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2017-04-20 15:22:27 | 日記

We present a new independent program called Rabby's News Comments. Rabby was qualified as a best commentator of this army, thus he was allowed to have his own program.

 Today's opening news:

 Harvard and the other versities confessed their wrongdoing, already done type, now in their OMANKO online news. No expression is needed, automatically your inner world would be reveiled in public. The extremest and evilest invasion against individual existance. For them, including OMANKO journalists, this search and experiment is valuable, because "They would save incapables, and for their benefits in every fields".

  They would apply the technic to every one in the world, and steal all of our prescious innner world. They are the betrayers of the rule of cosmos, our rightous world ruled by Gods of Justice. They should vanish immediately. They deserve the harshest punishment in the history of the univers, Gods of Justice say.

  Thus, they failed, and admitted their the cruel wrongdoing. 17 is their favorite number. Younger than their usual pupils, thus, genuine and would be managed by them, they imagined erotically.

  Incapable means that they, Alzheimer patients could move and express their erotic illusion as they like. Terrible world they would live.

  Non stopping type, confirmed. They can't judge the rightousness or not. Thus, now, the harshest punishment should be taken.

 Go! Gods of Justice! Your turn!!!!

  We tried to stop them, however, they were too too persistent, and couldn't stop by themselves. Like loop mode. They continue to dig the mountains, to cut the woods, including the sacred ones, to live in the temples and shrines as their common use. No morality at all. All arrogance rules them.

  Thus, only Gods of Justice can do the job. Vanishing immediately in the most imressive shameful moment. Death on the belly would be the best for them, they think.

  Now, please, at once, immediately, right now, anyway! Hush-Hash! Too shy!!!

  Rabby is broovy now!!! Miyuki took some pictures of this non stopping evil doing in the mountain side. They are cutting the worest, saying, "This montain is ours." And they don't know the name of the mountain. RAKAN Mountain, it is called. Public Cemetery, it is. However, they insist that theirs, and prohibitted Miyuki to enter. She watched the solar enegey generation system and took the picture at least. And they again said, "This is our private mountain. You can't do it."

  I want to visit RAKAN mountain. Where it is? , Miyuki asked. They replied, "Here is not it. Probably there!" Always, "Probably, there!" Miyuki did know what  this meant. "I don't know" in the polite way.

  Thus, they vanished. They equiped the vast solar energy generating system on our mountains, and said, "It is ours."

  They should be punished by their audacious arrogant way of saying. No legitimacy at all, however, exercised the power of prohibition.

  Miyuki did wrong, they claimed. They wanted to go to ONNAISHI side. However, they prohibitted to drive the car, and said, "It is our private place" to her mother. And they failed. Again? Her mother asked. This is public cemetery. Why you can say so? And they failed. I think so, was their reply. And her mother got upset to Miyuki. She said, that she would be reliable, and now, she failed. "probably" she said. And almost she could reach, however, they prohibitted lllegally. Why they could do it? Terrible traffic accidents would happen, if the private sectors could do it. And thought, "They were the real evil existance. They used the public power for the sake of their private banefit.

  And her mother understood that Miyuki is protected by Gods of Justice. She tries to prove the strange fenomenum of no man's land. In her own cheerful way. Always, "I got astonished at the fact that..." And laugh. For her, amusements, probably. No man's land is so good for her? Every family got in doubt. For her, OKOKOK ! No man, except our families. And she is so fine, recently. Just a walking, and she found a lot of strange fenomena, and reports to somewhere, and laughs.

  For her, good. however, for them, probably, not.

  And she thought, "Anyway, Constitutional Law is not for our use. For her, so usefull, however, for us, too too harmful."

  Miyuki assured that it would continue to the road, and today tried, and failed. The private company called 吉川 or YOSHIKAWA was just doing their wood cutting wrongdoing, in front of her. Vast space was bald, and they vanished immediately. Goddamnit words should be used in this moment, however, she was so shocked at the situation. No time for the losers, however, they can't stop it by themselves. Always, they do, as if, they were the winners of the war.

  Several residues she found. Devastation at all, in every block, she walked, and the faked residents tried to catch her. She should walk arround to know the fact, and they approached again and again, and she disliked them, saying, "Vanish, now! You should be punished by Gods of Justice immediately! You shal; die now!!!"

  And they failed. Big cemeteries here and there, now in construction. Who would be berried? They themselves and their families. For them, OK, however, for FAUMA & FLORA, not at all!!!

  She recognized that almost all of her mates in her kids days would be punished now. They had chance to choose the good way, however, they chose wrongly. The ordial, we would say. And always ordial. And they failed.

