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17/07/2017 (Monday, evening) Chinkoro now has finished his role of PErformer Mary-Lin, in front of his old mates wild hares. Victory Performance, it is called. And he gained sufficient supports from his tribe. Miyuki took an advantage of her superb Fur related joke, presenting him on the theater as a presentator. According to her undestanding, this joke is so universal, and would gain a lot of laugh from any tribe. And Chinkoro gained consolation from the tribe. Anyway, first profession for the tribe. And probably, epoch making development, as Miyuki's understanding, Chinkoro's work as comical actor.

He sang "Adio, Napoli", and was revealed that he is not from France, but came from I-land. Delicious food land, yes. Beautiful guys land, yes. And this song is the first prize gaining song in San Lemo Music Festival, where every year, Can-related field of songs compete for the best one. And after gaining the first prize, the song got popularity, worldwidely.

I-land, Ire-land, Ice-Land, Is-land, I, I, came from Madagascal.

Chinkoro got upset. French, you said. However, you started "Bye Bye Noguchi" song, in the moment. Because Miyuki was so so sad to separate from him, the note of US$10...

Always she feels sorry to insert him into the mouth of the casher...Oh, Noguchi, come back to me! See you, for a while...sobstory...

A lot of Noguchis, yes. However, less than US$30 situation, he should stay in my wallet. Oh, Noguchi,, too????

Miyuki is so nasty to monitor how satans spend the money. So so cheapish foods' sake, they paid more than US$70!!! How rich, they are!! And at the same type, they are so stupid!!!!

They are inclined to buy, approaching Miyuki, in front of her, some cheapish food, picking up it from the shelf, as if it were already desdained. Spontaneous, without their will. Just like kidnapping the product, like as picking.

And they buy a basket full of products. Almost all of them are ready made type, which are eatable after micro-oven warming, or Electric Hot Plate BBQ cooking. No culinary needed type, they buy. As if they were precarious residents, who can't use any gas barner, at all.

And they wears black pants, with spooky mood. Why they came to Shirakasa?

Today, in the park nearest JR Shin-Shirakawa station, Miyuki found that some of the families, who played in the park, were user of the bullet train, and they spent time there, waiting for the train, of witch they already had bought the ticket.

Astonishing! They have no special equipment as travelers, with so casual bags, the family with several infants came to Shirakawa, in their casual wears. Who invited them to do such a easy "Family in the park" job??? Too too expensive, and probably tax was probided for them to fake the residents in Shirakawa.

Cruel IDIOCRACY, continuous version. Their talking is just BLA-BLA-BLA, and has no reason at all.

This morning, a pair of old bitches, in the kids park inside the gymnastic park, were talking for more than 1 hour, while their faked grand kids were playing with equipments. When a kid failed, they yelled, "Don't play like that! You stupid!" For them, kids are just inferior existance, to be yelled with contemptious words.

And they talked also the ideal school life for them. Shirakawa III primary school is their preference. They are not Shirakawa residents, instead, reside near the village. Why Shirakawa is so popular among the bitches???

And after several ten minutes of BLA-BLA-BLA, a girl came to them, and one old bitches said to her, "I met you 3 years ago. Do you rememer? Oh, no. I have already presumed it. I remember you, well, girl!"

This is the most comtemptious way to make the kids feel contempted. You, young guy, are so bad in memory and I am good at memory, rather than you! Old guys want to be praised by their mamory, because, they are all Alzheimer disease holders. Thus, they want to showup as if they were not Alzheimer patients.

HARUMI is the typical case. Totally mentally illed, however, YUKARI and HARUMI want to pretend to be normal, or, more, better than others. Just a faking job, Miyuki said so frankly, and contempted them both, so easily. Any guy could do it, because they both claim at #9110.

Miyuki found that their way of claiming. Directly to the police. "If you have any problem, call to us. We will provide you advice or resolve the problem."

The police advertised like that. Miyuki read the sticker again at the toilet of BENIMARU-Yokomachi, provided by the police, and found, "In any case, we will assist you, ladies!" like inducing trap.

For Miyuki, Alzheimer ladies, they both are. However, Alzheimr police thought that they were reliable source of Miyuki catching game's participants. Thus, they treated them as respectful ladies.

