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Opening the storehouse of spiritual armoury, and taking out God’s weapons

2018-01-02 08:42:27 | Spiritual Powers
Silver Birch comments in his series that attaining enlightenment on this battlefield called earth means opening the spiritual armoury, and taking out God’s weapons. What does he mean by “spiritual armoury” (storehouse) and “God’s weapons”? Let us have a look at some passages from Silver Birch’s books containing these words, so we can gain some understanding on them.

“If people in your world would only realize the armoury of the spirit with which they are equipped. They could use all this tremendous power within to help them learn to retire and cultivate the fruits of the spirit which bring tranquility, poise, calmness and peace.”
(P120 More Philosophy of Silver Birch —compiled by Tony Ortzen)

“Because of the fact of your nature you have within yourself not only a portion of the Great Spirit which is infinite, but all the armoury and power of the spirit, which you can express as you evolve.” (P96 Light From Silver Birch —compiled by Pam Riva)

“There is no power on earth or in the world beyond that can sever that link, and because of it we have access to the infinite storehouse of wisdom, truth and revelation.”
(P23 Light From Silver Birch —compiled by Pam Riva)

“I want you to take from me the knowledge of what goes on behind physical life, all that vast power of the spirit which is surging around you, of the many influences for good which strive to use you. I want you to try to understand the potentialities of your own self so that you can have access to the vast armouries and riches of your own spiritual nature. I want you to realize that wisdom, divine wisdom, is inexhaustible, that the treasuries of the Great Spirit are infinite.” (P24 More Wisdom of Silver Birch —edited by Sylvia Barbanell)

“None has the power to come between the child and the Father, for all the inspiration, all the truth, all the wisdom, all the revelation, all the knowledge that belongs to that infinite reservoir can be reached by each child of the Great Spirit as he desires, in aspiration, humility and service, to become an instrument for that mighty power.”
(P204-205 Teachings of Silver Birch —edited by A.W. Austen)

Thus, you would gain access to the immense storehouse that remain hidden within, by exercising the parts highlighted in red, from Silver Birch’s quotes above. From the storehouse you can, as you wish, make use of the wisdom (enlightenment), spiritual truth (knowledge), and high level inspirations (revelation) from highly evolved spirits, says Silver Birch.

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