Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (190)

2017-08-06 23:19:28 | 日記
Quick News! Look this site!

NTT OCN cervice put the advertisement of War Catapilor on their public site! Oh, now in Japan, armed forces' catapilors are on sale for any private guys! Terrible!

Once Miyuki watched on Route 289, and took a picture. Now, it is openely recognized. Idiocracy has no bottom. Just stupidity only. Like Antonio Carlos Jobim's Black Orpheus.

And NTT changed the advertisement, soon after Miyuki's quick news. Now, melancholic disease's advertisement. Neuro inducing system or rather neuro reading system is even now in function.

Alzheimer patients forgot that what is the excuse of her hospitalization. The result! All satans have one only neuro system. Thus, any guy should know only one fact immediately. However, they are suffering from Alzheimer disease, thus, their neuro system is not even now.

rottening system works! NISHIMO yelled! Only one guy is sufficient, the satanic team thought. And now, not at all. Why these cheapish Jasons here and there in Shirakawa???

BSE Mad Dog type only world. Thus, they can split, and they can't manage anything at all. After the vestival, they forgot what to do. MEBA-TOMBE. They need to eat each other, as BBQ party!

Alzheimer patients, they are! Thus, so nasty to induce them to go to INFERNO. Total vanishing, as obligation. No recognition, all OK! We should dispose them all! We need to execute total vanishing of satans!!

British Flag dissertation, Miyuki did, and in the end, only one throw of her hands. With two pointing fingures only, or 浣腸 or KANCHOU, or "Evacuation inducing fingures pose!" Miyuki took.

They like to show their ass hole to others. Ealier, only female, rural old bitches only. Recently, also old male courtyard job doers also!!!

They want to be raped pose, probably! And also, caused by their sticky body. For them, nasty evacuation situation. Go to INFERNO!!!

地獄にお引越し or Moving to INFERNO was liked by satans, before. And 実家に戻る or Return to Homeland is also their preference. The same!

Mary-Lin the fur, come back to us forver! While satans, never come back! Sean!!! Cherly?

Chirly Sean's salary is 10 times cheaper was said in Japan. Because he was latin type, and he was an action star. Clare liked him so much. Why action star was cheap? Ask to Shinichi CHIBA!

The reason...They can's pay the money. Action Studio, he established. New hope was Shinichi SANADA, and MAKIKO liked him so much. Miyuki understood it so much. However, for her, CHIBA is more her line, or easy to imitate type.

Miyuki encountered with difficulty to find human mates for the object of doing it. Because Miyuki's system is difficult for standard human figure type.

If she encounters with some superior guys in any field, Miyuki felt some conpetition spirit. In case of so so far away from its ability, Miyuki is just admiring it, as a kind of aim attain standard model, and starts her imitation job, to make her better to get near their lebel.

In case of some so slight difference, she targets the guy as just a rival. In case, OK, I will win in the game, in the near future like declaration, she does.

Thus, action star, she wants to be now. Thus, em-tai. Now mai-tai...drink like Blue Hawaii...Sorry, I thought just M+Tai...And her mamory confused the sport and alchool drink. Similar, so much. In this case, happens so much.

Obliquo, Obsequio, Election, erection, Iran, Iwan, Madam, Adam, and so on. similar, even in the meaning...It is difficult to separate the conceptions. Thus, confusion...

After some training, it would be better. Always she tries to be cool, however, fails...Training, thus, more errors. Accumulated arrors make you natural diamond...Not head. Personality in a whole.

Miyuki should be brushed up more and more. You are smelly now. After sticky rain, they caught nasty smell. Shit like smell. Terrible!

Miyuki found the urine related product inside the sticky rain, in case of causing cool down.

And today, in KAWACHI drugstore in Shiwamachi, Miyuki found numerous products to kill us with big damage. More than 500 products were sold in Shirakawa. Easy and quick, and cheap. Thus, Pyong yang type used.

And according to the discription, "non smelly" "harmless" "Only for targetted insects or plantes" products. Terrible! Lies and lies. And Alzheimer patients can't doubt the errorneous discreption. Thus, the producing companies, logistics, selling facilities, related guys all, should be punished!!! Judicial figures are juicy! We all yelled! And Miyuki likes the flavour!! Tasty and fruitful! This is legal study!

Yoshimitsu AOYAMA should be killed by satans, probably! Fruitful result for us all!

Miyuki's so primitive image on judicial figure was caught when she was in primary school.

