Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (203)

2017-08-14 22:51:34 | 日記

All big tax standards, including constitutional ones, are skewed and betrayed by satans. They call it sometimes, "inner tax", sometimes, "outside tax" and sometimes 5%, sometimes 8% and sometimes 10%!!!

The exact name is Consumer tax, yes. However, each supermarket put it as they like fanomenum, in Shirakawa. And just BLA-BLA-BLA is written as explanation. The proof of Alzheimer patients, at all Supermarkets.

Thus, idiocracy confirmed, done.

The police is faked one. With guns! Terrible!

And Miyuki found three "Jeep" mark vehicles, on the road and in the parking lots of Supermarkets. Two, dark green, and one, white. White jeep? Strange inclination. Camp Frankenshtein like impression.

And all three were new and brand name is Wrangler. And they are said "Imported" according to the stecker on the back. The tires were Dunrop, according to the letters on them.

Suddenly, why three?

And whitish green heavy duty dump tracks and trash cars are increasing. And also dark green thick cloth roof damp cars.

Satanic Alzheimer skills, probably.

for Miyuki, satans are wet is a big surprise. However, muck, and fat short Gaia the earth type, Miyuki now changed her mind of the conception of the standard human figure of satans, understands so well.

Wet Muck, thus, diarrea muck smell, here and there, especially, near the shelves of cheapish traditional Japanese sweets corners, at each supermarket.

Nostargia triggers their wetness, and satans feel to evacuate, and suddenly do it in the supermarkets, was the rightous answer.

Old satans, Shirakawans are.

Grogan Dog was unfortunately now jobless. He was accused by his aproximity with Miyuki. Miyuki just wanted to say that he is acute, quick good looking young promissive German Shepard. However, Groran got upset, and he fired this german dog, and now, he turned to be wild dog...better than participated in Mega-Death...Grogan Dog was chased by his ex-mates, and needed to look after foods, even in trash bins. And now, No Man's Land...Thus, sufficient to eat, anyway.

He needed to change his appearance. For german dog, it was difficult. However, some examples were existing in you kins, they advised, and he tried, and turned more original shepard type. Brown longer hair and black face at the center. In his police job days, he was rather black, Miyuki remembered it, and his black short hair was brilliantly cambed up, and looked handsome. however, now, more Lobo the wolf, in Seaton Animal Diary.

More Miyuki's inclination. However, he prefers to be lonely now. Miyuki's offer is too too kind, however, too too hard for him and his mates. For her, paradise, however, for others, nasty inferno, probably. Why???

Amusing yes. However, non moral at in a certain field.??? Too too moral and healthy! Don't you want to try? No? Thus, please advertise for others, especially, young couples. "Miyuki, my rightous brother team's leader, wants her boyfriends. Probably, your future kids would be good candidates. She is more liberal than us all. Next generation should be more reformed or developped. Thus, more liberal. Thus...she wants to do it for them, if they want, in the near future..."

The next generation would be chilled...for frosen sperm???

Miyuki is too too nasty to say so. However, even animal world had suffered from anti-reproductive attacking, yes. Less kids world, here and there. For whom???

For the nature, it would be fine, yes. Already, when we were kids, the population was too much to be sustained by the earth, we were said. Thus, ideal, for other animals and plants. However, the reduction for Fauna and Flora is too too drastic, and Miyuki already got chilled at Silent Spring, Summer, Autumn, in Tokyo.

In Hachioji, no insect world, already. Cockroaches were rare, in 2015, and they were weak and slow so much.

There, only rainy seasonal flowers and Japanese Hibiscus bloomed, in 2016.

Birdies, only two crows, a treeful of MUKUDORIs and several AJISASHIs, only three species, in Hachioji.

They killed so much, suddenly, and No Man's Land fenomenum happened.

They can't believe that others revealed the fact, however, got revealed so soon. Why they can't believe?, was probably presumed by Moriko, OKINO and Miyuki. Alzheimer recognition problem. Arrogant. Stupid, objectively, while genus, subjectively. At Kyorin, Todai, Waseda, Knocked Out, Aoyama, Tsuda, and so on, all the same. No versity at all.

They can't believe that they suffer from Alzheimer disease. Thus, recognition problem. Who says "I am not Alzheimer" would be Alzheimer, in case of satans. Objective diagnisis is necessary.

