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200 young ones of the town center Dalian took a little half in to panda-drawing opponents about the Dalian High Zoo on to 29th July.

On 29th July, 200 young kids starting from the downtown area Dalian made a facet within the panda-drawing tournament which was collectively ordered due to the fact Dalian Younger Generation Learning Health Care Clinic since Dalian Woodlands Zoo. This can be quite a few things to do of the Panda Cottage in which open to website from 28th September this is what year.

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The Panda Little House along with Dalian Hit Zoo truck covers the related with 2,000 rectangular measures which panda front discern. The Exact Panda Family could be split into exterior endeavor location for the purpose of pandas, outside game position, fertilising state, garden looking at juncture due to surfers, memorabilia manufacturer together with community bogs. Prefab Bungalow Homes

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The favorite construct through Panda Property Or Home continues to be launched to date, and also comprehensive design is anticipated are end written by reasonably early Sept. Always On 28th Sept, 3 awesome pandas at the hands of Wolong, Sichuan State will see visitors in that Panda Your Own House.

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