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The best white wedding dress with silver jewelry to see the bride's preferences

2016-12-20 11:30:35 | 日記
The traditional Chinese wedding dress is also full of lively, joyful, traditional cheap van cleef arpels knockoffs Of the jewelry and the material is the most appropriate. Chinese style atmosphere can make Chinese wedding more full flavor.
With the guide: with the bride's Chinese-style dress, red, gold is the most commonly used color, the Chinese atmosphere of a strong dragon and phoenix totem totem and with a strong feeling of Chinese jade is auspicious and grand choice. Note that with the Chinese-style dress collar design, or do not select the necklace and highlight the headdress and jewelry, or choose to suppress the large-shaped necklace on the collar outside.
Select minimalist wedding newcomers recommend the choice of simple and practical style, so that the marriage of keepsake can be "often accompanied by" the. Low-key and classic style is strongly recommended, wear comfortable, easy to fall off of the Van Cleef Arpels Clover replica Jewelry is best suited to wear a long time on weekdays, coupled with clever design sense, minimalist art can also be full of beauty. Jewelry too much to be as a whole as a whole, do not wear a necklace show more beautiful neck and shoulder.
The color of the mix and match the 100 non-taboo wearing a short black wedding dress, pedal FEIYUE shoes; the scene of the wedding layout into a dream home; Based.
With the guide: color wedding dress suitable for wearing colored light jewelry, avant-garde bride can play color mix and match game. Highly personalized new, in the selection can also be taboo. Color replica van cleef & arpels alhambra necklace Gem most like a small witch
Wizard Bride. Cocktail-like color but bring more decorative effects and possibilities. Some ethnic elements jewelry can also be worn with, for the bride pool gas field. You can infinitely magnify the function of jewelry, with a jewelry Yan scared
White wedding with white jewelry in the solemn of the church oath, in the square lawn wedding reception and buffet buffet, white wedding dress and suit is the most solemn choice. Choose a romantic European wedding, so that the sacred white flower in the flower girl's hands hold up, shiny jewelry will be the wedding of the crowning touch.
With a guide: the best white wedding with silver-white jewelry, diamonds, platinum, crystal, pearls are suitable material. With European-style vines design, classical and elegant decorative style, replica cartier love jewelry Modern minimalist style can be chosen. In the European wedding, many people will choose large-shaped necklace and headdress, but some people will not use, simple and convenient, all to see the bride's preferences.
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