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2017-05-15 16:32:12 | 日記
You’ve probably heard of the castor oil, olive oil or coconut oil trick, these home remedies are claimed to nourish eyelash and regrow naturally long eyelash. However, if you want the fast and professional product, careprost should be your choice. careprost best price online is launched to increase eyelash perfectly. With FDA approved ingredient Bimatoprost, it is also named Generic Latisse, with much cheaper price. order careprost online from official store and enjoy naturally longer thicker and fuller eyelash in few weeks.
Side effects The most common side effect is eye redness, which will happen if you put things near your eyes! Additionally, lashes aren’t the only things that have melanin – as well as making your lashes darker, bimatoprost can also make your skin and eyes darker. Skin darkening can be noticeable after a few months of use, and usually goes away after you stop using bimatoprost. Darkening of the irises – the coloured bit of the eye – was reported by 1.5% of people in a clinical trial when bimatoprost eyedrops are used, but when it was just used to paint the lashline, there were no reports of it happening. There’s obviously less contact with the eye when using bimatoprost only on the lashline, and a lot less is used than in an eyedrop (approximately one-twentieth of the amount). However, it’s a potentially permanent side effect, so light-eyed girls be careful! Have you used Latisse? Did it work for you?
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