Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (213)

2017-08-18 20:12:11 | 日記
Miyuki made a round trip of rural village called Shirakawa.

She plants plunes on a pot, praying a good harvest. They would survive from this nasty acid, because they absorb the suger sticky ingredients.

Today, it is cold and rainy. A mist, rather exactly. And a bit sticky, and a bit sweet. Smells like sweet plastic bag, Miyuki recognized.

And here and there, amphetamine and LSD were used in Shirakawa area. Probably, for guys who did plastic surgery, these medicines were pain killer, and necessity. Like princess Siren, or Marmaid, they feel pain in their body parts, thus, they started to use the medicines, and got to be addicted.

Miyuki doesn't know well if YUKARI did plastic surgery or not. Anyway, she is now addicted. The reason, unknown.

Junky, she is, and her mother is also. Rotten mother and daughter, from the begining. Always accusation on others, and in case of their fatal mistakes, they just laugh or slyly smile. Both, the same. And disliked by some body in the rural village.

Recently, HARUMI's resembling guys, old ugly plain bugs, are walking arround near the courtyard. They want to replace HARUMI, thus, they are walking arround.

Terrible anti-fashionable strange guys, they are. YUKARI would seek her substitute, however, not any more.

for them, substitute is enough. They cantinue to exist, just to threaten the peace of others. Disturbance, they want to do. Satanic technic.

Miyuki picked up a dropped green thin peppar called しし唐 or SHISHI-TOU, and encountered with Clare. Thus, Miyuki asked Clare, "May I eat it?" and Clare responded, "Yes, why not?" Thus, Miyuki ate it in row condition. First, normal not pepperly guy, he was. Salada, Miyuki imaged.

SHISHI-TOU is mainly used as oily fried dish, and fits with soy bean sauce. However, good for salada, Miyuki thought. And in the middle, it turned to be pepperly! Hot chill pepper tribe, he is! And this guy is a part, normal, and only in some part, pepperly. Thus, as usual.

Miyuki called this tribe as "Green Russian Roulette", because in a package, 9 members are normal, and only 1 guy is extremely pepperly. And unfortunately or fornunately, she is so "BINGO!" type, in any ocasion. It means she is accustomed to encounter with pepperly type. It happened, today, again.

And she categorized him, eatable in row. In case of necessity, his tribe would be her food.

Leaves also eatable. Miyuki heard that leaves taste pepperly. And can be used for fried dish, also. Thus, try to eat tomorrow, with an accordance.

Clare tried already. And the category, A class. Eatable, and with heat, better. Much better.

And Miyuki chose red raddish, because it grows so rapid, visually. Thus, they would be saved. They would be picked by satans, in their early stage. For satans, glooming process, like Miyuki's arm pit trimming. For satans, no recognition ability between eatable and non-eatable.

Thus, muck eating. Miyuki got thrilled to see a dried muck of dog or so, in a plastic mug cup on the washing basin in the office. Miyuki smelled nasty, thus, immediately put it away into the drain hole!!! Miyuki felt anti-safty! Dangerous! Harmful for whole family, including Miyuki herself! Who keeps it in the plastic mug with a design of sloppy bear like animal? Terrible! Why they put it there???

Eatable, they thought, because they found unusual in the patch. Cat did it, probably. And they took it to show it for others???

"What is this unusual thing?" They asked. Smell, it! However, for them, smelling is not enough to feel. Explanation should be put????

they lost sense of smell, already, and then, sense of tongue. Thus, dangerous, and they want to continue to fake to be normal. Thus, Miyuki was obliged to stay in HARUMI's chamber.

In case of necessity, ask to Miyuki, and Miyuki would explain in front of you, they both imagined. And Miyuki is totally free from them both!!!

Satans, they both are. They easily sell others, at the cost of cheapish benefit. Alex felt so nasty today. He drove with her, and she said, "You are good at driving, however, not good at cooking as Miyuki. And you are the last one who should succeed her capital." ???

