Teach at monkey tree-How to talk to foreigners effectively

2017-06-17 22:43:51 | 日記
Teach at monkey tree, With the deepening of reform and opening up, more and more foreigners come to China, which for us to practice foreign language provides a great convenience. For example, in some cities of foreign language, often foreigners are invited or voluntarily go and Chinese foreign language enthusiasts practice speaking. We learn foreign language spoken people must take advantage of this opportunity to exercise their own language application ability. But some beginners often do not know how to talk to foreigners. Here I talk about my own experience and understanding.

First, there must be a neither humble nor humble attitude. We have closed our country for a long time, forming a special psychological gesture, treating foreigners or groveling, or aiming arrogantly, rather than treating them as others with their own. Although China has been open for more than 20 years, but this psychological accumulation has not been completely removed. So some people see a foreigner, they consciously inferior, calf soft, it is not to be. But at the same time we have to prevent hostility to foreigners. Do not think that all foreigners are enemies. As an individual, foreigners are also good and bad, and we are the same.

Second, there must be openings to speak and ask questions of courage. To recognize that foreign language is not their own mother tongue, that is not a natural thing, it is not a matter of course is not natural (if so, the following text can not read). So do not be afraid to make mistakes. Under normal circumstances, guilty of foreign language errors will not be malicious ridicule. In addition, if you met their own can not express the phenomenon, you can ask questions, ask the other side of the correct expression. Generally get a good answer.

Third, to be prepared to talk about. Despite the fact that freedom is a good feature of conversation, the conversation in foreign languages ​​should be well controlled. Because we often talk in foreign language is often the biggest obstacle from the vocabulary, so if you let it, then they tend to fall into a confused situation, because the other said a lot of words you may have not heard of. So it is best to talk before the preparation of their own, to see what foreigners talk about, what aspects of this vocabulary, how to control the topic and so on. Of course, this is sometimes a certain degree of difficulty, but it is very good results. In addition, the topic preparation should not be limited to one, so as not to talk stalemate.

Fourth, learn some necessary cultural background knowledge. Although the Romans, foreigners to China should comply with China's mainstream culture, but some of their basic taboo should be understood for us. Such as the first meeting do not ask questions belonging to privacy and so on. So that in the conversation will not appear embarrassing situation.
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