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How to extend cycle of normal eyelashes growth

2016-12-28 15:22:53 | 日記
a Hair cycle of normal eyelashes. b Potential mechanisms of action of bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03% on the eyelash cycle [13, 16, 17] (Latisse package insert and unpublished data, Allergan, Inc.)
In contrast to eyelashes, scalp follicles have a much longer cycle, lasting several years [14, 15]. Anagen alone can last up to 6–7 years for scalp hairs [13–15]. Relative differences in the lengths of the hair cycle phases of eyelashes and scalp hair result in approximately 50% of upper eyelash follicles being in telogen at any given time compared with only 5% to 15% of scalp follicles [13–16]. Furthermore, eyelashes are typically slow-growing hairs, growing at a rate of approximately 0.15 mm/day [17] compared with 0.3–0.4 mm/day for scalp hair [16–18]. The unique properties of the eyelash cycle differentiate eyelashes from other body hairs and may cause drugs that affect hair growth in one location to enhance eyelash prominence.
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