Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (111)

2017-06-13 20:00:19 | 日記
13/06/2017 (Tuesday, evening) Miyuki was ogliged to dash out from her house, at 8:30 oclock, bacause the some kinkiest faked police confused workers came to the house. They rang interphone from somewhere. Miyuki tried to attend the phone. However, my father attended them earlier than me. And she heard the words, "HACHIOJI Police".

Why? Here is Shirakawa. And they, are now faked workers. Why they refered to the words? Miyuki started to the maximum cation mode. And she found throught the milky smoked glass, a big van was parking in front of the office's front parking lot. Her sensation was so heavy. She couldn't put up with the situation at all. The same as that happened in October, 2015. They wanted to attack me, and my father was trapped again, probably, Miyuki thought.

Miyuki was in runaway mode, however, he came to the office, as if it didn't have anything at all. Miyuki thought that he was faking his ordinary day, according to someone's instruction.
Thus, without saying anything, she got out from the office, as soon as possible, without taking breakfast.

In her mind, "Silent Majority" by Lease, and the description, "under the NAZI reign, residents behaved as normal, not kinkiest. It means that normal fugures usually turned to be NAZI's colaborators." by Hannah Arend. Oh, Shirakawa residents, including my parents, are these type of wrongdoers. Because of their "Every day, nothing different from yesterday, is usual, as you know well" like atiitude invided creeping totalitarianism.

Only few could feel this strange spooky nasty, "Something so bad disastrous thing would happen" like sensantion. And probably, this is what the kids in Fatima watched and informed.

Already taken by evil alients like HELA or Lilis, GIGANTES related, was the rightous answer. And they used the skin bags of our families. It happened incessantly. And only few people could escape from the disaster.

Some of them should change their body shape, to avoid nasty disasters. And others were killed, and they abused their skin bags, until they were caught.

They wanted to replace their prisons with their paradise. Death on the belly, they dared to require for us all.

Laughing request, for us all. Oh, recgoniztion problem between winners and losers. It happened in Sao Paulo, after WWII. Alzheimer patients, they are. And erotic impulse in the max mode, now.

Miyuki needed to eat her breakfast in a park, after buying a carton of caffe au lait and a croissant with ham and cheese in a convenience store. Not her favorite, however, to avoid trapping, she was obliged to change her inclination. Bread?! Just for some fulfill the hunger. Not for breakfast. However, no way for us all.

And she, on the way from the house to the park, took some pictures of the faked work. A big used car type big van was already parked, as I said before, with a so few tools. And the 6 figures, mainly fat type, were digging the ditch deeply already just in front of the office. Too too quick job. And again, they digged?, Miyuki got in wonder.

Already 2 weeks ago, they did the same type of job, and now, in more eviler way, they digged the big tumb. And Miyuki watched a thin plastic pipes were lying in the ally between KOJIMA and the office of our house. Yellow, and the diameter was only 3cm type. This messy plastic objest is suitable for gus line? Who stupid chose the bad object? No gus world already in Shirakawa???

And Miyuki confirmed that so cold "Western Industrial Company" is the real Three Golds, or SANKIN, because the house with the company's big van offered someting to two workers of this evilest job. Picture taken.

In the park, Miyuki recognized that many SQUAD came to chase her. She, eating croissant, started to doing her flexible legs gaining jobs. And perceived that almost 5 groups came near to her. And only one, faked family team, entered into the park. Other squads were just walking arround the park, as if they were just walkers.

Today, even on the way to the park, in several places, squads were composed so easily. In Shirakawa, are there so many residents here and there?, Miyuki ironically thought. And most of them produced a noise, mainly by the cars, incessantly. Why? As if it were another mission, this noise making was.

The last attempt? And In front of me, 3 figures were doing their cutting jobs. One, with electric saw, another, with cutting ssesors, and the theird, taking care of the van, which generation electricity for the sow. They were trimming the wedge trees of the park.

And the walkers were just jobless, and already did their faked witness jobs as monitors type. Middle aged female group walked arround twice, Miyuki recognized, and they wore polo shirts, without exception.

And a couple of old guys, with the style of mountain clibming, the most soft version. And the most laughing series was, old plump guys like Mac'Gaier Brothers, of 1970s, like SMOW wresler's like. This pair was mini-version.