In Xebio, a training center for Miyuki, and a sport equipment shop objectively, faked consumers got interested in clothiings only. Sports shop, why they want to wear some 5 times expensive clothings, and don't get interested in any sport related materials? Fake, yes. Thus, more "sportive!" should be keyword, Miyuki thinks, however, they were not wanting to play the role of sportive guys. Strange!

And Beisia, the security service yelles, "welcome, cliants!" Oh, just like the first floor of New MARU-no-UCHI Building, in front of Tokyo Central station.

Good looking young security service played the role of Hotel Front, in the evening, after 19:00. For Miyuki, ????, however, for satans, "Anyway, uniform wearers, they are!"

Junior high kids with guns world would come in Shirakawa!!!! Salor Uniform & Machine Gun. By Hiroko YAKUSHIMARU.

Miyuki wants her leather pants and bistche with transparent shoulder straps, and long boots, all in a black. Coolish, anyway! GAKI-DEKA, yes, as an executer: Model Miyuki SATOW. Statute???

(KOMAWARI + Sharlot Rumpling) ÷ 2 = Miyuki

Rumble Fish, Miyuki did know the name. River Phoenix's struggle between two brothers.

Miyuki didn't pay so much for movie. Expensive. In USA, just one coin of US$5 per road show, thus, OK, however, in Japan, for adults, US$18!!! Impossible!!!

In Roppongui Hills, Miyuki was induced to watch "Short Money" for free. Miyuki didn't know the system at all. They yelled, and Miyuki entered. Just it. No ticket at all. She didn't want to watch it at all. And didn't know the system at all.

It happened, when she was in front of National Theater beside Supreme Court of Justice in Tokyo. The discription was, "For guys, who were invited, only!" and when Miyuki was reading the discription, they yelled, "don't you want to enter into the inside?" Thus, "yes, I want" and Miyuki entered, and watched the 5th memorial day of TOUHOKU Big Earth Quake!!! The superficial formality only, and no audience. Just for TV news video use, only!!!

Miyuki got in rage on the stage. No guys really thought of the victims at all. Just film making only. No Man't Land, yes. And no audience at all. Just faked mourning guys only world, and almost 10 TV monitors there.

Miyuki is in now experiment mode. She tries to be less harmless to others. Thus, she tries to use Carbonate Oxigenode Natrium for every wathing job.

She is now training to live in the minimum. Thus, so small space, she uses. and only one micro-oven for cooking, and a sink for washing face, and toilet and bathroom. And these spaces are used in public, thus, not so uses them for long minutes. Should be quick. And no soap life would be good for Fauna & Flora.

thus, Miyuki tried to find a good material in several shopping centers, and found the soda. Baking powder, in short.
She started to use it. She bought it earlier to make pancake, however, now, for cleaning, rather the culinary use.

Cheap, Multiple use, harmless. Why it is not used for cleaning job, so much? Exist some believers of this product as cleaning use. However, so few to advertise baking powder as cleaning use. No more ditergent, Miyuki thought of. Easy and only few. And no smell at all. different from soap. Powder type.

Miyuki would try it for washing face, body, and brushing teeth. Probably an ideal for her future life.

Gradualy, her activities would enhance, in the near future. Thus, training is necessity as its training. And after she gains Jeep, used type, she would live inside the Jeep, and use some shower and toilet in some kind guy's house, by its acoordance. Thus, minimum life, she is now trying.

And selective members are needed. Thus, as soap, teeth paste, clenser of dish, and so on, baking powder was chosen.

Miyuki liked to use herbal soap yes. However, it would cause a more damage for plants world. Thus, more selective guys, should be used.

And after training, sometimes, when Miyuki wants to feel really gourgeous, she uses her special soap, bought at Air Port of Auckland, in New Zealand, made of mud of SPA, according to discription.

She would make her original soap, in the near future, as her experiment, however, as a basic standard washing paterial, baking powder is enough, Miyuki thinks. Easy and clean. Non harmful. Eatable. Thus, she liked.

And toilet paper would be used as a kind of any disposible cleaning work. Only a few, not to make so much of trash. She used wes, torn from her used bed clothing, however, it was ending now. Thus, in case of gaining some used cotton cloth, she would cut and use it, however, more effectively, toilet paper, non smell type would be fine. A bit a bit, is necessity to be thrifty, and keep clean.