Miyuki got so upset, that HARUMI started to call to some guy, so similar to her reliable sister Yasue, in the corredor, by a phone call with only 4 numbers. HARUMI was got upset as always after Miyuki's polite denial against HARUMI's strange offer, and suddenly the did it. Miyuki was lying on the bed yet, and HARUMI started to speak so easily to the adressed number. Does she has a mobil phone? Miyuki got surprized.

For Miyuki, understandable, their treatment is, of course. However, for others, too too understandable. Miyuki is disliked by all of the residents in Shirakawa. Thank you, I gained a lot of prizes because of it. I want to be more and more hated by the satans. And satans should vanish immediately!!!!

Alzheimer patients world, it is now. Thus, Miyuki is so so cautious for everything. And likes to speak ill of them, so near them, in English, with her dreadful facial expressions. "We, hate, you!" like a song.

They can't understand what Miyuki says, and they feel that they were contemted. Oh, their impulse is more cleverer than Miyuki presumed!!!

Impulse oriented society, it is now. And their real feeling is revealed. Only I am the superior of the world. Megalomaniacs, they are!!! Always tried to be contempted, and now, I can contempt Miyuki. How nice! they felt so relieved with this IDIOCRACY's arrival.

For Miyuki, stupid ladies' crazy desires on parade. And they like to kill Miyuki, and they can't. So frustlated. Thus, vanish with your frustlation!!!

Miyuki would be fine to know the entire satisfaction. Me too, think so. However, it's pragmatically impossible. If I could, I want yes, yes, yes!!!

Thus, Miyuki was so disliked by them both. Miyuki is so honest to express her desire, and they are the contrary. Skewed, and oppressed desires explose everyday. Go to Inferno, and buy Delivery Health Male Servicers!!!

Miyuki is so kind, yes. And Miyuki is not able to do it. Unfortunately. Thus, everyday's sad walking arround the village. Homeless Miyuki, in short. Lemi. Martin.

Miyuki is calculated a jobless homeless, who is wandering the village. Probably. And she sometimes appears in front of them. Unfortunately. They should go back to their homeland, or exactly, INFERNO.

Miyuki is so nasty they says. The same, Miyuki think regarding to them both. Coexistance, impossible, with them, Miyuki is.

And now? They are away from me, at least, in this office. YUKARI comes sometimes in the midnight, when Miyuki starts to prepare for sleeping, and when Miyuki awakes. Exactly in the moment, YUKARI appears, and sometimes, HARUMI, instead of YUKARI.

And their way of producing sound is erroneous. One day before yesterday, HARUMI produced the opening door sound, before she was popping out from the door, inside the house. Sound effect gaps, so many times, now.

Satans are so slow to do it. As they are, like situation. Thus, so so slow. Thus, we took care of so much. They started to work with satans, recently. After Miyuki's survival, they started to attack us all, including Miyuki. Alzheimer attacking others sometimes increaces with their impulse related explosion. Miyuki's arrival is a shocking for them both, even they both met Miyuki in HASEGAWA hospital.

Why they came to pick Miyuki up on 25 of November?, Miyuki got in wonder. HARUMI said, "For any discharge, family should come, I have believed, thus I came!" And Miyuki tried to keep distance with them both, however, all the way from Shirakawa, on behalf of Miyuki, paying precious money, in total, US$140, they came. Thus, Miyuki wanted to thank to HARUMI, despite of not expecting to come to Miyuki.

And why HARUMI came to hand the clothings, almost all blacks, several times, without YUKARI, was also in wonder.

They came so often to HASEGAWA hospital, and only several times, they were welcomed to see Miyuki. They refused their comming so many times, saying that Miyuki were in danger of death or alive. Frankie goes to Hollywood. You spin me!

And they explained that Miyuki was so bad to do everything, and came here alone to kill her precious kids????

How rediculous story they wrote!!! Alzheimer like story, and who could play the erroneous illogical gag theater? Only Alzheimer patients.

Not a gag, but a real life. They like to call it gag, and they attack again and again. NAKAJOU like level's holder could do it type. Just a joke, is enough, he believed, and vanished, immediately.

