It is an appearance in my garden.



I return from Fukuzumi

2012-01-11 21:47:16 | bicycle
Because I can leave Fukuzumi Station immediately without waiting for a bus when a return in particular became slow, I think Bicycle commuting to be it usefully. However, I am slightly strong-minded with a snowstorm design today. Fortunately, the time required was always same around 30 minutes because it was a strong fair wind.

It is lunch more than 100km cycling in Lake Shikotsu

2011-09-28 19:24:55 | bicycle
Please input the sentence that I want to translate here. The input language is judged automatically. Today's member is K of GIANT, N of ordina and my three people of MERIDA. I planned a coming and going approximately 80km run as a destination and have begun to run in poropinai of the shore of Lake Shikotsu. Arrival to about the daytime poropinai on schedule. The weather was the best and had delicious lunch even if "unexpectedly fast Hide" appeared on a motorcycle, and the scenery took the superb view. It would be said the way back avoided a slope, and to return in the Chitose circumference and ran on the shore road and I ran on the Lake Shikotsu road and came back via Chitose. I would run approximately 100km from the start spot after all. K and N would run +15km - 20km. Because it was the long-distance first challenge, K, N were slightly anxious, but all two of them have finished running at a good pace. I pack and take it on the next time, and the hot spring touring is good, too.


2011-07-22 07:38:46 | XL80S
It is revival !XL80S for a swing for 15 years. I had a carburetor made newly and came back to life by the exchange of the ignition. XL80S which had been sleeping from the encounter of the manager of a skilled shop for many years accidentally in a storeroom woke. Though I do not understand it precisely, the production is the motorcycle which is really before it for 30 years in 1,980 years. The idling is stable, too, and the condition is excellent, too!

Lake Shikotsu

2011-07-10 12:54:08 | bicycle
It is cycling from the 1000-year-old parents' house to Lake Shikotsu. A bicycle of the 80s when the fellow of today had a tire made newly the other day. In the weather that it may take to have been cloudy sky when it leaves the house. I was able to see Mount Tarumae, Fuppushidake neatly, too. I returned while I made a round trip to the lakefront line of one way 10km to poropinai because the weather was good, and enjoying scenery leisurely. The mileage of today is approximately 70km.

Shift wire exchange giant atx 830s

2011-02-18 20:01:44 | bicycle
I discover that the shift wire of the front desk of GIANT atx 830s for commuting seems to be snapped in the winter season! In I purchase a wire, and trading with an outer at once. The wire is 1.2 ×2100 standard shift cable 105 yen of Shimano. As for the outer, 2000 525 yen colors choose silver same as an act in no-brand.  Because length of the real outer to use is around 70 centimeters, the remainder keeps it as a spare of the rear use. In fact, I have changed it afterward though I have had better change it at the front and back same time because a state was too severe last year. By the way, the shifter is sima Noah Sera. Though I am old, I am more active. The run of the snow-covered road where a road surface turn of eventss is intense comes to have much number of times of the shift change and thinks that therefore it is early to ache in comparison with the mountain trail without snow.


2010-10-11 12:55:16 | bicycle
It is fine warmly today. I change a feeling and potter in black harpoon Sportif. Serve as the trial run yesterday because I overhauled a hub of the rear.


2010-08-14 20:25:59 | Life
The way back of the visit to a grave. I bought the millet I picked it off in the morning, and to ask it of the farmhouse direct sale and returned.

GIANT atr8200

2010-07-18 14:28:30 | Weblog
Because I obtained a frame of old MTB, I intend to do restore. As for the GIANT atr8200 material, are a black harpoon, the size M? 430 .

Circulation eco--style

2010-04-18 07:42:33 | Life
I installed compost. Because I "throw away" garbage, it inflects as resources.

In SCOTT to moiwa

2010-04-11 06:02:32 | bicycle
In MTB of SCOTT which got ready during winter to moiwa. I look at Sapporo-shi center on the way from Munich Ohashi.