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Naturally Lengthen Your Eyelashes With Vaseline

2017-03-07 13:33:55 | 日記
In 1859, a chemist named Robert Augustus Chesebrough, a native of Brooklyn New York, went to Pennsylvania in order to check out an oil well there. While he was there, he noticed that some of the workers were using some wax and smearing it all over their cuts and burns. He then extracted the petroleum jelly and began to market it under the name Vaseline.
From chapped lips to smeared mascara, Vaseline (petroleum jelly) seems to be a sort of cure-all. Petroleum jelly or white petrolatum is a semi-solid mixture of hydrocarbons used by consumers as a kind of topical ointment to cure everything of toenail fungus to diaper rash. It can also apparently be used to make your eyelashes fuller and longer.
Clean your eyelid area and make sure that your lashes are gunk free (you can even use the petroleum jelly to clean your mascara for this step). Just take a q-tip and dip it into a little bit of petroleum jelly, you don’t need to put on a whole lot of it. Using the q-tip as an applicator, run it along your lash line careful not to get it into your eye, as you would eyeliner. Afterward get a little bit of the petroleum jelly in between your thumb and index finger and slowly get some of it onto your lashes. You should start seeing some improvement in about 2-4 weeks.
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