She was walking on the street, probably MOTOMACHI or NAKAMACHI, and watched an advirtisement on an electric pole. It was written, "XX 医療法人" or XX judicial figure of medical service".

What's it? Miyuki got in wonder. 人 is Hito, human figure. Understandable. And Law is 法. Some kind of hospital or clinic's advertisement, yes. Then, some collective group, probably.

In her mind, an illustration was made...a many human figures in a body. And later, when she was in high school, she found the real illustration on this line. The illustration was on the photo of Hobbes's work Revithan's cover. Oh, monstrous figure, yes!!!

However, at that time, she didn't recognize the effect or merit of this monstrous figure. Nasty intamable existance, fierce beast, it would be!

And found that "Oh, my image is not so far from the reality! Real cruel nasty beast! However, so so useful as enemy. For us, not so much. however, in case of war, good to deal with this guy called judicial figure!!!"

Thus, AOYAMA regrets so much...The result...the the counterpart, not for friend type use is the rightous answer...It was the top secret of the field...Thus, even Miyuki, who is not good at civil procedural law, could understand the contents....

Law is not my strongpoint, was Miyuki's regret, after her entering into faculty of law. Strange...I am rather abstract conception lovers, and so logical type. Efficiency calculation is my strongpoint. however, why I can't understand these professors' remarks at all? Too too long, their remarks all, and tricky! The worse is, always, "Principle, Exception, Principle, Exceptin, Principle, Exception..." Thus, witch is witch, is important. however, they don't show us the reason of the categrization between principle or exception. Thus, as they like type attitude.

And Nobuo HIRAI said clearly at this point, "Civil Law's role is just balancing. As you like, in short." And at that moment, Miyuki didn't know that his "as you like" means "We follow Micchiku's choice" at all...

For her, Micchiku world didn't exist at all. Love affair for money? Only prostitution should be called for her. Family for money? Kids selling business, it would be!

Micchiku world is like that. Pyong Yang Style!!!

Existance of Party of Liberal Democrats was a big mistery for us all. The name is contradiction, already. however, their final aim is changing of the constituion for more feudal way. Why wrongdoers in public could say so, under the constitutional system? just criminals. Big crime called Counter-Revolution, or Betrayal of State Pledge, they had committed in public, officially.

The only one party system, pragmatically. Like Mexico, it was explained. However, in Mexico, PRI is for Constitution. They want to maintain their constituion. Contrary to PRI, Japanese Party of Iiberal Democrats, wants change the constitution, from the begining of the establishment of this party.

Idiot illogical gag, yes. however, many Japanese supported this party, only because they wanted to be richer. Thus, MICCHIKU party. Thus, satans, in short. Thus, Alzheime also.

In the end, incest, in this party's case. ABE did it, with some kins. Oh, ABE, you could? Miyuki thought that he were impotent! Thus, no kid between Akiko...

Miyuki got to know that he could do it! Oh, he had spermatosoide??? Seeds of kids in his Testacles???

Miyuki laught at his impotence, because he looked so downward. No IQ, or rather minus IQ, who could not enter even into Knocked Out KO versity, and the third generation from Shintaro ABE, and KISHI, Eisaku SATO, or long erotic nose holders all of them were! Oh, satanic nose!!!

For them all, pride of tribe! Oh, understandable! Eroticism only! Pride is shame for us. For them...Eroticism. Jorge Bataille. Probaby Miyuki bought it. Expensive, however, holding this type of the bodks already signifies that "We are different from others, plain guys!" And Tatsuhiko SHIGUSAWA was read so much when she was young. Easy to read, and to be snob, good materials!!!

Miyuki bought a lot of SHIBUSAWA's short books. Eiichi is your relative?

Miyuki got astonished at this career. Just a Saitama's farmer's son, and no sense of business at all type. Why he could turn to be the founder of Central Bank of Japan? The reason is he got married with a rich girl...

Hapsburg. Thus, they are so ugly. The lips and chins are distinctively contrary to the standard model.

Thus long nose would be the same significance. and only relationship of financial matter type. Thus, the most rotten version. Thus, so stupid. And died in front of foreign viewers, in Rio de Janeiro. Sitting pose in Mario Brother's Staffed Pijama appeared in August, 2016, and Miyuki watched so much on the photo. Prime Minister visited Rio Olimpic to do it! Toilet Ambassador! TOTO paid for it, probably! And "Oh, TAKAHARA! The same pose! More squat version, ABE's pose is, yes! However, anyway, sitting in Japanese style toilet type!"