The same. If they believed as if a gag, they would be Gods, they believe. For them, marvelous dream. Megalomaniacs. Female Pope like stoty.

In the end, Megalomaniacs. Thus, civilization ended up with KIZA's sphynx and tumbs, Stonehenge in Great Britain, Moai in Easter Island, 古墳 or KOFUN, or Great Tumbs in Japan.

KOUFUN or 興奮 is enthusiastic situation or excitement, OK, C&Y, not KOFUN, or Great Tumbs!!!

Miyuki found another sand bag for boxing training, in front of the gymnastic park. Black type. Thus, now, two sand bags, brown one and black one, in the villate, isolated and idyllic rural type called Shirakawa.

Boxing is good for gaining quicker mind, yes. Not for attacking, in case of casualities. In case of emergency, it turns to be arms, like CAPOEIRA. Thus, ballet dancers' kicking would work as armed force, probably.

Mohamed Ali is upset to be felt like light. He is heavy class. Yes. And movement is not butterfly like. Oh! However, the frase was so famous. So swift, it wanted to say, probably. Mr.Buttefly class? Fly? Feather? Mosquito?

Paracite no no no world!!! Thus, we need to work, sufficiently!!!

At least, Miyuki wanted to synthesise the fanomena. IDIOCRACY, as others' conclusion. Only Alzheimer patients world. It means that Civilization was not effective. It was the cause to devastate the universe, in the end.

Impulse's result. Although it would result the devastation of the universe, we both would kill Miyuki. Pledge.

Useless, and crime, in short. However, for them, both, Miyuki should be punished, anyway. No recognition ability at all. Just haterid world, they reside. INFERNO it would be.

Thus, they came to kill Miyuki, so often. They produced the sound in the ridiculous way, and they were revealed as satans. Short, anyway. YUKARI shrank more than 10 cm. Miyuki got astonished!!!

HARUMI also. Already, almost 3 years ago, Miyuki recognized that HARUMI was so short, unusually, in the corredor of the office to the toilet. Why, Miyuki didn't know.
Satan, she turned already. Just pretended to be a kind old lady.

Miyuki recognized that in Seven-Eleven near 月読みの庭 or The garden for Monthly Reading, the toilet parts are able to replace easily, to lock up some targetted guys. So easily they could change.

And thought that prefablic houses should be taken easily, and it doesn't take so much time to build. Just a combination of parts. The same. Actual HARUMI is roughly created by the original HARUMI, and more degraded version.

They punished HARUMI, and denied all the facts as she liked, and she appeared so many times, as if nothing had happened. And tried to behave as if she were superior to MIYUKI, and failed. Just ignorance worked, they yelled.

Why she was so so arrogant every time when she appeared, despite of her whole incapacities??? Clare really thought like that. Already diseased by her own Alzheimer disease, and appeared to give us tortures, so many times.

Ghosts, they are. And Miyuki, again, remembers the nasty story of Blue Mother, which was toled in Grim tales, and at first, Miyuki read the story in the MAGAZINE published by SHOUGAKKAN. Grim series in 3 volumes, were also published the same publisher. And her SAIKAKU series also.

Not so bad, when she was young. One of promissive publishing companies, yes. And they degraded so much.

Big Comic Spirits, Miyuki did buy only once, as a material for the class. 島耕作 or Kousaku SHIMA as a new president, and seduced Brazilian ladies, version. Brazilian Studies' inducing material, might be, or not?, Miyuki thought. For Miyuki, not. Because SHIMA is not attractive for Latin type. Only bitches would like him so much, type, in short.

And strange episode. SHIMA's female secretary, middle aged lady, fell in love with Ronaldo like quater boy, and they decided to get married and at the same time, she decided to quit the job to be her new husband's manager.

Strange story. The boy, promissive associate football player, fell in love because she likes so much his Japanese grand mother!!!!! OEOEOEOEOE...Vomitting!!!!

The Japanese DDMic society's mentality was revealed, without expectation.

MIYUKI doesn't want to be 島耕作 at all, less the secretary. Just wants to be serious dilligent worker type attractive quick interesting guy, who can fall in love with a lot of interesting righoutous brothers, in the broadest meaning.

