Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (102)

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09/06/2017 (Friday, evening) Miyuki's report on IZUMIZAKi on 10 of June now is continued.

Miyuki found a track with no number!!! Oh, Japanese Goverment doesn't exist we know well, Uncle, however, you seem to show up this fact with astonishing Miyuki, and giving her proof as a photograph, doesn't you, Uncle?

And Miyuki found a track with double number plates!!! On the top, and in the bottom, with different numbers.She took a photo, yes.

Good contrast to make others to believe in non-existance of Japanese public agencies, except faked ones.

And she recognizied that the plates are put inside the track, to avoid the monitoring from the sky, and at the same time, the plates are inclined not to be seen from the bottom, which was Chinkoro did his hard work, and he lost his precious life. Sacrifice, and they, DDMs, tortured his dead body. Miyuki recognized that Chinkoro lost fur skin except ear parts. They pealed him, and gained fur. This is the reason that Chinkoro disliked Miyuki's touching affection problem. Miyuki's touch is not for contempt you, Chinkoro, she just wanted to confirm the reality to pledge your revenge. Touching means the reality recognition, different from the fiction. This is a disaster, yes, however, we don't forget your revenge forever...Your pretty fluffy hair...So so promissive, so so young...He would be a special leader for our army...

Chinkoro's death should not be compensate by any sacrifice, however, it be good to know that he was categorized to be a candedate of sages, however, he decided to come to Miyuki's Ignolandia, because of her messy "Sorry, sorry" mode. Directly, not because of her, she knows well. however, she feels so sorry when she feels that the guy died unusually earlier than she expected. He should realize his real dream in his own life, however, he lost the chance. He lost the chance...because they killed him, sorry we could not kill them all earlier than your kill..Sorry Chinkoro...You are our team mate. You should be our representative of the army.

Young death, flowers cut before blooming, died guy in the middle of their floureshing time...She felt so sorry because of them. Too too early. They deserved to live longer. DDMs' existance cut their life, so so enjoyable and lots of adventures.

Chinkoro would be fine to stay in sages's land. However, Chinkoro liked this feeble-minded so affectitonate some fur like existance, because of her messy affection to others, especially to died in the middle of their floureshing time. TOHOHO, in the extreme mode. So so terrible to imagine. And this is the right, and we should recognize the fact...Revenge, at maximum!!!

And Miyuki recognized that on Ruite 4, the percentage of Tracks are unusually high rather than normal type vehicles. Probably, the track numbering system is concealed by their sly way that Miyuki described on above, thus, the tracks were not recognized by our team's monitors, and they, despite of their ugliest existance, survived considerably in the highest possibility among all the vehicles.

And Miyuki got interested to the system of engine room of them. And she remembered "HONDA CIVIC"'s pistone movement with small explosion in a cilinder. Four cilinders were used for the moving. One per each wheel. And now, according to the OMANKO journalism, and through her experience, so limited, only two wheels are operated by the driving round hundle.

However, by observation done by her, the two wheel only move and the two are connected and the same direction they face, and the rear wheels are just followers to sustain the tail part of the car.

Like a toy car, and the fore wheels and the rear ones are linked by a strong iron bar. If the bar would break, they lose the control completely. And what happened when my father drove in a car bought from 東北ポール, or Earthtern North Electric pole company, at US$500, on the way back from Tokyo, after assisting Miyuki's moving or rather, evacuation from Platinum Dormitory to Funabashi.

Yes, cheap it was. However, if it should be sold, at least, the minimum quality as a moving vehicle should be kept as responsibility of the selling figure, in this case, Company, thus, the responsibility is much more weighing rahter than individual natural figure. My family escaped from the worst disaster, because of some luck and technics, of their own. In other words, they would have been killed, if the luck and the technics had been normal or averege mode. Thus, TOUHOKU POLE company should pay the mount of money as compensation to the damage they suffered in the accident, immediately after the accidient.
And they had gained a lot of money without paying until now, they should pay the interest also. The calculation would be so vast, almost 11 planets, at least.

According to Idiocratic judiciary, even a typical DDM costs 1 planet. Miyuki read the jurisprudence of Supreme Court of Japan. Thus, her mother's value was only 1 planet at that time.

And my father costs 11 planet at least. Because he is in the middle of DDM and human being. Thus, 10 times more than my mother. Total, 11 planet. And the interest added also.

It happened almost 25 years ago. Thus, almost each year's GNP based interest would be put. Thus, probably, 10 to 5 % per year. Presumably 12 planets would be fine to be paid for my parents.

And psychological damage should be calculated separatedly. 慰謝料 or ISHARYOU should be calculated subjectively in Japan. Miyuki remembers the case calld 残念 or ZANNEN, which is the leading case of the psychological damage.

