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Level, and then buried into the ground, make it into a charcoal

2017-05-19 21:12:09 | 日記
Level, and then buried into the ground, make it into a charcoal. The silver material used, melting from silver. The use of the blower, it is homemade sheepskin blowing bags. Other tools are Cartier love bracelet replica mostly hammer, iron pliers, steel chisel, steel scissors, steel files and so on. With these simple tools to play such a beautiful knife, it is not easy. Perhaps for these reasons, Yushu knife is more to show its unique artistic charm. In the Yushu Ancun gathered in the traditional crafts of the knife processing craftsmen, long for the Yushu, Guoluo, Changdu, Ganzi, Aba area of the Tibetan people to produce possession of knives and other metal special necessities, but also exported to Nepal, India and other countries. Its development history can be traced back to 500 years ago. To this end, An Chong Tibetan knife in the northwest region renowned, and many times to participate in the national ethnic products exhibition and national handicraft exhibition, with its superb technology, unique style by the high evaluation, won the overseas compatriots, foreign guests Great interest for the Qinghai ethnic characteristics of the tourism crafts
Tibetan boots are living in the pastoral areas of the Tibetan, Mongolian people indispensable supplies. From the unearthed cultural relics found that early in the late Neolithic, Qinghai Dulan County area there are leather boots. This original boots, raw materials for the cowhide, with thick leather for the end, thin for the surface, the bottom and the surface of the suture with cattle and sheep skin, the front of the mouth there are wool and sheepskin decoration. This shoe may be said to be the ancestors of Tibetan boots it. However, its descendants after a long period of development and change,
Has been more refined, beautiful, reasonable and Cartier love ring replica practical, able to adapt to the herdsmen in the special natural conditions of production and living needs, which is very popular.
Qinghai Tibetan boots, has a unique national style and local characteristics. It looks handsome, diverse forms, moisture insulation, waterproof wear-resistant, and wear a long time is not easy to deformation. This and the production process of choice of materials, processing fine traditional technology is inseparable. A raw cowhide to go through the skin, dyed, into a soft touch, no crack, no wrinkles, color translucent sewing boots leather, and then cut out by graphic sub-cut, with shaped woods by sewing type, 5 to 7 layers, with hemp rope sewing, satisfied the bottom of the shoe not only requires the code evenly, front and rear, and each shoe at the end of the needle code can not be less than 57 to 58 needles. In short, the production process requires strict, very particular about.
Due to the different conditions between the various regions, Tibetan boots from the material to the production of different specifications and varieties. From the different materials, there are all leather boots, velvet waist boots, spend a stable waist cut boots of the points; form a long waist, short waist of the other; use there are single, cotton is different. In addition, there are riding boots to wear boots, settled wearing felt boots, Lama wearing a red tube in the tube and so on. Yushu area known as the “mountain Pakistan” boots is very characteristic, decorated Sauvignon, black boots face gold lines, both sides of the symmetrical red or purple Replica Cartier jewelry stripes, , Boots head tip upturned, not only practical, and beautiful.
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