Parasite Vampires

2017-01-04 11:25:04 | 日記
04/01/2017 (noon) I cooked a skilet of onion soup with cheese. It made my cold body warm up.

I had a nightmare of Vampires. They wanted to cathe me. I flew away.
I was flying so slow slightly above the ground that I was almost caught by one of them, running after me.
Watch out, Miyuki! You are in very danger!
I woke up and felt relieved.

I analysed that Vampires means parasite DoDoMerdas, who annoy me and deprive us people everywhere in Japan.
To escape from them, I need to fly higher and faster, I recognized.
If I continue to fly at an actual speed, I would be caught and absorbed all my precious blood by the Parasite Vampires. Be quick, fly high, Miyuki! You can make it!

In Japan, I noticed that there are so many TV commercials for paramedicas goods. There are so many absorbents for menstration are advertized everyday on TV. Menstration is a normal physical response, so it's not avoidable topic. However, I don't want see the goods related with the physical fenomenon repeatedly on golden time, especially during meals.

I dislike watching degraded TV program. So, I rarely see the scenes of TV. Nevertheless, UNICHARM, P&G, KAO etc., famous brand Companies compete with each other for a prize of The most nasty and grotesque commercials of the year. Vommiting! They are targetting DoDoMerdas, who are insensitive to people's feeling.

In Hasegawa hospital, I recognized that DoDoMerdas were likely to speak of their menstration and evacuation. Even during meals, they didn't avoid the topics. I got disgusting with their remarks. "Who wants to hear of their constipation?!", I got upset. However, they were indifferent from other's appetite.

Another category of TV advertisement is for pseudo health foods. Since 15 years or so, enormous number os gimmick suppliments have been presented numerous times per day amd night, repeatedly.

I have strange feeling that as if they were all in an endless loop. Even in the field of TV commercials or advertisement, the staff are intellectually degraded and their sense are gelling lower and lower. They do their jobs awkwardly as a rootine, I recognized. Lack of sense of humor. Terrible! They are desqualified as professionals. Why these dull minded figures were employed in the field of Commercial Mass Media?, I wondered.

They are DoDoMerdas, who entered into the Big Companies by their family connection. They are totally dull, however, the companies don't fire them, because they are relatives of power holders. They have no talent to do their jobs and they are idol, disliking to work diligently. Therefore, they do only the easiest tasks and show the messy result in public, shamelessly. They are all DoDoMerdas, so they don't criticise each other. On the contrary, they applaud ther dreadful works interdependently. They have no sense of objectivity.

The Parasite Vampires called DoDoMerdas live in the world of without criticism. They get more arrogant day by day. Now their shameless messy consequence is evident. However, they are so senseless that they don't recognize it. They say, "Marvelous! How talented you are! That's you, Grand Son of the Great Prime Minister!", while we people count in total coolness, saying, "He is ten times as insipid, vapid and stupid as his granpa. Maybe, it's historically recordbreaking. He would find his own name in Guiness' Book of Wonder as the most stupid power holder in the histoy of our planet."

At least, we and they, DoDomerdas, are in entire accotdance with that he would be well-known in history.

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