SHIMA is just a Japanese erotic satan in SARUSHI, with money. Not YONOSUKE. YONISUKE is always popular from he was a boy, and did it with both. Thus, Archbiades, he is.

Archbiades is a Socrates's favorit, and naughty boy type. According to the discription left, he betrayed Athen, and sold the city to the enemy, and died in the enemy's territory, in the most shameful way.

For Miyuki, anyway, quiker and attractive, and probably, Socrates was got in trouble because of him so many times. Some kind of practitioner of his leader's liberalism. Troublesome naughty boy, with handsome body shape and face. Thus, Miyuki's favorite No.1 among Socrates' pupils.

Anyway, Archbeades and YONOSUKE, for Miyuki. Pindaros, Harfiz and Rihaku. The same line. Always the most popular in the world, Miyuki believes, and...the result...No one knows them????

RIHAKU or 李白 would be most popular, Miyuki thought. OKINO, and Moriko, also. However, Chinese forgot him??????
杜甫 or Toho, also. TOHOHO...CHINA, U2!!!

AFter so many years of training, they got famous, and they got forgotten by the poeple...Because of 白話運動 or oral oriented literature movement, by 魯迅 or Rojin???

白痴話, or Stupid Stories told by Dr.Miyuki SATOW, they wanted to make others believe. However, Pen is mighter than sward. At the same time, really, Stupid Stories, Miyuki recognized. The real stupid stories, yes.

For Miyuki, oh, exists!!! Type fact finding riddles and replies, here and there. And for others, just nasty BUM-BUM-BUM, the bees fly, shaking hips!!! German Kids song.

BUM-BUM is hip, in vulgar portugues, and the name of famous BIKINI and MINI-KINI shop. Miyuki wanted to buy a pair of Bikini, there. When Ricardo SASAKI went to Rio de Janeiro,as a business trip, deligated by Ninomiya, all of the office ladies asked him to buy BIKINIs for them there, in BUM-BUM!!! For Miyuki, astonishing, at that time. And now, Miyuki wants to have a pair. And the colour? Material, it all dipends on. Non transparent type. For BIKINI, probably, difficult to respond now. I will try at first, then, I will choose.

For beach wear, Miyuki now wants to have a white one, High Leg type, with a elastic white Rainy Season Flowers' cap.

And for BIKINI, probably, Blue would be fine. Brilliant Deep Blue. Fish prints, probably. Like herrings or sardines. Swimmer like impression, Miyuki would like to give to others. And same colured elastic cap, also.
In case of lack of fish design, shell would be fine. White designs. Beach, white, Ocean, Blue. Probably, when Miyuki uses them, Miyuki's skin would be a bit more darker, and Miyuki's lags would be longer rather than actually, thus, they would be best fit for her!!!

BUM-BUM, they feel, and started to attack, spontaneously. Miyuki recognized that in Shin-SHIRAKAWA station, after Miyuki's sitting, almost all of the guys suppounding her vanishing, and she got to know that some satans would attack Miyuki, in front of so few faked witnesses.

Cockroaches, also. Miyuki felt relaxed that Cockroaches almost vanished, and left so so progressed type Alzheimer cockroaches.

Today, in BENIMARU-YOKOMACHI, Miyuki found a line of packages of TEMPURA or Japanese Milanesa of Shrimps, had a price tag with the discription of "Now on sale!" and recognized that the "now on sale!" price is more expensive than normal price, and took a picture, with her appolled eyes. Exists???? Exists....

The clerks really didn't recognize the difference of figures between more and less....Big and Little, either.

And now, in the park, infants skin bag wearing satans started to attack Miyuki. "Don't come, satans! I will kick you off! Go to INFERNO, downward to the bottom!" And they vanished. Why they borrowed the tiny skin bags???

Miyuki calculated that they were so tiny, thus, in case of their attacking, she would conterattack easily. Just Kick, Kick, and Kick!!!!

They tried to attack Miyuki, and approaced yes, saying some strange remarks, so so adult like way of saying. They are adults, and just in the infants like skin bags, was Miyuki's impression.