And first, they came as triple squad, with Police's wearing. Miyuki recognized, then, one turned to be a dog. And the pair shrank, immediately. And the dog was toy poodle, not German sheppard. Thus, they looked like a kind of "Selpico, who sold Los Angel's rotten police. This is not a fiction. Based on the fact only"'s palody version. Finaly, one, shorter mate, turned to be an old female. And they, except their cap, turned to be common old couple walking with their pet dog scenery.

Astonishing, however, they turned easily, in front of us. When Miyuki recognized, they tried to escape to recognized the fact. Just like Miyuki's mother. Always evasion, like YUKARI, also.

Miyuki recognized that her father is a kind of good fellow who are easily turned to be a figure to allow the evilest wrongdoer's evil acts. Silent majority's typical version. Because of these figures, Miyuki was caught and put in a custody. They are not reliable, in every meaning. We can't forgive them at all.

Yes, he was good, when Miyuki wa young. However, probably, her good fellow father were already dead, because he was killed by DDMs. Already tortured, and now, he was used his skin bag, to collect the shames. Post Death blasfamia. No more shames, he would cry. Terrible disaster for my parents.

Already attacked by DDMs, and killed, and forced to offer their skin bags, and got obliged to agree to be used by YUKARI's team mates. Non intentional agreement, they gained, and because of it, they were tortured even today.

Miyuki revealed that they were so skewed and lost their own beutiful point. At least, they are kind, was YUKARI's qualification on them both. And YUKARI abused their kind attitudes, as much as possible. She killed them both, and left the dead body in the house, and her team mates started to abuse them. YUKARI used her superpower to call her team mates. A kind of seed of Devil, she was. Thus, so nasty for any of us. Mad dog, Muck, Rotten paracite, Broken Robot, she is, however, she, at least, is alive, in her appearance mode.

Miyuki came back from outside, at 19:30, in the evening, and found that the chamber of YUKARI was lit. At the same time, MIYUKI recognized that in the kitchen, the light was off, and the blue gas was on, under the pressure pan. They were trying to lit a fire on the main room again?, Miyuki percieved, and just took the picture, and ran away from the kitchen.

If one month before, she would have informed to her mother. However, in this situation, taking to her mother faked was too too risky. It would be a clue to another trapping, probably. BUSU bitches they are. Just it. Just want to destroy our precious big house. They act just by their hatred by impulse.

The pressure pan was not steemed, nor boild. Like a cold object, it lied, as if the blue gas were faked gas. Gas change for this reason? Cold gas, they induced? In vain, totally! How stupid, they are!!!

They shrank, so much, Miyuki recognized one year ago, before her second custody in August, 2016. Probably, already they took my parents' skin bags, and adjusted to their way. Mode change, they accepted, by way of saving others. Miyuki would be promissive to save them both. Alex and Clare would be saved, They believed.

Miyuki perceived their change. And thought that why they srank so much, recently, and their way of living was so so skewed recently. My father eats a lot of dried sardine incessantly, and he stopped to use his stick, it was his necessity, because he took surgerical operation on the part of teigh bone in 2002. And he stopped work in his field, and just brought some earth into the courtyard. And he, refused my offer to assist his petroleum plastic having job, himself brought more than 10 tanks of it. 18 littles each. He gained strength?, Miyuki got in wonder.

Probably, the tanks were prepared for burning Miyuki's body. They want to kill Miyuki and her kids so eargerly. Just hatred combined with impulse situation. All three, without exception. Every morning, they have a meeting, and talk on the plan to catch Miyuki. YUKARI is a kind of team leader, and she is in the highest mode, as usual, in this hour only. Cocaine, ampetamine, LSD user she is. She chose to be a trigger to destroy the planet, because of her kinkiest illusion. "If I could catch Miyuki, I would be killed immediately!" was her last words. And she is now ghost, and persistent type. Alzheimer patient, from the begining. Shameless, from her prymary school days.

