Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (48)

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 Miyuki was so shocked at seeing the notebook of her bank accounting  of Post Office Bank in Japan.

 She found the letter 税金 or tax, which was paid for her, and the value is only US$0.08, and thus they draw the value from the "total interest" at US$0.42, thus the interest deposited here is US$34 like expression. Oh, now in Japan, the tax was drawn by the interest of the depoist, automatically, without any accordance, and this tremendously important system change was not informed by anyone to me, and my father, at least.

  We check dairy news yes, however, any such important system change was informed at all. And they should have revealed the fact, earlier, they really regretted it now.

  She should be concealed the facts entirely for her safe, her evil Alzheimer ugly sister declared as always, and they strugged with her idiocracy, however, YUKARI the broken robot was stturbarn to insist it. And now, she should leave alone. She is the evilest one to others, and they dislied her because for her mates' violence. And they failed. Miyuki didn't know the facts at all, however, got to know it by her self. She should know it by herself, they protected her. And now, Miyuki really sighed at the fact. All Shirakawa residents were evil existance. Already know it type conventional confession, she is already to prepare to hear it. Not nasty. For us, a small step, yes.

  And Orson Wells was killed yes, because of it. He was only 60 type. Even in foregn countries, the standard exists, she really feel so. Worldwidely, because of jealousy, they killed the psomissive ones.

  Actors and singers, up to 60. Thus, Miyuki would be fine until 60, they were declared. Strange, or cruel system, they had. Not only in Japan, and also in Great Briten.

  Her vocabrary was wider than us, was her ex-mate of British netionality holder Marcom Fields' reason to kill her. Jealousy would cause their killing intention. Miyuki really got to know it. They informed so many times, insessantly.

 And IKKYO believers used smart phone, because of this sytem. They wanted to catch her, thus, they were waiting in front of the bus stop, and waiting for her passing, calling to their police, as always.

  Alex is accustomed to be done so. Thus, he is non-charant at this point. Why they want to do so, was his always curiocity. And the reason is jealousy, he deeply thinks so.

  Clare said that "At least, we are semi-blooded, better than Japanese. If I were foreinger, I would be nicer..." She thought, and Miyuki did the same thought. Alex also.

  However, now, other family didn't welcome the result. They are big!!! Oh, we love to grow bigger! And they explained the fact. They were rich, when they were in MONOLIS, because they were muck, in muck, filled with muck. Rich in muck.

 Thus, Bitch-Bitch, Muck-Muck, Run-Run-Run! ♬🎶

  Miyuki should want to sing in a loud voice, however, they were almost 10, thus, in a wispering voice, she sang. Soprano, they requested, however, Blues singer, she would be. 和田アキ子 or Akiko WADA type, she is, they sighed.

  Today, her theme is 内田百閒 or Hyakken UCHIDA wearing his first lady like clothings. And she exposed her body shape entirely! Oh, she likes me!!!, and he started to be chicken, and his mates should pull him from his closet. Open your closet! You can wear like she!, and he chose a bean colours combinations one. Anyway, not so audacious plain type, he thought. And got to know that it was his fault. Too too distincive to wear it. Anyway, only lean body chould wear it type one piece, she put on today.

  And she picked up a feather of crow near WASHIO store. I would be protected by them all, my supporters. Thus, I should be audacious a bit. And she visited WASHIO twice today. And chose a cup of Rum Reisin ice cream to teach the flavour to her young friend Chinkoro. And he got melted for a while. Alchool soaked raisins were included, probably.

  And they found another Trick Art along the river. Vanishing stairs!!! From a determinated point, it vanishes completely. Thus, they thought that some promissive kids were killed at this point.

  They were induced to come here, and forced to do it, and after, the adults killed them, and concealed them in the bed of the river side, and put the plants to cover the bodies. And some faked wittness said to the faked police, in the same way. There is no stairs at all. Thus, their story was faked. Liars, they are!!!

  However, leeds watched it all. Grasses wanted to tell the facts us, and we didn't want to listen to the voices.

  "King is nakid!", the barber yelled into the leeds in the riverside and got distressed. And the leeds wispered the fact to others all, and we got to know the fact. The king was nakid.

  How audacious she is!!! She changed her wearing here in the powder room, they thought. Too natural for us all, they thought. However, for them all, she should be punished for the reason. Oh, U2?

 In the bath room, they said. however, why? Just we are here, and why not? And the reason was, they just wanted to pretend to be kind. No reason at all. Just scolding to express her kindness. Muck prefers strange habit.

 For them, torture is the best expression of their whole kindness, and killing job is the best treat. Thus, for the most affectionate ones, they delivered the squad, as always.

