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19/05/2017 (Friday, morning) It's Sunny Friday. I got up at 7:00, and heard exactly rotten Japanese DDMic frase from YUKARI, when she made a conversation with her mother.

  "My hands were so cold, thus if I would not have been freezing it, and making it frosen, I could not have eaten it."

  in Japanese, 「手が冷たくて、冷凍して冷たくしないと、食べられなかった。」

 With her slight laughing, as if the remark were just a common ordinary slight trifle comical happening.

   Gramatically, all OK, however, "What do you mean?" type, syntactically confusional and illosical frase, a typical example. My mother kept silent after this remark.

  For DDMs, these remarks are too too natural, and their conversation continues, as always. Miyuki has heard a lot of these frases in HASEGAWA Hospital.

  "It's fine today. It would not rain tomorrow probably."

  "yes, they are always kind to us all. It's cloudy now."

 For, example. As usual, between the speakers.

  And Miyuki was sent a strange metaphoric dream from someone. In this dream, she was a participant in KARAOKE. And the participants were sitting on the lines of chairs, like a symposium. She was waiting her turn, in the middle of the KARAOKE play. Her song was already determined. 高校三年生 by Kazuo FUNAKI. Three grader in highschool.

  This is not my type, why I am forced to sing the song? I know the melody well, however, frases? Only some famous parts. However, Japanese KARAOKE video projects the lyrics on the screen, thus no problem. Just a 3 minutes of singer faking. Too easy.  Generation Gap. This is my Aunt in law, Mrs. Miyuki YAMAGUCHI's favorite song.

  And Miyuki got to know the resemblance of Japanese presentation in any academic society with KARAOKE. 持ち歌 or Strong Point songs, each one has, and only he repeatedly sings the song. Like a professional singer, the lecturer does its presentation every year. Thus, recording system could substitute their roles.

  Thus, no man's land in versities, already when Miyuki was in Kyorin Hachioji campus. Miyuki didn't know he system, and she came to give her own lectures early in the morning, after the torture by bus.

  Why I had to get out the house earlier than my kids? I wanted to go up to the Station with them two. However, Miyuki had to get out only 5 minutes earlier than they, always. Slight abusing, she was casted. And for her, vast damage. She wanted to make a conversation with her kids during the walking in the morning. Combined with after breakfast excercise. Why we couldn't do it???

  They intentionally did it, probably, to split the deep relationship between families. Thus, quick way, Miyuki should learn. Densed time, we should pass. DDMs used the way to make us waste time in vain, thus, for Miyuki, a slight time is so important. They are different from us all, the three thought, and they allowed that the evil existance to do wrong to us all, they all thought.

  They pretended to fake the police again. Miyuki's impression was too too right. She found a various proofs on the desk of her father. They showed how many Japanese organizational criminal sindicates were here in Shirakawa, and more broadly in Fukushima prefecture. Many renown criminal organizations' names are listed up, and the stecker of "Against Criminal Organizations!". It means, "We would be the target of you, the police, the extremest criminal organization in Japan, directly ruled by IDIOTS related TOKYO Versity."

  And they put casual wears to fake the police men. And all of IKKYO residents are faked casual wear policemen!!!! Including their neighbours. Japanese government pays for them all. And in Fukushima, 47,000 figures are registered in 2016. How about you?, type comprements, as always.

  Inducing with threatening. And MIYUKI was protected even in the middle of the nest of the evil center of it. Tokyo Versity Administrative Law society, she was!!!! She knows well how they were!!!! They got astonished at the amazing fact!!!

  how she could survive from it? We don't know. Just said the same thing as usual. What? "They are nakid!!!!"

  This is the fact. And they paid for the childish crazy games called Anti-Humanistic Treatment Champion No.1 in Miyuki's family a lot of money. All of the tax were able to use for this object, because, as difinition, Tax is collected by people for the sake of general use, not for determined use.

  And Miyuki knows well the limit. Of course, tax has a limit. Without saying, too too natural type limit, it has, even unless told. Miyuki knows the limit, and they? Nothing at all!!!! Crazy kinkiest enemy has beyond the limit type, because they are all Alzheimer patients, who couldn't recognize meta-ligics. Copy and paste world only. Contextual approach, not at all!!!

  And Miyuki likes to do this approach!!! So so nice to understand the cultures of foreign countries and so on. Sometimes, shocking, however, interesting, anyway. And 行判 or The above society couldn't do that. Thus, they shall die, they shall die! ♫🎶

 For Miyuki, amusing laughing stories, yes. However, she knows well that backward there are lots of lots of cruel harsher messy dirty ugly business. She didn't know the reason why she was in the society. Just for my legal study's developping method, Miyuki really thought, and she got to know better after some lessons heard there. They are indifferent from any shames.