As tax payer, Miyuki got upset, however, as an appreciator of the illogical gags of IDIOCRACY like Petronius of Empire of Rome, Miyuki liked so much the photo.

He went to be comtemted with his own jet plane! Shame exposer! Exhibitionist!!! yacult like Miyuki's developped version! Anyway, audacious!!! And naughty boys are so nasty for satans!!!

Good boy's story, "Foot Loose" is...Miyuki's impression got others confused. Rightous, yes. However, not naughty the protagonist Kevin. Leader, serious and good at phisical movemnt. Young uncle type is fated to be called country potato boys...

They yelled. Nose upward type. Like Alex...Clare's nose was horizontally upward, or the contrary of 八 or eight, in Japanese, when she was born. And now, more standard type. His? Rather common upward type, like Maryline Monroe...

Pretty upward nose club, they wanted to make. And now, only he remained. Pretty means look cute for others. Thus, go to clinic!!! Or, to be killed!!!

Not at all. Not because of impossibility causing suicide type. They believed that Japanese clinic could do plastic surgery so well. Oh, they believed? Stupid. Alzheimer, they are!!!

Miyuki did know well that YUKARI did it? For Miyuki, her upper lip looked like a long vertical line, or dark ditch, when Miyuki watched her in April near the big cross.

She always conceals her face, with her downward eyes. Thus, Miyuki didn't see her face in datail. And Miyuki doesn't want to watch it not at all. Just nasty spooky, should be cut type head she has. It's enough for Miyuki.

And for them all, just the same. She obliged Alex to come to the office to open the door by Miyuki??? Another bunch of keys exists. Why she didn't want to use it?

She asked Alex to do so, at first, and he refused. And then, she climed to his chamber, and said, "I want to use the toilet. You should talk to Miyuki, because she is inside. "???

She has a bunch of keys yes. However, she didin't want to use it at all, because Miyuki should open the door???

Miyuki was not obliged to open the door at all. Why YUKARI thinks that Miyuki should do so???

Unneffective and anti-productive, however, she thought and she insisted. Alzheimer should be shot, and go to inferno.

Alzheimer she is. All of them yelled. And she has no choice. She needs to go to treatment. She should be killed now, exactly. Mad dog, yes.

She went mad, no way to escape from her opinion. The same of Orange Towl. They just yell, "I hate you, stupid!" and threaten us with their violence. The same. Mentally illed, and the bosses don't take a measure against these mad dogs!

Thus YUKARI should be disposed. Anymore, not at all! She was beyond the limit. Why we were obliged to go to the office of Miyuki's locking system? YUKARI said, "Miyuki should be shot, thus, she should open the door, every moment."

Thus, only YUKARI and HARUMI should be killed. They should be shot, for their own reason. They are Alzheimer illusionists, both.

Thus, YUKARI should sleep earlier than usual, to get up early to open the door for other satans. They like Miyuki to be killed by other satans.

Thus, after taking a shower, Miyuki will sleep well.

Crazy Alzheimer ladies, they are! The mad dog takes the same attitude.

VANISH! DDMs!! Ugly BUSU bitches, you are!!!

Go to INFERNO, satans! INFERNO is only place you belong to!!!

From Cyborg 009, with Big LOVE!!!


Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (188)

2017-08-06 20:02:05 | 日記
06/08/2017 (Sunday, evening) Now, satans are doing their fire works in KOMINE Castle park, namely MEGA-TOMBE!

Miyuki came back from her short trip arround the nasty village called Shirakawa.

They held a summer festival, at Gymnastic hall in the morning, then, at Station front Park in the early afternoon, and then, on the main road, doing their bon dance in Japanese Pijama called YUKATA, and as the final ending, fire works.

For Miyuki, it's a nasty disasters consecutively day, today.

After eating salty sardines, two, with squeezed lemmon juice, and almost half package of 1 little of milk, Miyuki left the house, and feeling thirsty, she entered into Benimaru-Yokomachi.

And at the eat-in corner, there were a lot of figures already, waiting for the show. When Miyuki appeared, immediately, Orange Towel Mad Dog, appared in the fourth time, yelled to her, like that:

"You, foreigner, stupid! You don't know manner! I hate you! I will hit you! "

All of the audience there kept silent. Thus, Miyuki ignored all of them, and said in English, "Racist, he is! And all of them allow his wrongdoings. He is violent now! No one accuses him at all! They should be punished, all in a body!" And she took a cup of green tea from the tea serving machine.

