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Choosing the Perfect Hair Color

2017-06-28 14:08:59 | 日記
There are different preparations used for hair coloring. These are discussed in this article, along with care for colored hair and precautions you need to take when changing you hair color.
Dyes and tints are both ways to color the hair. They penetrate the hair shaft and will not wash off.
Each manufacturer has his own formula and method of application. If you plan to dye or tint your own hair, study the manufacturer's instructions while you are still in the store, where the salesclerk can probably answer questions if you have them. When you are satisfied that you understand the directions, always follow them implicitly.
Bleaching is another method of changing the hair tone. Instead of adding color to the shaft, bleaching removes it.
Properly done, bleaching need not damage the hair. The problems involved, whether you do it yourself or have it done, are being able to control the color and avoid a harsh, brassy, unnatural look, and to prevent over-bleaching, which makes hair brittle and porous.
Bleaching can be done at home by those with the required skill. A mixture of ammonia and fresh 20-volume peroxide may be used, or a manufactured bleach, preferably one with an oil base.
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