  High Society, it is called. For Miyuki, not at all. Upper middle class type. However, for them all, they should be rich. And they lived in the center of Tokyo, yes. And sometimes, they had several houses, yes. However, their way of lives didn't seem so rich for her. A bit more better than ours, Miyuki categorized them. Why not? She paid a lot on her living cost, yes, including her kids' ones. And they? She didn't know, however, for them, all for free world. Oh? I paid every time without exception. Only someone paid personally for me, I dared to accept it. A kind of treat, Miyuki thought. Cheapish ones. Always under US$100. Just a trifle money.

  And they got upset. For them, only US$100, and for Miyuki, oh, so high valued money, if I choose to buy something. For paying to others, I decided to think under up to US$100, even in case of thanking to my friends. To DDMs?, Of course, they shall pay, they shall pay! ♫🎶

 Miyuki really did know the system well, however, she could not combined the parts to easily. Because, "Out of imagination! Immoral, anyway! Gods of Justice can't allow it! "type behaviours they took. Thus they failed. Idiots wanted to rule the world. ♫🎶 Tears for Fears.

  Now Miyuki should eat her delicious breakfast!!!! She is so hungry!!!

  See you soon! Vanish! DDMs!!! You are all BUSU!!!!!!!

  From Quartet MARC, with BIG LOVE!!!!

  Now 18:25. Miyuki came back from her schetching detective activities. And did her agricultural job. Now she is an owner of 6 species of herbs and 2 species of citruses and 2 species of berries. All pot type now, as a provisional measure. I am harb garden and orchard and berry field owner now.

  She put them on the backyard, and found that her basil leaves were not good today, and she learned that she should have spilled water even in a cloudy morning. Tomorrow she would do it, probably.

  She received a warm yelling message from IASP, Sao Paulo Bar Association Institute. And she replied on the mail and sent the reply at 18:23, copying for her at the same time. She measured how many minutes would take to receive the copied one. She waited for it until at 18:28, and found that DDMs faked again, skimming her message intentionally, because the time of receiving was written as "18:23".

  Oh, who did the rough dirty job? And for what? Only 5 minites delay means some for them? And why they behave as if they could not take any time to deliver the copy to me?, Miyuki got so nasty.

  Probably, under DDMic reign, they stole Miyuki's information by way of OCN's equipment, and now, they set it automatically. In vein, and proof making sake, ironically.

  Thus, Miyuki got a prize of discovery of OCN abuse!!!

  Anyway, she did it so quick, and found the fatal error done by themselves. Every one suspected the participation of OCN, however, this NTT related evil IT company denied as always. They couldn't send any mail at all to her, except some special cases. And as a kind of propaganda, in a vague way, they sent it, and Miyuki accepted it, and responded immediately.

  Our situation is the same of that you described. Miyuki wrote in her rough Portugues. Anyway, in this case, readable is better. Thus, she sent it, with the name of Quartet MARC.

  She used some names? No. She use only one name. Her personality is only one. Her belief. Just a representative of the squad she belongs to. Thus, they got relieved. She is the same. MARC, is not her name. Team name. Abbreviation.

  She got confused to write in Portugues. Now, her first language is English. Everyday, she writes yes, and to remember Portugues, she needed to think a bit, yes. And she wrote with a lot of spell mistakes!!! Yes...

  And they laught at her again and again. Avreviation, she wrote. Sorry, like Abrir related. Some...probably...not so suitable in public word related type mistake, Miyuki did....probably...

  Oh, she is! Not others!!!! She is alive, anyway!!!!

  And she put the name of her blog, and they found it on HP, however, no letter at all????

  All of them were written by her, however, this is a kind of journal, thus, she can't expose it in public, they commented????

  Blog for what?, anyone thought. And OCN descrived it in their usual polite way of saying. "If you have some question, write to her directly." And they wrote, and they received a letter. "This adress is not used by anyone. You made a big mistake on the address. Try again!"

  Oh, Japanese vanished companies's way, I am treated right now by DDMs, intentionally.

  "Your calling number was a mistake. (Repeat) Check the number again and call correctly." NTT refrains the frases on the phone eternally. In her whole life, how many times she has heard them? Probably more than 10 thousand times!!!

  Time consuming, and wrong information she was forced to have in Japan, they really thought of it. She is alive, anyway. No sign at all after her vanishing????

  Miyuki is vanishing, they said to them all. They said, "Oh, now a days, vanishing is as always. She is one of them."

  Thus, they got to know that Miyuki is in the danger of IDIOCRACY as usual even now in Japan.

  She wanted to move from Shirakawa, and Shirakawa residents are so evil. Thus, she changed her mind from staying here at least provisionally and do cleaneng up jobs with her mates for the new era toward leaving this evil goddamnit killer rural Bitch town as soon as possible.

  And they got upset. She is not yet leaving at all!!! They lied yes!!!

