Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (179)

2017-08-02 20:21:29 | 日記
02/08/2017 (Wednesday, evening) Miyuki went to WASHIO at 10:30, and found that alredy no consumers were any more. Why the enourmous amount of consumers were there yesterday morning? Like fire works, they showed up, and explosed at once. After efemerous tribe, Fire Works Tribe came?

花火 or HANABI in Japanese. 一発屋 or IPPATSU-YA, also, they are called. Only once use. And gained a small amount of money, and vanished. Strange habit. Before their own funerals, they wanted to gain a bit money?

They wanted to stay longer, however, couldn't, thus, just a bit money, as the second choice. The main object is reside in Shirakawa?

For Miyuki's astonishing, they thought, even now. North Koreans, came from the country, resided in KOORIYAMA, only 40km far from Shirakawa, and now, move from KOORI-YAMA from Shirakawa. Just one day trip, and they vanished, good grief. IZUMI-san liked the story. Nasty spooky guys, here and there in KOORIYAMA, and thought as if they were rich...MICCHIKU like conception, they held, probably.

YAKUZA like criminal existance, MICCHIKU families were. And they gained MIKAJIME-RYOU or みかじめ料 from honest diligent workers, and provided the fee or private tax to their related, especially, the inferiors, thus, their economy worked, at first. The only difference between common YAKUZA and MICCHIKU related was just relationship with Todai relatives. Thus, our rightous brothers turned to be MICCHIKU relatives, because of MIYUKI and Platinum tribe. No, no! We are not wrongdoers! We are rightous guys! We don't collect MIKAJIME-RYOU at all!

Miyuki is naughty boy, however, she didn'threaten us at all! Just to threaten them! And like to move to be informed by them. Need to know the limit of play, and excuse should be prepared before.

It worked when she was young. However, under the extreme idiocracy, not at all. Miyuki noticed the difference between her period of youth and actual idiocracy only period. No guy, who has common sense, can stop idiots' cruel explosion at all. They do, as they like, and the result, "I didn't know it at all. Now, you told me, and I am free from any acusation at all!" Totally mentally illed, however, wanted to be superior and ordered as they liked, and then, "I didn't order like that. Your choice. I am free from any criticism."

Oh, ABE like attitude! Chikin=Macho fenomenum!!!

Miyuki likes to behave like a naughty boy, yes. And likes to play in this line. Thus, now, she is just like that. The result of each day's her effort, of course, and she is suppored by some guys, only poor type. Thus, she behaves like she wants, and reword, total satisfaction!!!

I want to live as myself. However, under idiocracy, I couldn't. Thus, I should enjoy being myself now!!!

Thus, she confessed her own inclination. Too too complex for others, even among rightous brothers, and now, many sympathysers. Miyuki is totally right to say so. Just P holding is the requisit, pragmatically. Thus, fur type, probably! And it would be good to find that some fur type responded!!!!! Victory!!!!

For Miyuki's so so surperficial approach on love was disliked by many philosophers. And her understanding on Coctow? was so so primitive. Good cheap block painter with nice easy quick illustration and poetry. For Miyuki, good praise for his art. Easy, and not so "Great Artist" type. Easy and amusing precariously, with guys who were near at that moment, like bar or cafe drinking team or so. ション便芸術 or shit art, in short.

Probably, Japanese counterpart is 寺山修二 or Shuji TERAYAMA, and both, participated in theatrical play. For Miyuki, why he turned to be peeping Tom, and he died only at 60. Not beautiful type. Paul MAKI type???

TERAYAMA said that Miyuki is the same category. Thanks!
Easy, quick, and 70%, OK. After, I want to work in another stage! Easy, and always, "Oh, I did it! Next, please!!!"

Miyuki's reputation. Under 60??? My waist size???

Miyuki, you should be more training your English, as fast as possible, or your kids would read Miyuki's products, soon. Not to avoid nasty result, but to avoid their chase for what????

No reason to be chased. Money, already decided, and said, correctly. In case of necessity of calculation, Miyuki should participate in it. However, without others. Because the both, satans, would get us coufused so much. They should offer the reference, however, no right to deliver their precious only Alzheimer can understand like opinion, at all! Mad Dog should not participate in any meeting at all!!!

Thus, chasing game done by the both. ??? For what? No reason, however, they asked to the kids to chase her????