Why they are so earger to presume Miyuki's succession? RC. Construction skill.

Miyuki found two big historical correct answers on 馬市 or UMA-ICHI or Horse Market, and 馬町 or UMA-MACHI or Horse Block, in Shirakawa.

Probably, the block was 寺町 or TERA-MACHI, and latter 17th century, some guy, by slight mistake, he wrote it as 馬町 because of connected Japanese carigraphy. 寺 and 馬, in this letter logo, so so similar. This guy tried to copy the older document, and failed a bit.

And some boss took it seriously, and didn't correct the letter, and the boss ordered to other to conceal the fact as much as possible, and the inferiors invented the story on Horse Market.

Probably, this erroneous guy was Sadanobu MATSUDAIRA.

And another big hit class fact is, there is a tradition to express bitch as horse. Miyuki found even in MEIJI era, bitch or prostitute was called 白首 or Shiro-kubi or white neck. Probably, bitches put powder on their necks to show up to be whiter. And long neck bitches were categorized as better bitches.

Miyuki has a longer neck. This is her self praise. And Clare? Shorter. And for her shoulders, OK. Compared with averege. Thus, not longer is better or not type matter. Each one has suitable neck.

And Miyuki's neck is now dark colour type. And also for her, actual skin, summer type, best fit, Miyuki thinks. Only arms are dark, would be starange. Naturally, slightly darker than other part. Thus, Miyuki likes her darker skin also. And white skin in winter, also. Narcist, at this point, yes. Beautiful, subjectively and objectively.

And after MEIJI era, Shirakawans continued to exist the tradition of Horse Market. Just they brought considerably many horse to conferm the false historical topic. And took photographs, and did some modification with childish skill.

金子誠三 or Seizou KANEKO was the writer of this skewed history on Horses in Shirakawa. He wrote two short books, on it, and published, shamelessly. Miyuki read the two books in Public Library, and laught at his attempt!

Bitches price was confused by that of horses. In slang, exist some expression to put 10 thousand unit after the real money value. Yesterday, in WASHIO, Miyuki encountered with this type of Alzheimer clerk.

Miyuki bought a US$1 cut fruits package. The clerk, female old bug said, "US$10 thousand" or 百万円 or HYAKU-MAN-YEN. Miyuki recognized that she couldn't separate private conversation with commercial more objective one.

For example, with her grand kid, as a kind of play, the old guys say, "Oh, kid, your 百万円 coin is left on the floor!" This is understandable, and Miyuki was said by her YAMAGUCHI family related. She is accustomed to such a kind of expression.

However, as a clerk, this type of confusional expression should be prohibitted. However, they used.

Probably, they wanted to trap some unusual guys like Miyuki, requiring absurd value of money. And now, they turned to be Alzheimer, thus, they showed their own legs. Thus, many diligent workers were trapped. ぼったくりバー or BOTTAKURI-BAR! BOTTAKURI is robbery. With threatening, they required so much money to others. Shirakawans so so traditional and common technic, it was!!!

Auntie, you give me 百万円 as cherish, Alex said to YUKARI, and they started to require money by way of Miyuki...

HARUMI said to Miyuki, "Please give the kids, US$30 per month, per each! You are parent! Please!" And Miyuki igonored. Strange grand mother, who begs money to her daughter, under the name of her grand daughter???

Miyuki is so so correct to presume so. They thought that Alex did a robbery already, thus, they need to provide money to him. And he required Miyuki also US$30 per month, and his requirement was refused. Just it. He tried, however couldn't. No loss at all.

Confirmed. Miyuki would not provide him any cherish at all. Thus, Clare wants to eat more fruits. Rare to eat them, Clare said. No choice. Fruits are expensive, thus, they are thrifty to eat it.

Understandable. However, Miyuki eats fruits as vegitables. And Miyuki seeks almost 5 or 6 supermarkets, every day, to pursue for fruits, with reasonable price.

