or so."

  Miyuki thought that it were too good to tame the animals. Her kids liked to steal the sweets? No. They could buy. They were provided some sweets by the other way. Miyuki didn't notice that they wanted to trap Miyuki, that only she were the isolated discovering scholar.  However, Mr.HAYASHI was that type. And understood, more than some.Thus, Miyuki thinks that we wan. Miyuki didn't believe the rumours until she confirmed the fact. Just written proofs were not enough for her. A kind of establishing fact finding process. Like detective stories. And lots of TOHOHOs here and there. Oh, majorities. And as common people, they were ashamed to reveal the fact. Only Miyuki said, "Oh, TAKAHARA, I did it, because I was a-sexual at that time? Now? I am OYAJI and want another OYAJI. Oh, you are not the type. Sorry, then bye!"

  OYAJI wanted OYAJI. Not female type. Astonishing, in any way. And he should die for the failure. He wanted to be multi-type, because it was too too benefittable according to his understanding. He said that he was moving to 2k house in the along side of KEIO private railway near MITAKA, at the cost of US$650 per month. Thus, Miyuki found strange. Good, concrete figures. However, it was not the actual price for common people. He is different from us, probably. Other sistem, he used probably. And said, "I would rent an apartment of 66 ㎡ over at the cost of US$100-US$150 in MITAKA area. Oh, near, to your moved house, however, I prefer living near JR station, not KEIO railways. I hate KEIO railways anyway. Too too spooky. OK, I need to rent 3LDK apartment for us, I, and my kids. One is a boy of 14 years old and one is a girl of 12 years old. We need individual rooms anyway."

  Oh, no space at all type. Efemerous, thus, changed easily. Indifferent from the topic and the contents. Oh, you did? Miyuki changed the clothings. On the day, I wanted to use STAR WARS T shirt to meet him. I wanted to be proud of my body shape against his image, I supposed.

  He only knew my "Lady like manish type". Now, I turned to be a real OYAJI, and more powerful thay he thinks, maybe. Thus, I wanted to empahathise my powerful OYAJI style life to him. Obviously, of course.

  I prepared my T shirt one day before. Howeve, I couldn't find it in the morning. And I couldn't get up until 10:30. I made an appointment at 11:00. thus, I should change my clothings as soon as possible. They, changed my mind. My super weapon. I am proud of my upper arms, with lean muscles. The shape. Like onlt men, sportive or physical workers are allowed to have it type. Then I chose dark gray sleaveless Punk Rocker type long shirt and streight blue jeans. Good. Not prepared, but good enough as an arrange.

  And I was astonished! Why TAKAHARA wears the same colour combination??? He was not the generation. Why he changed from his good boy type preference to a bid bad boy type??? And his shirt had long sleeves. Contrast against my glory. Oh, he was addicted by poisonous some chemicals or suicide wrist cut maniac??? Contrary to me! 

  How he got to know my fashion? I put on only 30 minutes ago. He was there in the other side of the entrance of the reataurant called Southern Grill or so. I found him, and said, "Oh, you were there. I thought that you were already in the restaurant. OK, here we go!"

  Miyuki thought that restaurant would be good, because he would wait me drinking something,sitting. Wasteless. He is socially independent now, thus, he should have knewn the rule. A bit strange. OK, good. But, why he changed your preferance? I wanted to know the reason of the change.

  And nothing. He only diliverd some comments. Good comments sometimes. Logical, sometimes. I liked him, because of his logical way of thinking at his versity days.

  However, he failed. He was not prepared for my declaration of artificial insemination combined with virgin OYAJI. His eyes appearently showed his surprising and I caught the message. Play with him a bit. He would be frieghtened at your remarks.

  And I said, "A kind of sexual identification problem holders. However, I have no problem at all. I am totaly satisfied with my situation of the combination with female parts and OYAJI spirit. I am proud of being me. "

  And the old kinky boy beside out table began to cough, like an sign or so. And I left the cafe.

  A young girl also sat beside our table, watching smartphone, absorbed in the vision. Why she chose the place???

  They, the 3 wanted to catch me. I didn't know that TAKAHARA was the army. I doubted the possibility yes. However, just a doubt. Thus, I couldn't resolve the riddle, at that time.

  Downward eyes here and there arround me. Why? was my riddle. And he didn't explain at the matter at all. OK, you failed. However, probably, you would be multipul. You tranmitted my e-mails to others, or the same you, if you like to call. Sympathy transmitting type. Oh, I got some, from you, also. From others, yes. I need to get stronger more and more, anyway.