  Again and again, they tried to save her, at least. And found that she was with her family. And she was explained that she had chosen to live with her family?????

  They got upset again and again. She is independent, and she disliked her mother and sister, both now. And she leaves her kids under Gods of Justice. She wants to get out from the town anyway!!!

  Brasil should be fine for now!!!! Oh, I adore it!!!! Provisional yes!!! I am not so quick as Brazilians!!! However, amusing!!!

 Latin, extremest version, Brazil is!!!! A bit higher than Shirakawa's life. how much now? Almost Less than Zero. Oh, damage in Shirakawa is so vast, yes!!!

  She found a plain, except "Hyu-Stoon!" or Dropping downward, flying from north to south. Rare, however, almost one month ago, she watched the same type yes. They wanted to come to Shirakawa, however, they got upset and came back. You have reason. And now, they regretted their cowardness.

  Too too evil for us all. Always they lie. Thus, anyone could gain any qualified imfromation at all in Shirakawa. And they are reluctant to live in Shirakawa, yes. And they came back to their own countries???

  Foreigner DDMic came to Shirakawa again. Miyuki watched some of this today. Black and pale gold skin type. In NANKO lake and in the parking lots of Shirakawa III primary school. They participated in the DDMic army again, Miyuki really thought. Because they had a pair of downward eyes. Not positive mood they did have. Thus, already sold their spirit type, Miyuki presumed.

  Probably, they provided some trapping informations to their ex-mates or kids from their own families. They sold their own friends, yes. Thus, they should be punished severely.

  Her kids are now interested in foreign countries, thus, we should provide an evacuation to them all, they decided. And they almost agreed, except YUKARI. Good situation. And YUKARI would not like to live with Miyuki. Oh, OKOK!!!

  And for them all, Miyuki didn't go to Brazil now????

  YUKARI said again and again to them, and they believed it?????

  YUKARI is so bad, yes, and now, she turned to be good???? Not at all. Alzheimer 200% situation now.

  And they failed again and again. YUKARI liked to cut the communication of them from others. Yes. And now, so limited lines are used by others. Yes. Miyuki couldn't receive any private mails at all in her house, yes. And she likes to write in English Blog, yes. And she faked her name??? No. I use the name Miyuki SATO, as always.

  Why anyone doesn't write to me? Who stole our mails?, was her big question. NTT probably. However, the biggest one is evil, how I express my opinion?, Miyuki really thought of it.

  In Shirakawa, Miyuki would be Queen, Yukari explained. And it would be fine for us, now, she explained.

  And she was caught again and again, and got nasty by her own catching. YUKARI doesn't want to move to INFERNO, that's it. Miyuki can't express her choice in public, because she is not asked by anyone at all even now!!!

  Time consuming, and in vain. We realize it how worse than we imagined. Alzheimer patients conceal others in their house only on behalf of their own flamboyant feeling, we really sighed deeply. Japanese situation itself.

  They could do it, yes. They call the faked authority as usual. Too too easily, they call to faked public agencies, and ask some faked service as usual, as if they were all normal figures. however, they are forgetful and irresponsible. Thus, they just fake the job, and do anything. Everyday, they did the same wrongdoings incessently. No alternative at all type situation we are in.

  Even now, we can't believe that kindness are faked easily by their closest kins. Yes, however, it is the fact.

  Today, Miyuki found a towl with the name of her mother, and by her own letter, the earlier description was erased and written as "For kitchen use". And when she met her father, she told the fact to him, and he said anything at all.

  And YUKARI, imitating the way of her mother, went down from the second floor, with noisy steps, hearing Miyuki's loud voice on this problem.

  They respond only on others' criticism, and they feel sympathy together, and decide to attack to the criticising others immediately together. Oh, Ms. Responsibles and Evil Nurses in Hasegawa hospital, did the same!!!

  Thus Miyuki was given another medical doctor's medal with her Quartet MARC!!!

  Fat prizes, she gained with her actual mates. And for them, representative is needed. Thus, who can should do it, according to their standard.

  Chinkoro wants to do it instead of Miyuki. And provisionally, Miyuki does. Someday, in some measure, he would do it, probably. Rabby is so proud of this quick type. Too too supurb, in every meanings. Thus, Miyuki relies on him yes. And oh, sansation!!!! Fluffy hair touching sensation!!! Instinct inducing type, probably. Fur period's memory, Miyuki has, probably. And Clare received it. And Alex? A bit probably, because he likes his own bed clothing for summer. Linus type, they are. Affection is too too strong to touch some feeling good type materials.

  Miyuki likes the town, because she lives here. YUKARI decisively said, and they laught at her again and again. Miyuki dislikes this town, and she doesn't conceal her opinion at all, you both, evil bad crazy old ladies!, said Alex, as usual.

