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Due to the relatively more limited wear, so the jewelry with the need to spend a little more thought

2016-12-20 11:07:37 | 日記
Nowadays many female friends in the dress will spend some thoughts, in order to be able to own the most perfect image to show in front of everyone, especially women in the workplace, because most of the time need to spend in the workplace communication, how can Better highlight your own temperament, of course, need to bother, and perhaps companies in the clothing with the relevant provisions can not match the color, but with a little replica van cleef arpels ringIs different, the following we work together to learn the rules of the workplace jewelry with it! For women in the workplace, because the restrictions are relatively more wear, so the jewelry with the need to spend a little more thought. Because the color is relatively monotonous professional wear, in order to be able to better show the beautiful young women's posture, you can in the chest or ears with some beautiful colors of precious stones, so that you can look more full of life, of course, You can also choose the suits in the collar of the other side of the curve of a brooch, you can make the suit into the solemn add a little dynamic among the active, so you look is not so rigid Oh, if, for example, We can pay more attention to the news of the female anchor with the brooch Oh. Of course, in some of the more grand occasion, you'd better wear some suitable for your own professional personality and taste of the Van Cleef Arpels Magic necklace replica, So as to let you better demonstrate their temperament. Of course, when you jewelry with you need to select the material according to the material and color of the jewelry and the corresponding design style, so that more can increase the wear of the dynamic and charisma. For the workplace with the jewelry you need to be done by the small significant, and some small jewelry because it seems low-key, rather than luxury and publicity, it has become the workplace "not enemies" type, because small and delicate, representing the You work and a relatively high standard of life, while showing your low-key, introverted but full of power, will not become a workplace Monster. While some simple outline of the jewelry is the truth with the workplace, simple design so that jewelry but have more texture and imagination, and this fake cartier jewelry also makes you look more capable, neat. Architectural and three-dimensional sense of the contours of full work like your vigorous and resolute, and simple lines and decorations are like you in the world of the ways of the world, these two areas will make your personal charm to increase a lot. Of course, you also need to pay attention to, in the workplace with jewelry, should not interfere with work for the most basic principles, such as at work wearing jewelry should avoid too beautiful or flash, too long pendant is not suitable, if Necklace is too long will be easily hooked by the table legs and affect work efficiency. In the choice of diamond earrings also need to pay attention to the best effect in the ears, so it looks more solemn and elegant, will not give the feeling of frivolous. Also note that if your hands are large particles of high-end jade, diamond jewelry, then it is not suitable for wear in the office, will give people the gas field is too strong, cheap cartier necklace replica And even show off their rich feeling, it is not so close, lack of affinity. Workplace with jewelry have too much attention to the jewelry with the jewelry you need to pay attention to coordination with the wear, not to emphasize their own unique and neglected with the clothes, with inappropriate will only reduce your Wearing level, as your career collocation flaw.
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