Her public showing up as doing escercise type musturbation used only legs, not hands, was a super invention among DDMic world. And she was doing it incessantly, during day and night, now, in her chamber. A kind of religious leader, she is. Good, and clean. Just like a flog like swimming, only leggs movement, with the back on the floor. Miyuki didn't do it ever. Why? It needs a chair, and YUKARI liked doing it, watching TV. Thus, Miyuki thought that she would be a good swimmer.

However, she was not good at all type, as always. Just for the movement, she lived, and wants to live until the end of the universe. OMANKO ONANISM only life, she chose, when she was young, already. Thus, she was so flamboyant in every moment, and always, "I am not responsible at all." and just dreamt it only.

yesterday, MIYUKI recognized that AEON supermarket store put onions in the main tables, just in front of the entrance, on the green empty boxes, accumulated there. ONION means "Nao tem fim, felicidade so" world for her only. Exercise instructor, she is now. Video taping OK mode. A kind of model job, she is contributing, thus, in the middle, when Clare came, she got in fury, and started to attack others.

Her pose was so similar to dead flog with the belly on the light. As if inducing, "Common, guy! Any guy, OK, I am now in the mood. Don't stop this movement, anyway. Just cover my hole with your penis. It would be a good pleasure for us all!" type effect ejected. Thus, always welcome pose, it was called. For her, no choice. Just stopping the movement would be a torture, enough, according to her faked parents. Thus, just standing on the floor of any place is always good punishment.

Oh, Yuuki MATSUSHITA type. Only 40 minutes of sitting in Japanese style would be a sufficient punishment for my injury included hitting. See Miyuki's Blue Marked Eye Case.

Roberta fell in love with the discription. Too too audacious!!! Male, she is!!! Really male!!!! And she went to the class with such a glorious eye patch? Natural Blue Mark. No patch was used. She wanted to showup her glory to others. Her image was, "Yankii, won, however, gained a injure by the enemy's sly hitting", in a some serious comic's hero like "男一匹ガキ大将" by Hiroshi MIYAMOTO, or Leader of Kids, lonly wolf type".

For her substantial calculation, she would be a hero of the messy feminine world called Faculty of Law at Tokyo Versity. However, anyone mentioned at all to her glory, namely, 2 weeks needed to cure type distinctive Blue Eye Patch, natural type!!! Strange!!! Anybody was blind already1!!!

Too too strange. So distinctive, however, they ignored. They pretened not to happen at all.

This type of sansation was felt when she was in Kyorin. She did a big hit type theatorical performance sometimes, however, any pupils recognized it at all.

And the worst case is, when she asked to her information stealing case to the pupils in her class, they all denied even the existance of the possibility. And TAKAHARA, dared to say, "Prof, you would be mentally illed!" and Miyuki replied, "I pray that the nightmare like stealing job doesn't exist at all in reality, and just in my mind type slight worry. Because, the stealing information job is a no.1 anti-humanistic evil act." And ironically I put it, "If your remark were true, it would be better than the nightmare already realized like situation, boy."

However, now, the nightmare is the truth, and it was already proved, thus, who criticised me as if I were mentally ill, would be because of their intentional concealing job, and also of intentional blasfamia of judicial order. COSMOS destroyers, they are, namely, KAOS.

Dodomerdic KAOS, we are now in. They are shameless, and repeate the same errors so many times, incessantly. Like YUKARI's special OMANKO musturbation without using hands. Non stopping mode for it. Her brain is related with MONOLIS syntonization system, and her movement decides what they do during a day. Thus, they are so erotic and alsay searching the mate to do it. OMANKO musturbation is always felt inside their body. Thus, hush-hush mode, and their work is so rough, and they don't care anything at all, and doing it is only one object to stay here. YUKARI should be killed, as soon as possible. In the middle of the sansation would be fine. In the moment of the extacy, she vanishs, and her team mates, at the same time. TOTALITARIANISM, it works in this moment. Only one degraded starts it, all of them starts to feel. Not MIYUKI, but YUKARI, they chose, and she is always doing it, for all her life entirely. Professional OMANKO flog swimming musterburtion actress, she is.

Thus, ONION, to praise her, AEON, put in front of the entrance. Always, unnecessarily, a lot of female clerks move go and flo on the floor, faking arranging the tables. however, empty boxes, and several packages of onions ware attractive for consumers? Strange choice, they took.