Today, at BENIMARU-Showamachi, Miyuki ate two peaches in a package, in total, US$1.6.
And then, at Beisia, she found a combination of 別海 or BEKKAI Yogurt with cut fruits, at US$1.
Now, in Miyuki's fredge, Mango, whole, is in, which was bought at US$2 at WASHIO. She ate two AVOCADOs in a package, which costed US$1, in all, as dinner. One for SASHIMI with horse raddish and soy sauce, and another for her invented special "Vitamina de Fruitas", which had been produced in Sao Paulo, when she lived there. Brazilian drink, yes, however, probably, only she ordered to make it to the juice bar in the block.

She ordered the clerk, "Please make me a big cup of Avocado, Lime, and fresh cream", and he said, "I don't know if it would be delicous or not, because so unnusual combination. However, you order, thus I make. OK?" as if, "In case of failure, you should pay, consumer!" And Miyuki agreed totally.

At that time, Miyuki was not good in health condition, and she wanted to eat more soaked rice and sour pickled plum called 梅干し or UME-BOSHI. However, in Brazil, she couldn't obtain the dish. Thus, first, she replaced 梅干し with pickled Olive fruits, and then, she imaged what she wanted instead of this rice dish...something comforting, and nutorishous, preferably, and sour, anyway. The result, she imaged "Avocado for punshing guts food, lemmon or lime for appettite, and fresh cream for nutrision." and probably it would work, in the bed.

She ordered it to take back to her residence, and she tried it there, and felt total satisfaction. "Just I imaged! BINGO!"

Unusual combination, however, so so tasly. Oh, sorry, suger put type. However, non sugar type is also OK, for this smoothy type drink. It worked yes. After taking more several hours rest, she started to get up, and to work, as usual.

I could imagine the food, which had not yet eaten, was also YUKARI's remark! Oh, Miyuki didn't know it. Thus, she invented mushed potatoes???

She makes so much mushed potatoes, and she likes to serve for Alex. Alex is now a bit nervous. She is Alzheimer yes, thus, exists possibility for her to put muck in mush potatoes. She doesn't smell any more, and she herself doesn't recognize the danger at all. Unusual spice, she would think, and Alex should refuse the dish...

Now situation is more difficult. She monitors up to the end of the dish. Alex refused, however, she asked, "Already ended? Don't you want to eat any more?" So many times, with her sly smile. Thus, as a result, no choice at all for Alex. Thus, muck eaters, in the end.

Thus, Miyuki needs to confirm the wallet, each time before her errand and after her bathing. Both had done it, already. And Alex was obliged to errase the fact. For them, stealing is a kind of amusement. No money for them all. Thus, a bit a bit would be fine for them. Thus, no money at all situation for them both.

For them, no necessity. They stopped eating for a long time. No necessity at all. Zombies, they are. Satans, in short. Just want to fake to exist. Shirakawans, they are!!!

Today, Miyuki met a bitch with black long one piece with so long slits, in both side, and showed her tighs audaciously. It's cold today, however, she chose to wear such black transparent no sleeves, and a white transparent cardigan. She stroke the main street from JR Shirakawa Station up to SAGAMI Funeral hall, in the slow mode, seeking her client, here and there.

Miyuki started to chase her, and called it "Miyuki's adventure called "Look for Bitch!" in Shirakawa version!" and took so many photographs of her. She tried to take a photo with her fat white tigh. Probably, some of the photos have such scene.

And Miyuki recognized that she had a lot of plastic shopping bags, supermarket type, and in one of them, she put her used clothings.The bags were transparent, thus, Miyuki could see the contents.

And Miyuki remembered the scene, which she encountered in Mandarin Oriental Passific Hotel in NIHONBASHI area.

She was in a photo session with ADACHI, as her photographer. They climed up to 34th floor of the hotel, the penultimo highest floor of the building, related with MITSUI Company.

For photo session, good place, however, the scenery from the window was nasty. So many dusty dirty buildings only from this expensive hotel rounge.

