useful ultrasonic homogenizer

useful ultrasonic homogenizer

Overall, there are numerous uses for this new technology

2017-08-09 09:09:58 | 日記

Overall, there are numerous uses for this new technology..The researchers use a low-frequency and low-intensity ultrasonic pulse. In the future, using ultrasonic neuromodulation may enable the treatment of a variety of different neurological/psychiatric disorders. The scientists have also speculated that ultrasound could be used to implant new memories into a person's brain. Altering these channels causes excitation of the brain cells and allows them to fire. The ultrasound actually modulates what are called voltage-gated ion channels that are located on brain cells. A person could merely wear an external device that sent ultrasonic pulses into their head to activate a specific brain region for a therapeutic effect. This could potentially enable something akin to a virtual reality experience.Ultrasonic pulses might also be able to deliver sensory experiences directly into someone's brain.
It could treat a range of things like autism, depression, Parkinson's Disease, stroke and many other things. The area of the brain that they stimulated is related to movement.Ultrasound may decrease the need for risky brain surgery that is done when a person gets a deep brain stimulation implant. Also conventional transcranial magnetic stimulation can only reach several centimeters into the brain. By contrast, transcranial magnetic stimulation only has a targeting accuracy of 1 mm or greater. It can be targeted to a relatively small area of the brain, 1cm in diameter. It could allow the stimulation of inner brain areas, without activiting areas nearer to a subject's skull. This would allow people to non-invasively stimulate their own pleasure centers. In the past, ultrasound has been used for imaging diagnostics.Scientists from Arizona State University have recently found that they can non-invasively stimulate the brain using pulses of ultrasound. Researchers have tested the ultrasound on a live mouse and were able to induce involuntary movement in that mouse by stimulating a specific area of the brain. The pulses might also be able to target the reward related regions of the brain.
It could be a revolution for the treatment of many brain diseases. The ultrasound could activate brain regions that were associated with sight, sound or smell. Ultrasound can touch practically any brain area. The researchers have created an ultrasound transducer array that could enable deep brain penetration. I should find increasing use in the future as scientists are able to better characterize the therapeutic effect of the ultrasound. Ultrasound has the capability of passing through a person's skull unimpeded.
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