  Only kindness type, sorry, not my necessity. I should be kind, however, for me, my ligical and rational kindness is enough for me. HARUSAN should retire, they said to her. And she failed to retire. OK, now, you should know that they just wanted to play one power holder game, according to their saying. And you locked the door according to her instruction. It was a spooky day. She wanted to lock even someone was there. however, she didn't want to do it, because someone was there. Miyuki knows well the system. Thus, Miyuki won. Miyuki didn't the magic. Just pray. She liked to have a special magic to trap someone. However, not at all. Always with some logical and rational reason. Gods of Justice appreciated her nice unintencional errors and quickness to find the rule. Rule finding job, they say. Some standard. Miyuki needed to know the rule. Spooky too much. Not usual. They wanted to live, however, Miyuki wants to livet together with them. Miyuki believed that Alex watched Miyuki straight, not avoiding her cheerful smiling. And he liked to fake the failures.

  A nasty big problem of hermits. Inside the house type. They call them, "wise figures inside the house" and grew up with their all arrogance. YUKARI was wispering to behave as she liked and behaved and enhanced unnecessarily.

  Miyuki's exercise, she called. And Miyuki did teach me, she said. Miyuki was my sexual instructor, for us all. They said as the same existance. Unison, they said. And the majority winning game, they said. Rumour only world, we call it. And legal system refuses it. Only reliable proof world. And YUKARI won in a certain. Rumour offerer as usuall. They shoul play the role of the police for her. Oh, three police men taught her differently type.

  Then, 3 kinky ladies said, "we were there, so Miyuki was there and she did wrongdoing." And HARUSAN was too too powerful weapon to their accusation. Intentionally, she protected Miyuki. In this case, her false version would the best. Miyuki wispered. Thus, she got calm, after talking her daughters' wrongdoings list party, they held. HARUSAN was too too nasty for them. She igonored the rule. They called her as if they were HARUSAN's team and no one interested on her story. Miyuki was not popular among them. And they always asked, "How about your RIKKYO graduated daughter? We need some contribution for the establishing new building for our members." And they trapped. They were caught in all.

  ORE-ORE deceipt like private information gathering party. Now Miyuki decided not to put Alex or Clare to versity at all. Idol Alzheimer producing system, as they thought. And Miyuki said the same thing. And added, Thus, I, should be most couscious on the matter. We all, I dare to say. Indifferent from age. We should take care of not to be idol."

  Thus, common interpretation of Alzheimer disease. She is writing something. She said, I am writing their wrongdoings list for the future. Educational one, and good for my English exercise. Foreign language is good as mind exercise. I want to be more quick. Brilliant brain, I want. Thus, I tried to be. Everyday's developpment, here and there. I make mistakes and I need to do my divine jobs as a scholar only could.

  Miyuki is right. Good at writing for what? IZUMI-san was persistent to her clear brain. And got passioned by his husband. Honest however, does nice work! Oh, Bianca type combination. Good for your kids. Failed to enter the renoun versities, however, in total, you could able to keep your precious treasures.

  Then, her family is targetted. Oh, sorry! I didn't want to this "BINKO" like attention calling system.

  A search they said. The concrete one. Too too vague. And ignored after. Precarious. Efemerous. However, damage. The feeling. And HARUSAN should bring her money in the bag. They requred US$200 for the sacrifice???? The same value that KYORIN required me. I paid it because I wanted not to be annoyed by the idiots. Just it. In case of the wrongdoing, you should pay by your vast death type.

  And they should pay for it. Now in loop mode. Never ending story. Just figures. Then, why US$100 billion per minutes only for me,not? Only the figures type can do it! Do it!!!

  And they did it. Only the figures system. Anoying Miyuki so lots. Good to recognize the wrongdoers' residue or not. For free, should be. Cheapest value. Why they want to gaing such a trifle thing at the cost of splended enormous one????

  Too too idiot. Thus, Alzheimer. Greedy, anyway. In their nature. In the last stage, they should be revealed their genuine nature. Idiot, idol, greedy, tricky, cheaty, libertine, stealing, shameless. It was the ordial. Life time, Miyuki dared to say. However, successively? Like series of Detective stories, non stop mode. Adventurous sometimes, however, the spooky mode. Not usual trouble type. Too too strange.


We won, anyway.

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