She posed in the bar area, and looked down the floor, under the bar. There was a cafe with an artificial pond, inside the building, and a two slender south asian or Hong Kong type girls of 25 years or so, were sitting at a table, and drinking a tea with a dish of some cherish of biscuite, british style brown and chocorate marble type. Almost "You can buy in any supermarket at US$1 less in a package" type. In this super expensive cafe, such a cheapish cherish? And the tea was tea bag type. This hotel doesn't know how to treat clients at all!, Miyuki got astonished.

And more astonishingly, from the white big paper bag, which was on the chair beside the two, so many fine net stockings were popped out!!! Oh bitches, they both were! The same situation!!!

Kelly Bag was used for them, when they were more richer. And now, just paper bags. And in rural version, messy plastic transparent bags. Bitches also got degraded.

Audery, they wanted to be. And they didn't know that the lady was the bitch. For them, just a cute girl. Funny Girl, she was said. Not so strange, just slender and long leg and neck type.

Audaciously long, they thought. And Miyuki's understanding, as westerners, normal. Just a bit longer, as bergian, probably.

Parisian are not so high, was Miyuki's observation. And the mistery of subway's robot like marching scene.

French guys were so nervous at that night, was the rightous answer. They were induced by some wi-fi. No watching at all, except the direction to the determined goal. One point focus eyes, they did! Not latin like! Just like a soldiers' marching schene!!

Sense less. Just moving, like being controled by some guy, in automatic way. Whiteners only world. Who were they? Muck in sking bags, Parisien version. Shirakawa version is slow and so rough.

Miyuki met a three old bugs making a conversation in NANKO area, behind a Japanese Cutlets' restaurant. They were talking in Shirakawan dialect, and with a lot of bottom words..."Then I shitted, and..." An old bug told in the normal mode, in a loud voice. This level is normal for them.

In Shirakawa, KOORIYAMA, and so on. No culture at all.

And Miyuki found a long tradition of bitch in Shirakawa.
At KAKUNAI area, Miyuki found a plate which explains the origine of another OPPABU, saying, "A guy, high rank SAMURAI, came from AIZU, and established a house called "遊楽亭" or YUU-RAKU-TEI, named after "共楽亭”or KYOU-RAKU-TEI. Oh, chaser of the old tradition of Sadanobu MATSUDAIRA.

And today, in Public Library, Miyuki found that Shirakawa was called 白河遊郭 or Shirakawa YUUKAKI or Night Bar including OPPABU Zone" by journalists in MEIJI period. Oh, already existed the traditon! Miyuki, thus, presumed, "Oh, thus, tea ceremony tribe was so arrogant and asked so much to the rural politicians!"

Almost 1.5 hours from Tokyo by bullet train, Miyuki explained to the pimps in Tokyo versity. And they came in turn, to be killed. Golf courses so many. Each pimp had its own golf course. Why they couldn't play effectively? Just a hole, oh, vaguina! H holder bitches, they required there in their own golf courses!!!

The hotels near the station of Shin Shirakawa were all cheap Hostel type. Who wants to stay there as a luxuarious resort stayer? For Miyuki, not understandable. However, for them, doing it was enough.

then, why they didn't do it in Tokyo? More prettier butterflies they could obtain there!!!

Dracura by Andy Wahole...Rural virgins, they wanted! Oh, junior high bitches chasers they were!!!

Exsited a false legend that pederasty should be recommended not to catch sexually transmitting disease. This is a reason to ligitimate to buy boys and girls in South Asian countries, and Latin America, also.

Primitive idiots. Pimps raped them, in collective. Thus, the effect, collective transmittion of diseases. Stupid!!!

One rotten factor, also effects. Thus, all. Alzheimer sympton, in every guy, all over the world!!!

Rotten in mind, and in soul and body. Amirodosis, it is called.

For Miyuki, just a sticky condition in body and soul. And for satans, fatal disease. Kirkegol. Mongol. Kangol.

