These combination of factors make this one of the toughest

2017-05-19 11:35:48 | 日記
Steel is the latest development in Sandvik’s range of Machine Knife for Metal Working. Optimized chemistry provides a top grade knife steel with a unique combination of excellent edge performance, high hardness and good corrosion resistance.

Sleipner Steel is an steel an is a high alloyed tool steel ideal for replacing AISI D2 where chipping is a problem and/or replacing AISI A2 in applications requiring higher wear resistance. Sleipner steel is Uddeholm’s modern version of the classic D2 tool steel, with improved toughness to better fit active knife use. Even though this is not a PM steel, the finer steel structure in Uddeholm Sleipner gives better machinability, polishability and edge retention.

Bohler M390 steel is stainless steel produced by powder metallurgy. Steel in the calcined state of well-machining, after heat treatment has excellent resistance to wear, easily polished. Steel is a highly homogeneous structure with very fine carbides, after proper heat treatment has excellent resistance to wear and tear – durability of the blade (greater than 19 573 / D2). Steel has high toughness and resistance to breakage.

1055 carbon steel is right on the border between a medium and a high carbon steel, with a carbon content between 0.50%-0.60% and with manganese between 0.60%-0.90% as the only other component. The carbon content and lean alloy make this a shallow hardening steel with a quenched hardness between Rc 60-64 depending on exact carbon content.

These combination of factors make this one of the toughest steels available because, when quenched, it produces a near saturated lathe martensite with no excess carbides, avoiding the brittleness of higher carbon materials. 1055 carbon steel is particularly suited to applications where strength and impact resistance is valued above all other considerations and will produce blades of almost legendary toughness.
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