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Shift wire exchange giant atx 830s

2011-02-18 20:01:44 | 自転車
I discover that the shift wire of the front desk of GIANT atx 830s for commuting seems to be snapped in the winter season! In I purchase a wire, and trading with an outer at once. The wire is 1.2㎜ ×2100 ㎜ standard shift cable 105 yen of Shimano. As for the outer, 2000 ㎜ 525 yen colors choose silver same as an act in no-brand.  Because length of the real outer to use is around 70 centimeters, the remainder keeps it as a spare of the rear use. In fact, I have changed it afterward though I have had better change it at the front and back same time because a state was too severe last year. By the way, the shifter is sima Noah Sera. Though I am old, I am more active. The run of the snow-covered road where a road surface turn of eventss is intense comes to have much number of times of the shift change and thinks that therefore it is early to ache in comparison with the mountain trail without snow.
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