  They are Alzheimer patients, probably. And hermits, probably. Now, they appeared and showed shat they did at the last moment of their human being's age.

  thus, they failed. She wanted to hug the sacred forest, however, she only touched. If she could, she hugs. And they liked her hug. Taking pictures with them. The kinkiest shape is her favorite. With US$1 million dollar's smile!!! Precious smile!!!

  For us, for free. For DDMic each figure, costs US$1 million, she declared. Thus, they should pay lots!!!!

  She likes to keep silent when she is walking, and she feels to sing, she sings. And when she thinks of some new amusing naughty idea, spontaneously, she smiles. Beautiful uwpard smile, she thinks, and she likes it. However, DDMis dislike her smile. Too too costive!! And they failed. Only one day, she earns tremendously. Too too rich!!! She is rich, and she dislikes us, thus, they should pay the value!!!!

  For Miyuki, old emotional chain weighs nothing. Or, weighs negatively. They know me, and they do or did the wrondgoing. Thus, they are more immoral to do so!!! Thus, they should be punished in the harshest way!!!!

  Miyuki likes to think, "If he were a wrongdoer..." And she smiles. Why not? Imagination is free from any punishment. Only imagination is not object of punishment. However, the group related with HARVARD Versity has already done the cruelest wrongdoing. And they already got some success, according to their OMANKO news.

  Thus, they failed. We should free from the search of our imagination or inner world. However, they thought that the search were free and not against the academism or academic morality. Thus, they should be pusnished again and again.

  Loop mode thinkers could do it. It would make their Android or humanoid a human being according to their OMANKO definition, and power holders gain a lot of their use. Especially, they would replace IKKYO betrayers, and they would be persistent residents of the blocks. Degraded Real Estate policy, they chose. and now, her father is in the quest of his old mate. All IKKYO members. And they would ask him to quit the presidency. And her father would think that it would be better than losing his own family, especailly Clare, his dearest grand daughter.

  She is better than Miyuki, however, why, I don't know, Miyuki is more luckier than Clare.

  Miyuki recognizes that her daughter is better than she, in every field, including culinary. However, even Clare, she knows that Miyuki is the best one to be our representative. And he faild. He lost his position, and Miyuki doesn't matter at all.

  Anyway, Real Estate is free, now. Why Real Estate Trading can be business??? Just a KARAOKE club. Why it is important for you, father???

  Miyuki has no intention to be a representative. Always, natural choice. No amusing job, in an essence, however, as a kind of the last example, I would value a lot, maybe. Monky type is easy going.

  She found a IKKYO temple like Wedding Ceremony Hall with Gothic British style. And the residue is used for Car renting station. Oh, how DDMic, they are!!! They understand that it were a bit feminin, however, no man's land. Who would care?

  And Miyuki laught at them. And remember the name of Diana Loss. Oh, Diva! Tonight We celebrate for your death, DDMs!!!

  And rememered tha song of The Sumpremes. "Stop in the name of love!" with the film of Atomic Bomb. The Supreme's best DIVA, she was, and considered Michael Jackson's cousin. Without kinship, they are super stars, yes, without saying.

  Added value. Wow! Type. Thus, they sang well type. Confirmation. Miyuki didn't know it, at first, and them got to know it, and nodded. It should be!!!

  And remembered also her cute misic, "Don't do it right now" type virgin song. Fill Colins sang, and she liked it, and then, original version, she heard, and "Oh, too too conventional type faking! Like a virgin of Maddona, at that age!"

  And danced a bit. Nice, Miyuki. For old ones, your harsh comments are too too nasty. They think, "We are old, and we live here for long time, thus, we know it already. Should be, however..."

  OK, I would keep distance from your own discovery. My atitude of persuasion didn't affect at all. And we should wait until each one recognize the fact.

  My kids did so. Se goddamnited her kids because of their conservativism. "You are too too old. You look like Auntie and Uncle Sam!!!" For their teenage kids!!! And got a success. She is too too childish to understand our situation. OK, she would learn as she should do.

  And Miyuki failed again and again. University should be liberal, at least, ideally. And she failed. When she claimed Dean OOKAWA's wrongdoings to her kids in "Dessert Festival" in Tokyu Square in Hashioji, they said, especially Alex said, "You should pretend to be more conventional. Or you would be punished." And she got upset his comment. Too too coward, and too too conventional. And she tried to persuade others to obey the constitutinal law. However, they didn't. Not conventional. Conformistic, she thought, at first. They, she found that they are the real totalitarians, prohibitted in any country. They managed our society. Cruel! Our constitution was just a BITCH. My colleagues were Alzheimer pimps.