Just ignore it, or rather, say the most possible amusing rightous lies to them. Probably in the moon, now! She is the first guy in the moon, after Americans. Now, she is philipina, thus, Philipin gained in the competition of space war. Thus, Philipine would be fine, her next trip!

They believe soon, and forget. Thus, another all lie type is, "Miyuki bought a big house at Bunkyo are, for you, HARUMI! Thus, you should visit her, as soon as possible! She would give it to you as surprise present!"

For YUKARI, "You are so so thanked by her, thus, she is now prepareng more US$3 million as the symbol of thanking. You are so precious. And she wants to hand it in the house, at BUNKYO ward. Thus, go there, as soon as possible. At Tokyo Versity, she waits you both! At the red gate, in front of Faculty of Literature. Now, she is working for the faculty. Go, as soon as possible! 7-3-1, Hongou, Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, Japan. Go, directly there!"

Miyuki is so nasty to say so. They both get upset, because Miyuki can't produce any sweet more. The last sweets she provided was dislked by them, and now, they want to eat cookies. Thus, they started to treat Miyuki, as visitor, not unwelcomed type.

Just a precarious pacience, they talk each other, and now, big news! They want to move to INFERNO, in reality...Good grief.

Tokyo is attractive place for both. Thus, good to know that they were both hired by Tokyo Versity, as assistents of KAKISHIMA!!! Oh, parabens!!!

Miyuki believes that KAKISHIMA has no legitimacy to stay there at Tokyo Versity! And she has duty to stay in another place forever. The place is called INFERNO or HELL. Only one place she should stay in.

Thus, they were hired by KAKISHIMA, on behalf of Miyuki's stron connection. Good!

They both are in good mood to prapare for the trip. Good! And you????

Deus me livre!!!! No, thanks!

The Miyuki's politest mood is goddamnit satans. Extra service, yes!!!! Plants likes quiet Miyuki, however, these days, she starts to speak in loud voice, sometimes, sings. Bow-Wow mode...Because, it is hot! Red hot sunshine caused me to kill satans...Guide? Gyde?

Anyway, his writing was called "Unreasonable" as a junle of literature. The same as Miyuki's. Not Miyuki's writing, but rather their behaviours. No reason at all!!1

Summer hot day causes Miyuki more hot enthusiastic powerful mode. As creature, too too natural. Thus, Miyuki felt wind blow shaving in the near bottom part of belly. Under stomach. Intestines, bigger, probably. Dragon Fry can feel, Grass, slender sward like leaves holders can. Miyuki also. Strange, and in good mood, at the same time, "introduction, thus, want to do it, in another place, in more private one..." like, "NExt please!" like sensation.

For Miyuki, too too honest to express like that. However, for them both, counterpart of it...Good, however, not total like feeling...apperitif...

Good, however, more different type, also, please...

She is so so honest, but...It's difficult to stop her saying. And the kids also think so. It's unnatural to avoid to think so. Natural for her, and for us both. Human creatures can produce, at least some, against Miyuki's predict.

Miyuki calculated that human beings would not have the next generation, because they lost much chance to survive as a spiecies. Thus, mixture, or some changed mode, or reformed version. As same human style, probably, it would not exist, in the next generation. If can, for Miyuki, rather it would be happy, thus, the possibility is not so much. Thus, Miyuki predicted like that.

For Miyuki, satanic world caused a lot of loss of the real kids. Now, Miyuki encounters with just faked kids, who says "NARUHODO" as agreement, like old bugs, and "BOKU" as I, and "KIMI" as you, like elder boys, only good boy type. And they use a lot of nasty nipples related languages. Terrible! Old erotic satans wear kids type skinbags, is the reality.

Miyuki stayed for so long time in gymnastic park, and observed the faked families. Fathers and mothers, both came during working bisiness hours, to watch kids, and did nothing except watching. Already dead in soul like existance.

And sometimes, mother faked ones came with dead cold body of babies in their breast. Non moving mode for two hours. Too too strong medicine was used, and they were senseless to hug the dicieased kids in their breast.

And they talked on the diceased kid's birthday! Their conversation was like that:
"Soon my son's birthday would come."
"Oh, thus, you would hold a party for him!"
"yes! Of course! I need to prepare for it!"
"And where is your boy?"
"I don't know where. Somewhere, probably."

Coldest conversation, only Pyong-Yang tribe could do it type, Miyuki heard in WASHIO, yesterday.

