YUKARI's End (84)

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21/03/2017 (Tuesday, evening) It's my mother's birthday as I said last night. I said "Happy Birthday, HARUSAN" to her, when I got up.

  This morning, I received the letter from an Austrarian University. See the copy of the refusal mail:


Dear Miyuki,

Thank you for your application for the position of Lecturers in Law (position numbers: 27242, 32575), with Swinburne University of Technology. 

We have carefully considered your application and supporting documentation for this position. Due to the strength of the applicants for this position, your application was not successful on this occasion.

Should you be interested in future positions at Swinburne we encourage you to sign up for our job alerts at the following link:

We wish you all the best in your future endeavours.  

Kind regards
The Recruitment Team
Swinburne University of Technology


  You see? How does it resembles the counterpart of NZ government's institute. Always no reason at all. Lack of sicerity and probably, Australian Government allows such a inhuman institute as a versity. Thus, it failed. Quick job type like the HASEBYO nurse did to me. Like a lottery failing letter.


  And another resemblance between two articles on the value of the newly offered bond. This time, "Ippu-do", instead of "Hobo-Hibi".

  At the first day, a value. After the day, the value rose up at 2.3 time. Too similar. Look at the article!

  Now, I cooked a paella with shirimps. During a cooking, YUKARI came and thraw the spatula violently to me, and she pushed me away from the place in the kitchen by the nudging. I was threatened! She is now highly violent!

  This morning, I watched her using a knife on a cutting board. I was frightened at her arrogant attitude. Why she is so ego-centric, as if she were an only one respectful figure in the world?

  All I did was runway from the kitchen, because she was too dangerous for me.


  Today, Alex did wrongdoing against me. He, without noticing, ordered an uniform of Business School and required me to pay for it.

  3 days ago, he handed me a manual of the entrance for the school and allowed me to think of the possiblity of the necessity of the uniform. Nevertheless, today, he said, "You should be blamed because you didn't come to get to know the result to the school. We have already ordered my uniform. You didn't come, thus we did it. "

  Oh, on the day before, Alex informed YUKARI that next day it would be the anouncement if he would pass or not in the middle of night, visiting her chamber. He didn't inform tha fact at all.

  And on the day of the anouncement, YUKARI came to Alex and confirmed the time to go to some place with him. She asked him, "when will you come back from school, Alex? You remember that we will go tomorrow to the place?" And he replied yes.

  Probably, YUKARI brought him to her friend, perhaps, a uniform maker, to measure his body for the uniform. And they promissed to pay for the uniform.

  All behind my back. I was free from the contract. I am not a part at all. You Alex or she, your auntie, did the contract and I have not infromed at all. I said, if I think that the uniform is necessary, I would pay it, because it would be included by the minimum educationa cost.

   However, he lost the chance for ever. He dared to say to me, "if you don't pay for it, your father would pay for him. " Why my father? I pleaged him that I am responsible for the higher education and until the graduation of him, presumably, until 3 years more, I would pay the minimum cost of education and his living cost at the minimum standard. Thus, I am free from the inneffective contract of his uniform, and if he wants to be paid for the contract by others, he should ask someone to pay for it. Not my problem. And if your grand father kindly to pay for the price, I don't intervane into your patter. The problem between you and your grand father.

  Thus, YUKARI is too too expensive to use it. If Alex chose to go with YUKARI, she is all OK type, so, he could make any contract as he likes. A stupid always said OK to others. And the responsibilty for both of them. I have already gotten to know YUKARI is an Alzheimer patient and she can't any righouts judgement at all. Alex chose her to acompany with him, and he failed. YUKARI is incapable. Why you chose her? Just for satisfying his desire to buy a uniform. And he lose his precious money for her indecisive way. She just didn't recieve the offer of the teilor. Alzheimer smell she has. Thus, anyone wanted to sell something everytime. Incapable, she is. She should not be used at all. A broken robot.

  And now, she should pay her own duty to pay it, because she promissed him, "If you say that I am your mother, I will buy you as like as you want. You are a rich boy now, because we could spend all of her money as we like. We are the winners and she, your kinky mother is incapable! I did it! I could prove her kinkiness at all. This is our proof! I did it! She didn't participate in your graduation at all! Thus, she failed. I am your mother, from now on! You would be my boy, from now on! Oh, my Alex! You would take care of me, for all of my life! You should earn money for me! You are my husband, practically! Of course, I would get married with you! I am older than you, so I would be a good householder. You know, I am good at all!"

