The tonnage of a wood splitter refers to the horsepower

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The tonnage of a wood splitter refers to the horsepower. For light residential use most buyers go with a 4, 7 or even a 12 ton wood splitter. These splitters can handle splitting wood that is 12 inches in diameter and 20 inches long. Most of the wood splitters in this category are powered by electricity. The advantage to using an electric wood splitter over a gas one is they don't require oil changes, trips to the gas station, horrible fumes, nor do they emit loud and annoying sounds that you get from a gas wood splitter.

Keep in mind that if you will be splitting your wood off-site or away from your home that your only choice might be to purchase a gas wood splitter. Many of the electric log splitters require 15-20 AMPS.

If you think you will need to split logs longer than 20 inches or you will be splitting a lot of wood than it is recommended that you move up in the amount of tonnage or horsepower. At this point, you are moving more into the commercial wood splitters. Generally, anything 20 tons and higher is starting into the commercial range.

Wood splitters are ideal if you need logs on a regular basis, whether it be for furniture making, firewood requirements, or a whole host of other necessities. But, what are wood splitters? What types can you get, and what are the benefits, and the dangers? To answer these questions, and more, read on.

Wood splitters, or log splitters, usually consist of a hydraulic or electric rod and piston set-up which pushes the log through a stationary blade. They're generally used for high-quantity logging work where it wouldn't be viable to use manual labour, and can save a lot of time and effort.
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