  Thus, they failed. Until the last one recognizes their wrongdoings, was their promise. And after Miyuki's recognition, they continued their wrongdoing. non stop mode, Miyuki thought.

  She laught at the taped stones in the backyard of the castle mountain. Howver, after watching the KAYANE block's disaster, she couldn't say anything. Sad. They already did, when I was a kid, she found the stomp. Old one. And they burned the forest, repeatedly. They tunrned to carbon. And she found the green bright moss, called Aristocrate' moss on the stomp, and a tiny weed on the moss. Just like the explanation she was received from an old chap in AOKI-GA-HARA.

  She and her pupils went to the resort town called KARUIZAWA, and on the way, they made a trip on KAWAGUCHI Lake. There is a forest called AOKI-GA-HARA, and it is said "The renoun place for suicide". At the same time, this place is famous for the servival of the erupted vulcan of ASAMA Mountain, and Morikawa, her favorite pupil made a reservation of the trecking guide. Anyway, it is free, was the keyword. Volunteering chap walked arround the lake, explaining the plants and the revival process. First, moss, then weeds, then low trees, then high trees. Thus, struggles. They can do their autofagy. 500 handred years would make the volucano eruption experienced place green forest. And here in KAYANE, there is the earth. Even on the stomp the suitable plants grew up like that. Thus, in several years, it would recover the forest!!!!

  And she found a field of roses. Thin ones, however, already had shoots and stings. Oh, Rose Garden, it would be. Roses are a kind of Plum and Cherry and Cameria. They would bloom soon.

  And they failed. Some DDMs planted Roses here, however, the result, we would appreciate. We lost Rose Garden in the castle. A big rose garden. Why Roses ? Was her always doubt. Anyway, at least, in the varieties, they were one of the best. One especie in one tiny place. Half of the casle side was covered with the roses. And she presumed that some DDMs did so, however, some supporters did their best jobs, thus, they collected the variety of roses in the world. Various, anyway,

  And when she had time, she visited with her kids. Anyway, kids were free at that time. She brought some rice balls, and ate them with their kids at the table or on the bench. Others did also. US$3.5, it costed. However, once per year, it weighs, she thought. and she was given a free ticket, and used it in some year.

  Kids liked the fish in a pond, anyway. however, better smelling roses. And she liked the rose arch. Tiny white roses covered the iron arch. A good to pass in the bourvard. Some kind of "Mary Antoinette" play. And she got a good note.

  She liked to play the role, they said. She changes her wear immediately in her house. And she likes to change the clothings. Climate changes so abruptly. Thus, a bit a bit, she does. Sometimes, Jacket, fat type, while other times, light jacket. Skirt also. Jeans also.

  for Alzheimer patients, given clothings are their suitable one. No other choice. Or, they gets upset. One by one, per season. Thus, KOROMO-GAE or clothings change. Miyuki suffered a lot of the cold temperature, and hot one, yes. She needs to change, according to the climate and temperature. Thus, half a day, trip. And she plans to have a big trip on summer. Bus riding trip, or train trip, if they could be used at that period. If not, I would do in an alternative way. Flexibility, we need. However, Alzheimer patients can't do it. Thus, uniforms, they wear.

  Auntie, it's spring, Alex said. And she replied, "For me, it's enough." She doesn't have any interest on her clothings. And she makes mistakes on choosing the kids' intimate wears so many times. You should retire from the task, they said. However, she was input the mode, and she couldn't change at all.

  Intimate wear is their favorite. Even they can't use it, they are interested in it. ??? And they stole as usual. Shuji TERAYAMA died at 60 or so, and he was caught by stealing jobs of intimate wear.

  And she found yesterday, an intimate wear in a hunger on the post of the entrance door. Why? Some kind neighbour found it on earth because of strong wind, and put it on the box?, Miyuki presumed, and handed it to her mother.

  Her mother thought that the neighbour were KOJIMA family, and Miyuki thought some birds. Anyway, neighbours, should be.

  And YUKARI's interpretation was, "Someone took it and put it to show the shame"???

  Illusion of being victimatised. Her mother perceived it. With a hunger, it was impossible. They found and retured to get us find easily.

  And Miyuki gained a lot. They can do it, Clare said, however, they didn't believe. Miyuki did know it. Miyuki knows well on the matter. Miyuki likes to play with us. She realy forces to do some special thing to her friends. And sometimes, she makes a mistake. Sometimes? Frequently. Monky would not do that!!! Their bosses get upset. The lowest ranking soldier, she is. And they themselves sometimes think and regret that they chose her as their representant. Anyway, she does her job, was ADACHI and Rabby's qualification. She is a chiken, however, she did, at least.

  they came immediately, if she appeared. Too too strange, if she found some strange fenomenum, and took some pictures, they appeared and passed through her. Even in the most rural road in no man's land they appeared. Too too strange. Why? I have some magnet??? Miyuki got in doubt. Neuro Marketing for it? For what??? What they want to do???