Mad dog's team mate came to Miyuki, saying, "You should not push the botton more than once!" ???

For Miyuki, already pushed once, and it didn't work, thus, she pushed several times. Thus, this Alzheimer doesn't know the system of tea serving machine at all, Miyuki felt really so, and ignored him also, and took the tea, and left the nasty corner, immediately.

They chased Miyuki, in the entrance of the supermarket, thus, Miyuki got out from another exit. The mad dog appeared soon after Miyuki's leaving in the entrance, and tried to chase Miyuki. Terrible! "He is mentally illed!" Miyuki yelled also, and turned the direction quickly!!!

For them, Miyuki should be punished, probably. Reason? Just this mad dog hates her. Young students faked also so many, almost 10 figures, were watching the show. Almost 20 figures of audience type show, they realized.

Why so many satans came to gain some cheapish reward from the superiors. They were called from INFERNO, and they should be obliged to whole day parties, held in the different places, day and night, incessantly.

Miyuki went to gymnastic park, and did her training in the kids park. And strange fenomenum she found. Inside the hall, there was a basketball competition held, however, most of them were outside the hall, and just did BLA-BLA-BLA among them.

Soon, the number of them reduced. And strangely to say, infants in the park were so many, compared with weekdays.
The pool was filled with infants only.

and in the kids park, Miyuki heard a strange yell done by a faked mother. She said to her faked only 3 years old boy, "How shame! Your way of throwing the ball is totally different!" ???

for kids, chasing a ball is enough. However, this faked mother required him to throw correctly in the adults way. Strange Alzheimer mother, she is!, Miyuki really sighed.

Probably she played the role with more older kids, earlier, and now, she can't change at all. Standard mode, they repeat, thus so strange and nasty.

This evening, Miyuki passed through in fron of an old male bag, who concealed beside the electric pole, and said to Miyuki, "Pass in front of me, take care! Slowly!", with his hands' sigh.

For Miyuki, just ignorance. Miyuki disliked his way, and wispered in the softest way, "Go to inferno, Alzheimer patients!"

Probably, he were hired as this type of passengers passing job, like in front of construction site. And with uniform, he did like that, and today, in his casual wear, he showed his proof of Alzheimer disease. They can't change their habit at all! Standard mode only type.

And Miyuki recognizes now that electric pole had been a concealing place for rapists like him. He caught the infants like that. In Miyuki's case, as a big naughy boy, he couldn't do it. However, for tiny infants, it was so so easy, Miyuki presumed.

神隠し or KAMIKAKUSHI, it was called. In direct translation is, "Gods concealed the kid". Under the name of gods, Alzheimer disease holders did it to infants. Pederasty, in short. In Japan, this tradition has been allowed for almost more than 2000 years. Two thousand years of shameless pederasty. Garcia Marques wants to write his new novel!!!

Thus, 千と千尋の神隠し, or Concealed by Gods, Shen and Chihiro, was titled. Old erotic satans' world, SEN and CHIHIRO got trapped, and her family didn't know it, up to the reappearance of CHIHIRO.

So many times, they trapped, and the families and relatives said all OK to the wrongdoers. Nasty, however, for them, a kind of seeds of cherish. We can gain a bit from this disaster, was the rightous answer for them all!!!

Miyuki was never told to study at all, in her school days in Shirakawa. And she was never worried about her late comming home at all. She could read clock, and always came back in the certain hour. Thus, never worried about by her parents. For Miyuki, better than interference. Why Miyuki's parents were so earger to interfare to her kids' lives?

Shirakawa is not suitable place for their education. And they both dislikes any educational system. Me too. And Miyuki gained so many points from them.

Miyuki's existance itself is a mistery for Shirkawan residents. Why she is here? Who this nasty foreinger is? Why she likes to accuse us all? Why she is so nice to watch our degraded society? Why they talk on incest, Pyong yang Style, Fat hip bitches, Faked families, Alzheimer diseases, so much? Nasty words on parade, from her mouth. Why she is existing even now? Why she is free from any accusation, even after delivering these prohibitted words?

Because she is not satan. Just it! She is protected by us all! Thus, she can accuse satans, using the taboo words.

They can't understand how they are degraded. They think that they are so good buys, probably. Thus, accusing them is a kind of blasfamia, probably, subjectively.

