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Opt for refurbished office equipment

2017-06-10 12:23:54 | nblinhua
Check off items on the desktop while at home, which in turn will sync with the PDA. Take the PDA shopping to see what's needed or optionally print out VSP Tray from each Excel work sheet. It also has a scrollable body and fixed header.Purchase items made from recycled material, whenever possible. You can easily find post-consumer paper and even printers made primarily of recycled plastic.

Opt for refurbished office equipment instead of always buying new. Expect savings of 20 to 30 percent on refurbished office equipment and even more if you buy it used. Most refurbished items still have a valid manufacturers warranty. Make sure to read the fine print before you finalize your purchase. Waste not. Get into the eco-friendly office mindset by reducing your waste. Print and write on both sides of the paper.

Print documents only when its necessary to do so. Share PDF files, for example, instead of printing each document. Use email and bulletin boards to further reduce the amount of paper used for office memos. Scrap paper should be collected for recycling and not thrown away. And, whenever possible, reuse envelopes, boxes and packing materials.

Turn off your computer when you are done for the day. The few seconds it takes to boot up in the morning is well worth the electricity you will save by turning it off. You may be surprised to know that many office machines are continuing to draw power from their source, even when they are switched off. You can save energy by putting the office equipment on a power strip, so you can entirely switch off the electricity to the machines.
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