  They all know how Miyuki feels in her mother's chamber, and her mother doesn't allow her to leave her from Shirakawa???

  No. She doesn't want, I agree. However, she can't do so. Just bed clothings she has, and for me, any normal bed clothings are enough to sleep. 

  And they started to laugh again. Now, in her mother's chamber, the two are discussing on Miyuki's share on the fredge. They ordered me to bring all of my foods in the fredge of the mail house toward the one in the office. I did move them all to here. And then?

  For them, Miyuki is a kind of amusing torture type matter. Thus, they were so harsh to her. And Miyuki wanted to get out of their nasty situation anyway, thus, the less time consuming type response always did, as much as possible.

  And they didn't want to appology at all now. Any trifle excuse would be their loss, they really think, probably. And they made a lot of mistakes. And they were laught at by others. And they got upset at Miyuki and Clare, and attacked them in turn.

  For them, amusing job. however, for the two, Miyuki and Clare, cruel tortures. And they don't want to communicate with the two at all, indeed.

  thus, they should know their limit. Kindness should be the faked one no.1, we really think so now. They make a conversation without any significance. HASEGAWA hospital's patients did so. And the two love authorities. With them, the two feel safety, probably. And for them, authority is a kind of indulging fathers. Thus, they rely on them, and ask any request to them, easily.

  And for them, they are Queens. both kind faked evil queens, Clare deeply thinks so in her own way of saying. Killers, Clare said to them, and they cut her communication all in once, and they ordered her to be concealed from Miyuki.

  Crazy and mad dogs. Jasons, in the house. Thus, always they are not so kind to others, and they require kindness to themselves from others, expressively. Totally contrary the universal standard.

  for them, all of them means just for DDMs. Σ or sigma, they are called by Clare. Σ worst!!!!

  Integralistas' party's mark, Miyuki remembered this morning. Total, it means. Thus, totalitarians. Even Brazil, highly individual inclination country, it is, Integralista Party happened in 1920 or so. And for Miyuki, faked Hitler like laughing joke. However, for the crazy DDMs, a serious matter. They decided to make others to use the used kitchen towels after their use, intencionally, because MIYUKI is so nasty to them both. If she were a good girl, we would change it, they declared. Oh, now, instead of appology, they took advantage to turn it to be a punishment.

  Thus, Shirakawa DDMs want to do it to us all. Instead of vanishing, they want to gain!!!! By their own payment, yes!!!

  Funny joke, well made type. They should contract with themselves, even Miyuki leaned that it is prohibitted as auto-contract. however, they did it, and should accomplish it, because, beyond the normal limit, they dared to choose the wrong way.

  Why my mother continues to indulge her Alzheimer daughter so long? Why she didn't put this juncky into the rehab or its substitute? Why always she relies on her wrong remarks without any suspition????

  Too too doubtful for Miyuki, however, the worst reply was the exact one. They played the role of Good girls, just it!!!

  And sighs done by everyone. In Japan, they lived and probably sold their spirits so many years ago, and continued to be here just show how they are so evil.

  Underpunts searching especialists, they are, Clare really thought. They liked to know others' privacy anyway. Peeping Tom with their skewed oppressed desire. Jealousy, yes. In the sexuality field, it appeared in the worst case.

  They wanted to control their family entirely at this matter. Thus, Miyuki's mother scolded her in public by her holding of prevention kit. ???, Miyuki thought, and felt nasty. Why she couldn't keep silent, even she were astonished at the kit by her purity inclination belief???

  Too too kinkiest and childish, Miyuki thought, and she was so audacious when Miyuki was cool to her. In the most politest way, Miyuki says as always to her. And Miyuki didn't want to communicate with her evilest confirmed sister at all. And now, Miyuki says minimum with her mother. And she wants to scold Miyuki again and again.

  This morning, immediately after Miyuki's rising from her bed, her mother recommended me to dry up the bed clothings in the veranda. And Miyuki was asked the time of leaving home and comming back home. Miyuki was forced to declare the time, and said, "Probably from 10 to 18". And the mother gave up to recommend to do so, because 18:00 was too late to drow them from the veranda. Then her mother forcetly said to dry up them from 10 to 12. However, when Miyuki said that "I would like to leave 10." And her mother said, "I just think that it would be better for you to dry up them because you sweated during you got sick these days. However, you come back so late. And it is you that feels nasty with your wet bed clothings." For Miyuki, dry clean bed clothings, they are. Not so wet at all. Why they want to order to do something as always, under the name of others' sake. just say, "Get out of my sacret chamber, this goddamnit dirty bitch!" to me, as you like, Mother! I will do so, because it is my will.

  She is disturbing my way, and put the frase, "For your sake!" like Kyorin University's staff. Terrible DDM, she is.

  And they all should know their own limit. Her mother is killed by someone. And someone took her skin bag, and abused it.


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