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70-488 資格問題対応はMicrosoftの認定試験の一つですが、もっとも重要なひとつです。Microsoftの70-488 資格問題対応の認定試験に合格するのは簡単ではなくて、JPexamは70-488 資格問題対応の受験生がストレスを軽減し、エネルギーと時間を節約するために専門研究手段として多様な訓練を開発して、JPexamから君に合ったツールを選択してください。

JPexamというサイトは世界的に知名度が高いです。それはJPexamが提供したIT業種のトレーニング資料の適用性が強いですから。それはJPexamのIT専門家が長い時間で研究した成果です。彼らは自分の知識と経験を活かして、絶え間なく発展しているIT業種の状況によってJPexamのMicrosoftの70-488 資格問題対応を作成したのです。多くの受験生が利用してからとても良い結果を反映しました。もしあなたはIT認証試験に準備している一人でしたら、JPexamのMicrosoftの70-488 資格問題対応を選らんだほうがいいです。利用しないのならメリットが分からないですから、速く使ってみてください。

難しいIT認証試験に受かることを選んだら、頑張って準備すべきです。JPexamのMicrosoftの70-488 資格問題対応はIT認証試験に受かる最高の資料で、手に入れたら成功への鍵を持つようになります。JPexamのMicrosoftの70-488 資格問題対応は信頼できるもので、100パーセントの合格率を保証します。

試験科目:Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions
問題と解答:全131問 70-488 入門知識

>> 70-488 入門知識


NO.1 Adventure Works uses a SharePoint publishing site for an external website at The user interface is implemented by using HTML5, CSS 3, and JavaScript.
You need to ensure that the site designers have an efficient way to create and modify the JavaScript
What should you do?
A. Open the site in SharePoint Designer. From Master Pages select the JavaScript files to modify
B. Copy all the JavaScript files to a document library and modify them directly by using Microsoft
C. Open the site in SharePoint Designer. From All Files, double-click the _cts folder and then select
the MasterPages folder. Create a folder. Modify the JavaScript files by using Microsoft Notepad.
D. Set up a mapped network drive in Design Manager. Open the mapped drive and create a folder.
Modify the JavaScript files by using Microsoft Notepad.
Answer: A

70-488 オンライン   
Master Page - Use SharePoint Designer to add code to a master page when you want to code to be
available on every page in a site. You can add the JavaScript inside of <SCRIPT> tags or link to a file
that contains the JavaScript. Typically add your CSS just before the </HEAD> section and your
JavaScript just before the </BODY> tag.
Reference: Adding JavaScript and CSS to SharePoint A company develops a SharePoint app that
employees use to submit expense reports. Employees can approve their own expenses for purchases
less than $100. For expenses greater than $100, the app will authenticate both itself and the user
before approval is requested.

NO.2 A company uses SharePoint for internal collaboration. SharePoint is deployed on a server farm
with a single front-end server, a single application server, and a dedicated database server.
You review existing Web Parts that read from and write to SharePoint lists. You find the following
code in one of the utility classes and notice memory leaks in the method.
You need to ensure that there are no memory leaks in the method.
What should you do?
A. Add a finally statement and include site.Dispose ().
B. Add siteCollection.Dispose() to the catch statement.
C. Add site.Dispose() to the catch statement.
D. Add a finally statement and include siteCollection.Dispose ();
Answer: D

70-488 モード   70-488 真実   
Need to manually dispose of the siteCollection instance. This can be done through a finally
* Try and finally blocks or a using statement would be required to avoid potential leaks
when you create a disposable object within a foreach block, as shown in the following code
SPWebApplication webApp = siteCollectionOuter.WebApplication;
SPSiteCollection siteCollections = webApp.Sites;
SPSite siteCollectionInner = null;
foreach (siteCollectionInner in siteCollections)
try //Should be first statement after foreach.
//Exception occurs here.
if(siteCollectionInner != null)
* Why Dispose? Several of the Windows SharePoint Services objects, primarily the SPSite class and
SPWeb class objects, are created as managed objects. However, these objects use unmanaged code
and memory to perform the majority of their work. The managed part of the object is much smaller
than the unmanaged part. Because the smaller managed part does not put memory pressure on the
garbage collector, the garbage collector does not release the object from memory in a timely
manner. The object's use of a large amount of unmanaged memory can cause some of the unusual
behaviors described earlier. Calling applications that work with IDisposable objects in Windows
SharePoint Services must dispose of the objects when the applications finish using them. You should
not rely on the garbage collector to release them from memory automatically.
Reference: Best Practices: Using Disposable Windows SharePoint Services Objects

The expense reporting app includes the following code. Line numbers are included for reference only.
For each of the following statements, select Yes if the statement is true. Otherwise, select No.

A web application that listens on port 80 has been created for Internet users to access your
company's SharePoint site.
The web application uses claims-based authentication.
Users report that they are prompted for credentials when they access the site in their browser.
You need to enable anonymous access.
On the Manage web applications page in Central Administration, which option should you select? (To
answer, select the appropriate menu item in the answer area.)

JPexamは最新のVCS-274問題集と高品質の9A0-386問題と回答を提供します。JPexamの2V0-731 VCEテストエンジンとHPE2-T27試験ガイドはあなたが一回で試験に合格するのを助けることができます。高品質の200-150 PDFトレーニング教材は、あなたがより迅速かつ簡単に試験に合格することを100%保証します。試験に合格して認証資格を取るのはそのような簡単なことです。


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