Yes there are methods of fighting against a knife

2017-05-15 12:59:20 | 日記

One well-trained knifer can inflict incredible damage even to multiple unarmed opponents. The human body is just meat and bone (which is what a Machine Knife for Metal Working is designed to cut); blood flows easily, not to mention muscular action breaks down due to severed muscles, tendons and nerves.

Yes there are methods of fighting against a knife that are different that will tilt some of the fight in your favor but the Fantasy stuff in movies like "The Hunted" will get you killed. We prove this over and over again in seminars where the knife movement is based on irrational-knife-wielding-maniac training drills. Even using a knife against a knife-wielding maniac is not much of an advantage, if any.

In most cases the maniac will get in just as much or more damage as the trained, stylized and methodical knife wielder. Try it for yourself. Use large red magic markers in place of practice knives and long sleeved white shirts. Try it in all sorts of places like stairways, elevators or inside vehicles. The red ink marks easily show the potential devastation.

First of all, you must train for the 2 second fight. Here we explode with a barrage of strikes and kicks from all necessary directions. There can be and often is more than one attacker as in robberies. Your defense must be exceptionally powerful and instantaneous, directed at the prime targets: the eyes and throat. You must do what needs to be done and is appropriate. Your counter attack should be over in less than 2 seconds.

Move in such a way that you are unavailable but unavoidable and do not grapple or tie up with your attacker. If the attacker is hiding a knife you won't see it until you are stabbed and attempting to grab a blood-slicked arm moving at full adrenaline speed or use some other intricate knife disarm technique will most likely fail and make things worse as you bring your organs into close proximity with the blade. Once the knife appears (possibly already in your body), the defense methods change because what was most efficient against a dangerous empty-handed assailant is now completely impractical against a knife.
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