Miyuki was spit by so many guys in the library. The reason? She wispered in English. Automatic response, done by rural residents. And today, so many residents came to the library in a car, each. Why?

They came, and spit Miyuki, and vanish. Strange choice. And for Miyuki, spetting is "BINGO! You gained!" Thus, win-win.

And so many vehicles passed especially on Ruite 289. And at Mega-Stage Shopping Mall's parking lots, there were a police car with number 50-83, with a white spare tyre roudn box, and a white funeral van with a stecker of public anthority. Civil type. What are they doing? Errand?, Miyuki got interested.

And found in front of the entrance of Benimaru-Mega-Stage, two uniform wearing police men were attending to the consumers, giving some cherish to them, and several white clothings wearing guys, also.

"Oh, they started to provide some cheapish goods to gain forgiveness from Miyuki!" Miyuki got nasty, and turned her way contrary to Benimaru. Vanish! You should not be forgiven ever!!!

Miyuki again almost was hit by a big white van. She was crossing the road, and it came, and passed in front of her, despite the signal was red! It didn't reduce the speed at all. As if it did so as usual, he ignored the red signal, and Miyuki deeply sighed. Thus is the drivers in Shirakawa. No traffic rule at all. Just, "I think I can go, thus go!" Idiocracy, these drivers follow, even now.

Miyuki is already sleepy today. Miyuki would go to bed, now. See you tomorrow, on our blog!

From Uncle Miyuki and her 8 MEN, with Big Love!!!

VANISH! DDMs!!! Ugly satanic bitches you are!!!! Immediately, go to inferno!!!


Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (212)

2017-08-18 09:55:32 | 日記
18/08/2017 (Friday, morning) My Uncle Takeo YAMAGUCHI's birthday. Happy Birthday to you, Uncle Takeo!

He was a banker, and gave me some gifts which he gained from the bank called Tokyo Sougo Ginko or 東京相互銀行 Bank of Tokyo Sougo, it turned to Bank of Tokyo Souwa 東京相和銀行, and then, 東京スター銀行 or Bank of Tokyo Star.

He worked for mainly for Bank of Tokyo Sougo, and it was run by a president, a kind of dictator, and sometimes, this distator was providing interesting gifts for the clerks.

One of the interesting gift Miyuki gained from Uncle Takeo was a ball point pen with several foreign money echange rates, by manual rolling system. At that time, US$1 = 308 yens, and the before that period, the money was fixed at US$360, for so many years.

And Miyuki showed this gift to her closest friends, Makiko and IZUMI-san, and they all leanred that "YEN is higher" means "the math figure of YEN is lower".

We were primary school pupils, in a rural isolated village, at the age of 10 years arround. However, at least, we had a knowledge of this basic point.

Now, even financial journalists in OMANKO News Papers, don't know this basic knowledge. They should be hired!, Deligate their tasks to pupils! Terrible idiots write erroneous financial articles! State Economy should not be established by these big errors.

Look at an example!

Miyuki tried to explain the basic principle to her father of 85 years old, and he couldn't understand at all. This level of guys work for financial area. It is difficult to maintain State Economy, or rather, rate system is already ended up, and no expert exists any more.

for her, too too understandable. However, for others, not so much. And financial experts don't exist. Thus, she is targetted as one of the rare semi-experts on this field...We are not geneous at all. Basic to travel abroad. And the result, for amatures, too too difficult...

Kyorin Versity pupils learned at the system, and some of them did quick counting, applying this basic rule. Many of them, some hardle to pass on. Thus, economic society excluded this dumb type consumers. Only for quick kids...

Lack of effort, Miyuki yelled. For her, amusement. however, for others, not so much. So lots of training were needed to think like that...Clare said clearly. Too too difficult...For Miyuki, easy. because she was trained so much, with this concept. However, rural guys are not prepared for it...Basic!!!After one explanation, they should learn, and gain the difference of calculation. Anyway, this makes sense. Gain or Loss.