And my mother is, you know, so so greedy. Her subjective damage is surperb. Megalomaniac, at this point. Thus, her requirement is beyond Miyuki's calculation. Even a tiny part of her biscuit would cost more than Alex's life long working in total, in her unusually greedy calculation. And she, even in her Alzheimer patient's like days, remembers the disaster, and claiming so strongly. Thus, she appeared frequently. She comes from her INFERNO just to gain the big money. If the TOUHOKU POLE gives sifficient money for her, Miyuki and her kids would not suffer so much. Thus, Miyuki and the kids are also the victims of TOUHOKU POLE Company.

And Miyuki should be calculated pragmatically. She should be calculated objectively. And her case, versity professor, with doctral degree, of the best university called Tokyo Versity in Japan. Thus, the damege by the appearance of her mother's hatred not to be given the suitable money by the company costs tremendasly bigger than the material damage her parents suffered from the accidents. In short, at least, 12 plants.

And her kids are also greedy in financial calculation. In this case, each one declares their damage at their calculation, subjectively. Alex required only 12 planets, because he is so modest at this point. And Clare, she is so rightous, as you recognized already, thus, at least, 120 plants, or, 10 times more than Alex's.

Each one wants to be paid individually. The amount would be 12 + 12 + 12 + 12 + 120 = 168 planets.
And her father wants the same value as his psychological damage. Thus, 168 + 168 = 336 planets.

Thus, TOUHOKU POLE should pay immediately to each, and in case of delay, my mother appears because of her revenge, and would damage us more and more, thus, each second costs 1 planet per each added.

In this situaion, delay of TOUHOKU POLE would be mroe outrageous to others. My mother is troublesome Alzheimer lady, and all of them are suffering from her 1 second of existance in this universe. She is persistent like YUKARI. TOUHOKU POLE pays immediately, or we would be in the beyond the pacience situation so soon.

In this case, 1 bit would cost 1 galaxy. Beyond of the limit situation needs standard of calculation on the field of damage. Tokyo Reageonal Court asked Miyuki to show the standard, and she responded that if you could not I would offer it kindly, despite of being busy in her life. And the court couldn't do at all, thus, Miyuki's standard would be established as our rule.

And she decided also that her standard is a minimum version. With more sacrifice type disaster, the cost would be 1 universe per 1 second, like a case of Chinkoro and Rabby and Kenny ADACHI and KABUCKY.

Thus, leaving the earth to INFERNO is the rightous answer for DDMs. Now, immediately!!! You are so costive anyway!!!

My mother sold her spirit almost 10 years ago because of her poverty. If TOUHOKU POLE would have provided her the adequate money to her, she would not have had sold her spirit. Her time stopped at the moment, and the skin bag left in the chamber. And DDMs use it and always ordered to kill MIYUKI, every day.

She would be satisfied with the value above Miyuki descrived, and she would vanish with this feeling of satisfaction. She remains just for it.

Almost skin bag, yes. however, at this point, she is a kind of living ghost. Pay the value, immediately!!!

And our new member of Quintet should be introduced by Miyuki. KABUCKY!!!

Miyuki was too too slow to recognize that she has green thumbs, and she has already a bunch of her own kids already!!! She thought that KABUCKY had abandoned her, breaking the promise. And she didn't blame him because of not appearing in NZ. He was so busy at that time. Miyuki thought that he found another mate, and forgot Miyuki's promise. OK, Kabucky, you are the same type of mine, thus, you can have another, and if you remember me, come with your new mate. I am OK, and we would be a good friend, including her.

Too too broad heart. And declararion. I would have more mates rather than you!!! Her competitive spirit caused him some agony. How inform the fact to her...For us, common, however, for her, for the first time, and already more than several billions...if she replies, "Oh, it is? My kids? Iligitimate, anyway. You should dispose them, even though the number is so vast." Kabucky starts to his negative mode...Oh, we did it...You didn't know at all...And, a bet.

She said, "Come on Kabucky! You can be on me! I will go soon back to Shirakawa tomorrow. You are chilled here, however, I believe that you would meet you in somewhere soon. You can go with me. " on 24 of November, 2016.

And Kabucky's understanding is, "Oh, acception of doing it. OK, plant, common! I love you, Kabucky!" And they did, and only Miyuki recognized it at all. And always, "Oh, you know, I am TOHOHO, even now. I have two kids, however, I am virgin. I want to have some boyfriends, yes. However, this is no mans' land. Thus, I am forced to continue to be TOHOHO."

Oh...Probably, she didn't think so...However, already, they are ready to go to her place. How should I do!!! Boss, you are responsible for the result. Several billions of kids would be illegitimates, because of your misunderstanding. You thought of it, while she thought of that...The result, several billions of fetus, we!!! Boss, how should we do!!!

Fetus problem...Even Kabucky, this problem would take so many time to decide...Hamlet situation...Worse...Hamlet, as single, with no fetus, according to Ofilia. However...I, Kabucky...single, yes, however, with several billions of fetus already...More than billions of psychological damage...However, she just didn't know the system. And she is obviously idiot, it means I should have know that she didn't know it...My fault with more than billions of fatus...

