The judge in the court prior to a Nanjing

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Metro Inc ,Nanjing Metro Line in 2008 May fullacceptance through national authoritative departments ,in June Peeling Knife of that year ,the authority of the State Department also issued the completion acceptance opinions .Reporter Luo Shuangjiang correspondent

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The judge in the court prior to a Nanjing three A-level hospital department of Ophthalmology director asked the meaning of adaptation .It should be two in wins in the station ,but because the memory is wrong ,two people in Yuantong station ahead of time under the car .In the trial scene when the parties have great differences ,debate each other ,each other .
While the Metro Inc said the maximum compensation for 10000.Mr.
In the lawsuit ,Wang asks Metro Inc to compensate for 60285.
He subsequently to the Metro Inc claims ,but by the Metro Inc refused .After the robbery the two property ,the robbers also let Mr.
The trial as to the Lao Wang adverse reporter noted ,some of the judges questions ,lets Laowang is somewhat difficult to deal with .
While the trial process, also has an interesting thing .
If the train driver can see Lao Wang Beck, then left his distance very close to ,Louboutin,in this case ,Unless Superman and Spider-Man ,who just happened to sit car ,otherwise he could not survive ,more do not talk to go up can now sit on the plaintiff in metro design ,Christian Louboutin Ireland,making and dark adaptation of scientific truth .Women main injury in the right hand, the right hand thumb and ring finger and a bandage .
Tang drive to lake .Passenger rail fracture into playback Wang Nanjing is a precision machinery company inspection personnel .
When he and a friend had rebelled against him several times ,the results of several knives ,friends right in resistance to scratch by the knife .But the subway to Lao Wang is not recognized .
Two people in the thousands of dollars in cash and bank cards were robbed, then the robbers and forced them to give a bank card password .Yuantong station using the shallow embedded design ,from the sun to the vertical depth of ground subway station is only 4. Tang after parking near ,rushed to 3 men forthe robbery .
Out of the station ,we in the bright sun look around to find the wrong stop ,the couple immediately return to the station ,ready to take the subway to wins in the station . Tang said ,at the time of the crime ,two men hold the stick on its sides, the other a man armed with a knife to the threat .Metro Inc provides video information, Lao Wang from the escalator down ,without seeing his wife eyes ,went straight to the platform edge walk a few steps ,across to the platform edge ,kick stock fell into the orbital region .
Because the case with many questions unanswered ,the differences between the two sides is relatively large, the judge in the mediation fails ,no court decision .
While he was in early 10 atclose to 12 points under the intense sunlight ,suddenly within 20 seconds into the dark metro area ,so little time to see the surrounding environment is not possible .Therefore ,the Metro Inc lawyer thinks ,Lao Wang fall into the subway tracks, completely because he be absent-minded resulting lack of observation ,its responsibility in his own ,and not in the Metro Inc .The robbers found later Tang seriously ,then escape .This is like a vision can not adapt to the subway environment by men ?But more let Pharaoh embarrassed is, the judge showed Jiangsu Province Meteorological Bureau provides the conclusion ,on October 5th ,Nanjing under a light rain ,a haze days ,only 20% outdoor illumination .
Lao Wang said ,especially serious error ,Yuantong subway station is above the entrance is made of transparent glass as the ceiling, the noon sun can be drilled into the tunnel entrance area ,which makes the day of tunnel entrance and orbital region forming more intensive brightness contrast ,further shortening the brightness of light change process .Hospital staff said ,two people were around 3 in the morning to drive to the hospital .Last October 5th, 58of Nanjing citizensof Pharaoh in the Yuantong station fell into orbit ,resulting in thigh ,pelvis ,ribs and other multiple fractures .
The staff also know ,two people had to drive SM square in the direction of a lake, inadvertent and a car linked to rub .
This short period of time the sharp change of light ,he is to see clearly the surrounding environment and the main causes of the accidents .84 yuan .
The answer is ,adaptation more refers to night blindness inspection ,is a kind of ideal condition experiment ,in fact it is difficult to exist in the public area ,subway ,it is not possible for such a design .
In the whole process ,Wang appears to be of immediate danger without consciousness ,into orbit moment is making big strides forward state .Yesterday afternoon, the reporter in the Jianye court hearing the case .