Le Crue, an Italian Silicon ware for Micro-oven use, which Miyuki bought at US$12 vanished, in the main house. Always, Miyuki's belongings vanish in her house. Some guy steals or allows to be stolen, probably.

Why YUKARI occupies so many rooms?, is our question. Because she is Alzheimer patient, is the rightous answer. Alzheimer patients want to enhance more and more, without limit. Alzheimer excessiveness, she is in this stage suffering from.

Extremist? Not at all. Just she can't stop her activities at all, if she likes. Addictive, in this meaning. Thus, she is drinking beer, and now, addicted in any addictive medicine, provided by her team mates.

Satans providing medicines, it was called, yes. However, no one caught the scene. Oh, I watched a white hand. Isolde???

Triste Tristan. Tristan, because he is the hero of sob story. Betrayer, he is, and stole his boss's wife. For Miyuki's understanding, "Oh, Arthur, it's good time to cut the tie with this bitch! Give her to him, and look for another! Probably, prittier and younger, the next would be! Big chance, for you, Arthur! You can dispose this old skin bag! You are so lucky to be able to do so! Betrayal is the real cause of quit her from your family! I hope you choose correctly!"

And his answer is, "as always. She came back, saying, "I suffered a lot. Thus, I need some guy's warmth." And Miyuki would reply instead of Arthur, "Oh, you were so ugly to be kicked out from your new lover! Bye, for now! Vanish, in front of me! I will find better wife. You are just an old bitch for me, now. Time changed, and you changed also. Thus castle you can't stay in any more! No time for the loser, Isolde! Your choice. You are not so young, nor beautiful at all, old bug! You are useless for us all! Thus, vanish! Immediately, BUSU Bitch!!!"

In the polite mode is as follows, "Oh, Tristan, you found a suitable wife! Oh, I know, she was so good at doing it! You tried, yes! How about you? Not so bad? Thus, get married with her! I am so so kind to celebrate your marridge, for you both! I am tolerant, as you know, Tristan! Congratulations! You have a wife already! She is yours, Tristan! I hope you would have a happy life with her!!! Go with her! She is follow you, of course! You should leave here, of course. You chose already it. Your departure! You are now in the new phase! She would be so fine for you! The real better half, Tristan! She is rather your inclination, however, stupid I, King Arthur didn't recognize it at all! Now, I did know it so well. Thus, I want you two to be happy in your future. I, of course, would like to be happy, yes. However, now your turn! Go with her! You would be so nice to her, and she, to you! You two are so so similar, like twins! You would be tied so tight, and would never been split! Go, guy! Bye for now! Congratulations for your new life, for you two, both, Tristan and Isolde!!!"

Arthur is now in a good mood. As a matter of fact, ISOLDE was a seed of his headache. Now, he is totally relieved from her, eternally! Superb!!! He feels so light like a swallow. Thus, he wants to depart for his new adventure, especially to get his new mate!!!!

Thus, Arthur found a beautiful young lady, and got married, up to get tired of their sexual life. The end.

British Pride, it was called. Tristan and Isolde. Miyuki only remembers, "White arm ISOLDE" and the rest, she forgot. Why so many times, "White armed ISOLDE?" and her hypothesis is so so primitive. Swine, she was!!!!

Western countries don't have such a habit. However, in case of necessity, she was eatable. Thus, fat is good among them. Miyuki is too too right, because why the song exaggarated the whiteness of her arms????

And for 20 years in Japan, whiteness is prevalent among DDMs. Almost 20 years ago, umprellas were started to use to protect their white arms, even in cloudy weather. For Miyuki, astonishing.

And now, it is common for old rural males. Miyuki watched an old male satan walked with a dark brown umbrella, along the riverside near Mega-Stage Shopping mall. Oh, SHIRAKAWA, U2???? Miyuki got appalled, as usual!

And several days ago, more unusual scene, in front of her.

These days, old rural bitch female types, especially cycle riders, use Black Long Glove in their arms, especially, under the red hot sunshine. Chilly Peppers.

For Miyuki, yes, in Tokyo, and in some urbanized areas, it was already seen for so many times. Not unusual. However, in rural area, like Shirakawa, why rural farmers want to wear long gloves to protect their arms from sun shine?, was Miyuki's primitive question. Farmer should work even under the red hot sunshine. why they avoid to appear under the sun shine, and in case of appearing, always they are covered with so many protective clothings???