Today, Miyuki was attacked by two female bitch Clerks, in AEON and at Benimaru-Yokomachi.

At AEON, Miyuki tried to by an icecreme bar, however, at the casher, she changed her mind. The price was wrong. And she remembered her nasty experience in the same site. Two bitch clerks appeared in turn, and the second fat bitch clerk said, audaciously, "Today, especially for you, I will price down this product!", as if she were doing some good work. Thus, Miyuki did the same. Just put the icecreme bar on the casher, and left the site.

Then, immediately, a nasty clerk came to her so quickly! Miyuki didn't watch her speedy shift. She came to her back, and touched by her finger, saying, "Oh, my consumer! My consumer!" in so rotten clerk like way with foreign intonation!

Thus, Miyuki yelled, "She touched me! She touched me! How violent!" and dashed outside to protect her body.
In the middle of her dashing, Miyuki recognized two SARUSHI men, walking inside the building. Oh, responsibles! You were infromed by Miyuki, the nasty consumer no.1 of Shirakawa area, thus, your responsibility. Thus, Micchiku related should be punished harshly again, including total vanishing, of course!

In the second floor, she already did her "Reporter Karmit, reports the reality of bitch prostituion in Shirakawa", in her live version. So many, "I found it! I found it! Eureika!" including during the live reporting job. Oh, I turned to be a cupid of love affair in this village! Mary-Lin the fur, flying, like a cupid!!!! Flaffy cute boy is now negociating your special requirement with your liking bitches. Price is all US$70 per 30 minutes, except OMONI type, in this case, just US$30 per 30 minutes.

For free, mutual prostitution would work. Miyuki and Karmit, already watched the system in Shibuya, Tokyo. Thus, it worked so much. Innovation, and popular in Tokyo, is super killer words for both of them.

Shibuya is sacred place for Pyong Yang Tribe now. AOYAMA GAKUIN power is explosive in Shirakawa now. Thus, it worked. And they admitted the mutual prostitution system, so easily. No money system, yes. Thus, MICCHIKU life is fittable!

And the second case happened at 18:30 at BENIMARU-Yokomachi. She wanted to check the situation after the disaster caused by the mad dog.

After the first encounter with him, he has never worn Orange Waffle Towel JINBEI or summer casual wear for kid boys only. yes, he appeared with JINBEI, every time, however, always with white type only now. Strange. Why he stopped to wear Orange JINBEI???

Miyuki was buying a package of petit tomatoes at US$0.6. She was now only 2 cents in her wallet. She came here to check it above, thus, she had no necessity to buy it. however, only US$0.62 in her wallet, thus, she wanted to use it as much as possble usefully to nurtrish her body.

She tried to pay in the automatic casher, at first. However, this machinery didn't recognize the price at all. Thus, Miyuki thought that "Up to machinery, Alzheimer disease is suffered from." Immediately, plump big hip short clerk dashed into Miyuki, and said to her, "Something wrong, Madam?"

Miyuki ignored her entirely, wispering, "I hate you, BUSU bitches!"

And she chaged the machine to the next one. And tried as the same. And the same thing happened. Thus, she yelled, "Oh, machinery is in Alzheimer disease. Confirmed!" And then, this stupid machine started to function. Recognized the price. Anyway, she could buy it.

Why BUSU bitches are earger to sell their unnecessary so called kindness? Muck selling business, they are doing!

And AEON's case, it would be fatal for us all! If the bitch put her UV gas on her back, it would be a site of assasine, easily. The two guys would praise her as the saver of the satanic world!

The same as Kim Jon Nam's murder. From the back, was their technic. Amphetamine and UV gas were both used.

When Miyuki came to the corner of Supermarket of AEON in the first floor, a fat tester of some food product provider yelled for her, "Don't you want to eat this one?" in her pussy diceipt voice. Thus, Miyuki ignored her completely. Beside her, two clerks were doing their BLA-BLA-BLA business, and watched Miyuki's ignorance. Thus, they were three team mates. The half of 6 figure squad.

Thus, golden half! Miyuki recognized. Eva, Maria and Emma, Golden Half's mambers' name. Why 3 girls are half? Now the reason was resolved. They should be 6, however, foreigners in American way were so few, among Japanese understanding type. Thus only 3. Thus, golden blond ladies in half squad. Oh, Kim's team!!!