And faked parents of them had a sly erotic smile in their faces. And found a fat faked mother, who touched unnecessarily a boy with short legs, handed a plastic toy to the hand of the boy, sliding in the middle. Dangerous and unnecessarily. And both were laughing. Strange faked mother and boy.

The adults are so indifferent to the faked kids behaviour at all. Miyuki watched another faked mother in a sitting toilet pose like TAKAHARA away from her faked kids, for more than 10 minutes. Oh, sticking, Miyuki thought. They, she moved, and came to the table near Miyuki. And then, she came to the back of Miyuki, and Miyuki, recognized the danger, and inclined her head toward her, she changed the direction and suddenly started to play with an iron equipment like Miyuki.

The satans are inclined to imitate the movement or appearance of the target.

Miyuki experienced so many times, that they popped out in clothings of Miyuki style. Today, upper, Clare's gift, a tiny dark navy blue frilled bottom headge tank top with a ribbon in the back, with white tiny dots, while, under, Cyclist type sport hight bermuda, black one, and black shoes without heel and black short socks. Baby-Lin, ACAHI yelled. Miyuki herself, wanted to call it Loli-Lin, however, OK, Baby-Lin. Probably, soon, Fet-Lin appears.

Like a summer only type. And Miyuki likes her one piece also, of course. She bought Lope's one-pieces, three, whose brand KYO liked so much, at the cost of US$30 per each, at so called Outlet center in Gotemba or 御殿場, where Miyuki was persuaded to visit on the way back from HAKONE or 箱根 by her pupils, in their collective trip.

Miyuki bought so much products there, thus, the pupils accused her, saying, "Oh, prof, you objected against our plan to visit here, and the guy, who did gain the most, is you, prof! You should regret what you said in front of us all! You said, "I want to go to such a urban like commercial facility! I came here to enjoy more historical spa resort! Not to make an errand. You should be ashamed!" And Miyuki, "Sorry, I made a mistake. I didn't know that outlet is the privider of the renoun brands at the so low price! I gained, I gained!!! 30% of the real value!! 70% OFF! You, know, I gaind so much! This onepiece is only US$30! I bought three, in total, less than US$100!!!"

All gave up to scold her. Miyuki appologized superficially, and got satisfied with the result. Thus, when she was scolded, for her, some kind of nasty BUM-BUM was heard from somewhere. Totally satisfied, and she got asleep in the car, driven by the pupil...ZZZ...

What did you do, pupil? Miyuki asked the pupils, and the girls responded, "We ate chocolate icecream of GODIVA!" For Miyuki, attarctive yes, However, it costed US$5, almost. Thus, She refused to eat it.

However, if she has a chance, she tries to eat it. If it were cheaper, of course, Miyuki would welcome the price down. Our chocolate specialite Chinkoro is now in mood to eat GODIVA. Oh, if I find, I will try...Probably, US$2 under...

Chinkoro wants to eat more chocolate. Yes, Icecream Miyuki also wants. However, so many whipped type in case of Chocolate icecream. And not so suitable...However, sometimes, as a comparison, Miyuki would invest on some precious chocolate icecream. A carton, Chinkoro wants...Probably, your nose bleeds, Chinkoro...A bit a bit. In case of Lady Borden, we will provide the rest for Alex. Whole carton is dangerous, and you would suffer again...

Chinkoro likes to eat chocolate icecream, however, recently, no good chocolate icecream. All soft type. Existe another rum raison type, with dairy product type. However, whole chocorate type is difficult.

After total vanishing of satans, Miyuki would make a real chocorate icecream for you, chinkoro!!! Easy. Just use fresh cream and the most delicious chocolate. Just shake, shake, shake and put it in the fredge, and after freezing, a bit more shake or mixing process. Chinkoro would adore the real Chocolate Icecream!!!

GODIVA, Chinkoro requires. OK, there are lots of lines of GODIVAs. I choose well the best and reasonable GODIVA products.

And Wien type. OK, Denmark like name company's products. Delicious. More authentic. Clare liked it. Both are same products now. Combined. Oh, thus...Meiji, Morinaga, Lotte, Glico, ...the same????

For Miyuki, astonishing. however, they mixed all of them...Oh...However, when Miyuki eat FURUYA's Secoia, the quality is old Glico, not old Meiji, nor Morinaga...