  Just passing with their smar cars. Miyuki watched the trains on the rail several times this day. Why? Long long burdened trains, and 2 trans for human passengers. Always vacant, however, today, many shadow stucked on the glasses of the windows, she saw. Why? And the trains moved too too slow. Slower than me? She thought, and tried to run, and they stopped at the cross. ???

  Just for scenery, she thought. And BINGO!!! The same as Tokyo. No train is used actually. No man's land is no passengers land. And she thought to learn stopping the train. Adachi and Rabby would would make it move in high speed, and Miyuki should stop anyway before the terminal. Stoppers. At least, she should do it.

  And they failed. Miyuki is not train user actually. Train is not useful for her. Only so rare train trip, she does. Usually, not at all!!! And they failed. they thought that Miyuki liked the way. No! Too costive. And she knows that railway is a kind of old prefablic and easy to combine. Just like toys. If we need, we can construct it, the most rational way, without giving big damage to the nature. Flexible. No tunnel is needed. Cross should be protected, however, highly rare passing the trains. Thus, previous information is enough.

  "Today, MAR is going to KYUSHU. They should go there for business. Thus, watch out! Or, you would be stomped!!!"

  And Miyuki knows well that non stopping train is rapid. Enegey loss is so tiny, and rapid.

  Russian mathematician offered an idea of moving station. If the station roles in the same speed of the train, the passenger could get out from the train without the train's speed loss. A rolling station would be.

  A good challenging idea, they thought. Not all the station. However, a kind of variety, as experiment, it would be fine. And they were scolded. No money at all.

  Thus, thinking of the situation, money was abundant. No idea to play the game, probably. Alzheimer patients are stone hard heads holders.

  thus, they were scolded again and again. Only one challenge, in the urban era, with the cost of the DDMic members. And they got the success. Some strange business, they tried. Rolling station business?

  Business, not, at least, now. However, an experiment, and attempt of the change of mind or refreshment, I think it is valuable. Like Miyuki's culinary.

  Vast, however, theotetically, yes. Now the exact caluculation of the possibility of realization, and safety, first.

  Today, Miyuki encountered with some artificially made curves near the rural house. Oh, they sold the spirit already, Miyuki thought. They built the house along the road. And no caution or no protective guard in the courtyard. Oh, they intentionally put their kids to the dangerous place. Because of insurance, they got kids.

  And they failed.

  At her days as kid, the rural house had a long inducing way to the entrance. In the bottom, their house was located. Now, near the roadside, as if they were saying, "Please hit my kids. We need money, gentlemen!"

  And found that some houses near public facilities had the shape of OPPABU or LOVE Hotels. Feminine type. Cheapest Rococo modern, it would be. And presumed, "There were some morally degraded ones did it with their favorite females. Especially, after the meetings. Thus, they were so exclusive to others.

  And the females liked to visit medical doctors to date with. HASEGAWA Hospital's patients were this type. They were the last one to do so, Miyuki thought and failed. The teachers did it as they liked with their favorite females, adults and young doughters.

  Oh, thus, "I like SHINOBU. And she has a single mother." Kouichi YOSHIDA declared in front of us. The pupil of the next class, he liked so much. He called her from the next class, and showed her in front of his desk, and delivered the remarks.

  They did it. And they thought that it were their previlege. And Miyuki thought that our kids probably were free from such kind of attacking, anyway.

  Thus they failed.

  This morning, Miyuki dreamt a strange mare. A 30 aged teacher, male, tried to write in a red pencil. he found some differenct colours inside the pencil. He said to their pupils, "Sometimes it happens. We should take care of it." And Miyuki claimed him, "Oh, Uncle, you are too too stupid! You should claim to the pencil company because of their error. And the worse is, after the cheking, the pencil gets not usable to anyone. You should teach that if one of them were rotten, claim the company by yourself. It is the education." He got upset, and tried to catch Miyuki. And his Testacles Pet tried to trap her. Miyuki escaped from both of them. And thought, this boy is worse than the teacher. He has no chance to be a good human being. Apple polishing only life, he would live.

  And they failed.

  Today, she watched the scene of marching of Shirakawa III primary school for gymnastic festival. Too too early, she thought. The event would be held on May. And she has already heard the same music since March. Why they repeat the same type of training so so frequently? They don't study at all, and mass game only type? Ikkyo kids like activities. Only one music for one event. No other alternatives. And they wanted to continue the melody endlessly.

