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How to Get Longer Eyelashes Naturally With Home Remedies?

2017-08-10 15:12:08 | 日記
Except using the fake eyelashes, you have two options to learn how to get longer eyelashes naturally. You can either use remedies at home or buy an eyelash growth serum.
Using home remedies sometimes may not work but can help you to learn the process of natural eyelash growth. Generally, home remedies involve the application of using several solutions to grow your eyelashes longer.
Most oftenly used remedies for growing natural eyelashes are as follows:
Olive Oil (Used with a cotton swab )
Aloe Vera (Used with a Mascara Wand )
Lemon Peels (With mixture of olive oil & applied with Mascara stick )
Olive oil is a famous natural remedy for growing longer and thicker eyelashes naturally. Olive oil is very rich in vitamin E and oleic acid that not only nourish your eyelashes but also add volume to it. Basically, you apply this with a cotton swab just before you make your way to bed and you leave it as it is for the night and then rinse it off with warm water in the next morning when you wake up.
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