 Thus they failed. For them, no other excuse at all. Why my mother changed so abruptly?, was her real question. She got arrogant and reluctant to do anything, especially domestic tasks. YUKARI is the broken robot, however, our mother relies on her so lot.

  And this is the fact. She is always failed type, thus her mother likes her. She likes inferiors, and now, only YUKARI is her inferior. She is her servant. Thus, she couldn't give up her at all, even she is the evilest wrongdoer in her family.

  And Miyuki is totally right. Anyway, Miyuki is in danger because of her excessive cruelity, they insisted it repeatedly, and finally, her mother chose to go with her. Her decision. OK, her choice.

  They should vanish, anyway. Thus, they are reluctant to do anything at all. Just faking to be other's superior. Abandoned figures, KITAMURA expressed on the staff o f Kyorin Versity. And he is one of them, yes. And any of them criticised his tremendously high position, indifferent from his stupiditity.

  "Oh, is it? I didn't know it at all. Thank you for telling me it", was his always remark. Always virgin type, Miyuki thought indeed.

 And I should go out now. See you soon!


  We are always here!!! 

  With BIg LOVE, from us all, Quartet MARC!!!! 

 Now, Miyuki came back from her detective job, and found a lot of moral mistakes, and experienced a lot of adventures, as always!

   At first, she thought that "Today is extremely fine. Thus, I will do long walk to TANAGURA." And she started to the direction, however, changed her mind, because she found a pot of Sweet Basils at KANEKO seeds shop at US$0.8, thus she came back home, and did her "Chichenerla job" or, water spilling, in her Cute mode. She chose sincerely, and found a most suitable for us all. Bigger, yes, because we want to eat Italian foods as soon as possible, and strong type, yes, and vivacity they should have, and dark green colour with brightness, they should have also! At this standard, only one pot was bought by her. And she really liked the two plants of basil. Soon, we could pick one piece of them, and they would allow us to do so. Only one piece is enough for us, She got to know. Smells so strong, and too much is excessive. Thus, sometimes, picking only one from the pot, is the way to use it.

  Always fresh, and always enough. Thus, the bigger plants would grow up more and more.

  Probably, they compete each other. Now, almost they are the same level. However, soon, they should gain the difference, and they would provide more and more. Sometimes, worms would eat them, however, they can put up with their attacking, and at least, every day, she will gain a Basil prize, discovering new dish with them!!!

  Thus, pot planting is sufficient for her, as a provisional stayer. And they would move easily, in case of her moving. Thus they failed.

  She is now chosing the site for our objects. And for her, traveling is the normal way to live. Staying or traveling. NOMADO type way of life, she wants to find.

  yes, it is the name of NZ backpackers' hostel, however, she liked the name, remembering the technical term she learned from some critical essays.

  Oh, she thinks that detective stories are educative! yes, of course, it all depends on the quality of them. however, like videos in general, some of them are highly educational. And she recommended Columbo, a Public Investigater in Los Angeles.

  She liked it, and it was played by Peter Fork, a not so promissive appearance actor. She likes this type, deeply. Jack Lemon, also. They should be quick in mind, and light footed, of course. And they should be modest. Weakness is accepted by her, however, wrongdoing, not at all!!!

  And she really got impressed at the coincidence of the name of the author, who wrote the text book of logics, which makes her lawyer. The author thought that I did make a liar, instead of a lawyer, with deep sigh. Is she crazy? Yes. And lies a lot? Not at all. And is she mad? Not at all. A kind of hilarious situation, she always has.

 this is important for them all. hiralious was not good for them. And they put the word into ther prohibittion list called "Forced hospitalization manual", and thus, she was forced to be hospitalized.

  And in HASEGAWA hospital, she could read some parts of them. And really got upset. According to this manual, any normal situation should be the object of the evil cruel hospitalization. Just a slight headache, also. And slight ironical word, either. Terrible manual, she deeply sighed. And it was published at least once, and they delivered in the hospitals.

 The system has an old history. And they put any word as they liked when they thought of, "I want to catch this guy, because I don't like him." type hatred. Thus, this is the summary of Devil's existance in Japan, and they themselves proved the evilness.

  When she found it, she wanted to bring it with her, when she would get discharged. However, she changed her mind soon, and tried to take a note of them, and forgave the plan. It was too too tiresome work. Many repetitions, and confusing expressions, here and there. And too too nasty to write the same expressions in her own notebooks.

  thus, she changed her mind, and just picked up the name of the norms, and the information to identify them all, literally, with exactness. And returned the manualy combined old messy copied one to the book shelves on the hospital.