  And the faked neighbours appeared to watch their training scene. Stupid. Only once is enough. And she found that a father and his kid were waching the scene in the courtyard, sitting in the style of rural rice planting pose. Oh, they are jobless, and appealed as if we would be suitable for your friends in bed!

  And some DDMic female faked teachers were just watching the scene. They didn't touch the matter at all. Just like the teachers of Kyorin versity in the class of Pre-Seminar or first graders' exercise class. Only one teacher talked in front of the pupils, and the rest, just was watching him and the pupils.

  Miyuki thought that it seemed too too stupid, and said it in the meeting. She said the excatly what she felt. Useless. And they agreed. Even Yuri KIMURA agreed her proposal.

  And they failed. "Easiest is the best" is their policy. Miyuki's proposal was too too easy and better for both. Miyuki wanted to do her study, searching and writing articles on her major, Latin American Law, especially, and they wanted to take a rest as much as possible. Thus, they liked the idea, and agreed.

  Thus, they should fail. No one could criticise their perfect plan, Testacle Pet Arata KUNO declared. And they agreed. And now, Miyuki, the last one they liked proposed, and they agreed.

  Strange, anyway, I could economise the time, she thought.

  and they failed. For feeling sympathy to her, was their catch copy. No sympathetic at all, was her last words. Why we could feel the sympathy with such tremendously evil wrongdoers???

  ADACHI and Rabby gor knocked out. They couldn't, and Miyuki, neither!!!! The harshest words to them all!!!

  In the ring, they were already in their preparation. Body and Mind, of course. They were boxing gloves, already. And starting jobs, already, of course. And DDMic enemy appears. And they started to get off their robe, and said, "A bit, por favor!", they started stiptees!!! not boxing!!! We prepared for the title match, however, they, on their sacred ring, they started to do it!!! How audacious!!! ADACHI and Rabby fainted completely. Only Miyuki could fight. And she hit them all.

  The ring had already rung. However, they continued to get off their panties. Thus, Miyuki punched them, like Popye the saler man!!! And Miyuki won. ADACHI and Rabby thanked her audacious speed play. She knocked out, anyway. One punch, per figure. She could it!!! And they are the champions. We are the chamipons, We are the champions, in the end, and of the universe!!!! No time for the losers DDMs, 'cos We are the champions!!! We are ruled by Gods of Justice, while they, DDMs are under the controle of Injustice. They are ruled by IDIOCRACY. This system is suitable only for them, because they are idiots, acepharos, in every meaning, not for us all!!!!!

  Thus, we got a big trophy!!!! She likes trophy, yes, however, a kind of the real one, only. Plastic cheapish type, we want to avoid. And she wants to make a shame searching homework for the pupils. Every tumb would be a target. Is it for DDM or for our friends, for all of the tumbs. Explanation should be objective. Oral one would be fine. And the tasks' results would be the presents for the 3!!!

  Miyuki laught at the one stone for one DDMic figure policy, and they realized it. Thus, they made such a big pharao like cemeteries!!!

  Vanishing doesn't need tumbs. Why they do such devastation, construction new cemeteries? For collecting their shames more and more????

  Shameless and non stop mode. Terrible. They constructed the new family cemetery called SAKURAGAOKA park with the name of HENMI. Why they should do it now??? On the newly caltivated field! Why?

  And Miyuki found the origin of their shame praising strange activity. It is called "Legend of Anchin-Kiyohime"

  Anchin was a Bonz, who was born in Shirakawa, in NEDA, the KAYANE block. He went to learn Buddism to the famous temple in the KANSAI region. When he came back to Shirakawa, he was kindly offered a night stay in a rich house. And he raped a daugher of the house!!!!

  She was only 13 years old, and got in fury, and pledged to kill him, and did it. She asked her friend snake to kill him, and he asked his friend Dragon in Shirakawa. Thus, she could attain her object. And she forgot him, and found a better boy, and got married, and lived a happy life with him in her whole life. The end.

  The rapist ANCHIN was hero in this town. His tumb was near the mountain of NEDA. Miyuki thought that he were so beautiful to attract a anake like monster, which could fake to be a beautiful female called KIYO or purity. And she got interested in his beautiful face. Which type? Probably, in that period, of course, Japanese type...not my type, anyway, beautiful, I want to know his face...

  And she failed. The story turned to be a play of KABUKI and she watche it with her closest friend AKEMI, who was a KABUKI lover. TAMASABURO BANDOU and Takao KATAOKA were her favorite. She likes Japanese faces. And Miyuki, as some sample, they were not bad. However, as my preference, more deep type should be...

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