And more shocking scene for her. She was in BENIMARU-Showamachi, sitting at a table, and talking on her unusual experience in Shirakawa.

An old really rural male appeared with BLACK LONG GLOVE, like famale satans!!! Oh, U2!!! Miyuki got surprised so much. Dynamite class shocking, she caught. However, no one paid attention at all. For them, normal. While, Miyuki, "Oh, the end of the world, yes, of course, of satans." like great schocking.

Even MATSUKO, a female clothings wearing comedian, a big fat boy type, would not have such a bravery to wear them like that! For Miyuki, too too shocking, and she took a picture, as soon as possible.

Shirakawa is unusually protective from the sun shine. Why???

Probably, the situation of whitening was an evasive explanation for us all. Why they use umbrellas in cloudy and fine day, was primitive question. Thus, "whitening" was the answer done by satanic side.

And even in fine day, dark black or navy rainy umbrellas were used. Miyuki thought that Oh, they were all Alzhimer satans. The mates provided evasions instead of the Umprella maniacs.

And now, long glove wearing guy, not fashionable at all. TAGISAKU with black long gloves. Who made him get to wear them??? And the result. He put them both, by himself. Because he thought as if it were normal.

Miyuki is sleepy now, thus, see you tomorrow!
VANISH! DDMs!!! Ugly BUSU bitches!!!

Then, from Cyborg 009, with Big LOVE!!!


Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (202)

2017-08-14 17:17:01 | 日記
14/08/2017 (Monday, afternoon) Miyuki stays in the office during a day. It's raining and she felt necessary to put her deskside in order. More effective life, she wants. And it's good to change today, because Miyuki recognizes that the montain doves came to be Miyuki's boyfriends, but to claim the wrongdoings done by Shirakawan residents.

Cruel and cunning hunting system, they adopted, and their object was just killing, not competition spirit, nor apettite. Just they wanted to feel superior to the birdies, probably. Slow, Sly, Stupid guys, Shirakawans are. Miyuki did know so well such a type. They, just feel satisfaction, when they could accomplish the devastation. Jasons with guns, and Miyuki thought that GUTS was also such a type of victim.

He fainted, when he was chased, and fell from his bycicle, twice. And the third, he was killed by two shootings done by Jason-Robert Mitcham.

He is old yes, however, even now, he is dangerous. Such old Alzheimers with skewed MACHO spirit, easily explude, and trigger the gun. No refraining at all. Just do it! type. No consciousness at all. Probably, YUKARI is the same time. Sly smiling, they shows sometimes.

Today, Miyuki, on the way back from WASHIO, where she made an errand of a Valencia orrange, exported from Australia, encountered with a Big Hit class semi-desaster!!!

She was in front of the signal, before Convenience Store Seven Eleven. The signal turned green, and a car, white van type, came from the center of the village direction, and tried to continue to go forward, despite of that the signal for him RED. Oh, the driver wants to go forward even with the red signal!, Miyuki got shocked.

The driver stopped the van, so so near to the ZEBRA zone, only 50 cm distant from Miyuki's body. Then, Miyuki passed the cross, and the van, immediately after Miyuki's arriving at the counter side, departed from the stopping point and went forward, in the exact RED signal. It turned left, and entered into the nearest gas station of IDEMITSU, and stopped.

Miyuki, with appalled eyes, watched the scene, and took the picture. On the van's back, the disctiption of the company name was on, and it was said, 緑川産業 or Midorikawa Industrial Company. Oh, they did it! Yahooo! Miyuki's haterid No.1 in Shirakawa, recently. Thus, she yelled, with her singing mode. "MIDORIKAWA, the No.1 wrongdoing Company in Shirakawa, failed!!! Alzheimer driving! RED is go for them! Alzheimer Company No.1 even in Shirakawa, Midorikawa is!!!", three times!!!

Miyuki remembered a guy, who was so talkative, and good at speaking, fluent and rapid, and categorized as mentally illed, and was obliged to work for social benefitted group. In the bus to and from KYORIN versity, the guy and his team mates appeared in front of Miyuki. For Miyuki, not so different from us, versity pupils and Miyuki herself, why they are categorized as intelectually challenged?, type strange existance.

They got off in the middle between HACHIOJI Station and KYORIN versity, near 道の駅 or drive-in campus.