Thus, Miyuki gained. OMANKO journalism, yes! Who doesn't know economy's basic knowledge, like my father of 85 years old, wrote this article. Important information for rural economy, and big errors. Even though, rural faked financial activities move, without problem. It means, no economic activity at all in SHIRAKAWA and also in all over Japan.

Economic Idiots, not Economic Animals...Japanese didn't know the rule, and just did wrong, to the direction directly to INFERNO. Not animals, who were earger to earn, rather, "We want to continue wrongdoings, to show up our faked power, OK? foreigners!!!" was the rightous answer.

Easy and quick. How they can be trapped type. And now? For them, too too dificult. They established a confusional system, and they themselves were trapped by the system. Shame!!!

For kids, understandable its explanation is. However, with quickness, it is difficult. This is the difference. And Miyuki already proposed rather stable and more fair alternative, in front of Akio HOSONO, professor of economy of Underdevelopping Conuties, whose wife is beautiful Chillena, in KOMABA campus, in his seminor with TSUNEKAWA, whose major was Political Science in Latin America, and actual Professor of University especially for Graduate Course for Study of Public Policy Deciding, or 政策大学院大学, when Miyuki was a first grade of Graduate School of Faculty of Law, of Hongo campus, of Tokyo Versity.

The best proposal : Only one money unit should be used in the world

Miyuki got to know this super valuable idea, thus, she said spntaneously, and then...every audience got silent, including HOSONO...soon after, his following word..."Theorically possible, however, pragmatically, impossible, probably..." And he suggested ehe existance of international money deposit system called money drawal. Not money rate, rather, figure only type. Then calculate all in this system? However, dollar is so strong, and it reflects American Economy, so strong in the actual world.

Thus, now the chance. No economy experts at all, already. And American Economy is dead practically. Thus, go forward! Money system for idiots!!! For dumbs!!!

For her type, chance. However, Miyuki is not interested in gaining money like that. Just an exercise of mind. And thus, always poor...

MICCHIKU reigned under this level, and OMANKO journalism concealed the fact, and they put explanation on the errors which MICCHIKU had committed. And now, OMANKO pimps failed.

ミイラ取りがミイラになった or Mummy seekers turned to be Mummy. They themselves were trapped by their own created system, on behalf of themselves. Laughing gag again!!!

So short news, however, so important!! Quick knowledge is needed!!! And now, Miyuki is poor, as usual...

Not encountered with financial problem at all, however, never turned to be rich. She really wanted to be gourgeous, if she purposed to be rich. And her minimum desire is, "Jeep and safe space for parking".

No parking lots, safe and sound. They attack, as usual, and they says, "Because the guy invided our property" and killed. Biverly Hill's system for cheapish old rural messy dirty parking lots in Shirakawa. They turned to be so greedy.

Pet bottle, thrown on with a tap, would be punished harshly by the police, they think. For them, natural. They can kill, if they think, "The guy is nasty!" Idiocracy, it is. And Miyuki is so nasty. Since she was infant, "Why adults are so stupid?" was a big mistery. And she expressed in public. Thus, she was hated by adults.

In SHIRAKAWA, disliked guy No.1, always near her. Teachers are stupid, graduates of rural college so called Fukushima University. And most of them are really dumbs. We know so well, however, education is obrigatory. Thus, we need to attend to the class. Constitution for torture us!!!

Promissive kids need to learn their limit, thus, schooling as punishment...TAKAFUMI thinks so even now...Oh, promissive! 大器晩成 or TAIKI-BANSEI or a big flower grows so slow...

TAKAFUMI was so popular among Shirakawan female bitches. Tasty, he was for them all! Because, he was protected by Japanese Government financially, at the cost of US$900 thousand of his precious life. Who would enjoy the delicious fruits of US$900 thousand, was their interest. TAKAFUMI would be killed soon after the marrige.

Thus popular. And in case of single life, his parents...thus, he was protected by his parents, and also by his so thick financial wall of US$900 thousand...