Thus, it effects. For some guy, who knows the difference, it works. However, the name is difficult understand. Demer, or DeMeTer???

Gaia, Demeter is. The furtility, it sympolizes. Oh, Russia, Furtile Russia, Pushikin yelled. In Japanese, "Maternal Russia, our earth!"

Matryoshika, the name of the dolls. 入れ子構造 or Structure of inner repetitive dolles. Famous, and the origin was 箱根細工 or Handcraft of HAKONE. Miyuki liked the puzzle produced in HAKONE and gave a present for some Portuguese Professors. Puzzle, at the same time, a box. With a discription. Miyuki asked the company and the company said, "Yes we have explanation written in English" thus, Miyuki bought. For foreigners, it would work, Miyuki thought. For example, a pupil came, and started to talk his long long story, so private, and not so serious, and wanted to escape from the situation, however, couldn't, in this case, doing a puzzle is a kind of trip substitute. And in these cases, talking to others is already a kind of solution, thus, doing puzzle is not so important for the pupil, either. Thus, win-win. The pupil did his Bla-BLA-BLA, while the prof, did the solution finding job with the gift.

It worked. Miyuki was thanked for it. Anyway, pass time. Probabaly, no job in the versity, however, ex-pupils appear and ask, "What should I do, prof?" In this case, just a suggestion. And he started to talk the same type of stories, which Miyuki experienced....Any place, it happened. Presumably, yes. Already satanic world, almost, the earth was. And the central government and pimps refused to say so.

They sold the planet to the satans. They invaded the earth, as their right. However, the government should be accused by the satans, because they sold the earth, which is not their matter. Ilegitimate, the contract was, yes. However, they did, intentionally. Inneffective, yes. However, at the cost of something. The something is the value of stans' loss. Thus, the satans, in case they believed sincerely that the governores were legitimate to do it, according to the standard of our common sense, the satans should be paid by the governors of the planet.

Thus, satans should accuse the governors' side, not us, human beings. Accusation against us means another wrongdoing, thus, satans should be punished again.

Their problem, not mine. Thus, All of three, Miyuki, Alex and Clare were free from the accusation at all.
Just vistims of this case. Why were are obliged to stay here? Because satans are occuping even now. They spread so much all over the planet.

and their way of trapping us is inducing the inner battle, namely, family disputes. Or friend splitting system. Isolation, it is called. Thus, we need to reconstruct the system again. Cutting the lines are necessity. And both, Clare and Alex agreed at this point. Miyuki, also. And lines include internet, lined type.

Oh, lined internet is harmful for others? Why? The line would cause the noise itself. In the bottom of the ocean?

Endurable or not. Probably, no IT would be better for others, in the idealist way. However, Miyuki thinks that if it were taken, building descontruction and road asphart taking would be priority. yes, in the last, Miyuki agrees. Not insists to have it. However, probably, as our human beings' communication system, as precarious way, after satanic total vanishing would be fine. Thus, not yet.

Total Vanishing of Satans is the priority. Now, Vanish, DDMS, namely, erotic, Alzheimer, stupid satans. VAnish immediately, entirely, eternally, all in a body!!!!

This morning, the gymnastyc park, especially in the kids park, many families occupied the place. And one old bug came to Miyuki's eating place, and said, "After your meal eating, I want to use the equipment!" with hsi threatening voice. Miyuki was eating egg sandwitch, and drinking caffe latte.

Miyuki ignored him entirely. Why he intereferes my breakfast now? Any equipment was not used by any guy. He could use other equipment. And yes, Miyuki was eating on the bench, who is used also for streching, however, intentionally, he just wanted to interefere her eating, by his own convenience, Miyuki really presumed.

And Miyuki, after eating whole, went to the toilet to wash the vacant pet bottle, came back to do yet after exercise, she came back to the place, found that the erotic old satan was leaving from the equipment. Thus, Miyuki started to do excercise there.

Now, Miyuki is sleepy and after taking a bath, Miyuki goes to sleep.

See you on our blog! Tomorrow, probably!
Vanish! DDMs! You are so ugly! Satans, you are!!!

From wild 7 plus Yacult, with Big LOVE!!!
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