Only US$3, how Miyuki can survive? Miyuki furnished her tiny stomach with two sardines and milk in the morning, and brought a canned coconut milk in her bag, and drank it at Benimaru-showamachi,as lunch, and at late afternoon, she bought four bars of Fish cake in a package at BENIMARU-showamachi, and ate there, and bought a carton of milk at KAWACHI-Showamachi, for her dinner and breakfast of tomorrow, and in the end, she ate a package of petit pomatoes at Benimaru-Yokomachi.

For her, fish cake is avoidable food. However, Miyuki remembered that if she put horse raddish, it turns to be a delicious snack. Thus, she took 4 small packages of hourse raddish for free, and put lot on each bar, and felt good, and started to make her home made fish cake.

Not so difficult. If Miyuki would gain so many fish, first she would eat in row condition. The best answer, of course. Then, she separate it in two use. One for semi-dried fish. A kind of smoked fish type. Delicious and so good at SAKE and rice.

And another part should be milled manually of in machine, which all depends, and put so small amount of salt, and make cakes manualy, then steam up or boil them in a pun. Not so difficult. and in case of boiling, the left over water would be provided a soup. Good for Miso-Soup and also western style fish soup.

Raddish paste should be her mood change, they yelled. She is not knowing the delicious of cheap fish cake, all naughty boys yelled. yes, know well. However, avoidable. Fish, fish only living today. No meat. However, she sometimes ate as a snack, with horse raddish paste. Good, however, so precarious...She read the discription. Only 26 Kcal, per each. Thus, all four, in total, are just 104 Kcal. Twice less than one cup of icecream.

Dietary food, in case of Fat Miyuki. Recently, Miyuki found nasty plump belly in her bottom part. Strange. Earlier, not so much. Now, yes. Why suddenly happened, after she starting her exercise in gymnastic place???

Probably, the left over she ate earlier than the exercise. Strange fenomenum for her, however, probably like animals' winter sleeping mode. Eat and consume, yes. And not appear, at a glance. however, preparing for certain ocasion, automatically they stock. The place? Probably, in various parts of inner mascles. Thus, not so fat appearently. However, over eaten condition, she was in, probably. Thus, now, she should be in more thrifty mode.

Thus, she needs to refrain from sweets more. She ate lots of fruits, and sweets also. Sweets are good for some guys, however, for Miyuki, not so much. For her, sweets are dessart, not substitute at all for meal. Thus, just meal should be fine for her, probably.

She tried to be healthy as much as possible, and took a sweet rest in so many places. And now, not flat belly. Regrets. Thus, thrifty diet time, for several days. No money, thus, be thrifty, for her.

Money should be used in case of necessity. Thus? Lemmon is not producing fruits. It would take more time. Buying botatoes? No.

Continuing consumption in this mode? Not preferable. however, just up to end of satans. Precarious period. Thus, only several days' pacience.

Satans' volume is not so much now. Judicial Figure theory effects now. good grief. Miyuki remembered that she really got understand of the merit of this system, in the subject of Michiyoshi AOYAMA's Law of Judging System. A concise way of knowing judicial procedural system. For Miyuki, law procedural related subjects in detail version were all Greek, in short.

However, this only one semester class was understandable, at least. It included Alternative Resolution outside Judicial System. And he said clarely on Judicial Figure, that it is the system to gain compensation effectively at max from judcial figure. In short, the highest power holder should be targetted, and all of judicial figure staff should be punished. Quickest and explosively effective. The top should be fine. Target is A class. エースをねらえ! Misuzu.

Thus, in case of AEON, Micchiku related all in a body, while in case of Benimaru-Yokomachi, 7 & I holdings, all in a body also.

In case of criminal case, More heavier for both big brand companies. 両罰 or Ryoubatsu or Both, the boss and the attacker should be punished, and in case of human figure, total vanishing, and as judicial figure or group, in resume, amount of money should be paid, if some wrongdoing happened.

Each time weighs just equivalent to total vanishing of each company. It means that the company should not exist. Thus, even after the wrongdoing, continuing to run the company itself is another wrongdoing. Thus, another punishment. Thus, so so tremendously big money should be paid, in these cases in Shirakawa area.

Almost only for today's wrongdoings, satans should vanish all in a body eternally, and they should pay all compensation at the same time, without exception.

Even now, why they exist? Recognition problem, yes, they have. However, satans are totalitarians, or, just only muck. Thus, all in a body, should be punished because of the residue of muck of them all.