The guy, fluently told, with correct Japanese gramatically. However, he had a habit to speak the same frase three times. A bit strange, however, not so harmful. More team leader type, with adjection function, he played during the bus riding.

Probably, he can't speak slow, and for others understanding, he needs to speak three times. His choice. Speaking slowly or with normal speed, OR speaking as he likes with quicker speed and with three times of repetition. And he chose the latter.

Miyuki frequented to take the bus for 12 years. And on the 13th years, the system change. The buses to KYORIN would not stop on where they needed to get off.

They are the same members: 1.He, the spead talker, 2. White big Clare like lady, 3. Black robust American type, 4.(Chousuke IKARIYA + SEYA, his ex-pupil) ÷ 2, with Showanian Idols photographs.

For them, presumably, "Who is this strange always going to versity students? Older than normal pupils, and more than 10 years, she leans in the versity! Strange...", Miyuki presumed.

For her, not attackable is enough. At first, Miyuki got afraid, because sometimes, who couldn't recognize correctly, like challenged intellectually, would attack abruptly. Her image of the attacker is 大川周明 or Shuumei OOKAWA, an ex-A class criminal of WAR II, who attacked 東条英機 or Hideki TOUJOU, who sat beside him, on the bench. OOKAWA was said, mentally illed and suffering from syphilis. Exists the video tape of the scene, and Miyuki watched it with her room mate, Izumi SATO, a cute tiny time, and OKINO's closest friend, in the documentary called 東京裁判 or Tokyo Marshal Court.

Audience blew, watching the scene, and Miyuki got shocked. Oh, such a mad dog leaded the army and the government of Japan, during WWII???!!!!

IDIOCRACY, it is, in fact. Before laughing, Miyuki got appalled. Too much. Japan was fated to lose, from the begining. Shame. International Court. He did it. Just like a 吉本新喜劇 or YOSHIMOTO-SHIN-KIGUEKI, or New Comedy Theater YOSHIMOTO, OOKAWA hit the head of TOUJOU, suddenly, without any reason, and TOUJOU, with a big shock like Miyuki, showed his big wonder, and touched his hand to the attacked bold head, and gazed the face of OOKAWA.

Weak laugh, Miyuki did, as the continuation of appalling. To watch this scene, Miyuki came, Miyuki really thought.

Indian laywer accepted some of Japanese side's opinion, was the message of the film, yes. however, for Miyuki, the ideological leader was just a syphilis suffering idiot, was big discovery. For this idiots, so many people were killed. Exists????

Now, in Shirakawa, the similar situation happens. IDIOCRACY in the final stage. RED for going, with a car for professional use. MIDORIKAWA vanished, immediately.

The company is located near this area, so near Gymnastic Park, where Miyuki frequents to go to.

And the company was Buddist Funeral goods only shop, when Miyuki was a kindergardener, and then, Furniture. No Consumer shop, it was. Miyuki remembers that IZUMI-san said so many times, "Furniture are so stable, thus, for this old village, no consumer exists. Why they can survive? Too strange!", and this is the common opinion among the three, IZUMI-san, MAKIKO and Miyuki.

And recently, they enhanced the furniture section so wider, and put other sections like Eldery Care, Health Controll service, Training Gym, the office for consulting job for total life care service, and cramschool for junior high pupils. Almost all of service, they wanted to provide to gain money. However, no man's land, Shirakawa is. how they gain the money, was Miyuki's so so primitive question.

One day, Miyuki found a municipality organized festival, they provided the used sofa with orange colour as a prize, as newly produced one. Exists??? Miyuki got appalled again. HAAAA????, Miyuki's always so so natural sound or voice, ejected after such kind of big shocking, and in Moriko's case, "The world is ending." or 世も末 or Yo-Mo-SUE.

So so shocking. And how we could put up with this situation! For the van driver of MIDORIKAWA, indifferent from the colour of the signal, "I want to go, thus, I go!" only world. IDIOCRACY, in the level of reality!!!

At first, he tried to go, ignoring Miyuki's existance, and Miyuki, who gazed the car with her accusing mode so intensively, then he stopped, abruptly, near Miyuki's body, and waited for Miyuki's crossing, yes, however, immediately after Miyuki's reaching the counter pedestrian deck, the car started, ignoring the red signal.

Miyuki turned to see the scene, because for her, the sound of the starting was unbelievable. And when Miyuki turned, he ran quickly in front of Miyuki, appalled at the deck, without recognizing the colour of the signal.

