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2016-12-28 15:21:50 | 日記
Talika, a French brand of skin care, have developed their own eyelash conditioner called Lipocils which is designed to create longer, stronger and fuller lashes. Information about the product can be found on the Talika website which also showcases their other skin care and cosmetic products. The site is attractively presented and simple to use, but contains a limited amount of information.
talika serum enhancer will help to improve the overall appearance of your eyelashes. With continued use, lashes will appear longer, fuller, stronger and healthier. Lipocils Expert will intensify the color of lashes especially for light or medium lashes. Besides, this product is an over-the-counter serum, you can easily buy lilash online wihtout any prescription. Just feel free to place an order on official site.
There is a video presentation link which is actually just a commercial for the product and provides no further details, and a short section of customer testimonials which unfortunately does not contain ‘before and after’ shots. No FAQ section is shown although the main information page does provide answers to questions such as whether the product can be used by contact lens wearers.
The most useful part of the Talika website is the section that shows the results of clinical studies performed on the eyelash conditioning gel. The tests, performed over a three week period resulted in an 88% improvement in the eyelashes and ‘significant effects’ on their overall strength and condition. Safety testing also undertaken, showed the product to be suitable for those with sensitive skin.
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