Earlier, at AEON near JR SHIN-SHIRAKAWA station, Miyuki got astonished hearing, the mother, who had been told by her faked kid, "Mother, go to there! We want to play there!", responded, "いらっしゃいませ!" or IRASSHAIMASE in Japanese, three times, to the kids.

IRASSHAIMASE is the word, especially used by the clerk to complement to the consumers, when consumers come into the shop at first time. For their faked kids???? Miyuki also fainted to hear it.

Three times, consecutively, in the so so monotonous cold machnery like way. Android, mother type????

For Miyuki's understanding, DIVINE ORDIAL is the war between good boy lovers and naughty boy lovers. Which is which?
Satans supported good boy producing project, while Miyuki's team required us to support naughty boy type.

Thus, good boy manner holding means satanic. Thus, BOKU and KIMI, so so messy, feminine good boy like way of saying, means that this kid chose wrongly. And the worse for him, he behaved to lead the other kids. Terrible! They should play as even existance, however, this good boy faked started to explain the way of use of each equipment. If naughy boy he were, just say or act, "Play with this equipment!" in physical gesture. Nasty kids, here and there in gymnastic park.

And the park is good oxigen ejecting place. Thus, Miyuki likes to visit to absorb the clean delicious air.

Strange scenes, here and there appeared in front of her. A middle aged guy, who came in this morning, came again when Miyuki came after 18:00, and he always stayed in the same bench, in front of Miyuki. "Why he doesn't work? Why he doesn't move at all? Just sitting in the bench, during a day? How idol! No industry, the fact is proved like that, as always."

And old erotic Alzheimer satan, male type, wanders here and there, with his dirty mini-Pajero faked car. He also came in this evening, and occupied the park, again. Miyuki refrained from him, both, in the evening, and in the morning. Nasty! And he loves to monitor kids playing surrouding him.

LAst evening, he did his SUKEBE-ISU play so long time. Miyuki disliked and ignored him completely. She felt as if he was wanting to do sexual play with some kids, appealing, "I like to play like that! Look at my movement! I will pay you, kids! Common on my knees!"

Probably, he is so common here in the park. And this park is not managed by Shirakawa minicipality. Acording to the discription, now, they can't recognize the difference between private and public.

The discription on pool use says like that, "This discription was written by Association of Gymnastic lovers, in the section of Municipality of Shirakawa."

Probably, Shirakawa minicipality ended up, and the stupid satans took advantage of their vacancy, and do it as they like, and the result is the actual erotic idiocracy.

Today, Miyuki met a middle aged lady, who Miyuki put the nick name Mrs.Walking or SUTA-SUTA-san. Because she is one of unusual figures, who doesn't use vehicle nor cycle as her warking in the center of the village. In Shirakawa, only few figure walk in the village. Miyuki is the most distinctive at this point. And the second, she.
And she, always, comes from westward, with business clothings with black one piece, a light beige jacket, and a pair of pig feet heeled pumps, with bob hair. She is almost 160cm or so, and slender.

She walks so rapid, and always, at this hour, from the same location to the same dilection. Thus, Miyuki got interested in her, and started her chasing game. "Oh, she really walks quickly!" Miyuki got surprised. And she arrived at the house, in front of WAKABA kindergarden. Her name is 加藤. And Miyuki took a picture of her.At the same time, her face was so so old and not beautiful at all!!! White, deep cosmetic put, nasty concavos on the front part of the head. Ugly bitch type, Miyuki categorized.

When she arrived to the house, she waited for the door opened by the guy inside. However, she recognized that Miyuki was near, she changed the role, and started to search the key in the bag, and finally, she heself opened the door, and entered into the house.

And strange fenomenum again. After 30 munutes, when Miyuki was training physically, she or her resembling appeared with the faked kids, three.

Recently, faked families like to be three kids families. And she chose it also.

She, with bob cut, with a slight brownish hair, wore the same beige jacket, black blouse, however, she changed skirt to jeans.

and Miyuki recognized that the three kids were entering at the same time Miyuki came, into the gymnastic park. At that moment, another faked parent was with there.

Thus, Miyuki presumed, that now, faked families lack parent role players. Thus, the number of the kids increased. Thus, we need to celebrate the reduction of muck.

And now, Miyuki is sleepy so much. Thus, see you tomorrow!
VANISH! DDMs!! Miyuki's sleepy mode was a big mistery for her...
Sleep well for us all!!! Spallow loves it cebula chasing story!!!Tomorrow, probably!

From 8 men, with Big LOVE!!!!