Teeth! Pay Attention to Mr.Slump's Mouth!

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12/02/2017 (morning) I had a rice with sliced onion and lamb cooked in a skilet and cafe latte for breakfast.

This morning, I watched the big face of Mr.Slump on TV. I forcused on his teeth. Because they were brilliantly white, when he shrank the mouth, saying, "You, too!"

Then, I was surprised at the fact. The roots of the teeth are dirty brown!!! He painted his teeth with some paint-like white liquid. Oh, he was so poor! Or he is thrifty! He, who has an experience as TV presentater, has no money to whitening dental treatment and prefers just painting!!! Damerica is so great to endure the misery and to show up as their president were tremendously rich!!! I admired his intrepidit teeth painting.

I have been taught from my mother that in Western countries theeth weigh lots more than we Japanese think.
"Thus, you should clean up your teeth every evening, with your full effort."

As a result, until entering into versity, I had no dental problem at all. I was always praised by my healthy teeth, from my primary school to my high, thoroughly.

However, after entering the versity, I have gotten some teeth problem. Now, I lost one tooth, upper left side near the end, as I wrote before. Except it, my teeth is all right now.

However, my teeth are naturally a bit ibory like colour, not white. I wanted to have more white ones. Thus, as I wrote before, I tried to buy various whitening paste from the cost of US$1 to that of US$20, or so.
Thus, I have knowledge on whitening of teeth.

I asked my pulils on the problem. They gave me some suggestion. They said, "You can paint your teeth. Each tooth, US$500 or so."
I was astonished at the price. "Wow, it's not cheap. I haven't so much money."
They adviced, "You would paint only 4 teeth, in front. Just US$20. Not so expensive."
I said, "Oh, no! When I open the mouth, everyone would recognize that only 4 teeth are brilliantly white and the rest are darker. It would be much worse than not painting!"

Through my 2 years of experience, I've learned that the natural teeth colour is unchangable. White teeth look beautiful. However, my colour is different from brilliant white. More white beige like ivory.
"Ebony and Ivory" means black and white, Michael JACKSON and Paul MacArtony, dental caries and healty teeth. Oh, white is not only brilliant white, it also include ivory colour. I can't change my teeth colour. I should accept the fact.

Thus, I got to know the fact of whitening. And the whitening or painting endures only 6 months. Figures should paint every half year, if they want to maintain brilliant teeth impression to others.

Then, I remembered some example of the failures on teeth painting.
Subjectively, they didn't recognize the failure at all. However, objectively, they failed entirey.

One example is the case of my pupil called Tomohiro NAKAJOU.
When I talked with him, I watched his brilliantly whitened teeth.
However, he painted only front part of the teeth.
He is a smoker. Thus, the rest of his teeth were brown. The contrast gave me a nasty impression.
"Smokers paint the teeth, instead of brushing their teeth regularly. It's his choice. He chose the painting and he failed at the point of impression to others.", I thought.
I kept silence on the matter to him, until now.

Another example is, as I mentioned before, Mari KIMURA's one.
When she opened her mouth, the palate was seen to me. It was black!!! I was shocked at the scene.

As she said and I described before, she was so conscious of her teeth, until to throw healthy ones out for the sake of her desire to be adopted or promoted.
Now, the whiteness in front more impressed me after showing her dark side.
"Ebony and ivory! Scarely! She doesn't brush her mouth!!!"

I was so impressed that I talked the episode to my mother.
She said, "Probably she smokes."

I didn't smell any nicocine or tar near her. At the scene, we were in a year end party and I had to entertain her as guests inside the faculty. I was an organizer of the party. Thus, I had to chat with her for a while. And I saw her deep black side.

According to Yuri KIMURA, Nanako HARADA is a heavy smoker. She admitted that she smoked in her office.
However, strange to say, she didn't have cigar smell. Why? I don't know.

HARADA is a contradictional figure. She likes to accuse pupils smoking in the campus, scolding them in a loud voice. "Don't smoke here! If you want to smoke, go to the smoking area!"
However, she heaself smoked in the prohibitted place, that is, inside the building. Only some areas outside, smokers can smoke in the campus. The places are hut like facilities like roof and wall only one side. In rainny days, they smokes there, in groups. Why HARADA didn't smoke there, instead, she could smoke in her comfortable room?

In Mr.Slump case, who is responsible for his whitening? Even front teeth, the roots are dark brown. That is, "Ebony and Ivory" in front. He would be much poor than Yuri KIMURA and maybe, NAKAJOU.
I thought that rich people in western countries spend much money than us Japanese people. However, among DoDoMerdas, even in this point, they show the opposite.
DoDoMerdas don't understand the beauty of teeth. Maybe, Mr.Slump did teeth whitening just for the photography with the mouth of shape of pronounciation "u". At the moment, his whitening is most effective.
He is just for "u". That kissing pose. Try it! Only for the moment, he paid and after he forgot that the whitening is just for "u", not for other pronunciations.

Compare his teeth in case of "u" and other vogals. You would be impressed by his "Ebony and Ivory".

VANISH! DoDoMerdas!
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