From early morning to go to bed, incessantly. I was made only for it, she decisively declared, and her faked parents like team mates agreed, saying, "As you like, boss!" And she is doing now, incessantly.

She is always in a mood, means, if she has a chance, she wants to be raped. Thus, she calls her teammates incessantly in her house. And induced a lot of evil seeds in her chamber, and created frankenshteins so much, and she ate all of the fatus. For her, nothing at all. A kind of BBQ. And the rotten some sould be throw away as trash. Thus, her mother called to MATSUSHIMA especially for her, and asked the dirty job instead of get the fact revealed. YUKARI is already in the mood now today. Thus, MATSUSHIMA and SANKIN were called especially for her. Kind offer, they thought. YUKARI called her team mates. All males. Fat men. Beat it!!!

YUKARI is a kind of mazochist. Male should be happy, while female should not be happy. Thus, she would like to be raped so harsh, until up to die. Thus, her special ditch was prepared. however, Miyuki felt so nasty, and informed to her rightous mates, thus, this plan failed.

YUKARI should suffer more and more, however, Miyuki felt so nasty each time her teammates appear. YUKARI should get out, and on the hot road, she should do it. With belly on the red hot sunshine pose. good for her exercise.

When she was found in the middle of the exercise, she made a choked bird like voice, because she didn't stop it, at the same time, she wanted to accuse its ahdacious peeping Tom like job. In clothings, is her exercise's catch frase. In the chair, yes. however, in the bed, on the road, in the shrine, in the tumb, in the train, in the plain, in the bus, in the taxi, in the wagon, in the coffin, in the fredge, in the kitchen, in the bath room, in the toilet, in the living room, in the entrance hall, in the class room, in the auditorium, in the park, in the baseball field, in the associated football ground, in the mountain, on the hill, in the river, in the beach, in the ocean, on the table, on the desk of the office, in the sofa, in the TV room, in the city hall, in the semenar room, in the temple, in the sacred forests, in the strawberry field, in the helicopter, in the book shelves, in the public libraries, in the cafe, in the confectioneries, at the supermarkets, in the stations, in the department stores, in the restaurants, in KARAOKE house, in Pachinko Parlour, In the complex of commercial zones, in concert hall, in the corredors, in the schools, in the versities, in the companies, in the ports, in the forums, in courtyards, in public spaces, in the castles, in the factories, on the top of tower like apartments, etc.etc.

Her pursue for happiness would not be disturbed at all, was their decision. She should punish Alex, because of desturbance to her special flog like musturbetion.

Thus, betrayals suffered in the planet, as a human being, should be paied by much more the world of the universes. They tried to trap her that she was dead, to conceal the fact that the planet was already stolen and devastated as they liked. Already done was Miyuki's impression.

They took advantage of it. They lost a lot of money because of the lost war, and they tried to attack in pin point way, thus, the minority were used for their survey. Who would be suitable for the betrayer, was their reply. And found that YUKARI was. And targetted to indice her to take any addicted drug. And she turned to be a mad dog. And now, Miyuki's turn. Each time, they induced Miyuki to take the drug. Miyuki, thrifty type, was most resistent against drug. And Miyuki's imagination was tremendously vast. Thus, better than taking drug. Drug Queens, the both now.

For Miyuki, their attacking was a kind of betrayal already. However, the use was prohibitted in any planet. And in the planet called the eatrh, it was practically all free. Miyuki was trapped that the imagination that is it true like sensation. And then, Oh, it is true, unfortunately.

The result. Mostly true. Probably, 90% of Miyuki's imaginational hipothesis were the reality. Nightmare, however, we should know as human beings, type, surprising facts, successively appeared in front of her.

Is it true, that these junkies were so common in Japan, was her question no.1. And now, Oh, they all are. Not in Shirakawa region, but also any prace in the planet, unfortunately. they are so easily to be taken by the illusion of turning to be a semi-god, or devil, or Alzheimer patients. Drug was provided by the state, in secret, and only who was not probided was targetted by their attack.

Once in a while, they provided. It means that the planet was already soaked in the drug. And only few didn't know the fact. The three is enough to know the effect. And Miyuki, Moriko and OKINO. And they were not provided the drug at all.

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