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Why is the souls, the “real self” concealed?

2017-08-05 15:17:14 | True Self

“The whole purpose of earthly life is to provide a variety of experiences that will enable people, at some stage, to become aware of the existence of that which is below the surface. . . . . . . . The very act of a birth of a spirt into your world means that potentially this child has all the awareness that can be expressed, and opportunities are given for it to happen.”
(P.79 More Philosophy of Silver Birch—compiled by Tony Ortzen)

Why are the real world (spirit world) and the “real self” (soul) hidden from us? Why must we go through various experiences in order to realize that there exists a real world (spirit world) below the surface of the phenomenal world of matter?

[Behind the concealment]
One of the reasons, for the spirit world, the “real self”, and past lives being deliberately hidden from us at birth, is so that all human beings start life on earth from the same starting point where everything is reset to zero. That way, we are able to learn and grow from each other, despite the differences in the stage of spiritual development.

Furthermore, if all human beings knew from the beginning that they are in fact immortal souls, many people may choose suicide when unbearable ordeals come into their path, misunderstanding that it is easier to return to the spirit world and restart again, than to accept the suffering and learn from the experience.
It may not be a problem if we all had the knowledge of what happens to people who end their own lives, but otherwise, I suspect there are many of us, unable to bear with the pain and suffering of life in the physical realm.
If we know beforehand when we will be passing away, or if we easily commit suicide, there will be no learning, no growth, and no cancellation of karma. Spiritually undeveloped individuals may go through endless life cycles without progress. Concealment of the fact that we are immortal souls, and instinctive fear for death are required as prevention and deterrent for suicide.

[Spiritual Awakening]
It is stated in Silver Birch’s books that chances of knowing the reality (spirit world) is provided equally among all human beings, without exceptions.
However, spiritual awakening seems to require hellish, nadir of life experience. In the midst of the worst moment of the hellish suffering, we notice that our normally conscious self (temporary self) seems completely unreliable, powerless and useless. At this point we are finally ready to free ourselves from clinging onto the temporary self. From there, souls who have reached a certain stage of spiritual growth, will naturally start wondering who they really are, why they are there for, what life is, and so on. It is because we suffer, that we seek for a way to overcome the suffering, and a path to save ourselves. We seriously and desperately reach out for the truth. We gradually awaken ourselves from the hypnosis this way. If we were to have a smooth sailing life under radiant sunlight, we would not notice the brightly shining star in the sky, called the real world.

[Spiritual Progress]
By experiencing the troubles of life in this physical realm, where people at different stages in the spiritual evolution live together, in the extreme opposites such as “light and darkness”, we come to realize that the spirit is our true self. Spiritual progress cannot be attained without this step of self-awakening and self-realization through difficult experience. It is this realization that makes us ready to truly understand the meanings and purposes of the environment surrounding ourselves, events we encounter, and various phenomenal situations that we experience throughout our lives.
It is because we are “clothed” with a physical body that we are able to experience the world of relativity and comparison, like good and evil, happiness and unhappiness, joy and sorrow, love and hatred, self and others, heaven and hell, health and illness, gap between rich and poor. Towards what we encounter and experience we practice applying the spiritual knowledge; and through this process of real life applications, our understanding of the spiritual truth deepens, and then spiritual evolution becomes possible. We must experience darkness in order to know the light, learn hatred so we can understand love, experience unhappiness so that we can learn to appreciate happiness. We must learn and experience both instinctive (selfishness) and spiritual (altruism) minds. All of which are for us children of God to attain spiritual growth.

[It must be the right time]
The time must be right, and the individual must have progressed spiritually, before spiritual awakening and realization of one’s “real self” occurs.
Until the individual has reached a certain level of spiritual growth, enough to understand and accept the spiritual truths and the natural laws, “the real self” remains hidden. It is more so that the individual is unable to realize it, because his vision and understanding are limited to material and physical matters. Until the time has come for the individual, the diamond called spiritual truth appears to him like a useless pebble on the street. The majority of us in the physical world are tricked by illusions of the materialism, and live with the false belief that the physical world is the only and all that exists. The large majority of us live, thinking deaths ends life and turns us into nothing.

“We have to win them by demonstration and by logic. This we cannot do until they are spiritually ready. They cannot be spiritually ready until their soul has been touched by some crisis, tragedy or illness, which makes them realize that nowhere in the world of matter can they find answers to their questions. There is a saying in your world to the effect that man’s extremity is God’s opportunity. This is the only way we can work. . . . This soul who is aware will then begin to fulfill himself. He will order, or should do, his life in the light of the knowledge, so that he expresses more and more of the divinity within and grows in spiritual and mental stature and grace.”
(P.167 More Philosophy of Silver Birch—compiled by Tony Ortzen)

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