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Black pepper white pepper has a difference

2017-06-18 21:56:39 | 日記
In European countries, pepper is called "black gold", once can be used as a currency, and is a hard currency. Ancient European aristocrats, pepper as a spice to use, to appear on the body pepper and proud.

In China, pepper is also expensive. According to legend, the Tang Dynasty corrupt officials kept 64 tons of pepper, "Golden Lotus" in a bottle of Li bottle also possession of 80 pounds of pepper. And they collect pepper, not as a seasoning, but as a hedge items collection.

Today, because of the development of transport, pepper is no longer expensive goods, but the kitchen seasoning. However, often said pepper that color is divided into white pepper, black pepper, the two What is the difference between it?

Black pepper, white pepper with the same tree

Black pepper, white pepper with the same tree
The following are the same as the "

Pepper fruit began to turn red, cut down, after drying is black pepper. When the fruit has been all red, and then harvested, soaked with water stripped of the skin, so after drying is white pepper.

The characteristics of black pepper

From the smell point of view, black pepper is more rich, so, whether it is Western restaurant or Chinese restaurant, seasoning like black pepper.

From the point of view, Chinese medicine said black into the kidney, so black pepper is considered to have the role of warming spleen and kidney. For the spleen and kidney yang appear chills, abdominal pain, diarrhea have conditioning effect.

White pepper

In the taste, white pepper is not black pepper rich. But relative to the black pepper, the white pepper spicy taste even more, so the cooling effect is better, seasoning effect is slightly worse.

In terms of efficacy, Chinese medicine believes that white pepper medicinal value is higher, often used to regulate lung deficiency cold cough phlegm, gastrointestinal Deficiency caused by stomach pain.

Summer to eat the benefits of pepper

Summer to eat the benefits of pepper
Square often said, "winter eat radish summer eat ginger, do not work doctor prescription", the purpose of eating ginger in summer nothing less, drive cold, to wet, diarrhea, Jieshu and so on. The pepper also has a similar effect.


Summer cold drinks, fruits eat too much, leading to abdominal pain, diarrhea, you can drink pepper tea or add pepper in the food.

In addition, because the spleen and stomach caused by the "five diarrhea", that day is not bright on the occurrence of diarrhea, may wish to eat pepper.

2. improve stomach pain

Summer eat cold food will stimulate the stomach, leading to stomach cramps, pain, nausea and so on. "San Hui Fang" said with pepper and ginger soup to drink, can improve.

3. Prevention of air conditioning disease

Summer air conditioning disease and sweating less, alternating hot and cold stimulation. Pepper has sweating, the role of cold, promote the body sweating. In addition, after the rain, after swimming can eat some, to drive the purpose of flooding.

However, in the use of pepper, to avoid heating with food for too long, pepper in the volatile fat because of heat and loss of flavor.
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