You can see how both the liner lock

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A steel plate is included inside the Woodworking Knives, which are usually made of G-10 or glass-filled nylon. But this liner is different than a traditional liner lock. The inset liner lock is a modified, partial liner, allowing the knife to be thinner and lighter than a fully lined knife. This creates a balance between blade security and light carry.Knives with frame locks operate similarly to liner locks, but the mechanism is built into the handle.

In other words, the knife handle itself is the “frame,” and it locks the blade into place during use. The metal side of the frame, the lockbar, prevents the knife from closing by resting behind the backend of blade — similar to a liner lock. In order to close the knife, you simply have to move the frame lock to the side, creating an entry for the blade to close.

You can see how both the liner lock and the frame lock mirror each other. But the additional thickness of the frame material allows for an extremely sturdy lockup.The sub frame lock serves as a lightweight variant of the frame lock. This lock is used with lighter framed handles, usually G-10, glass-filled nylon, or aluminum. A piece of the frame is machined out and a piece of steel is put in its place.

Beyond this, the sub frame lock is just like a regular frame lock. Only it acts as a light option for a slim knife, while also providing secure use.The mid lock is an older method of locking the blade into place, but it still operates in the same vein as the liner and frame locks. That is, a steel bar rests behind the blade, locking it in place until the user releases the lock.

However, the mid lock deviates from its counterparts when it comes to the lock’s position. The steel bar is placed along the back of the knife, and you can see the mechanism on the handle spine. When you open the knife, the lock snaps into place in a notch cut into the back of the blade, behind the pivot. That locks the blade. Closing it is quite simple.

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