  And now, he regretted his dirty job. Why he thought that he could manage her. She is terrible nasty smelly Auntie at all. Alex recognized that she was sly at any meaning. And she failed again. forgery. He watched that YUKARI signed her name as MIYUKI SATO. She wrote it by her hand, and said, "I am practically Miyuki SATO. Thus, I wrote like her at all!!!"

  Forgery!!! Good job, Alex. However, Miyuki threatened him too much, "You know Alex, my boy, forgery is a serious crime and it deserves vanishment. Thus, I refrain from signing now in your writing at all. I emphathyse you, Alex, that Forgery is a serious unconstitutional and illigal wrongdoing at all." And he said, "I understood fairly well. You don't need to worry about it. I know well. " Thus, he failed.

  Alex thought that Forgery were an amusing job and not so serious crime. However, MIYUKI said rightly to him, for the sake of him. And his disaster. He took the manual violently from Miyuki's hand, sayig, "You shoud work hard to earn money for us, like doing part-time job or so. You should not have spent a lot of time to this manual. You should not put any memorundum at all on this manual. I said so many times, and you forgot it. You forgot it! Alzheimer like job! You forgot it! You should not write any letters on the manual at all! I said that I wanted to read it after you, thus, you shouldn't put any letters on the manual at all! You should erase it immediately! "

  I criticesed him because he didn't say "Don't write the memorundum on the manual at all!" and said, "OK, boy, I can't prove that you didn't do it, and you can't do it also. Thus, if you blame me as an Alzheimer, you would be an alzheimer also, you know. And anyway, for reading, you can read the manual. I wrote my critics on the manual yes, however, I avoided to write them on the printed letters. Thus, you can read the manual, even my writings are on it. Why you blame me so lot by way of this trifle thing? And you allowed me to have sufficient of time to check it up. " And he said, he has 10 days to use the manual and I should return it within 5 days, and this is my 3rd day. Then, I have more 2 days left. Why he took me abruptly and violently from my hands and declared you should write the map and PTA paper before the memorundum on the manulal. "

  I said that "You should not order the turn which form I have to put on at first. Why you are so so inthusiastic on the trifle matter? Too strange. "

  And he required to put the forms at the minimum way and not put any writing on the forms excessive word at all. Explication, not at all! Just minimun, it's enough.

   And he started to write a form of the proof of the requirement, for the sake of no betarayal at all, namely, not to write on any excessive letter at all!

   Why such a trifle thing, he insisted to do so? I began to check the document and in the middle, he declared that he would erase my comments on the manual and ran way from the forms, the manual in this hands from the office and enterec into the backward house, probably in Clare's house. And he locked the door. Thus, I said, "I have more 2 days to read it. And I need my comments, it was my job itself. I hope you would return them for me as soon as possible." and I left the place. He locked and he chose to exclude me. And OK, it is your own problem.

  I felt so offended by him. Why he thought so comptempted by my putting memorundum job? He said that "This manual is mine. Why you dirted my thing? It is not yours. You stained my thing. You should erase it entirely!"

  thus, I said, "It is ours. More mine. I am a your parental right holder. However, you are a student, thus, I could say, it is ours. I have right to read it and put my comments on our manual."

  Too too strange. Only 10 days, why? A proof, anyway. Why he took it away before passing the time???

  After 10 days, why I shoudn't keep it on my hand? I have right to hold it. A lot of comments, on which, tomorrow I will describe. A private belongings, a private comments, Not in public. Why they took it?

  I am now sleepy. In short, it was a mount of proofs of habitual wrongdoings of the powerholders in Business School. Just like ony Alzheimer old kinky school masters could do type of the list of wrongdoings.

  too too dangerous, I thought. Thus, I am now that we are in danger on the day of the orientaion of the school. They would be an ideal colaborator of AOKI Funeral Ceremony Company.

  I felt a strange medicine like burning smell. From where?

  Anyway, good night for all common people and our supporters!

  VANISH! DDMs!!!!!

  We should do a good job!!! Always!!!!

  Miyuki and Adachi, in the same bed now!!!





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