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The reasons that Japan set the goals of nutrition and dietary habits Part 4

2017-01-30 21:41:49 | Health Jap...

Next I will introduce the fourth reason.
The fourth reason about nutrition and dietary habits that Japan aim for in "Health Japan21(The second term)" is as follows:

4 Increase in number of corporation in food industry that supply food product low in salt and fat

According to morgue of promotion of "Health Japan21(The second term)", the reasons are follows:

It is shown that regulation of quantity of salt in food is cost effective for measures against hypertension in overseas research.

Improvement of nutrition components of commercial foods and food service affect many people. That especially can be expected to affect for people who are not interested in eating habits or who can not practice due to condition of their lifestyle.

In Japan, the percentage of users who use eating out and providing a meal at lunch is very high with 31.0%. And the percentage of users who use pre-cooked food in lunch is the highest of daily meal with 7.1%(平成22年国民健康栄養調査 National health nutrition survey in 2010). Besides user who use pre-cooked food is increasing.

According to National health nutrition survey, the percentage of the people who refer to a nutrition information was 25.0% of 20-69 years old males and 55.3% of 20-69 females in 2010. It is significantly increasing compared with 20.1% of males and 41.0% of females in 2000(Final evaluation of "Health Japan21").

Improvement of nutrition components in food and indication of nutrition are carried out together will broaden the selection of people's choices. And it connects improvement of nutrition for companies and restaurants.

I love to go to restaurant and eat good dishes with my friends.
Unfortunately it is considered that restaurant industries tend to have a strong flavor in many cases, because they pursue excellent dishes.
I hope companies and restaurant that they offer healthy and tasty dishes would increase.

Minister of Health,Labour and Welfare(July 10 2012)"A Basic Direction for Comprehensive Implementation of National Health Promotion"[online]http://www.mhlw.go.jp/file/06-Seisakujouhou-10900000-Kenkoukyoku/0000047330.pdf(December 2 2016 access)
厚生科学審議会地域保健健康増進栄養部会 次期国民健康づくり運動プラン策定専門委員会(平成24年7月)「健康日本21(第2次)の推進に関する参考資料」[online]http://www.mhlw.go.jp/bunya/kenkou/dl/kenkounippon21_02.pdf(平成28年12月5日アクセス)

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