Today, spooky feneral goers, sportive, KIMONO wearing, fat eating type, on parade, in Shirakawa. They came back from INFERNO, probably, Miyuki presumed.

Unnecessary they came. Probably they came back to be killed. And Shirakawa minicipality and some commercial related figures assisted this movement. Thus, yet exist wrongdoers among human figures in Shirakawa area.

No Man's Land should be. Thus, no necessary to wear cloghings. Thus, Miyuki is now nakid, or exactly, semi-jude situation. Better than using Air Conditioning system. However, in case of some guy appears, Miyuki puts her pijamas, immediately. And in case of really heated summer, Miyuki uses Air conditioning machine, of course! Miyuki doesn't want to be killed like French eldery.

As much as possible, natural is her preference. At the same time, pacience, not at all! Confortable, is her key word. Thus, as you like type.

Fire Works, they are going now! For Miyuki, not so welcome event. however for others, good choice to be handsome. To meet satans?

For her, all of them are satans. however, for others, zombees??? Miyuki doesn't want to see Zombiees of satans? Not at all!!!

Spooky and nasty. Fire works? Sometimes, so vacant shooting sounds were heard. Why? Megatombe hunting?

Miyuki watched a reddish pink twinkling cherry like one. It's enough for her, this year. The rest, for satans, of course!

Satanis family like experience here and there. For kids, they ordered, "Go and walk, rightously!" in his scolding voice. A big boy type fat faked father said to only 1 year girl, starting to walk. And then, they split, and another faked parent, female type so called faked mother, appeared and she chased her. He was disliked by her. Denial, anyway.

And in gymnastic park, some infants tried to gain Miyuki's affection, and they all disliked by her.
In case of necessity, kill your faked parents, both! Probably, gods of justice might save you...I don't know for sure. Try, anyway!

Obedicence factors were put in their gene. Sheep, Hog and Cow. All domestic animals. Thus they are so obedient to their bosses. And they caught BSE, because they are domestic animals. Thus, Alzheimer symptom, they show easily.

They can't recognize the difference of size, oldness, colour, smell, and so on. So so primitive to live as creatures. however, they can't. Thus, these dangerous existance should not exist at all!!! Thus total vanishing only works world, now, is reavealed in Shirakawa.

All of them are satans! Why they can put up with living with insurance, killing their kids???

Out of mind, for us all! Never thought of it! However, for them, insurance means money. Unhappiness for others bring them money. Thus, sobstory lovers they are!!!

Only one guy should survive. Thus, Alex was their candidate. Miyuki's system is different, they yelled. And both understood that Miyuki is not their family, now.

For Miyuki, not so understandable their colour change at all? Whose?

Miyuki didn't know that Clare is more white these days? Knows yes. And colour is winter type of her. Not so unusual.

AIGASA type. White, yes. However, not so rare in this region. And among westerners, white, like Chris of Los Angeles. Common American type.

Alex is white? Not so much. Burnt American type. Common also.

Colour change? What parts?

Red? Bull? Communists? Enthusiasm? Rage? Ketchup? Flamenco Dancer's Rose? China's flag?

Miyuki's long hair is a good tool of attacking them. They are short cut type. Clerks like to show their obedience, and school girls also. Bob is liked by old erotic satans.

Kouichi YOSHIDA gained a house from MICCHIKU related, probably.

And today, Miyuki recognized the KAKO's house was ex-boss's house, in Pyong Yang Style!!!

She got interested in this big house, because of this strange family name and the style. Like a public facility or mansion of earstern socialist country's bosses. With vehicle approaching porch, and spike steel net wall. And the house was cheapish with French windows, with white window sills.

KAKO is the name of the protagonista of "Sai de Baixo!", which was played by Miguel Falabella. An idiot Chekin Macho, he is. Carlos Coelho, probably. In Portugues, "K" doesn't exist. Thus, C. As pronunciation, the same. K is used in case of foreign languages. Thus, Foreign super idiot with Pyong yang Style resided here, and reigned the village under his own idiocracy, Miyuki presumed.

Newly build, and now, no resident. What happened???

KAKO, is also 下降 or Downward, in Japanese. In Chinese, also. Strange name. Who this guy was???

Wa-KAKO SAKAI, a maddona of Kinichi HAGUIMOTO? She resided in Shirakawa???

Cocue? Coccou put its egg on others' nests, and disliked and its egges are dropped by the others from the nest.

