No More Succession!

2017-01-03 11:39:05 | 日記
03/01/2017 (noon) I am favor for abolition of succession system.

First, succession is against individualism and fair competition or equality among kids.
Second, it makes our kids dull and idol.
Third, it is moraly degraded.

Concerning the first point, each kid should have same opportunity to progress, to become "BIG", according to his capacity, ability and personality, or, values of as an individual.

In Japan, Judiciary caluculates the damage, concidering his promissibility to earn in the future, when a kid die by traffic accident. So, a life of a kid of a rich family is much more expensive than that of a poor family, because the former would have had chance to be educated in versity and to get a job in a renoun Brand company, while the latter would have had graduated from high school or junior high. The price depends on the richness of the family. A life of a rich kid costs sometimes more than US$2 million, while that of a poor only US$300.

Japanese judges rely on hereditism against the Constitution. Tokyo District Cort is famous for the caluclation of the damage, according to my professors at Univ. of Tokyo.
However, through my experience, they were already intelectually so degraded that were reluctunt to caluculate the damage of wrongdoing. They required me to culcurate the exact value of damage, instead of them. I recognized that they had lost the only merit they had before. For us, it's a symptom of total decadance.

Regarding the second, rich kids are inclined to be idon and dull, because they rely on their future fortune, automatically gained by succetion in the futere. They don't know making their effort and are in a place far away from personal competition. They think that they are privilleged and will win in every selection sistem because of their family's richness. They grow up without diligence.

In relation to the third, succetion means that potential heirs expect the death of their family, for the sake of their future income. Terrible expectation, we people think. However, for rich power holders, the system is "natural" as that of human beings.

For power holders, richness and poverty are hereditary, as I descrive in another article (see, "Hereditary Poverty?"). It's natural for them to hope family member's death, in order to get money without their effort. I wrote on it in another article related with Insurance. They easily speak of money received from insurance, at no mercy to their deceased family.

For them, family system is established for financial stability from the begining. They don't think of love, affection, emotional development or phychological high values in it. Money, Money, Money, just they want.

Succession is the system serving for these morally degraded power holders.
If I would obtain governing power, one of the first things is I do is abolishing succession.
I would do it, according to our belief that succession is destroying people's moral sanitary in every meaning.

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