No sign for Alzheimer patients, probably. "I can feel, if it is dangerous. Thus, I can drive. I don't care any signal at all!" would be their remarks, presumably.

It stopped yes, because Miyuki gazed. And stopped in the gus station. However, for them, excuse was, "I just wanted to enter into the campus of gus station. She disturbed my way. She should be accused." Probably.

Alzheimer enhancing, is devastation. Miyuki does know well so much. Miyuki, as a human being, understand the enhancing mode. Thus, she likes to take advantage of this totally positive active mode. Exists some nasy enhancing mode, yes, however, for Miyuki, let's take advantage of this amusing atomosphare, if it were not harmful!

Thus, after ending her important mission called Case Mountain Dove, Miyuki needed a bit of change, and tried her new agriculture job enhancing. and failed. The reason? Satans attacked.

Worse than she imaged. The low percentage of conception in Japan is so reasonable. Natural cause of satanic attacking. And the result? No Man's Land. Oh, Cart Vonegatt! Garapagos' Ark, it was called.

Dyoxine, it was called. However, not only essence, but also plural essences, it is composed of. Thus, Miyuki needed to have a treatment up to conceive two kids. From August of 1998 to January of 2002, it continued. Gained, yes. However, only two, under the system. Not sufficient, of course!!!

Thus, now, Miyuki is producing more and more. Sometimes, without knowing, Miyuki produces. So rare, without knowing, Carli yelled. However, this is the fact. And Miyuki already recognized that any guys would be lellgitamated, if they were rightous. Thus, so many SATOWs here and there. Don't need to choose my name, at all, however, in case of necessity or preference, you can use, as you like!

Only rightous is her requisite. And her financial and factual limit. Poor and thrifty. Thus, independent guys, please!

Only? Only. Thus, OK, without knowing. For it, enhance they, so much. Almost all of them are Miyuki's rightous brothers. Thus, if they like, can be Miyuki's ligittimate kids. Older than Miyuki? OK. No problem!

For her, not at all! Liggetimate, yes. however, so many? Why not????

She is so easy goer, and probably it would be fine to know her unknown kids...!Who are you? Your kid! Oh, sorry, I don't know it! And what is your name? I am Wild Hare Weed SATOW. Oh, good name! I liked it!

"What is your name?" is the name of the movie, satans newly are showing on the road show. Miyuki's presumption was so so collect. The couple, both boy and girl, suffer from Alzheimer disease, and forget their names each other. Mutual forgetfulness! Oh, BINGO!!!

And Miyuki already encountered with the fenomenum in the campus of AOYAMA Gakuin Versity. Exist such kind of couples, already did.

thus, not so queer story, in Japan. And Miyuki's laughing version of "What is your name, my kid?" would be a big hit in the universe!!! So so many. Thus, it's difficult to know. Not remember. Just even getting to know is difficult. Unknown forever type, also exist. Don't need to meet. Just I wanted to put her name, and what is ligitemacy? Anyway, to put SATOW, the ligetimacy is necessity, Thus, I turned to be her kid. I am rightous, and independent, thus, I am qualified. The guy insisted, and Miyuki's reply you like! Thank you for being my kid and put my precious name on you, Wild Hare Weed SATOW!!!

For Miyuki, growing up is a good thing. Anyway, being bigger. The developping process. Legs, for example.

And for Alex, not at all. Getting bigger is fearful and don't want to be bigger any more. FAT should be reduced, yes.

And Miyuki's reply is fainful for others. Alex is sufficiently big, they yelled. What do you mean???

Alex should be independent. yes. And he doesn't want to be so. Thus, no choice. Vanishing, is waiting for you!

For Miyuki, laughing. And for him, not so much. Against any movement, he wants to be bigger???

Developping, not getting taller or fatter. Rather psychologically, or mentally. Just, "Don't be a dull boy" is the rightous meaning. Dull means anti-productive. Doing better is the real meaning. Each guy should chose some special areas to contribute for others. Being independent is not "Be isolated" at all. Be useful to others, is the meaning. Others include Plants and Animals. For satans, not at all!! Don't be used for satans, is the real sense of being big!

Indulged boy, you are now. Thus, you would be punished, soon. The degradation process is so fast. You would be like YUKARI soon. Your idol Auntie No.1. Like her, is your hope, as always, and she is the model of you in the near future. Be prepared for your final day, Alex. Your vanishing is near.