Cocue is in French, betrayed husband. 寝取られ男 in Japanese, or NATORARE-OTOKO. Who was stolen his own wife because lack of attractive point in his character. The husband of Helen of Toroy, was this type.

Oh, Helen was married with Torojan, and liked Paris, thus, Paris took her from Toroy. Oh, thus, why Greece attacked Toroy? No reason at all. Miyuki imaged on the contrary. No evasion at all. Even though, Greek solders went to Toroy. Oh, just for their robbery!

In this age, it was so common. Oh, Pirates of Carribian like situation! No Man's Land, already in Toroya. When they came to Toroy, any guys were there. Just sheep and cow...Oh, thus, they did it with the domestic animals and produced dodomerdic females. Oh, thus, obedient! Thus, the age of death of Greek women at that time is 35 years old!!!

Just the same of the age to be sacrificed for the limit to be killed in Micchiku family! 35 years old for being killed! Enough, according to their calculation. Thus, infartile, over 35 years old.

In Miyuki's case, she started to her next generation production at her 36 years old. hush hush mode only. Every time, she prayed for gods of anything, "Quick! I have no time!"

The result...The quickest. And Miyuki remembered that most of patients were only 20s, thus Miyuki thought, "Oh, their husbands are impotent..."

Why Miyuki started the treatment? Because I had no chance to gain gene contributer, except myself.

For Miyuki, gene contributer should be provided by hospitals, at her first stage. On August, 1998, she started it abruptly. The ealier, the better.

Then, the next day, already she encountered with the big hurdle. Oh, gene contributer should be provided by myself?!

Thus, she started to search some way to gain it. A lot of bad understandings here and there in Miyuki's writings. However, understandable!

"Still Alive, yet? Ha-Ha-Ha-Harman!" in front of satanic ambulance team!!! She is crazy, and satans couldn't do anything at all. She confirmed that on an ambulance bed, a guy was sitting, in a white clothings, and the bed was sustained by two clerks.

The same day, in the morning, Miyuki watched an amublance with a name of TANAGURA in front was chasing. TANAGURA is now one region of Shirakawa, according to the ambulance's back description.

広域 or Vast Area, it was written on the back part of the vehicle. Which is which? Miyuki doesn't know. Anyone gives her rightous information, thus, she should know by herself.

And found the ambulance came so near to Miyuki, thus, she got thrilled so much. And relieved that at least one guy, as a role of patient, was there on the ambulance bed. Thus, I am free from the chasing!, Miyuki sighed.

At 19:00 in just it came, and at 20:00 in just, it left the site. Punctual yes, however, too too slow.

The same as gas pipeline replacement. Stupid likes to rob money, even after no money situation. And they should know that they have no right to require money at all.

Satans have no conception of legitimacy. Thus for them, legal education is impossible. Thus, Japanese pimps had faked for a long time their incapacity of this field.

Illogical gags, consecutively. And how Miyuki should put up with the situation at the graduate school? Just Miyuki was indifferent from others' subjects. Anyway, strange creatures the pimps were.

They sighed that, "It is so difficult fo find the theme of research..." For them, so so difficult, and for Miyuki, at that moment, "I am too ignorant, thus for me, almost all of fenomena are themes. Thus, so easy to find themes. For them, who do know well the society, probably, "Oh, they were already discovered by someguy" like out of time topics, Miyuki understood.

And considering the situation, probably, already, they were all Alzheimer disease holders, and just faked to seem cleverer than Miyuki.

PErsonal replacement system, they adopted. For Miyuki, each skinbag should be taken care of the skinbag's inner side.

For satans, skinbags should be used by every little muck. Small amount of muck is sufficient for replaced version. Thus, the female version reduced its volume.

Replacement happened when they got revealed as just muck. Oh, now, only muck world. Thus, anyguy should be used their skinbugs, as it likes!! They yelled. Thus, the result. Skinbug users are wanting Miyuki's one. Because now No Man's Land. Thus, they want to attack her. And she doesn't want to give or sell it at all!!!

Mine is precious. Only one suitable guy is Miyuki, Dr.Miyuki SATOW, only. Thus, no chance for satans!!!

Satans are all Alzheimer. Thus, they don't recognize anything at all. Thus, not educational. They just repeat their past only. Thus, strange fenomenum.

Public, private? What? Thus, casual clothing wearers did security service's role, in public. Laughing for us all, however, for them, so common, and anyguy should not laugh at their comical Alzheimer symptoms.