Therefore ,Nanjing Metro does not exist Lao Wang said obvious errors in the design of .
The newspaper news( trainee reporter Xue Xiaolong ) yesterday before dawn 2,Chengdu SM square direction occurs together with the robbery of a male and a female case .Next to the subway station ,where he saw the escalator at the train station ,he hurries past .
Tang in a few knives ,women in revolt in the right hand hurt ,but have no life danger .This design is the result of the process of entering the tunnel becomes short ,Louboutin Ireland,not enough time to ensure that the human eye adaptation process .A reporter asked Pharaoh wife ,and the Pharaoh relationships, Lao Wang wife ,Wang do not usually communicate with her, engages in a lawsuit to the court she didn when a witness is muddleheaded is called the .Metro Inc ,from the subway monitoring can be seen ,the platform always have staff on duty ,and quickly came to the rescue of the pharaoh .Reporter rushed to the Chengdu City two hospital, Mr.
8 meters .
In order to prove his point ,Lao Wang for his wife .
Police said ,the case is further detected in the .Later because of claims ,and he filed a lawsuit against Metro Inc .According to the court ,the judge asked both parties are willing to mediate ,both sides expressed their willingness to Lao Wang said ,but the proposed mediation is Metro Inc to compensate for his 250000 ,or accept mediation .Lao Wang wife said ,the day is sunny outside .
The reporter thought Wang waved the train to a stop Hollywood Horror Picture ,is unable to find . Tang is cooperating with the police to do .But the Metro Inc about his claim is not recognized .
Tang card has 30000 multivariateremoved .
The Metro side to produce a video also exposes Wang exist .The man who robbed Mr.
Metro Inc for his this is also clearly negative .Yuantong station has adequate lighting facilities to provide enough light ,how might arise from very bright place into the dark condition ?The focus of the day is sunny or cloudy 2is likely tosupport their vision is due to inability to adapt quickly to metro station in dark environment ,Christian Louboutin Pas cher,before he fell into the track of the statement ,Lao Wang repeatedly mentioned the day is sunny .
Only four or five step suddenly fell into orbit .
The focus of 1 metro stationdesign is reasonable or not that he was injured ,Lao Wang ,the main reason is the unreasonable design of Metro Yuantong station .Although it has been well into the early hours ,but the scene near or someone .In September 16th this year, Wang told Metro Inc Nanjing Jianye court ,ask for compensation for .Paramedics say ,Mr.
Reporters in the trial scene, he walks right leg or limp .
But the judge declared a temporary recess ,to mediate between the two sides when suddenly ,Wang and Shear Blades his wife cried, only to hear the Pharaoh wife said ,at that time we didn stand out ,took the wrong station after direct credit card to get in .In addition ,he said dark adaptation process ,in pulling process is not exist .The so-called dark adaptation ,refers to the human eye from the light to the gloom of a process of adaptation . Tang had 9stab wounds,but not fatally injured ,so there is no risk of life .Two hospital a security said ,at eight thirty in the morning ,the woman then query the bank card balance ,found that Mr.The reporter then see Lao Wang in military general hospital treatment taken X ray film ,film shows ,Lao Wang right thigh bone of a staggered folded into two sections, in addition the ribs also have evidence of fracture patella .
The focus of 3 rescuedelay or timely Lao Wang said ,he fell into the orbit immediately for help .
Wang also blame Metro Inc treatment ineffective and inappropriate measures ,Louboutin Pas Cher,he waved the train stop after the staff arrived ,but will he use the ladder onto the platform ,extremely inhuman .When no response ,he let his wife looking for staff ,he waved to the train to come after stopping ,seeking to secure position hedging .
Lao Wang said last October 5th at noon ,he and his wife to visit relatives, from Xinjiekou to punch the card after the pit stop, take to the Olympic direction subway .Monitor display at two directions of the tracks have not appeared any train shadow ,Wang said at the entrance to hear train sound ,rather people doubt its authenticity .Because of the differences between the two sides is too large ,mediate the ultimately unsuccessful .The reporter to the Lao Wang why ignore her walk was very interested in
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