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Dooney and Bourke

2017-08-10 16:27:29 | 日記
Dooney and Bourke which is named after Peter Dooney and Frederic Bourke, is a wallet and hand bag company that started up back in 1975 in the town of Norwalk, Connecticut. The company creates most of its products out of leather. However, they also have some products made out of crocodile too. Dooney and Bourke is definitely a unique brand compared to the other fashion designers in the industry. Dooney and Bourke use bright colors that stick out. Most companies (especially when Bourke Dooney started up) stuck with natural colors like tans and browns. Dooney and Bourke products are very easy to spot. The majority of their line has a large D followed by a large B imprinted all over the product. Some of the most popular products this season are the Dooney Tote( which is similar to a hand bag), the Dooney Satchel (which in case you have not seen the famously popular movie The Hang Over-it is similar to a purse) and then there is the Dooney Croco (which is a crocodile printed leather ). The Croco by Bourke Dooney is very classy and beautiful. I would definitely recommend it for your working girl.
The prices for the Bourke Dooney items are actually quite reasonable compared to the other companies. The highest price for a Dooney and Bourke product runs up to $625, but that is really nothing compared to the thousands of other competing brands. Sometimes those other competitors charge thousands of dollars. I think for the quality and price the consumer is getting one heck of a deal. Also just in case some of you did not know this, their products come with a lifetime warrantee which sweetens the deal just a little more.
Investing in high-quality credit card wallet is considered valuable. Purses are always put to considerable use in our daily life. Therefore, it is best to as seen on tv men’s wallet which can last for ages. leather wallets for men are comfortable to carry around in pants as they are soft to touch and lack any sharp edges. However, they are not immune to stretching and deterioration.
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