Miyuki bought a big grapefruit came from South Africa, under the name of big company Sunkist. Ruby type. It was no seed type, without discription. Miyuki bought it for seeds, not to eat. Thus, before opening the fruit, Miyuki asked Clare, "After I cut the grapefruit, do you want to eat it?" And she said, "yes" and Miyuki cut it, and found that it was seedless. Dissapointment, yes. She found some tiny traces of seeds, and picked them up, and put them into the pot, praying that this fatus turning to be trees. Difficult, probably, however, anyway, fetus. Thus, exists some possibility. Thus, Miyuki tried.

The grapefruit was bought at BENIMARU-YOKOMACHI. Clare said, "In these days, no guys want to eat fruits with seeds." and Miyuki's reply was, "I want."

And Miyuki, after this happening, went to WASHIO, and there, she bought a Valencia Orange from Australia.

After comming back home, Miyuki asked Clare, "Do you want to eat an orange? I will try the same, now with orange." And Clare responded, "Yes."

Thus, Miyuki opened, and found that it is totally seedless. No trace of seeds type.

For Japan, non seed type only, probably, big orange providing companies decided. And the result.

Japanese consumers are so idol to dislike the existance of seeds. Thus, we suppliers would produce the fruits for their line. And the result. Seedless or anti-conceptional body, Japanese gained.

Good for not wanting kid type. however, for wanting kid type, no chance at all!
Seed eating age, Miyuki was in. Thus, Miyuki could produce the two kids. And one of them is more DDMic type.

Insectcide effects on human body, we all presumed. And fruits seedless materials worked in the same line. Convenience, they chose, and the result is No Man's Land.

Exist kids skin bag holders, yes. However, they are so old, in body and soul. Oh, ugly bitches they are, already! Miyuki really thought, yesterday.

She was in AEON, on the second floor. There, special event for kids in BON holidays was. And Miyuki was making errand near in US$1 shop called "Can Do".

A narrator, without Shirakawan dialect, started her presentation, in Micchiku only complement non-wit mode, and the song "Ladezky March" started. Why this famous for bis of New year Concert of Wien Philharmony Orchestra on 2nd of January is played?, Miyuki got astonished. And then, too too slow childish play, Miyuki heard.

Miyuki almost fainted, with her leggs crossed like ANIME Miku HATSUNE. Heta-Heta...

Miyuki remembered that when she was in the kindergarden, she played the music called "London Post". Quick, rhysmical, in a minor tone. "Anyway, haste!" was necessity for kids presentation. They can't put up with slowness. Even not so skillful, they liked to play the rapid type music.

IKKYO kids are so slow. And not good at playing. Always sleeping, in their baby period. Playing so quiet even in kids park. The parents always accuse them, "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiii. Stay silent!", and they obey their instruction. Stupid parents and idiots kids world, Miyuki really thinks, and sighs, "They are not kids. Just a skin bag. They are old satans. Too too tired to live."

Miyuki recognized the reason of the skewedly set signal for pedestrians at the cross near ex-JUUJIYA, actual erotic satans night clubs building, and OGATA musical sinstrument shop. Just a high roof car or a damp track hit it, and the police don't care at all. Faked police do only village round monitoring job, without knowing shat is police power at all.

Japanese governing system doesn't function. We are under Plants rule. We yelled so many times, however, satans ignored it, and they do wrong even now. Thus, no measure except vanishing.

For precarious use, they asked. And now, permanent mode, they are. Shirakawa satans are so so persistent, and now, the already left Shirakawa type returned under the name of OBON or 盂蘭盆会.

Miyuki recognized that in BENIMARU-Mega-Stage, so many "elder guys feel nostargy of their youth" type sweets were on parade. Miyuki remembered some of them were provided by her grand mother in her father's side, called Iku. And Miyuki disliked them. Not tasty. Hard. Colourful, yes. However, not delicious, thus, she didn't eat.

For OBON, why this generation was targetted?, was Miyuki's big question. Probably, this age would be now 100 years over. Why now only for the generation?

And in the same supermarket, Miyuki found that strange description that "the cherish for the New BON only". It means that so many figures died during a year, up to do super advertisement for the diceased figures, because New BON means some guy died from the last August, 2016 up to now,only.

