false claim of Trump トランプ主張のウソと矛盾

Trump said "We allow Japan to sell us millions of cars with zero import tax and we can't make a trade deal with them - our country is in big trouble!". This is wrong. 60% of Japanese cars are made in USA and Japanese Car Companies hires nearly 400,000 American people in their plants in USA. Those are not the import cars and US takes 2.5 % tax from the rest of import cars.He also said Japan gets in the way of selling US cars in Japan. It's also lies. Japanese automobile market is very open on a mass global scale. Japan impose a ZORO % tariff on all import cars anywhere from the world. We Japanese consumers have been very fair to all car companies from the world.  As proof of this, in 1978 the number of registered imported cars was almost 50,000 and has risen sharply over the past 37 years to approximately 330,000 !  Under the circumstances, Ford pulled out of Japan last year because they have made it difficult to grow sales or make sustained profits. Theres no more Chrysler Japan as well as Ford while I am unaware.They sold only 5,000 in Japan in 2015 even though Mercedes sold 65,000, VW sold 55,000 BMW sold 46,000 Audi sold 29,000 !  We aret committed to those European companies at all ! Just for reference GM sold 1,740 Chrysler sold 300 and Just to make things interesting Jeep sold 7,130 here. Japan doesnt impose a limitation on selling import cars. Any car manufacturers have been equally acceptable here in Japanese market for a long time.  US car companies have not made much effort to sell more US cars like other car companies have done in Japanese market. For example in 2005 New Ford Mustang was really attractive to me because the styling echoed the early fastback Mustang models of the late-1960s.  I actually tried to buy it and got in touch with the Ford dealer just down the way but they said they doesnt carry the vehicles with steering wheel on the right side ! At that time right handle drive vehicles have already been available at most of import car dealers. We couldnt get right handled New Camaro and Challenger as well. Later Ford announced they would sell the right handle drive Mustang soon, but they decided to withdraw from Japanese market before they started to build the right handle ones. I am sure they could sell more of new Mustang if they could provide the right handle cars earlier. One more big problem is the design and quality. American car design is not appeal to most of Japanese car owners.  As an example Cadillac was designed to suit the preferences of the conservative American people. It wasnt our preferences, We prefer German cars design and many people buy them even though those are much more expensive than US cars. The reason why is that German cars have delicate design as well as high quality in travelling performance.  American car companies havent tried to bring cars which Japanese people love to buy in the marketplace. Trumps allegation of such import car matters from Japan is almost same as what jobless workers around Detroit said in early 1980s.  No wonder he says so because its his popular campaign pledge from many workers. Also he said he would grab back lost employment from China. But I wonder how he woulddo with the wage difference ? China workers salary is under one fifth that of US employees !  As just described there are many contradictions in the political matters he plans and if he would start to deliver on his promises those contradictions will break loose soon. 




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