  And she got a prize of quickness. Anyway, National Library of Congress has the information on the norms.

  And they failed. They all failed by her audacious way of finding the facts. We praised her again and again. however, she couldn't get out of the hospital at all. They prolonged her stay beyond the limit, saying, "Oh, you thought that this type of hospitalization ends up in one month? Why do you think so? Oh, the law? Not the word to refer the limit. Thus, you failed. We can extend your stay as long as possible!", Dr.Dull, or, Yuuichirou TOMITA declared arrogantly, in his own gesture, with total self-confidence mode. And he failed. Until one month more, yes. however, too month more is already decided to be illegal. and she was caught with no rational reason. And they put her in the 3 months torturing system under the name of hospitalization.

  Thus they really failed at once in a body. And then, IKKYO betrayers appeared to take advantage of the vacancy of the reign in Shirakawa. They wanted to rule Shirakawa as they liked, and did the wrongdoings as they liked, and they were killed immediately by the power holders, the more cruel type ones, and more kinkiest ones. Alzheimer Megalomaniacs, they really were.

  Today, she ate an Icecream above, and really thought, they were killed by their own quickness. She was survived because of her slowness. Dull Riser, she was, thus, she could survive through after the harsh experience.

  And they should know the limit now. When she came back, it rained hard. And soon as she came back, she heard the sould of boiling water, in the least quantity inside the ketle. Who did it? Too too dangerous, she thought, and anyway, she took a picture, and left it in the same way, and informed it to her mother, on the second floor, in her chamber, waiting someting from others.

  Miyuki just said, "I watched the kettle is almost burning. If you want, I will turn off the gas. How do you prefer?"

  And now, she imagined that some wrongdoers did it intentionally to burn their own house. She didn't know the system at all. Thus, probably they trained it now. And she would be the actor of the fire incidence, and she would be punishd by her wrongdoing, or they could have gained by fire incidence and would be provided new house.

  Nasty hypothesis. however, this similar situation was here and there in Japan. In her case, her mother said to her, "Oh, might I do it?" And Miyuki asked again, "May I turn off the gas for you?", and her mother denied, and she herself went downstairs, and turned off it, and said to YUKARI's chamber, "You put the kettle, didn't you, YUKARI?"

  And Miyuki behaved coolish. OK, I am free from the doubt anyway. And left with her belongings and a cup of cafe au lait. She went to the office, and put the belingings there, and turned to go back to pick up her knit cap left on the kitchen probably, and confirmed the gas was off now. Her knit cap was on the tiny table in the living room, and she picked up it, and felt so strange. Why my mother was waiting for my information on that point? As if, she wanted to turn off, however, she couldn't type anxiety she had. And YUKARI was the actor, at least.

  She forgot it, or intentionally she did, Miyuki didn't know. And soon, Clare came back, and shouted to the main house, "Auntie, I am hungry!", and Miyuki recognized her arrival, and Miyuki dashed to her, to hand a package of Italian snack, she bought yesterday at US$0.3, and said, "Oh, I am extremely lucky! I could hand it to you. This is special one. Look at the price! You would be astonished!!!" And Clare said in a normal voice, "Oh, US$0.3, it means cheap." "Yes, of course! It is tasty, I confirmed it, with OREGANO, an italian spice leaves are included. Taste it! You would like it!", Miyuki yelled her and went back to the office. YUKARI or someone was in the kichen, Miyuki recognized the sound, anyway.

  And this is the fact. Anyone could pick up YUKARI's bad behaviour at all. Because she gets upset, and starts her worse evilest cruel attack to the figure who pointed it. Oh, I pointed it. And said to my mother, not YUKARI.

  She is a cruel killer, yes. And violent. However, any hospital can accept her situation, because of her violence. Jayson, she is now. and this is the fact, not a film. And the police? They are faked ones, and they want to catch Miyuki, instead of YUKARI, because Miyuki is suitable for their plot.

  And they failed. Not promissive type, however, she was just lucky, thus she could enter into the best versity in this country, and gained a doctoral degree in the same best university. Why they can't feel any jealousy against her???

  For Miyuki, why they felt it so much? type question. However, this is the fact of the rural town. Just lucky is enough for her case, they thought, and Miyuki agreed at this point. And why not they? Because they didn't make sufficient effort for it.

  And they recognized that Miyuki is right, and they were wrong. She is the same sufficiently kind normal person. A bit nasty yes, however, everyone has its own weak point type. And she likes to be good and attractive. Anything better she tries as usual. And audacious, yes. And challenges everyday. A kind of adventures of the recognizing the system of IDIOCRACY or, total reign done by totalitarians.


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