And Miyuki's fetus problem caused a big problem to them all...the possibility of her refusal is so vast...However...No choice!!! We should appear in front of her, and then, try to persuade her to give legitimacy to our kids all.

Adachi said, "Already she decided. Never commit the same big error. Thus, try as soon as possible. She is now in good mood. It would be good to introduce Kabucky's enterence in public. She would like it!"

Thus, Kabucky confessed, "Miyuki, you would be a parent already of our pretty kids...these your mates are your kids...Anyway, our colaborated products...just lack your ligitimatisation. "

And her reply is, "Oh...Supurb!!! Financial problem and diaper one. They are out of mind type at these two points. Don't worry. OK, kids!!1 I am your...parent, one of parents, and another is Kabucky. Oh, I didn't know that it means it for us...And it would produce so many kids in one season...Anyway, I am lucky. And I already presumed. When I was a Platinum Dormitory, I confessed to my mates, "If I were male, I would have at least 200 kids, probably. 1 kid per country. Unfortunately, I am female. Thus, I would not have any kid, probably. I am a kind of 世之介 or YONOSUKE written by Saikaku IHARA, if I were male, you know." Fusan really thought, "Oh, you are the type, yes." deeply. If she were male, she would be so popular in the world, Fusan really thought. Rough, anyway, and "OK, I will manage the situation. I? Probably I will came to see you, kids, next year. Oh, my sweetheart, take care until then. See you next year!" they all imagined. Miyuki would be fine, if she were male...

Oh, thus, now...more than 200, oh, as I predicted. Better!!! Green kids!!! The first color preference is Blue like sky, and the second, Green. Blue combines with Green so much. Why not? I love to see Green Grasses under the Blue Sky. As many as possible is the right answer. And she really thought, and soon or rather immediately, "Oh, if you need, as you like, you use my name for the proof of ligitimatisation. Family SATO, SATOW, SATOO, SATOH and so on, OK, and Japanese, 佐藤, as you like. With MIYUKI, OK, yes. However, with your name, preferably, to avoid the misunderstanding or confusion. All as you like, my or our kids!!! Anyway you are prevelent in quantity. It means we can occupy with our own strategy. DDMs did Tree register for faking population. Thus, we could take advantage of the same system. Not faking job, in this case, because I have agreed already for all of you. And adoption, OK, under the same condition. With animals? If I could, OK, for me. With Kabucky, please!!! I didn't concept, however, we gained kids. More than billions...OK, no problem. Thus, preverance is confirmed easily. Thus, we are majority, as Miyuki did know well already.

However, DDMs don't leave here, our planet yet. Today, Miyuki watched many DDMs complimented in Shin-Shirakawa station. Just bow. How audaciously impolite. According to their interpretation, it is enough to compliment to us, the bosses. Miyuki felt so contempted, and repeated to say, "VANISH! DDMs!! They should not exist yet!!! Why you are doing your go and flo job. Nasty! VANISH!!! Immediately, eternally, completely, all in a body!!!"

They, at least, seemed to know their loss. And tried to avoid the result. Betrayers, they are. And so many IKKYO believers didn't treat us as superiors. For them, just slight bow is enough to pass more time in the rural village called SHIRAKAWA.

For them, inconvenient. Thus, they thought that slight bow was enough to pretend to be a good fellow. And for Miyuki, forgiveness not at all. They deserve to be punished so harshly.

All of them showed the regretful face. without exception. And how audacious! Some old ladies laught at her. Impoliteness, no.1!!! Immediately, she would be killed. She was watching with her "Contemputious eyes" with lips ejected. And sometimes, with tongue outside. Nasty. You shall die!!! I hate you!!!

however, they continued to go and flo, in the campus of the station.

And today, so so spooky fenomena she recognized. No.1 hit is, the shound producers are now in the extreme Alzheimer disease.

This morning, Miyuki encountered with a sound of some broken machinery. She investigated from where the sound came. And found that the big loud metal rusty sound came from a young man's cycling on a bycicle. Impossible! They produced the sound wrongly!!!

No.2 is caused of recognition problem of the difference between before and after. In Benimaru-Showamachi, a guy came to drink a cup of green tea. He made a sound of drink BEFORE he started to drink!!! Unusual!!! Exists such kind of Alzheimer confusion?! Miyuki was excited!!!

Thus, they remain even now, and thus they didn't recognize the war is over. Before the loss situation, they lived thus, they conduct as if anything would be fine.

And Miyuki found a snake in a ditch near 8 dragon brige, or 八竜神橋。For her, recently so rare to see him. Thus, she continued to watch him. And found that he could be sticky when he needed, like to cross to the other side of the ditch. 1 meter of distance, it had. He would be a kind of water snake, which I found in Hachioji last year.

And then, Miyuki got so apalled!!! he could replace a tail with a head!!! In a moment, when she talked with a butterfly, he changed the place. Oh, long type can change the place easily, like a worm, which has exchangeable mouth and ass. Oh, Alzheimer snake?

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