And so many spaces are used for BON cereblation corners, in each supermarket. Why?

And Alzheimer patients can't remember how to celebrate OBON in the formality, thus, even in rural area, the explanation is needed. Each local has its own tradition of selebrating events, was Japanese character of OBON, up to several years ago. Now, no one knows, thus, they adopt their own strange integrated mode with their own strange integrated mode.

According to their strange new habit, OBON's cherish would be decorated on the special black and red small alter, just like 雛祭り or female kids' festival called HINA-MATSURI.

And Miyuki found many packages of ポチ袋 or POCHI-BUKURO, which are commonly used for New Year's Money given from adults for kids only, were at the corner of OBON special. Oh, newly appearing habit! OBON is for died guys, Miyuki thought, however, for giving money to kids? Or, the diceised kids want money at OBON?, now Miyuki got in question.

Distinctively Colourful, the cherish is. Not Japanese taste, expecially rural type, not at all. In which country we are in?, Miyuki got astonished at their strange confusion. Universal OBON? Satanic INFERNO produces New Style of OBON celebration, to enjoy the infernal life?

YAMAZAKI, the big bakery company in Japan, produced dried sweets of 5 colours, made of wheat and sugar. The company is following the rule of demand, probably. And they supply according to the satans' requirement.

Non traditional, however, this type is used commonly now, would be the correct answer. Probably, Japanese satans are already Alzheimer in the so so progressed mode. Forgetful, anyway. And now, here and there, just laughing mode, without any amusement.

Satanic laughing is admission. They want to avoid the nasty failure, however, they couldn't. In this case, they want to conceal the fact. Thus, they laugh. Among them, OK. However, hearing their conversation, so so illogical and skewed. Thus, they were revealed that they had done big errors, consecutively.

Just doing it fenomenum, because they don't know except doing it. Amusing, and repetition, without prevention. Thus, fetus or kids. And them, both, are fated to be killed. Satanic life vicious circle. Only insurance worked.

No one can be survived, they yelled. And Gods' Ordial. And Miyuki is ready to be killed by satans???? They can't. By impulse, they want, yes. However, forgetful. Thus, during the process, they forget what they are doing.

YUKARI is forgetful, is enough for others. And for Miyuki, Alzheimer, it should be called correctly. "Alzheimer Shirkawans!" Miyuki yelled so many times, repeatedly. A kind of ritual for Miyuki. And now?

Another job, would be fine. After Mount Dove Case, UMAMACHI Case would be suitable. Fetus and kids, and eldery, probably was targetted to be killed, and their way was so rough, thus, here and there, bones and skeltons, on the surfice of the earth.

Carcium, probably. And chell chalk effects so much for the courtyard, to conceal the fact. Rain absorbing product, it was. And smooth to be used. And it worked as ash! Oh, I have several common chalk! For narishing?

Not so much. To easen the acid rain's effect. Try to some product. They would put up with Miyuki's whitening powder. Shell, only type would be fine.

硫酸カルシウム and sometimes with Burnt 石膏, they said. NO4 Calcium, and masonary use cement...

Not fine at all. Thus, gift for kids. For road precarious painting, it would be fine.

If Miyuki gains a suficient site, she would use them. Or, in case of party, for playing or decorating. Chinkoro wants to write his instruction in each language. Good!

In the veranda, they wanted to paint. However, it was prohibitted. Why? Childish, was their answer. Oh, "Old lady like" is their mode, yes! They like to damage others' beauty, just it. Jealousy, they has! Inferior complex. Thus, avoid their existance, is the rightous answer.

By impulse, they start to attck, thus, dangerous. Keep distant from them is also rightous answer. When they start to show their frustration, Miyuki runs away. Alz's attacking. They should commit suicide!!!

A patch was OK, Miyuki agreed. And now, more field was used. It should be fine to be used, because no product was there. And begged accordance, and offered 1/10 of hervest as the rent. Any tax was 10%, should be fine, for human beings, however, the skewed system started when they changed the percentage. Confusional, and not so technically correct. Just the measure to trap dilligent workers.

Miyuki recognized the weak point of Accumulating Tax system, namely, for poor, less or none, while for rich, more or max.

Any guy doesn't want to pay, however, to establish good society, tax is necessity. Any scholar thought and taught like that. And now? Only dilligent workers should pay tax, while satans, nothing at all!